1. Carolyn Jane (Bosher) Maloney: b. 19 Feb 1948 Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC [NC birth index: father Ralph George Bosher]; m. 1976 Clifton H. W. Maloney; U.S. Representative from NY (D)



2. Ralph George Bosher: b. 30 Sep 1917 Guilford Co., NC [NC birth index: father T. C. Bosher]; d. 11 Dec 2002 (last residence Virginia Beach, VA)  [SSN 246-05-0128, issued NC bef. 1951]

[NC death certificate #16938 (for brother): Thaddeus Carroll Bosher Jr.; b. 6 Dec 1912 Guilford Co., NC; d. 30 Jun 1961 Greensboro, Guilford Co.; parents Thaddeus C. Bosher Sr. and Ada Wright]

3. Christine Elizabeth Clegg: b. 27 Aug 1918 Guilford Co., NC [NC birth index: father C. Bynum Clegg]; d. 5 Oct 2007 (last residence Virginia Beach)  [SSN 225-60-5335, issued VA 1962]

[Robesonian (Lumberton, NC), 5 Jan 1956: “Miss Ann Elliott Ashmore and Carney Bynum Clegg, both of Greensboro, were married…Dec. 31….Mr. Clegg is the son of Mrs. C. B. Clegg of Greensboro and the late Mr. Clegg….Marshall Clegg was best man for his brother….Honorary attendants were Mrs. D. R. Warren, Daytona Beach, Fla., Mrs. R. G. Bosher, Virginia Beach, Va., and Mrs. R. Marshall Clegg, Greensboro, sisters and sister-in-law of the bridegroom…”]


4. Thaddeus Carroll Bosher: b. 17 Oct 1872 VA or Raleigh, NC; d. 24 Feb 1948 Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC; m. (2nd) c1908/9  [WWI draft registration card]

[NC death cert. #5501: Thaddeus C. Bosher; b. 17 Oct 1872 Raleigh, NC; widowed; wife Clyde Hardin Bosher; d. 24 Feb 1948 Greensboro, Guilford Co.; father Robt. T. Bosher (b. VA)]

5. Ada Augusta Wright: b. Nov 1878 Alamance Co., NC; d. 31 Jan 1926 Greensboro

[NC death cert. #473: Ada Augusta Bosher; b. Nov 1878 Alamance Co. NC; d. 31 Jan 1926 Greensboro, Guilford Co.; husband T. C. Bosher; parents Anton Wright (b. NC) and ___ Hinshaw (b. NC)]

6. Carney Bynum Clegg: b. 28 Feb 1880 Chatham Co., NC; d. 17 Jun 1934 Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC  [WWI draft registration card: wife Christina Marshall Clegg]

[NC death cert. #326 (printed 308): C. Bynum Clegg; b. 28 Feb 1881 Chatham Co., NC; d. 17 Jun 1934 Greensboro, Guilford Co.; wife Christine Marshall; parents Isaac Clegg (b. NC) and Sarah Bynum (b. NC)]

7. Christine Elizabeth Marshall: b. 24 May 1894 NC; d. 12 Feb 1975 High Point, Guilford Co., NC

[NC death cert. #5993: Christine Elizabeth Clegg; b. 24 May 1894 NC; d. 12 Feb 1975 High Point, Guilford Co.; widowed; SSN 237-05-6139 (from SSDI issued NC bef. 1951); parents Richard K. Marshall and Minnie Belle Jones]


8. Robert T/J. Bosher: b. c1840/44 VA

9. Caroline ___: b. c1836/7 VA

10. Anton Wright: b. NC

11. ___ Hinshaw: b. NC

12. Isaac Haynes Clegg: b. c1833 NC; m. 15 Apr 1865 Chatham Co., NC



13. Sarah J. Bynum: b. c1842 NC

14. Richard K. Marshall: b. 8 Oct 1853 Surry Co., NC; d. 25 Mar 1914 Mt. Airy, Surry Co., NC; m. (2nd) 29 Sep 1887 Forsyth Co., NC

[NC death cert. #6865: Richard K. Marshall; b. 8 Oct 1853 Surry Co., NC; contractor; d. 25 Mar 1914 Mount Airy, Surry Co.; parents Marion Marshall (b. VA) and Christina Sparger (b. Surry Co.)]

15. Minnie Belle Jones: b. Apr 1869 NC


16. ___ Bosher:

17. Mary [Tucker]: b. c1821/2 VA

26. ___ Bynum:

27. Dilly ___: b. c1818/19 NC

28. John Marion Marshall: b. c1824/5 NC/VA; m. 4 Dec 1844 Surry Co., NC


29. Christina Sparger: b. c1823/4 Surry Co., NC


34. [___ Tucker: ]

35. [Martha ___: b. c1789/90 VA]



1930 – Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC, e.d. 34, sheets 12b-13a

Bosher, Thaddeus C. ab          Head   M W 56 M 21 NC VA NC  Architect Landscape

___, Sam ab                            Son      M W 32 M 20 NC NC NC  Architect Landscape

___, Eugenia ab                      D-i-L   F W 24 M 20   NC VA NC

___, Sarah                               Dau     F W 18 S         NC NC NC

___, Thaddeus C. Jr. ab          Son      M W 17 S        NC NC NC  Proprietor Lunch Stand

Bosher, Dorothy                     Dau     F W 15 S         NC NC NC

___, Ralph                               Son      M W 11 S        NC NC NC


1910 – Morehead Twp., Guilford Co., NC, e.d. 126, sheet 5a

Bosher, Thaddeus C.  Head   M W 37 M2 1             VA VA VA  Nurseryman Nursery

___, Ada                     Wife    F W 33 M1 1 1 1         NC NC NC

___, Nita                     Dau     F W 14 S                     NC VA NC  Cigar maker Factory

___, Samuel E.            Son      M W 12 S                    NC VA NC  Nurseryman Nursery

___, Vernie                 Dau     F W 11 S                     NC VA NC

___, Edith                   Dau     F W 8 S                       NC VA NC

___, Wilbur                 Son      M W 5/12 S                 NC VA NC


1910 – 2nd Ward, Mt. Airy, Surry Co., NC, e.d. 137, sheet 13b

Marshall, Richard K.   Head   M W 53 M2 21           NC NC NC  Carpenter House

___, Minnie B.            Wife    F W 41 M1 21 7 5       NC NC NC

___, Ila B.                   Dau     F W 19 S                     NC NC NC  Teacher School

___, Arthur M.            Son      M W 17 S                    NC NC NC  Carpenter House

___, Christina M.        Dau     F W 15 S                     NC NC NC

___, Robert K.            Son      M W 7 S                      NC NC NC

___, Elwood L.           Son      M W 1 S                      NC NC NC


1900 – Mt. Airy, Surry Co., NC, e.d. 113, sheet 10a

Marshall, R. K.            Head   W M Oct 1853 46 M 12         GA[“ditto”] NC NC  Post Master

          Minnie             Wife    W F Apr 1869 31 M 12          GA NC NC

          I. B.                 Dau     W F Jul 1889 10 S                  GA NC NC

          A. M.               Son      W M Sep 1890 9 S                  GA NC NC

          Cristina            Dau     W F May 1894 6 S                  GA NC NC

          L. V.                Dau     W F May 1899 1 S                  GA NC NC

(1 servant)


1880 – Raleigh, Wake Co., NC, e.d. 268, sheet 30 (p. 296b)

Bosher, R. T.               W M 39                       Plasterer          VA VA VA

          Caroline           W F 43            Wife    Seamstress       VA VA VA

          Thad                W M 7             Son                              NC NC NC[sic]

(1 cook)


1880 – Hadley Twp., Chatham Co., NC, e.d. 24, sheet 26 (p. 62b)

Clegg, Isaac H.           W M 47                       Farmer             NC NC NC

___, Sarah J.                W F 37            Wife                            NC NC NC

___, Thomas D.           W M 14           Son                              NC NC NC

___, Mary L.               W F 12            Dau                             NC NC NC

___, Wm. Francis        W M 11           Son                              NC NC NC

___, Leonidus L.         W M 9             Son                              NC NC NC

___, Carnie E.             W F 4              Dau                             NC NC NC

___, Z. Vance             W M 2             Son                              NC NC NC

___, Infant                  W M 3/12 Feb Son                              NC NC NC


1870 – Mt. Airy, Surry Co., NC, p. 3 (311a)

Marshall, J. M.            45 M W           Farmer             600      400      NC

___, Christina              46 F W                                                            NC

___, Richard K.          20 M W           Farm laborer                            NC

___, Susan N.              18 F W                                                            NC

___, John A.                16 M W           Farm laborer                            NC

___, Mary P.               15 F W                                                            NC

___, Bethania              13 F W                                                            NC

___, Edman S.            11 M W                                                           NC

___, Sarah E.               9 F W                                                              NC

___, Christinia             7 F W                                                              NC

___, Benjaman            4 M W                                                             NC

___, Charlotty             2 F W                                                              NC


1850 – Richmond, Henrico Co., VA, p. 828 (414b)

Martha Tucker             60 F                                         VA

Mary Bosher               28 F                                         VA

Thadeus                     11 M                                        VA

Margaret C.               9 F                                           VA

Robert J.                    6 M                                          VA


1850 – Lower Regiment, Chatham Co., NC, pp. 928-929 (464b-465a)

Isaac Clegg                 55 M    Farmer             7500    NC

Aramanta Clegg          32 F                                         NC

Isaac N. Clegg            26 M    None[?]                       NC

Jehu S. Clegg              25 M    Lawyer                        NC

Mary J. Clegg              20 F                                         NC

William B. Clegg        16 M    Laborer                        NC

Benjamin F. Clegg      14 M                                        NC

Montraville D. Clegg  11 M                                        NC

Elizabeth Clegg           9 F                                           NC

Ann Clegg                   5 F                                           NC

[next household]

Bridget Clegg             78 F                             1000    NC

Henry Avent               21 M    Laborer                        NC

[next household]

David Clegg                33 M    Farmer             3000    NC

Eliza Clegg                  44 F                                         NC

William F. Clegg         22 M    Teacher                        NC

Carney B. Clegg         21 M    Laborer                        NC

Margaret Clegg           19 F                                         NC

Isaac H. Clegg            16 M    Laborer                        NC

Ann E. Clegg              14 F                                         NC

Thomas D. Clegg        13 M                                        NC

Mark Clegg                 11 M                                        NC

Mary B. Clegg            8 F                                           NC

Henry C. Clegg           7 M                                          NC

Lucretia Clegg            5 F                                           NC

Martha C. Clegg         2 F                                           NC

John B. Clegg             1/12 M                                     NC


1850 – Lower Regiment, Chatham Co., NC, p. 980 (490b)

Dilly Bynum               31 F                             1250    NC

Sarrah J. Bynum          8 F                                           NC

Julia Bynum                6 F                                           NC

Lemuel Ellis                25 M    Overseer                      NC