1. Charles Joseph “Chuck” Fleischmann: b. 11 Oct 1962 New York, NY; U.S. Representative from TN (R)



2. Max Fleischmann, Jr.: b. 29 Dec 1925 NY

3. Rose Marie Salvo: b. c1921/2 New York, NY

[obit of sister at http://www.nyjnews.com/obits/Obit1.php?fulldate=2002-08-08&pid=830347: “Louisa Marie Bordas passed away on February 15, 2002 in her home in Yonkers, NY.  She was born August 31, 1913 in New York City.  Her parents were Giuseppe Salvo and Angelina Salvo.  Mrs. Bordas was predeceased by her husband Bela William Bordas and her sister Rose Marie Fleischmann.  She is survived by her brother August Salvo of Phoenix, AZ, and…nephew Charles Joseph Fleischmann of Chattanooga, TN…”]



4. Maximilian “Max” Fleischmann: b. 11 Feb 1898 NY; d. 1 Apr 1974 (last residence Westbury, Nassau Co., NY); m. c1917/18   [SSN 069-01-5755, issued NY bef. 1951]

[New York Times, 3 Apr 1974: “Fleischmann—Max, of Westbury, on April 1st, 1974.  Beloved husband of the late Olive.  Devoted father of…Max Jr…”]

5. Olive G[race] Windus: b. 30 Mar 1896 New York, NY; d. Jul 1972 (last residence Westbury)  [SSN 115-40-1466, issued NY 1965-6]

[brother – extracted from FHL #1,498,824: William Plumer Windus; b. 16 Nov 1891 Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN; parents William H. P. Windus (29, b. England) and Olive Styles (24, b. England)]

6. Joseph (Giuseppe) John Salvo: b. 28 Apr 1885 Italy; m. c1912/13   [WWI and WWII draft registration cards]

7. Angelina ___: b. c1895/6 Italy



8. Arnold Fleischmann: b. Mar 1867 Austria; m. 25 Apr 1897 Manhattan, New York Co., NY [extracted from FHL #1,487,627: Arnold Fleischmann (parents Enrich Fleishman and Elnistine Rothberger) and Bertha S. Scheinberger (parents Herman Scheinberger and Rose Steinch)]

[passenger list of the Switzerland, out of Antwerp to NYC 21 Jul 1883:

            Fleischmann, Heinrich            49 M Merchant Austria (to) NY

                      Arnold                         16 M Merchant Austria (to) NY]

9. Bertha Scheinberger: b. Oct 1870 NY

10. William Hermann Preston Windus: b. May 1862 Stamford Hill, Middlesex, England [registered 2nd quarter of 1862 in Edmonton district]; m. c1887

11. Olive Styles: b. Jun 1868 East Donyland, Essex, England [registered 3rd quarter of 1868 in Lexden district, Essex]



16. Heinrich Fleischmann: b. c1834 Austria

17. Elnistine (Ernestine?) Rothberger: b. Austria

18. Herman Scheinberger: b. Hungary

19. Rose Steinch: b. Hungary

20. Eric Windus: b. 3 May 1817, bp. 5 Jun 1818 Stoke Newington, Middlesex, England [Stoke Newington St. Mary parish registers, p. 27: parents Thomas (esquire) and Alice]; d. 1915 (registered 3rd quarter of 1915 in Lambeth district, London); bur. 4 Aug 1915 South Metropolitan Cemetery, Lambeth, London; m. 26 Apr 1851 Hackney, Middlesex, England [Hackney St. John parish registers, p. 56: Eric Windus (full age; bachelor; gentleman; residence Stamford Hill; father Thomas Windus, gentleman) and Sarah Preston (full age; spinster; residence Hamford[?] Hill; father Samuel Preston, gentleman)]

21. Sarah Preston: b. c1823 Grays Inn Road, Middlesex, England; bp. 19 Sep 1823 St. Pancras, Camden, Middlesex [daughter of Samuel (tutor) and Sarah]

22. William Styles: b. c1815/16 Thorington, Essex, England

23. Henrietta ___: b. c1820/1 East Donyland, Essex, England



40. Thomas Windus, F.S.A.: bp. 20 Mar 1779 St. Botolph Bishopsgate, London; d. 13 Dec 1854; bur. 22 Dec 1854 Hadley; m. 19 Sep 1805 Clerkenwell St. John, Islington, London

[Frederick Charles Cass, Monken Hadley (Westminster, 1880), vol. 2, p. 75: chart of “Pedigree of Moore (claiming descent from the Chancellor, Sir Thomas More): “Thomas Windus, of Stamford Hill, bur. at Hadley 22 Dec. 1854, age 76” son of Arthur Windus (parents “Arthur Windus M.A. vicar of Hormead Magna and afterwards rector of Little Munden co Herts. d. 1742” and “Elizabet, dau. of William and Susannah Plummer, of Westmill-Bury.”) and Esther Moore (father “Rev. Edward Moore, L.L.B. vicar of Over, co. Chester, son of John More, b. 1696, d. 1755.”)]

[obit in The Gentleman’s Magazine, April 1855, pp. 432-434: “Dec. 13.  At his residence, the Gothic Hall, Stamford Hill, aged 76, Thomas Windus, esq. F.S.A.  This gentleman was of a respectable family, which for a long period conducted the business of coach-builders in Bishopsgate-street….His father, Mr. Arthur Windus, was for forty years a Common Councilman for the ward of Bishopsgate-Without, and he was himself also for some time a member of the Corporation in the same capacity.  Mr. Benjamin Windus, a nephew of the deceased, is well known for his valuable collection of the works of Turner and Stothard….Mr. Thomas Windus had also from his early years a strong partiality for works of art and verth, his attention being principally directed to gem-engraving.  He indulged himself in the formation of a collection, for which he erected a museum at his private residence, ‘the Gothic Hall,’ on Stamford Hill….Mr. Windus was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1819….He married early in life, and had twelve children….his third son, Eric, carried on the business after his father retired, but for a short time only….Having in early life passed much time at Hadley, near Barnet, with his uncle Peter Moore, esq., sometime M.P. for Tewkesbury and Coventry, Mr. Windus, from attachment to that place, desired to be buried there, and his wishes were complied with…”]

[family papers listed at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/A2A/records.aspx?cat=084-dfwin&cid=-1#-1]

[records regarding will of #40 at http://books.google.com/books?id=sfcKAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA270&lpg=PA270&dq=%22thomas+windus%22+%22stamford+hill%22&source=bl&ots=9M0vBKne4x&sig=sRFJo3hcbRoNfkFPvpRV3eHUQl4&hl=en&sa=X&ei=iTBMT5fRAoifiQLOw6mLDw&ved=0CCwQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=%22thomas%20windus%22%20%22stamford%20hill%22&f=false]

http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=linclinks&id=I134403 (has different parentage for #80)

41. Alice Tubb: d. Oct 1830

42. Samuel Preston: bp. 7 Jun 1801 St. Andrew, Holborn, London, England [son of William and Susannah Preston of Grays Inn Lane]; m. 17 Nov 1822 Whitechapel St. Mary, London

43. Sarah Wooding: b. c1802/3 London



80. Arthur Windus:

81. Esther Moore:

84. William Preston: m. 10 Jun 1800 St. Sepulchre, Holborn, London

85. Susannah Chapman:



160. Rev. Arthur Windus, M.A.: b. Ware, Hertfordshire; vicar of Hormead Magna, rector of Little Munden, Herts; d. by 14 Aug 1742

[Alumni Cantabrigienses: Arthur Windus; “Adm. pens. (age 18) at Peterhouse, June 8, 1705.  Of Hertfordshire.  B. at Ware.  School, Eaton.  Matric. 1705; Scholar; B.A. 1708-9; M.A. 1717.  Ord. deacon (London) Dec. 18, 1709; priest, May 23, 1714.  R. of Kelshall, Herts., 1714-21.  Re. of Gt Hormead, 1714-21.  R. of Little Munden, 1721-42.  Died 1742.”]

161. Elizabeth Plummer:

162. Rev. Edward Moore, LL.B.: b. 6 Oct 1702; vicar of Over, Chester; d. 1755

[Alumni Cantabrigienses: Edward Moore; “Adm. scholar at Trinity Hall, Jan. 2, 1723-4.  Of Retford, Notts.  S. of John.  B. Oct. 6, 1702.  School, Merchant Taylors’.  Matric. Sizar Dec. 1724; LL.B. 1728 (Com. Reg.).  Ord. (Chester) Dec. 22, 1728.  V. of Over, Cheshire.  Died 1755.”]



322. William Plummer: b. c1643; of Westmill-Bury; d. 1707

323. Susannah ___: b. c1643; d. 1716

324. John More:




1930 – New York, Queens Co., NY, e.d. 59, sheet 9a

Fleischmann, Max       Head   M W 32 M 20 NY Austria NY  Salesman Grocery

___, Olive G.              Wife    F W 34 M 22   NY Eng Eng

___, Bertha                 Dau     F W 11 S         NY NY NY

___, Robert G.            Son      M W 8 S          NY NY NY

___, Max Jr.                Son      M W 4 S          NY NY NY

___, Bertha                 Mother F W 59 M 27  NY Hungary Hungary

___, Charles N.           Brothr  M W 25 S        NY Austria NY  Clerk Drug House

(1 boarder)


1930 – New York, West Bronx Co., NY, e.d. 697, sheet 8a

Salvo, Joseph              Head   M W 42 M 25 It It It 1915 Al  Excavation Building

___, Angelina              Wife    F W 35 M 18   It It It 1910 Al

___, Louise                 Dau     F W 16 S         NYC It It

___, Augustino           Son      M W 12 S        NYC It It

___, Rose                    Dau     F W 8 S           NYC It It


1920 – 5th Ward, Manhattan, New York Co., NY, e.d. 432, sheet 10b

Windus, William         Head   M W 57 M 1880 Na    Eng Eng Eng  Bookkeeper Office

___, Olive                   Wife    F W 52 M 1880 Na     Eng Eng Eng  Mid wife Self

___, Violet                  Dau     F W 21 S                     NY Eng Eng  Bookeeper Biscuit Co.

___, Eva                      Dau     F W 20 S                     NY Eng Eng  Operator Sewery[?] Co.

___, Errick                  Son      M W 18 S                    NY Eng Eng  Clerk Biltmore Hotel

___, Muriel                  Dau     F W 17 S                     NY Eng Eng  Operator Telephone

___, Stanley                Son      M W 13 S                    NY Eng Eng

___, James                   Son      M W 8 S                      NY Eng Eng

___, Edith                   Dau     F W 19 S                     NY Eng Eng

___, Constance           Dau     F W 14 S                     NY Eng Eng


1910 – 12th Ward, Manhattan, New York Co., NY, e.d. 508, sheet 31a

Fleischmann, Arnold   Head   M W 43 M1 12           Austria Au Au 1889 Na  Manager Yeast

___, Bertha                 Wife    F W 39 M1 12 3 3       NY Hun Hun

___, Maximilian          Son      M W 12 S                    NY Au NY

___, Helen                   Dau     F W 7 S                       NY Au NY

___, Charles N.           Son      M W 5 S                      NY Au NY

(language for those born in Austria and Hungary Magyar)


1910 – Fort Lee, Bergen Co., NJ, e.d. 15, sheet 1a

Windus, William H.    Head   M W 47 M1 22           Eng Eng Eng 1884 Na  Bookkeeper Grocer

___, Olive                   Wife    F W 42 M1 22 15 11   Eng Eng Eng 1885  Dressmaker At home

___, Preston T.            Son      M W 21                       Eng Eng Eng  Bookkeeper Grocer

___, Ethel                    Dau     F W 20                        MN Eng Eng  Designer Embroidery

___, William P.           Son      M W 18                       MN Eng Eng  Store Clerk Hotel

___, Olive G.              Dau     F W 14                        NY Eng Eng

___, Violet M.             Dau     F W 11                        NY Eng Eng

___, Eva                      Dau     F W 9                          NY Eng Eng

___, Eric                      Son      M W 7                         NY Eng Eng

___, Muriel                  Dau     F W 6                          NY Eng Eng

___, Constance A.      Dau     F W 5                          NJ Eng Eng

___, Stanley F.            Son      M W 3                         NJ Eng Eng

___, Edith G.              Dau     F W 0                          NJ Eng Eng


1900 – Manhattan, New York Co., NY, e.d. 239, sheet 1b

Fleischman, Arnold     Head   W M Mar 1867 33 M 3           Austria Au Au 1881 19 Na  Driver Yeast

          Bertha             Wife    W F Oct 1870 29 M 3 1 1       NY Hungary Hungary

          Maximillian     Son      W M Feb 1898 2 S                  NY Austria NY

Guytman, Sadie          Lodger W F Nov 1877 23 S               Hungary Hu Hu 1899 1  Servant


1900 – 17th Ward, Manhattan, New York Co., NY, e.d. 404, sheet 1a

Windus, Wm.              Head   W M May 1862 38 M 13        Eng Ire Ire 1884 16 Al  Conductor

___, Olive                   Wife    W F Jun 1868 32 M 13 7 5     Eng Ire Ire 1885 15

___, Preston                Son      W M Feb 1889 11 S                NY Eng Eng

___, Ethel                    Dau     W F Apr 1890 10 S                 NY Eng Eng

___, Wm.                    Son      W M Nov 1891 9 S                 NY Eng Eng

___, Olive                   Dau     W F Mar 1896 4 S                  NYC Eng Eng

___, Vile[sic]               Dau     W F Oct 1898 2 S                   NY Eng Eng


1881 – Holy Trinity, Colchester, Essex, England, p. 14

John Wm. Spalding     Head   M 40    Chelsea Pensioner       Norfolk Swanton Rovers

Sidney do                    Son      U 6      Scholar                        Kent Canterbury

Olive Styles                 Si-i-L   U 12    Scholar                        Essex East Donyford


1871 – St. George, Gravesend, Kent, England, p. 19 (72)

Eric Windus                Head   M 53    Income from Houses &c.        Middlesex Hornsey

Sarah Windus              Wife    M 47                                                    do Grays Inn Rd.

Alice Windus              Dau     U 19    no occupation                          do Dalston

Edward M. Windus    Son      U 18    Merchant Clerk                       do do

Amy C. Windus          Dau     U 16    no occupation                          do do

Arthur T. Windus        Son         14     Scholar                                    do do

Eric Windus                Son         13     do                                            do Famford[?]

Constance A. Windus Dau        12     do                                            do do

Alfred S. Windus        Son         10     do                                            do do

William H. P. Windus Son         8       do                                            do do

Thomas C. Windus     Son         7       do                                            Kent Ipenhithe[?]


1871 – East Donyland, Essex, England, p. 15 (48)

Henrietta Styles          Wife    M 50    Talioress[sic]               [Essex East Donyland]

Henrietta do                Dau     U 24    Milliner & Dressmaker  do do do

Elizabeth do                Dau     U 19    Tailoress                      do do do

Amos do                     Son         12     Scholar                        do do do

Olive do                      Dau        2                                           do do do


1861 – Holy Trinity, High Cross, Tottenham, Middlesex, England, p. 3 (5)

Eric Windus                Head   M 43    Proprietor of Houses   Stoke Newington Middlesex

Sarah do                      Wife       37                                         Grays Inn B—d St. Ma—do

Allace do                     Dau        9       Scholar                        Grays Inn Road Dalston Mdx

Edward M. do            Son         8       do                                Dalston do

Amy Sarah do             Dau        6                                           Dalston do

Arthur Tubb do           Son         4                                           Dalston do

Eric do                        Son         3                                           Stamford Hill do

Constance A. do         Dau        2                                           Samford Hill do

Alfred S. do                Son         2m                                        Samford Hill do

(3 servants)


1861 – East Donyland, Essex, England, p. 13 (31)

(Wesleyan Mariners Chapel)

William Styles             Head   M 45    Fisherman                    Thorington Essex

Henrietta do                Wife    M 40    do Wife                       East Donyland Essex

William do                  Son         15     do Boy                        do do

Henrietta do                Dau        14     Scholar                        do do

Elizabeth do                Dau        9       do                                do do

Eva do                         Dau        6       do                                do do

Amos do                     Son         2                                           do do


1851 – Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, Hackney, Middlesex, p. 12

Samuel Preston           Head   M 49    Schoolmaster               Middlesex London

Sarah do                      Wife    M 48                                        do do

Sarah do                      Dau     U 27                                        do do

Amelia do                   Dau     U 23                                        do do

Emma do                     Dau     U 20                                        do do

Louisa do                    Dau     U 19                                        do do

Matilda do                  Dau     U 15    Scholar at Home         Kent Wrothan

Ellen do                       Dau     U 12    do do                           do do

Clara do                      Dau     U 10    do do                           Middlesex West Hackney

(1 assistant, 2 servants, and 8 pupils (2 more pupils on next page))