1. Philip Sheridan (“Phil”) English: b. 20 Jun 1956 Erie, Erie Co., PA; U.S. Representative from PA (R)


2. John William English: b. 20 Apr 1915 PA; d. 13 Jun 1996 (last residence Erie, Erie Co., PA)  [SSN 172-32-7770, issued PA 1956-8]

3. Otilie Germer: b. 4 Mar 1920 PA; d. 3 Dec 1998 (last residence Erie)  [SSN 186-36-8849, issued PA 1962]


4. Charles Henry English: b. 30 Oct 1883 Erie, Erie Co., PA; m. (1st)  [WWI draft registration card]

[John Elmer Reed, History of Erie County, Pennsylvania (1925), 1:493-494: “Charles H. English, who is a member of the Erie County bar, was born in the city of Erie, Oct. 30, 1883, the son of Michael M. and Maria (Sheridan) English…”]

[John Miller, A Twentieth Century History of Erie County Pennsylvania (Chicago, 1909), 2:195: “Charles H. English, who is a prominent young member of the Erie county bar…was born in the First ward of the city, on October 30, 1883.  He is a son of Michael M. and Maria (Sheridan) English….His father was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1847, and his mother is a native of Ireland, born in the following year, their marriage occurring at Lockport, New York.  In 1878 they settled in Erie, where Michael English has long been a construction engineer identified with railroad construction…:]

5. Mary O’Brien: b. Aug 1880 PA

6. Edward [Gustav] Germer: b. 15 Sep 1895 Erie Co., PA; d. 1 Sep 1967 (last residence Erie, Erie Co., PA); m. c1917  [SSN 120-03-2684, issued NY]  [WWII draft registration card]

7. Jean ___: b. c1897/8 PA


8. Michael M. English: b. 1846/7 Canada; m. c1867/8 Lockport, NY

9. Maria Sheridan: b. Mar 1846 Ireland

10. Richard O’Brien: b. 25 Feb 1825 Dromig, Co. Cork, Ireland; imm. 1855; m. (2nd) 1873

[History of Erie County, Pennsylvania (Chicago, 1884), p. 934: “Richard O’Brien, agent Pennsylvania Company operating Erie & P. R. R., Erie, was born Feb. 25, 1825, at Dromig, County Cork, Ireland, son of Richard and Ellen (Ambrose) O’Brien.  He emigrated to Quebec, Canada, in 1847, and moved to Erie, Penn., the same year….He was married in Philadelphia in 1852, to Margaret, daughter of Denis McCarthy….His first wife dying in 1868, Mr. O’Brien married in 1873, Mary, daughter of James Casey, of Erie.  By this union were born two children—Agnes Annie and Mary…”]

[Nelson’s Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Erie County, Pennsylvania (Erie, PA, 1896), p. 606: “Richard O’Brien was born February 25th, 1825, at Dromig, county Cork, Ireland, son of Richard and Ellen (Ambrose) O’Brien…”]

11. Mary Casey: b. Dec[?] 1840 PA

12. Edward G[ustav] Germer: b. Sep 1866 PA; m. (2nd) c1893/4 [m. 1st Eveleen Williams 6 Nov 1889 in Erie Co., PA]

13. Blanche ___: b. c1871/2 PA


20. Richard O’Brien: b. Ireland

21. Ellen Ambrose: b. Ireland

22. James Casey: b. 24 Dec 1814 Buttafin, Co. Cork, Ireland; d. 3 Jun 1886 Erie, Erie Co., NY; m. 1835 Canada

[History of Erie County, Pennsylvania (Chicago, 1884), p. 874: “James Casey, retired R.R. Contractor, Erie, was born in Ireland Dec. 24, 1814, son of Thomas, a farmer, and Joanna (McCarty) Casey, natives of Ireland.  They came to Canada with their family in 1821, and there spent the remainder of their days….[James] came to Buffalo, N. Y., in 1835, and to Erie City in 1838.  Mr. Casey was married, in Canada in 1835, to Mary, daughter of Richard Delaney, a native of Ireland.  To this union were born eight children, five now living—Mary, wife of Richard O’Brien, agent E. and P. R. R., Erie City…”]

[Nelson’s Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Erie County, Pennsylvania (Erie, PA, 1896), p. 605: “James Casey, one of Erie’s best known and most public-spirited citizens, died at his residence…June 3, 1886.  He was born in Buttafin, Cork county, Ireland, December 24, 1814, and was a son of Thomas and Johanna (McCarty) Casey.  His parents came to America in 1821, and located in a farm in Canada, where they passed the remainder of their lives, the elder Mr. Casey dying in Canada, and Mrs. Casey in Erie….Mr. Casey was married in Canada, in 1835, to Miss Mary, daughter of Mr. Richard Delaney, a native of Ireland.  To this union were born eight children…:Mary, Mrs. Richard O’Brien, of Erie…”]

23. Mary Delaney: b. Ireland

24. Otto Germer: bp. 17 Nov 1833 Breisach, Freiburg, Baden [IGI extracted from FHL #889,840] {brother of Dr. Edward W. Germer (Eduard Wilhelm Germer), b. 28 May 1831 Breisach, doctor and public-health official in Erie, PA}

25. Theresa Ebisch: b. c1843/4 (perhaps Hartenstein) Saxony; d. between 1880 and 1900 (prob. Erie, Erie Co., PA)

[Nelson’s Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Erie County, Pennsylvania (Erie, PA, 1896), p. 683: “Gustav A. Ebisch, late of Erie, Pa., who at his death was superintendent of the stove foundry of Black & Germer, was born in Hartenstein, Saxony, Germany, December 21, 1838, and was a son of Frederick and Johanna (Neuber) Ebisch.  His father started to America in 1853, but died at sea; his family landed in Erie and located in safety.  There were four children:…Theresa (Mrs. Otto Germer) of Erie…”]


44. Thomas Casey: b. Ireland; d. Canada

45. Johanna McCarty: b. Ireland; d. Erie, Erie Co., PA

46. Richard Delaney: b. Ireland

48. Michael Germer: b. c1801/2; m. 8 Feb 1830 Breisach, Freiburg, Baden [IGI extracted from FHL #891,665]

49. Barbara Moehringer: b. c1804/5

50. Frederick Ebisch: d. c1853 at sea

51. Johanna Neuber:


96. Johann Baptist Germer:

97. Maria Wurzburger:

98. Michael Moehringer:

99. Katharina Rieger:



1930 – 4th Ward, Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 68, sheet 2b

English, Charles H.       Head    M W 46 M 46 PA Can Ire  Attorney Law Office

___, Aline W.               Wife     F W 41 M 41   PA OH MA

___, Richard O’B.        Son      M W 18 S        PA PA PA

___, John W.               Son      M W 14 S        PA PA PA

___, Mary P.                Dau      F W 9 S           DC PA PA

Warfield, Martin C.      StSon   M W 14 S        PA PA PA

___, Aline W.               StDau   F W 10 S         PA PA PA


1930 – 4th Ward, Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 61, sheet 4a

Germer, Edward G.      Head    M W 63 M 23 PA Ger Ger  Proprietor Stove Factory

___, Harriett H.            Wife     F W 52 M 19   PA PA PA

___, Edward                Son      M W 34 M 22 PA PA PA  Secretary Stove Factory

___, Jean                     D-i-L   F W 32 M 19   PA PA PA

___, Otilie                    GDau   F W 10 S         PA PA PA

[Mahoney family living in household, continued on next sheet]


1920 – 4th Ward, Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 97, sheet 11b

English, Chas. H.          Head    M W 37 M      PA Ire Ire  Lawyer General P.

___, Mary                    Wife     F W 36 M        PA Ire PA

___, Richard O’Brien   Son      M W 8 S          PA PA PA

___, John William         Son      M W 4 S          PA PA PA

O’Brien, Agnes            Si-i-L   F W 42 S         PA Ire PA

(1 nurse, 2 servants)


1900 – 1st Ward, Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 71, sheet 10a

English, Mary               Head    W F Mar 1846 54 M 32 8 8    Ire Ire Ire

___, Mary                    Dau      W F Sep 1868 31 S                 PA Can Ire

___, Anastasia[?]         Dau      W F Aug 1877 22 S                 PA Can Ire

___, Bernard                Son      W M Sep 1879 20 S                PA Can Ire  Fireman

___, Arthur                  Son      W M Sep 1881 18 S                PA Can Ire  Engraver

___, Charles                 Son      W M Oct 1883 16 S                PA Can Ire

___, Josephine             Dau      W F Oct 1888 11 S                 PA Can Ire

___, Richard                Son      W M Mar 1894 6 S                 PA Can Ire


1900 – 4th Ward, Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 93, sheet 9a

O’Brien, Richard          Head    W M Feb 1825 75 M 27         Ire Ire Ire 1849 50 na

___, Mary                    Wife     W F Dec[?] 1840 59 M 27 3 2 PA Ire Ire

___, Agnes                   Dau      W F Jan 1878 22 S                  PA Ire PA

___, Mary                    Dau      W F Aug 1880 19 S                 PA Ire PA

Mc--, Catherine           Serv     W F Mar 1874 26 S                Ire Ire Ire 1893 7


1900 – 4th Ward, Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 93, sheet 4b

Germer, M----             Head    W M Nov 1833 66 W             Ger Ger Ger 1855 45 Na  Manufacturer

___, Edward G.           Son      W M Sep 1866 33 M 6           PA Ger Ger  Manufacturer

___, Blanche                D-i-L   W F ---- ---- 28 M 6               PA NY NY

___, Edward                Son      W M Sep 1895 4 S                  PA PA PA

(3 servants, 1 nurse)


1880 – Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 146, sheet 6 (p. 131b)

English, Michael            W M 34                       Engineer           Can Ire Ire

___, Maria                   W F 33            Wife                             Ire Ire Ire

___, Mary                    W F 12            Dau                              PA Can Ire

___, Eliza                     W F 5              Dau                              MA Can Ire

___, Anistacia              W F 3              Dau                              PA Can Ire

___, Bernard                W M 8/12 Oct Son                              PA Can


1880 – Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 152, sheet 31 (p. 290c)

O’Brein[sic], Richard    W M 53                       Agent of Coal dock      Ire Ire Ire

___, Mary                    W F 39            Wife                                         PA Ire Ire

___, Agnes                   W F 2              Dau                                          PA Ire PA

(2 servants)


1880 – Erie, Erie Co., PA, e.d. 153, sheet 36 (p. 326d)

Germer, Otto                W M 46                       Stove Manuf.    Baden Bad Bad

___, Teresa                  W F 36            Wife                             Saxony Sax Sax

___, Odelia                  W F 15            Dau                              PA Bad Sax

___, Edward                W M 13           Son                              PA Bad Sax

___, Emelia                  W F 12            Dau                              PA Bad Sax

___, Otto Jr.                W M 10           Son                              PA Bad Sax

(1 nurse, 1 servant, 1 cook)


1870 – Pleasantville, Venango Co., PA, p. 34

Germer, Otto                36 M W           Hardware         8000    25000  Germany

___, Thesia                  26 F W                                                            Germany

___, Odela                   6 F W                                                              PA

___, Edward                4 M W                                                             PA

___, Amelia                  3 F W                                                              PA

___, Otto Jr.                6/12 M W                                                        PA       Dec

(2 domestics and 1 teamster, continued on next page)