1. Renee Jacisin Ellmers: b. 9 Feb 1964 Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI; m. Brent Ellmers; U.S. Representative from NC (R)



2. LeRoy Francis Jacisin: b. 2 Apr 1929 Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI; d. 29 Jan 1999 (last residence Madison Heights, Oakland Co., MI); m. 10 Sep 1955 Bessemer, Gogebic Co., MI   [SSN 382-26-9876, issued MI bef. 1951]

[Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, MI), 19 May 1956: “LeRoy F. Jacisin has been a member of The Daily Globe’s advertising staff since Jan. 12, 1955….Mr. Jacisin was born in Ironwood April 2, 1929, and has lived here all his life….He was married to the former Miss Caroline Marshalek, of Bessemer Sept. 10, 1955…”]

3. Caroline Pauline Marshalek: b. 30 Jun 1933 Bessemer; d. 15 Jan 2007 Madison Heights, Oakland Co., MI

[Daily Tribune (Royal Oak, MI), 16 Jan 2007: “Caroline P. Jacisin, 73, of Madison Heights since 1966, died Monday, Jan. 15, 2007, at her home.  She was born June 30, 193, in Bessemer….She was predeceased by husband, Leroy F., on Jan. 29, 1999.  Surviving are children…Renee (Brent) Elmers…”]

[Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, MI), 19 Feb 1955: “Bessemer…nuptial service…today at 9:30, Miss Peggy Joyce Hopkins…and Anthony M. Marshalek, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marshalek, West US-2, Bessemer, were united in marriage….Miss Caroline Marshalek, sister of the groom, was the bride’s only attendant; and Leroy Jacisin, Ironwood, served the groom as best man…”  Same, 2 Sep 1955: “Application for a marriage license has been made at the office of the Gogebic County clerk by LeRoy F. Jacisin, Ironwood, and Caroline P. Marshalek, Bessemer.”  Same, 12 Sep 1955: “Bessemer – Miss Caroline Pauline Marshalek, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marshalek…was given in marriage, by her father, Saturday morning at 9 to LeRoy Jacisin, son of Mrs. and the late Paul P. Jacisin…Ironwood….The bride was attended by her sisters, Miss Sophie Marshalek, as maid of honor, and Mrs. Arthur Ackerman as aide…”]



4. Paul Peter Jacisin: b. 2 Apr 1896 Livingston, MT; m. 26/27 Dec 1922 Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI [#9252: m. 27 Dec 1922; Paul Jacisin (26; residence Ironwood, MI; b. Livingston, MT; parents Mathew Jacisin and Mary Lurish[?]) and Bernadette Tousignant (23; residence Ironwood, MI; b. Ironwood; parents Thos. Tousignant and Doris Vandel)]   [WWII draft registration card]

[Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, MI), 26 Dec 1925: “Miss Bernadette Tousignant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tousignant sr., became the bride of Paul Jacisin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Jacisin at 9 o’clock this morning at the St. Ambrose church…”]

5. Bernadette Tousignant: b. 31 Dec 1899 Ironwood; d. 15 May 1973 Bessemer, Gogebic Co., MI [cert. 28524]  [SSN 366-54-1793, issued MI 1966]

6. Joseph Marshalek: b. 12 Feb 1893 Austria; d. 16 Feb 1965 Bessemer, Gogebic Co., MI; m. 2 Jun 1919 Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI [#7466: Joseph Marshalek (23; residence Bessemer, MI; b. Austria; miner; parents Mike Marshalek and Mary Gershek) and Rosie Borek (19; residence Ironwood, MI; b. Florence, WI; parents Stanley Borek and Sofia Kurnic/Kuvine[?])]

[Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, MI), 16 Feb 1965: “Bessemer – Joseph Marshalek, 72, pioneer resident of Bessemer died today….Mr. Marshalek was born Feb. 12, 1893 in Austria, and came at the age of one year, to Bessemer with his parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marshalek….On June 2, 1919, he married Miss Rose Borek of Ironwood…at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.  She survives him together with six daughters and three sons including…Mrs. LeRoy Jacisin, Ironwood…”]

7. Rose Borek: b. 5 Aug 1900 Florence, WI; d. 19 Nov 1990   [SSN 368-58-3271, issued MI 1968]

[Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, MI), 30 Apr 1943: “Stanley Borek Jr., 39…died…yesterday….He was born in Ironwood on August 12, 1903….survived by his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Borek Sr. of Ironwood.  Brothers and sisters surviving are…Mrs. Rose Marshalek, of Bessemer…”]



8. Matthew Jacisin: b. c1869/70 Czechoslovakia

9. Mary Emonck/Einouck/Lurrich: b. c1873/4 Czechoslovakia

10. Thomas Tousignant: b. Oct 1852 Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada; d. 11 Oct 1935 Marquette, MI; m. c1881

[Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, MI), 12 Oct 1935: “Ironwood Pioneer Dies at Marquette….Thomas Tousignant, sr., 83, a former Ironwood resident, died…yesterday afternoon at a hospital in Marquette….Mr. Tousignant was one of the pioneer residents of Ironwood, having come here in the early days…”  Same, 15 Oct 1935: “Last rites for Thomas Tousignant, sr….were conducted….The deceased was born in Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada, in 1852, and was employed as a sailor on the St. Lawrence river before coming to the United States at the age of 25….He leaves his wife, Mrs. Marie Nadeau Tousignant; 11 children by a former marriage…Mrs. Paul Jacisin…”]

11. Doris Vandel: b. Feb 1862 Canada

12. Michael Marshalek: b. c1869/70 Croatia; d. 28 Jun 1935; m. (1st)

[Bessemer Herald (Bessemer, MI), 11 Jun 1964: “Mrs. Mary Kerlick, 80, early pioneer, died Saturday, June 6….She was born Aug. 14, 1883 in Poland….In August, 1909 she was married to Michael Marshalek.  He died June 28, 1935….She was married to Peter Kerlick in 1935….Surviving are…two stepsons, Joseph Marshalek of Bessemer and John Marshalek of Cleveland, and one stepdaughter, Mrs. Andrew Lampart of Ironwood…”]

13. Mary Gershek: b. Croatia

14. Stanley Borek: b. Apr 1868 Radgosz, Poland; m. 10 Sep 1898 Norway, MI

[Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, MI), 17 Sep 1948: “The Golden Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Borek Sr…was celebrated Sunday, September 12….The couple was married 50 years ago September 10 in St. Mary’s church, Norway, Mich….Mr. Borek arrived in this country in 1896 from Radgosz, Poland, where both were born….Mrs. Borek came to this country in 1898, when she was 20 years old.  She is now 70 years of age, Mr. Borek is 79.  They had 12 children, eight of whom are living.  They are…Mrs. Rose Marshalek of Bessemer…”]

15. Sophia (Zofe) B. Kurnic/Kuvine: b. Mar 1878 Radgosz



20. Zephirin Tousignant: b. c1814/18


21. Maria Perrault: b. c1816/17



40-43. continued at address under #20




1930 – Precinct 8, Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI, e.d. 17, sheets 1a-b

Jacisin, Matt                Head   M W 60 M 23 Cze Cze Cze Slovak 1889 Na  Miner Iron Mine

Jacisin, Mary               Wife    F W 56 M 19   Cze Cze Cze Slovak 1892 Na

___, Bart                     Son      M W 26 S        MI Cze Cze  Laborer General work

___, Anthony              Son      M W 14 S        MI Cze Cze

Jacisin, Paul P.            Head   M W 33 M 26 MT Cze Cze  Fireman Steam Railroad

___, Barnadette          Wife    F W 30 M 23   MI CanFr CanFr

___, Paul L.                 Son      M W 5 S          MI MT MI

___, Bernard               Son      M W 4 3/12 S  MI MT MI

___, LeRoy F.             Son      M W 11/12 S   MI MT MI


1930 – Precinct 8, Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI, e.d. 17, sheet 9b

Borak, Stanley            Head   M W 61 M 32 Pol Pol Pol Polish 1895 Na  Miner Iron Mine

___, Sophia                 Wife    F W 52 M 20   Pol Pol Pol Polish 1895 Na

___, Frank                   Son      M W 25 S        Pol Pol Pol 1910  Laborer Lumber Mill

___, Helen                   Dau     F W 21 S         MI Pol Pol

___, Stella                   Dau     F W 15 S         MI Pol Pol

___, Joseph                 Son      M W 12 S        MI Pol Pol

___, Mary                    Dau     F W 10 S         MI Pol Pol

Dermid, Archie           So-i-L  M W 25 M 23 SD US US  Cook Restaurant

___, Victoria               Dau     F W 22 M 20   MI Pol Pol

___, Carmelita             GDau  F W 0 3/12 S   MI SD MI


1920 – 2nd Ward, Bessemer, Gogebic Co., MI, e.d. 90, sheet 20b

(in John Fukach[?] household)

Marshalek, Joseph       Lodge  M W 23 S        MI Cro Cro  Miner Iron Mine


1920 – 2nd Ward, Bessemer, Gogebic Co., MI, e.d. 90, sheet 23b

Marshalek, Michael     Head   M W 50 M 1899 Na 1900       AP AP RP  Section Hand Rail Road

___, Mary                    Wife    F W 35 M 1907 Na 1904        RP RP RP  Section Hand Rail Road

___, John                     Son      M W 16 S                                MI AP RP

___, Stephen               Son      M W 15 S                                MI AP RP

___, Peter                    Son      M W 10 S                                MI AP RP

___, Paul                     Son      M W 2 6/12 S                          MI AP RP

“AP” = “Austrian Poland”

“RP” = “Russian Poland”


1910 – 8th Ward, Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI, e.d. 84, sheet 17b

Tousignant, Thomas    Head   M W 57 M1 28           FrCan FrCan FrCan 1880 Na  Engineer Mech. Iron Mine

___, Dorris                  Wife    F W 48 M1 28             FrCan FrCan FrCan

___, Thomas Jr.           Son      M W 23 S                    MI FrCan FrCan  Machinist Iron Mine

___, Laura                   Dau     F W 21 S                     MI FrCan FrCan  Teacher Pub. School

___, David                  Son      M W 19 S                    MI FrCan FrCan  Clerk Office Mine

___, Eddie                  Son      M W 18 S                    MI FrCan FrCan  Barber Shop

___, Lucy                    Dau     F W 16 S                     MI FrCan FrCan

___, Clara                    Dau     F W 13 S                     MI FrCan FrCan

___, Francis                 Son      M W 11 S                    MI FrCan FrCan

___, Bernadette          Dau     F W 10 S                     MI FrCan FrCan

___, Inez                     Dau     F W 7 S                       MI FrCan FrCan


1900 – 8th Ward, Ironwood, Gogebic Co., MI, e.d. 68, sheet 13b

Tousignant, Thomas    Head   W M Oct 1852 47 M 19         CanFr CanFr CanFr 1879 21 Na  Superintendant Iron Mine

___, Dora                    Wife    W F Feb 1862 38 M 19 12 11 CanFr CanFr CanFr

___, Alice                    Dau     W F Jul 1882 17 S                  MI CanFr CanFr  Sales Woman Cloak

___, Emma                  Dau     W F May 1885 15 S                MI CanFr CanFr

___, Thomas                Son      W M Sep 1886 13 S                MI CanFr CanFr

___, Laura                   Dau     W F May 1888 12 S                MI CanFr CanFr

___, Mary                    Dau     W F Mar 1890 10 S                MI CanFr CanFr

___, David                  Son      W M Jun 1891 8 S                  MI CanFr CanFr

___, Eddy                   Son      W M Jan 1893 7 S                  MI CanFr CanFr

___, Lucy                    Dau     W F Mar 1894 6 S                  MI CanFr CanFr

___, Clara                    Dau     W F Jan 1897 3 S                    MI CanFr CanFr

___, Francis                 Son      W M Sep 1888[sic] 1 S           MI CanFr CanFr

___, Bernadette          Dau     W F Dec 1899 5/12 S             MI CanFr CanFr


1900 – Commonwealth, Florence Co., WI, e.d. 36, sheet 12a

Barreck, Stanley          Head   W M Apr 1868 32 M 2           Pol Pol Pol 1896 4 Pa  Miner Iron

___, Zofe B.                Wife    W F Mar 1878 22 M 2 1 1      Pol Pol Pol 1896 4

___, Kiegde                Dau     W F May 1899 1 S                  WI Pol Pol

(2 servants, 7 boarders, plus 3 more boarders on sheet 12b)


1861 – Lotbiniere, Canada East (Quebec), p. 6

Zephirin Tousignant    Marigat__        46 M

David Tousignant                               10 M

Thomas Tousignant                             9 M

Zephirin Tousignant                            8 M

Marie Reponader[?] Tousignant         6 F


1851 – St. Pierre les Becquets, Nicolet, Canada East (Quebec), p.

Clement Perrault         Donateur         71 M

Hannidism[?] Perrault                         46 M

Cleophe W. Cuyer[?]                          32 F

Zephirin Perrault                                 4 M

(1 household)

Zephirin Tousignant    Culturateur      33 M

Maria Perrault                                     34 F

Zephirin Tousignant                            9 M

Hermise[?] Tousignant                        6 F

Hortin[?] Tousignant                           4 F

Eloise Tousignant                                3 F

Philie Tousignant                                1 F