1. (Randolph) Blake Farenthold: b. 12 Dec 1961 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX [TX birth index: parents George Randolph Farenthold and Mary Sue Ogg]; U.S. Representative from TX (R)



2. George Randolph Farenthold: b. 1 Oct 1939 Nueces Co., TX [TX birth index: parents George Edward Farenthold and Annie Blake Margan]; d. 4 Jun 1972 Nueces Co., TX; m. 19 Nov 1960 New Orleans, LA (div. 26 May 1970 Nueces Co., TX)   [SSN 458-60-4300, issued TX 1955]

[Corpus Christi Times (Corpus Christi, TX), 21 Oct 1960: “Dr. and Mrs. William Ransom Hogan of New Orleans have announced the engagement of her daughter, Miss Mary Sue Ogg, to George Randolph Farenthold.  Miss Ogg is the daughter of the late Thomas Alonzo Ogg Jr. of Houston.  Mr. Farenthold is the son of Mrs. Hayden Wilson Head and George Edward Farenthold and is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Morgan, all of Corpus Christi…”]

[Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Corpus Christi, TX), 20 Nov 1960: “…Miss Mary Sue Ogg became the bride of George Randolph Farenthold.  The wedding took place Saturday evening…in New Orleans….The bride is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Ransom Hogan of New Orleans and the late Thomas Alonzo Ogg Jr. of Houston.  The groom is the son of Mrs. Hayden Wilson Head and George Edward Farenthold of Corpus Christi…”]

[TX death certificate #46495: George Randolph Farenthold; d. 4 Jun 1972; b. 1 Oct 1939 Corpus Christi, TX; parents George E. Farenthold and Annie B. Morgan; cause of death asphyxiation: “Deceased hit over head, trussed up and thrown into the water”; informant Hayden W. Head]

3. Mary Sue Ogg: b. 25 Apr 1939 Harris Co., TX [TX birth index: parents Thomas Alonzo Ogg Jr. and Jane Sue Carpenter]  (m. 2nd John Gregg Middleton; ?m. 3rd ___ Wisdom)



4. George Edward Farenthold: b. 6 Dec 1915 Brussels, Belgium; d. 2 Apr 2000 Nueces Co., TX; m. (1st) 14 Apr 1936 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX  [SSN 464-14-3271, issued TX bef. 1951]

[passenger list of the Pennland, out of Antwerp to NYC 6 Nov 1935

Farenthold, George; 19; student; native of Belgium; last residence Paris]

[Washington Post (Washington, DC), 15 Apr 1936: “Corpus Christi, Tex., April 14…Miss Annie Blake Morgan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Morgan, of Corpus Christi, and George Edward Farenthold, of Brussels, Belgium, son of Mrs. Emily Farenthold-Chevalier, of Paris, France, were married tonight…”]

[San Antonio Express (San Antonio, TX), 15 Apr 1936: “Corpus Christi, Tex., April 14….in the First Presbyterian Church of this city, Miss Annie Blake Morgan, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Morgan, became the bride of George Edward Farenthold, son of Mr.[sic] Emily Farenthold-Chevalier of the Chateau-de-la-Garde de Bort Auvergne near Paris, France…”]

[Corpus Christi Caller-Times, 8 Oct 1950: “Miss Frances Tarlton…and George Edward Farenthold…were married Friday….Mr. Farenthold, the son of Fritz Joseph Farenthold of Brussels, Belgium, and the late Mrs. Emily Chevalier…”]

[passenger list of the Manhattan, out of Le Havre to NYC 23 Jun 1939:

Farenthold, George Edward, age 24, native of Belgium, residence Corpus Christi, TX]

[Texas Monthly, April 1992, p. 164: “…George Edward Farenthold, a…Belgian who had received his U.S. citizenship in 1940 and subsequently became a decorated Air Force captain.  The great-grandson of a prosperous inventor, George was a man accustomed to high living, which included making a home in what is now the official residence of the president of Algeria, getting his education in a Swiss academy, and enjoying the company of a manservant wherever he traveled.  His first marriage to a Texas woman had been a bust, ending in 1948, but not before George had availed himself of his wealthy father-in-law’s business knowledge…”]

[obit at http://www.caller2.com/2000/april/04/funeralstext.html: “George Edward Farenthold, 84, a long time resident of Corpus Christi, passed away on Sunday, April 2, 2000 at Holmgreen Care Center….He was born on December 6, 1915 in Brussels, Belgium, was educated at Le Rosey preparatory school in Switzerland and moved to the United States in 1936.  He served in the United States Army Air Force in World War II in Europe, Italy and North Africa, also served as an aide to General George Beverly and was awared the Bronze Star.  He was discharged in 1945 with the rank of Captain….He was preceded in death by his three sons, George Randolph, Vincent Bluntzer and James Dougherty…”]

5. Annie Blake Morgan: b. 18 Nov 1915 Grandview, Johnson Co., TX   (m. 2nd Hayden Wilson Head)

[TX delayed/corrected birth certificate #47857: Annie Blake Morgan; b. 18 Nov 1915 Grandview, Johnson Co.; father Randolph Morgan (36, rancher-farmer, b. TX); mother Carmelete Cleveland (29, b. TX); sworn to by Carmelete C. Morgan 9 Jul 1951]

6. Thomas Alonzo Ogg, Jr.: b. 1 Dec 1907 Silsbee, Hardin Co., TX; d. 16 Jan 1949 Houston, Harris Co., TX; bur. Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston; m. 1 Jun 1938 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX

[TX death certificate #2466: Thomas A. Ogg, Jr.; d. 16 Jan 1949 Houston, Harris Co.; consulting engineer; married; b. 1 Dec 1907 Silsbee, TX; parents Thomas A. Ogg and Annie Laura Taylor (both b. TX); informant Mrs. T. A. Ogg Jr.]

[Corpus Christi Times (Corpus Christi, TX), 2 Jun 1938: “The marriage of Miss Jane Sue Carpenter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Carpenter of Taft, and Thomas Alonzo Ogg, Jr., of Houston, was solemnized…Wednesday morning…in this city…”]


7. Jane Sue Carpenter: b. 28 Jul 1914 TX; d. 20 Mar 1987 Nueces Co., TX  (m. 2nd Dr. William Ransom Hogan)   [SSN 438-68-7306, issued LA 1962]

[wrote/edited a book about her mother, Tales from the Manchaca Hills: the Unvarnished Memoirs of a Texas Gentlewoman (Hauser Press, 1960)]



8. Fritz Joseph Farenthold:

9. Emilie ___: b. c1891 Mons, Belgium  (apparently m. 2nd ___ Chevalier)

[passenger list of the Lafayette, out of Le Havre to NYC 29 Jan 1937: Emilie Chevalier; 45; divorced; reads and writes French and English; nationality Belgium; race French; b. Mons, Belgium; visa 99 issued in Brussels 9 Sep 1936; permanent residence Beaulieu S/Mer, France; visiting son Mr. G. Farenthold of Corpus Christi, TX

10. Randolph Morgan: b. 9 Mar 1879 Italy, Ellis Co. (or Ellis, Ellis Co.), TX [extracted from FHL #1,639,038: Randolph Morgan; b. Ellis, Ellis Co., TX; parents Joshua A. Morgan and Nancy Collier]; d. 23 Nov 1963 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX  [SSN 466-52-2900, issued TX 1951]  [WWI draft registration card: b. Italy, TX]

[TX death certificate #72039: Randolph Morgan; d. 23 Nov 1963 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co.; b. 9 Mar 1879 Italy, TX; father John Morgan; informant Hayden W. Head]

11. Carmelete Attillia Cleveland: b. 12 Aug 1885 TX; d. 5 Jun 1991 Nueces Co., TX  [SSN 457-8940, issued TX 1963]


12. Thomas Alonzo Ogg: b. 4 Aug 1875 TX; d. 17 Aug 1966 Houston, Harris Co., TX; bur. Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston; m. c1898/9   [WWI draft registration card]

[TX death certificate #52737: Thomas Alonzo Ogg, Sr.; d. 17 Aug 1966 Houston, Harris Co.; carpenter in construction; b. 4 Aug 1875 TX; parents James Ogg and Eliza Pearl Heflin; informant Annie Laura Ogg]


13. Annie Laura Taylor: b. 24 Oct 1879 TX; d. 18 Jan 1976 Harris Co., TX; bur. Woodlawn Cemetery  [SSN 450-90-0329, issued TX]

[TX death certificate #03747: Annie Laura Ogg; d. 18 Jan 1976 Harris Co.; widowed; b. 24 Oct 1879 TX; parents Bythial Taylor and Charlotte A. Hutchins; informant Robert L. Galloway]


14. Shawnee Thomas Carpenter: b. 20 Feb 1874 Hays Co., TX; d. 13 May 1940 Taft, San Patricio Co., TX; bur. Live Oak Cemetery, Manchaca, Travis Co., TX; m. 6 Jun 1897

[TX death certificate #25376: Shawnee Thomas Carpenter; d. 13 May 1940 Taft, San Patricio Co.; married; cotton buyer; b. 20 Feb 1874 Hays Co., TX; parents Shawnee Carpenter (b. IL) and Sue McQuiston (b. Paris, TX); informant Shawnee T. Carpenter, Jr.]




15. Edna Earle Turley: b. 4 Jan 1872 TX; d. 28 Feb 1965; bur. Live Oak Cemetery

[picture at http://www.austinchronicle.com/blogs/music/2008-05-12/623181/]




20. Joshua A[lbert] Morgan: b. Jul 1846 GA; m. 12 Jun 1870 Ellis Co., TX [extracted from FHL #1,034,617]



21. Nancy Ellen Collier: b. Sep 1846 GA


22. John Luther Cleveland: b. 28 Oct 1850/1 Columbus, GA; d. 31 Mar 1936 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX; m. 10 Dec 1884 Hill Co., TX [extracted from FHL #985,181: J. L. Cleveland and Annie Upshaw]

[TX death certificate #13503: John L. Cleveland; d. 31 Mar 1936 Dallas, Dallas Co.; wife Annie H. Cleveland; grain; b. 28 Oct 1851 Columbus, GA; parents unknown; informant Geo. Cleveland]

[A Memorial and Biographical History of Johnson and Hill Counties, Texas… (Chicago, 1892), pp. 468-469: “John L. Cleveland, a merchant of Cleburne, was born in Stewart county, Georgia, in 1851, a son of James Monroe and Kate (Wright) Cleveland, natives of South Carolina.  The parents were married in their native state in 1840, and afterward settled in Georgia, where they still reside….John L. Cleveland, our subject, received an agricultural course of studies at the State University of Georgia, at Athens; he also graduated, in 1875, at Eastman’s Business College, Poughkeepsie, New York, after which he taught school two years in Georgia.  In 1877 he came to Texas….Mr. Cleveland was married in Hill county, in 1884, to Miss Annie Upshaw, a daughter of Captain S. C. and Atelia (Aldridge) Upshaw.  The father is a native of Arkansas, a pioneer of Texas, and a prominent citizen of Hill county.  Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland have five children: Carmelite A…”]

23. Annie Hamilton Upshaw: b. 1 Aug 1863/4 Columbus, TX; d. 10 Jul 1936 Dallas

[TX death certificate #35036: Annie H. Cleveland; d. 10 Jul 1936 Dallas, Dallas Co.; widow of John L. Cleveland; b. 1 Aug 1863 Columbus, TX; father S. C. Upshaw; mother unknown; informant Geo. Cleveland]

24. James Ogg: b. 25 Aug 1840 GA; d. 4 Jul 1912 Grimes Co., TX; bur. Plantersville Cemetery, Plantersville, Grimes Co., TX


25. Eliza Pearl Heflin: b. 9 Jun 1843 Madison Co., AL; d. 20 Jan 1901 Grimes Co., TX; bur. Plantersville Cemetery


26. Bythial Taylor: b. c1834/5 NC

27. Charlotte Amanda Hutchins: b. c1860 TX

28. William Gunn “Shawnee” Carpenter: b. c1843/4 IL; d. 1876; m. 7 Jun 1871


29. Susan Ann McCuistion: b. 1 Jun 1846 TX; d. 10 May 1931 TX (m. 2nd William L. Hancock)


30. James Monroe Turley: b. 21 Jan 1816 Grange Co., TN; d. 13 Apr 1883 Travis Co., TX; bur. Live Oak Cemetery, Manchaca, Travis Co., TX; m. (2nd) 4 Sep 1851




31. Jane Soules: b. 4 Jan 1831 Vigo Co., IN; d. 25 Oct 1924; bur. Live Oak Cemetery




40. William L. B. Morgan: b. c1824/5 GA; m. 2 Oct 1845 Walton Co., GA

41. Nancy S. Moore: b. c1824/5 GA

46. Capt. Samuel Crockett Upshaw: b. 31 Jan 1840 Little Rock, AR; m. (1st) 31 Oct 1863 Washington Co., TX  (m. 2nd between 1870 and 1880 Minnie E. ___)

[A Memorial and Biographical History of Johnson and Hill Counties, Texas… (Chicago, 1892), pp. 473-475: “Captain Samuel Crockett Upshaw, counselor at law….was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, January 31, 1840, a son of Colonel A. M. M. Upshaw, a native of Essex county, Virginia, who moved to Middle Tennessee when a young man, from which State he volunteered in the Indian war of 1836, serving against the Seminoles in Florida, after which he was appointed agent for the Chickasaws by Van Buren and assisted in moving this tribe to the country it now occupies.  He remained agent in charge of this tribe for ten years, until removed by Taylor in 1850, at which time he came to Texas, settling in Washington county, which he afterwards represented in the Texas Legislature two terms…citizen of the county until his death, which occurred in 1877.  His wife was Ann H. Crockett, a native of Williamson county, Tennessee, but she is now a resident of Houston, Texas, and has reached the advanced age of eighty-seven years.  This lady was his second wife and became the mother of the subject of this sketch….[Samuel Crockett Upshaw] finished his education in Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee from which he graduated in April, 1861.  He immediately entered the Confederate army, enlisting in Company B, Seventeenth Mississippi Regiment, being commissioned Second Lieutenant of his company on its organization, and going at once to the front.  He was in the first engagement at Bull Run and served in the campaign of that date up to June, when he resigned, returned to Texas and joined Waul’s Legion, and was on General Waul’s staff up to the siege of Vicksburg, where he was captured July 4, 1863.  He was afterwards paroled and transferred to the Trans-Mississippi Department, where he served until the close of the war as Captain on the staffs of different commands…[practiced law in TX, served as District Attorney for the 31st district in Navarro, Hill, and Bosque counties; attorney in Hillsboro since 1874; served as state senator]…”]

47. Attillie Aldridge: b. c1842/3 TN

50. Joseph Heflin: b. c1810 SC/NC; m. 17 Sep 1833 Lawrence Co., AL

51. Salena/Sulthena Holt: b. c1811/12 AL/TN

54. Anthony Hutchins: b. c1820/1 SC
55. N. H. ___: b. c1834/5 MS

56-57. continued at address under #28

60. Thomas Turley: b. 8 Jun 1782 VA

61. Desdemona Taylor: b. 19 Apr 1788 Henry Co., VA

62. Nelson/Nealon Soule(s): m. 8 Apr 1827 Vigo Co., IN



63. Rebecca Sherman:



80. Joshua Morgan:


92. Col. Arthur Martin Montgomery Upshaw: b. 1803 Essex Co., VA; d. 20 May 1877 Washington Co., TX; m. (2nd) 1823

93. Ann Hamilton Crockett: b. 17 Nov 1806 Williamson Co., TN; d. 1898

[Crockett 78: “Nancy Hamilton [Crockett], m. Col. Upshaw, of Texas.”]

124-125. continued at addresses under #62 (including descents from Mayflower passengers George Soule, John Alden, Priscilla Mullins, and William and Alice Mullins, and immigrant of possible royal descent Constant Southworth)]



184. Capt. James Upshaw: b. 1755; Revolutionary War officer; d. 1807; m. 1779

185. Mary Martin:

186. Samuel Crockett: b. 1 Nov 1772; d. 31 Jan 1827

[Crockett 77-78]

187. Joanna Sayers: b. 20 Nov 1772; d. 17 Sep 1812



368. Lt. Col. James Upshaw: b. c1730; d. 22 Jul 1806

369. Suca (Jones) Sthreshley:

372. Andrew Crockett: b. 1745 Augusta Co., VA; d. 28 May 1821

[Crockett 75]

373. Sarah Elliott: b. 1750; d. 28 Jun 1821

374. David Sayers:

375. Mary Beatty:



736. Jeremiah Upshaw: will 18 Nov 1746 – 18 Feb 1746/7 Essex Co., VA

738. Capt. Thomas Jones:

739. Hannah ___:

744. Samuel Crockett: will 11 Dec 1749 – 22 May 1750 Augusta Co., VA

[Crockett 10-12]

745. Esther Thompson:

746. Robert Elliott:



1472. Capt. William Upshaw: will 16 Dec 1716 – 20 May 1720 Essex Co., VA; m. (2nd)

1473. Hannah (___) Carber: will 1 Dec 1762 – 20 Jun 1763 Essex Co., VA




Crockett: Janie Preston Collup French and Zella Armstrong, Notable Southern Families vol. 5: the Crockett Family and Connecting Lines (Chattanooga, 1928; reprinted Baltimore, 1993).




1930 – Houston, Harris Co., TX, e.d. 28, sheet 21a

Ogg, Tomas A.            Head   M W 54 M 24 TX GA AL  Carpenter Public Schools

___, Annie L.              Wife    F W 50 M 20   TX NC TX

Rogers, Cassie B.        Dau     F W 2924 D    TX TX TX  Stenographer Life Insurance Co.

Ogg, Jack M. ab          Son      M W 24 S        TX TX TX  Secretary Cotton Co.

___, Thomas A. Jr. ab Son      M W 22 S        TX TX TX

Rogers, Staley L.        GSon   M W 12 S        TX US TX

___, Thomas J.            GSon   M W 9 S          TX US TX


1930 – Taft, San Patricio Co., TX, e.d. 13, sheet 16b

Carpenter, Shawnee T.            Head   M W 56 M 23 TX TX TX  Buyer Cotton

___, Edna E.                           Wife    F W 58 M 25   TX TX TN

___, Shawnee T. Jr.                 Son      M W 25 S        TX TX TX  Ball Player Professional Base Ball

___, Thomas W.                      Son      M W 19 S        TX TX TX

___, Jane S.                             Dau     F W 15 S         TX TX TX


1920 – Grandview, Johnson Co., TX, e.d. 51, sheet 6a

Morgan, Randolph      Head   M W 38 M      TX US US

___, Carmelete            Wife    F W 32 M        TX GA TX

___, Annie Blake        Dau     F W 4 2/12 S   TX TX TX


1920 – Sour Lake, Hardin Co., TX, e.d. 40, sheet 10b

Ogg, Thomas A.          Head   M W 44 M      TX GA TX  Carpenter Houses

___, Anna Laura         Wife    F W 35 M        TX NC TX

___, Lottie                  Dau     F W 18 S         TX TX TX

___, Gladys                 Dau     F W 16 S         TX TX TX

___, Jack                     Son      M W 14 S        TX TX TX

___, Lon                      Son      M W 12 S        TX TX TX


1920 – Manchaca Precinct, Travis Co., TX, e.d. 120, sheet 1a

Carpenter, Shawneet T.          Head   M W 45 M      TX IL TX  Cotton ginner Cotton gin

___, Edna E.                           Wife    F W 47 M        TX TN IN

___, Shawnee T. Jr.                 Son      M W 15 S        TX TX TX  Laborer Cotton Gin

___, Thomas W.                      Son      M W 8 S          TX TX TX

___, Janie S.                            Dau     F W 5 S           TX TX TX

Shepherd, Ashley P.               Neph   M W 28 S        TX TX TX  Salesman Retail Store


1910 – Grandview, Johnson Co., TX, e.d. 58, sheet 6b

Morgan, Randolph      M W 29 Wd    TX GA GA  Bookkeeper Lumber yard


1910 – Precinct 5, Hardin Co., TX, e.d. 29, sheet 23b

Ogg, Thomas A.          Head   M W 34 M1 11           TX GA AL  Carpenter Railway Shop

___, Annie L.              Wife    F W 30 M1 11 5 5       TX NC TX

___, Cassie B.             Dau     F W 10 S                     TX TX TX

___, Lottie E.              Dau     F W 8 S                       TX TX TX

___, Gladys                 Dau     F W 6 S                       TX TX TX

___, Jack S.                 Son      M W 4 S                      TX TX TX

___, Thomas A.           Son      M W 2 S                      TX TX TX

___, James                   Father  M W 69 Wd                GA GA GA 

(1 boarder)


1900 – Italy, Ellis Co., TX, e.d. 33, sheet 2b

Morgan, J. A.              Head   W M Jul 1846 53 M 30           GA GA GA  Farmer

___, Nancy                  Wife    W F Sep 1846 53 M 20 9 9     GA GA GA

___, Florence              Dau     W F Oct 1872 27 S                 TX GA GA

___, Yla                      Dau     W F Mar 1874 26 S                TX GA GA

___, Marion                 Son      W M Oct 1875 24 S                TX GA GA  Stenographer

___, Emma                  Dau     W F Aug 1877 22 S                TX GA GA  Teacher

___, Randolph            Son      W M Aug 1879 20 S               TX GA GA

___, Bertruce[?]          Dau     W F Apr 1881 19 S                 TX GA GA

___, Beatrice               Dau     W F Nov 1884 15 S                TX GA GA


1900 – 3rd Ward, Cleburne, Johnson Co., TX, e.d. 56, sheet 7a

Cleveland, John L.      Head   W M Oct 1850 49 M 16         GA GA GA  Grain dealer

          Annie U.         Wife    W F Aug 1864 35 M 16 9 6    TX AR TN

          Carmelite         Dau     W F Aug 1885 14 S                TX GA TX

          Annie Blake    Dau     W F Mar 1887 13 S                TX GA TX

          Tom                 Son      W M Mar 1889 11 S               TX GA TX

          Luther             Son      W M Mar 1890 10 S               TX GA TX

          George            Son      W M Dec 1896 3 S                 TX GA TX

          Reese               Son      W M Dec 1899 5/12 S            TX GA TX


1900 – Precinct 1, Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX, e.d. 39, sheet 23b

Upshaw, Samuel C.    Head   W M Jan 1840 60 Wd             AR VA TN  Lawyer

___, Joseph Jo             SonDau W MF Mar 1892 8 S             TX AR AL

  Minnie                       Dau     W F Aug 1894 5 S                  TX AR AL

___, Alex W.               Son      W M Apr 1878 22 S               TX AR AL

(1 servant)


1880 – Precinct 4, Ellis Co., TX, e.d. 50, sheet 47 (p. 508c)

Morgan, Joshua           W M 33                       Farmer             GA GA GA

___, Nancy E.             W F 27            Wife                            GA SC GA

___, Alonzo                W M 9             Son                              TX GA GA

___, Florence              W F 7              Dau                             TX GA GA

___, Eula                     W F 6              Dau                             TX GA GA

___, Marion                 W M 5             Son                              TX GA GA

___, Emogene             W F 2              Dau                             TX GA GA

___, Randolph            W M 0             Son                              TX GA GA

Collier, Jolgie[?]          W F 22            Si-i-L                           TX GA GA


1880 – Maysfield Precinct, Milam Co., TX, e.d. 101, sheet 47 (p. 182c)

Taylor, Bythel             W M 45                       Farmer             NC NC NC

___, Amanda              W F 19            Wife                            TX MS MS

___, Martha                 W F 2              Dau                             TX NC TX

___, Anna L.               W F 7/12 Oct  Dau                             TX NC TX

Hutchins, John B.       W M 23           B-i-L   Huckster          TX MS MS

Hutchins, James W.    W M 69                       Farmer             SC NC Ireland

(4 boarders)


1880 – Beat 2, Hays Co., TX, e.d. 77, sheet 29 (p. 68b)

Hancock, William L.   W M 41                       Farmer             TX VA

            Susan A.          W F 33            Wife                            TX MA MO

            William F.       W M 9             Son                              TX TX TX

            Walter             W M 7             Son                              TX TX TX

            Myrette           W F 2              Dau                             TX TX TX

            girl baby          W F 3/12 Mar                                      TX TX TX

Shepard, Triston          W M 18           StSon  Farmer             TX AR TX

Carpenter, Mollie H.   W F 8              StDau                          TX

___, Shawnee              W M 6             StSon                          TX IL TX

            William            W M 4             StSon                          TX IL TX

(1 servant)


1880 – Polling Place 13, Travis Co., TX, e.d. 126, sheet 1 (p. 113a)

Turley, James  W M 64                       Farmer                         TN VA VA

___, Jane         W F 49            Wife                                        IN

___, Willie       W M 17           Son      Farmer                         TX TN IN

___, Effie        W F 15            Dau                                         TX TN IN

___, James       W M 13           Son                                          TX TN IN

___, Alfie        W F 12            Dau                                         TX TN IN

___, Robert     W M 10           Son                                          TX TN IN

___, Edna        W F 8              Dau                                         TX TN IN

___, Frank       W M 6             Son                                          TX TN IN

(8 boarders)


1880 – Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX, e.d. 70, sheet 5 (p. 262a)

Upshaw, Sam’l            W M 40                       Lawyer            AR VA TN

___, Minnie E.            W F 22            Wife                            AL AL AL

___, Annie                  W F 15            Dau                             TX AR TN

___, Kattie                  W F 14            Dau                             TX AR TN

___, Alexander           W M 2             Son                              TX AR TN


1880 – Montgomery Co., TX, e.d. 123, sheet 3 (p. 54c)

Heflin, Joseph             W M 70                       Farmer             NC NC NC

___, Sulthena              W F 68            Wife                            TN NC NC

___, Semanthy            W F 25            Dau                             AL NC TN


1870 – Houston P.O., Harris Co., TX, pp. 40-41 (658b-659a)

Hutchins, Anthony     49 M W           Farmer             4000    300      SC

          N. H.               35 F W                                                            MS

          Virginia           14 F W                                                            LA

          John                 12 M W                                                           TX

          Amanda          10 F W                                                            TX

Hutchins, Volney        1 M W                                                             TX


1870 – Brenham, Washington Co., TX, pp. 20-21 (60b-61a)

Upshaw, Sam C/G.     32 M W           Lawyer                                    AR

Upshaw, Attilies         27 F W                                                            TN

          Anna               6 F W                                                              TX

          Kate                4 M W                                                             TX

          Robert L.         37 M W           R. R. Agt.       400                  TN

          Bettie D.         26 F W                                    5000                TX


1870 – Precinct 5, Hays Co., TX, p. 14

Carpenter, W. H. H.    64 M W           Farmer             2500    8000    KY

            Jane                 53 F W                                    600                  KY

            W. G.              26 M W           Farmer                         300      IL

            Susan E.          19 F W                                                            MO

            Alpha              13 F W                                                            TX


1870 – Montgomery Precinct, Montgomery Co., TX, p. 35 (395a)

Holt, Francis B.           46 F W            Farmer             150      500      AL

(apparent children of Francis B. Holt)

Heflin, Joseph             60 M W           Farmer             320      500      NC

Heflin, Sultana            58 F W                                                            TN

___, Simantha             27 F W                                                            AL

___, George                20 M W           Farmer                                     TX

___, Alonzo                18 M W                                                           TX

___, McDonald           14 M W                                                           TX


1860 – 3rd Division, Ellis Co., TX, p. 12

W. L. B. Morgan         35 M    Stone Mason               1150    GA

N. H. Morgan              35 F                                                     GA

J. Morgan                    13 M                                                    GA

M. J. Morgan               12 F                                                     GA

T. E. Morgan               11 F                                                     GA

J. W. Morgan              9 M                                                      GA

M. A. C. Morgan        7 F                                                       GA

Z. W. Morgan             5 M                                                      TX

N. J. Morgan               3 F                                                       TX

R. Morgan                   3/12 F                                                  TX


1860 – Chappell Hill P.O., Washington Co., TX, p. 161 (219a)

A. M. Upshaw            57 M    Farmer             14590  22000  VA

Anna                         54 F                                                     TN

Sam                           20 M                                                    TN

Julia                           16 F                                                     TN

Harry                         13 M                                                    TN

Anna                         11 F                                                     TN

John Rigby                  28 M    Overseer                      130      SC


1850 – 88 Division, Walton Co., GA, p. 16 (8b)

William M. B. Morgan            25 M    Farmer             375      GA

Nancy S.                               25 F                                         GA

Joshua                                   3 M                                          GA

Mary S.                                 2 F                                           GA

Elizabeth F.                           1 F                                           GA


1850 – Washington Co., TX, p. 304b

M. A. Upshaw            46 M    Farmer             2945    VA

A. H.                         40 F                                         TN

R. I.                           17 M                                        TN

A. Y[?].                     14 M                                        TN

S. C.                          10 M                                        AR

I.                                6 F                                           ??

H.                              4 M                                          ??

A. L.                          1 2/12 M                                  ??


1850 – Montgomery Co., TX, pp. 83-84 (41a-b)

Joseph Heflin              39 M    Farmer             150      SC

Luntana[?]                 38 F                                         AL

Martin L.                   16 M                                      AL

Martha I.                   14 F                                         AL

California C.             12 F                                         AL

Adeline L.                 10 F                                         AL

Clyantha[?]               8 F                                           AL

Eliza                          6 F                                           AL

Wily                          4 M                                          TX

James A.                    2 M                                          TX

George W.                 11/12 M                                   TX