1. Mark Stephen Critz: b. 5 Jan 1962 Irwin, Westmoreland Co., PA; U.S. Representative from PA (D)

[Evening Standard (Uniontown, PA), 1 Feb 1962: “Mabel Critz of Uniontown was in Irwin on Sunday to attend the christening of Mark Stephen Critz, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Critz who was born on Jan. 5.  Mark’s grandparents are Mrs. Sue Critz, Uniontown, and Mrs. Millie Gizzi, Canonsburg.  He has a sister, Nancy.”]



2. William S. Critz: b. 14 Jan 1931 Uniontown, Fayette Co., PA; d. 3 Sep 1997 (last residence Uniontown)  [SSN 179-24-6587, issued PA bef. 1951]

[Morning Herald (Uniontown, PA), 17 Jan 1931: “In the home of Mrs. Critz’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Danko of Oliphant Furnace, a son was born on Wednesday, January 14, 1931, to Mr. and Mrs. William Critz…”  Same, 22 Jan 1937: “Six candles lighted his birthday cake when Junior Critz celebrated the event January 14, with a party in the home of his aunt, Mrs. Port Shanaberger of Oliphant.  Junior is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Critz of this city.  Among the party celebrants: S. C. Danko, Junior’s uncle…”]

3. Mary Lou Rybacki: b. 9 Jun 1933

[obit of brother in Observer-Reporter (Washington, PA), 4 Feb 2008: “Stanley C. Rybacki,72, of North Huntingdon, formerly of Canonsburg, died Friday, February 1, 2008.  He was born July 19, 1935, in Canonsburg, a son of Stanley J. and Amelia Gizzi.  Surviving are a sister, Mary Lou Critz of North Huntingdon; a nephew, Mark Critz and his wife, Nancy, of Johnstown….Deceased is his stepfather, Guy Gizzi…”]



4. William W. Critz: b. c1908/9 Oliphant Furnace, Fayette Co., PA; d. 29 Aug 1961 Clinton, NJ

[Morning Herald (Uniontown, PA), 31 Aug 1961: “Critz, William W. Sr. – Age 52 years, husband of Sue Danko Critz…died in Clinton, N.J…August 29, 1961.  Born in Oliphant Furnace and he was a lifetime resident of this area….Besides his wife he is survived by two sons and one daughter, William Jr., of Pittsburgh…”]

5. Susan F. “Sue” Danko: b. 10 Jun 1910 PA; d. 15 Jun 2001 (last residence Uniontown, Fayette Co., PA)   [SSN 160-38-3947, issued PA 1963]

6. Stanley J. Rybacki: b. c1899/1902 Poland; m. (license 3 Oct 1925 Washington Co., PA) [license #36441: Stanley J. Rybacki (23; tin worker; residence Canonsburg, PA; parents Walter (dead, miner, b. Poland) and Stella ___ (b. Poland, residence Canonsburg, PA)) and Amelia M. Cerreta (22; b. OH; parents James (dead, merchant, b. Italy) and Susie Camena (b. Italy, residence Ellsworth, PA))]

7. Amelia M. “Millie” Cerreta: b. c1903 OH  (m. 2nd Guido “Guy” Gizzi 10 Nov 1954)

[Coraopolis Record Star (Coraopolis, PA), 30 Dec 2005: “Guy (Guido) Gizzi, 86, of Canonsburg, died Saturday, Dec. 24, 2005, in Canonsburg General Hospital.  He was born Jan. 14, 1918, in Canonsburg, a son of the late Pasquale and Anna Gizzi….On Nov. 10, 1954, he married Amelia Cerreta, who is deceased.  Surviving are a daughter, Mary Lou Critz…two grandchildren…Mark Critz, of Johnstown…”]



8. Andrew Critz: b. 1 Dec 1887 Czechoslovakia; d. 3 Mar 1936; m. (1st)   [WWI draft registration card: Andrew Critz; b. 1 Dec 1887 Austria]

[Daily News Standard (Uniontown, PA), 4 Mar 1936: “Suffering a heart attack while at work in the Leckrone mine, Andrew Critz, 48, of…Oliphant, died a short time later…March 3, 1936.  Surviving are:…nine children:…William, Uniontown…”]

9. Mable ___: b. c1888/9 England

10. Jacob J. Danko: b. c 22 Jul 1866 Czechoslovakia; d. 25 May 1942 Uniontown, PA; m. c1890/1

[Morning Herald (Uniontown, PA), 26 May 1942: “Danko, Jacob J., died…May 25th…at the age of 75 years, 10 months, 3 days, in…Uniontown…..He is survived by his wife Victoria….daughters…Mrs. Sue Critz, Uniontown.  One sister, Mrs. Susan Vargo…”]

11. Victoria Kurilla: b. c1870/1 Czechoslovakia; d. 15 Dec 1947 Uniontown

[Morning Herald (Uniontown, PA), 17 Dec 1947: “Danko, Mrs. Victoria, aged 76, widow of Jacob Danko, died Monday afternoon, December 15, 1947, in…Uniontown.  Surviving are…three daughters…Mrs. Susan Critz…one brother, John Kurilla, of Europe…”]

12. Walter Rybacki: b. Poland; d. bef. 1920

13. Stella ___: b. c1870/1 Poland

14. Vincenzo Cerreta: b. Feb 1866 Italy; m. c1893/4

15. Assunta “Susie” Camena: b. Aug 1873 Italy (m. 2nd ___ Spadaro)



16. Andrew Critz: b. c1854/5 Czechoslovakia




1930 – Georges Twp., Fayette Co., PA, e.d. 31, sheet 4a

Critz, Andy                 Head   M W 41 M 20 US US US  Laborer Coal Mines

___, Margaret              Wife    F W 26 M 22   PA Cze Cze Cze

___, William                Son      M W 21 S        PA US Eng  Laborer Coal Mines

___, Evelyn                 Dau     F W 12 S         PA US Eng

___, Frances                Dau     F W 5 S           PA US PA

___, Dolores                Dau     F W 4 1/12 S   PA US PA

___, Iona                     Dau     F W 2 4/12 S   PA US PA


1930 – Georges Twp., Fayette Co., PA, e.d. 41, sheet 4b

Danko, Jacob              Head   M W 63 M 24 Cze Cze Cze Slovak 1891 Pa  Laborer Coal mines

___, Victoria               Wife    F W 59 M 21   Cze Cze Cze Slovak 1895 Al

___, Steve C.              Son      M W 33 S        PA Cze Cze  Operator Telephone

___, Jacob Jr.              Son      M W 23 S        PA Cze Cze  Laborer Coal mines

___, Susan F.              Dau     F W 19 S         PA Cze Cze


1920 – Georges Twp., Fayette Co., PA, e.d. 37, sheet 13a

Critz, Andy                 Head   M W 31 M 1915 Al    AH* AH AH  Moterman Coal Mine

___, Mable                  Wife    F W 31 M 1915 Al      England AH AH

___, William                Son      M W 11 S                    PA AH Eng

___, Jannet                  Dau     F W 9 S                       PA AH Eng

___, Evaline                Dau     F W 2 7/12 S               PA AH Eng

___, Andy                   Father  M W 65 Wd[?] Un Un  AH AH AH  Miner Coal Mine

* - “AH” = “Austra Hungary” (with language Slovak)


1920 – 1st Ward, Canonsburg, Washington Co., PA, e.d. 135, sheet 6a

Rybacki, Stella            Head   F W 49 Wd 1907 Al   RP RP RP 

___, Joseph                 Son      M W 26 S 1907 Al      RP RP RP  Canner Can Factory

___, Stanley                Son      M W 20 S 1907 Al      RP RP RP  Catcher Tin Plate Mill

___, Helen                   Dau     F W 18 S 1907 Al       RP RP RP  Canner Can Factory

___, Stephon               Son      M W 12 S                    PA RP RP

___, Michael               Son      M W 8 S                      PA RP RP

“RP” = “Russian Poland”


1920 – 1st Ward, Canonsburg, Washington Co., PA, e.d. 240, sheet 18b

Spadaro, Assunta        Head   F W 47 Wd 1895 Na  It It It

Cerreta, Antoinette     Dau     F W 24 S 1896            It It It

___, Joseph                 Son      M W 22 S                    NY It It  Screwboy Tin Plate Mill

___, Mike                    Son      M W 20 S                    OH It It

___, Rose                    Dau     F W 18 S                     OH It It  Sorter Tin Plate Mill

___, Amelia                 Dau     F W 17 S                     OH It It

Spadaro, Joseph          Son      M W 13 S                    PA It It

___, Dorothy               Dau     F W 10 S                     NY It It


1910 – Precinct 2, Georges Twp., Fayette Co., PA, e.d. 31, sheet 20a

Danko, Jacob              Head   M W 44 M1 20           Austria Au Au 1896 Al Slovak  miner Coal mines

___, Victora                Wife    F W 39 M1 20 12 7     Austria Au Au 1896   Slovak

___, Emma                  Dau     F W 11[?] S                 PA Au Au  Slovak

___, Stephen               Son      M W 13 S                    PA Au Au  Slovak

___, Sophiah               Dau     F W 9 S                       PA Au Au

___, Andrew               Son      M W 7 S                      PA Au Au

___, Margaret              Dau     F W 6 S                       PA Au Au

___, Jacob                   Son      M W 5 S                      PA Au Au

___, John                     Son      M W 1 3/12 S              PA Au Au


1900 – 3rd Ward, Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH, e.d. 63, sheet 4a

Cerreta, Vincenzo       Head   W M Feb 1866 34 M 6           It It It 1895 5 Al  Mill Laborer

___, Assunta               Wife    W F Aug 1873 26 M 6 4 4      It It It 1895 5

___, Antonetta            Dau     W F Oct 1895 4 S                   OH It It

___, Donato                Son      W M Mar 1897 3 S                 NY It It

___, Matilda                Dau     W F Mar 1898 2 S                  PA It It

___, Michael               Son      W M Aug 1899 10/12 S          OH It It