1. Richard Norman “Doc” Hastings: b. 7 Feb 1941 Spokane, Spokane Co., WA; U.S. Representative from WA (R)


2. Ivan H. Hastings: b. 16 Nov 1912 Spokane, Spokane Co., WA; d. 11 Sep 2002 (last residence Pasco, Franklin Co., WA)  [SSN 533-03-4531, issued WA bef. 1951]

3. Florence H. Johnson: b. c1914/15 ND

[obit of sister in The Oregonian (Portland, OR), 12 Nov 1997: “Esther M. Froistad….died Nov. 5 at age 96….was born Oct. 9, 1901, in Minneapolis.  Her maiden name was Johnson….Survivors include her…sisters, Florence Hastings of Pasco, Wash., Helen Morris of San Diego and Eleanor Matthiesen of Lynnwood, Wash…”]

[obit of sister in The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA), 6 Feb 1998: “Helen Morris – San Diego – Memorial Service for Helen G. Morris, 91….She was born in Minneapolis….Survivors include…two sisters, Florence Hastings of Pasco and Eleanor Matthiesen of Seattle…”]

[sisters in SSDI: Helen G. Morris, b. 17 Jun 1906, d. 25 Jan 1998 (last residence San Diego, San Diego Co., CA) [SSN 533-12-6248, issued WA bef. 1951].  Eleanor F. Matthiesen, b. 22 Oct 1912, d. 31 Jul 2003 (last residence Duvall, King Co., WA) [SSN 536-05-8872, issued WA bef. 1951]]


4. Harold Robert Hastings: b. 8 Feb 1881 OH; m. c1911/12  [WWI draft registration card]

5. Mabel Olson: b. c1895/6 WA

6. Charles Johnson: b. 9 Oct 1875 MN; d. between 1920 and 1930 prob. Spokane Co., WA  [WWI draft registration card]

7. Goldie Mittum[?]: b. c1879/80 Norway; imm. 1882


14. Olie Mittum[?]: b. c1854/5 Norway; imm. 1883



1930 – 4th Ward, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA, e.d. 2, sheet 38b

Hastings, Harold         Head   M W 44 Wd 26           OH Eng KY  Janitor public bldg

___, Ivan                     Son      M W 17 S                    WA OH WA

___, Donald                Son      M W 16 S                    WA OH WA

___, Perry                    Son      M W 11 S                    WA OH WA


1930 – 4th Ward, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA, e.d. 25, sheet 15b

Johnson, Goldie          Head   F W 50 Wd 21 Nor Nor Nor  1883 Na

___, Willard C.           Son      M W 28 S        MN MN Nor  Artist Newspaper

___, Harrald D.           Son      M W 22 S        ND MN Nor  Window --- art shop

___, Gladis L.             Dau     F W 19 S         ND MN Nor  Saleslady Book Store

___, Eleanor S.            Dau     F W 17 S         ND MN Nor

___, Florence J.           Dau     F W 16 S         ND MN Nor

___, Robert                 Son      M W 15 S        ND MN Nor

Mittum, Olie               Father  M W 75 Wd 24 Nor Nor Nor 1883 Na  Retired


1920 – Northport, Stevens Co., WA, e.d. 288, sheet 11a

Hastings, Harold         Head   M W 37 M      WA Eng KY  Freight Clerk Rail Road

Hastings, Mabel          Wife    F W 24 M        WA Nor Nor

Hastings, Ivan             Son      M W 7 S          WA WA WA

Hastings, Donald        Son      M W 6 S          WA WA WA

Hastings, Perry            Son      M W 1 2/12 S  WA WA WA


1920 – 2nd Ward, Hillyard, Spokane Co., WA, e.d. 135, sheet 4a

Johnson, Charles         Head   M W 43 M                              MN Nor Nor  Boiler Maker Shops

___, Golda                  Wife    F W 40 M 1882 Na 1900        Nor Nor Nor

___, Esther                  Dau     F W 18 S                                 MN MN Nor  Clerk Office

___, Willard                Son      M W 17 S                                MN MN Nor  Clerk Office

___, Helen                   Dau     F W 13 S                                 MN MN Nor

___, Harrold                Son      M W 11 S                                ND MN Nor

___, Gladys                 Dau     F W 9 S                                   ND MN Nor

___, Elenor                  Dau     F W 7 S                                   ND MN Nor

___, Florence H.         Dau     F W 5 S                                   ND MN Nor

___, Robert                 Son      M W 4 6/12 S                          ND MN Nor