1. Stephen Ernst “Steve” Stivers: b. 24 Mar 1965 Ripley, Brown Co., OH; U.S. Representative from OH (R)





2. Ernst Bambach Stivers: b. 28 Oct 1934 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH; d. 25 Oct 2003 Brown Co., OH [cert. 237]); m. (1st) 27 Jul 1957 Georgetown, Brown Co., OH (div.; m. (2nd) Karen S. Stratton 29 Nov 1975 Campbell Co., KY; m. (3rd) Linda L. Doyle 6 Apr 1985 Brown Co., OH)

[obit in The Columbus Dispatch (Columbus, OH), 9 Dec 2003: “Ernst Bambach Stivers, 68, of Ripley, Ohio died October 25, 2003 at Brown County General Hospital….born October 28, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of Andrew Jackson and Eliese Stivers (nee Bambach) of Ripley, Ohio.  He was a banker for 36 years with the Citizens National Bank of Ripley, including 23 years as President.  He was the fourth generation of his family to be associated with the bank….In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by two brother Andrew Jackson Stivers Jr. and Frank A. Stivers II.  He is survived by two sisters and one brother-in-law, Miriam & Earl Zachman of Ripley, Ohio; and Jane Dyruff of Santa Barbara, California…two sons, Alan Stivers of Ripley, Ohio; and Steve Stivers of Columbus, Ohio…”]

[obit of sister in The Ledger-Independent (Maysville, KY), 14 Mar 2006: “Ripley, Ohio – Miriam Stivers Zachman, age 82…died Saturday, March 11, 2006….Mrs. Zachman was born Nov. 1, 1923, in Ripley, the daughter of the late Andrew Jackson and Eliese (Bambach) Stivers.  Besides her parents, she was also preceded in death by three brothers, Andrew Jackson Stivers III, Frank Stivers II and Ernst Stivers….survived by…one sister, Jane Dyruff of Santa Barbara, Calif…”]

[Press Gazette (Hillsboro, OH), 2 Aug 1957: “Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Pulliam attended the wedding of their granddaughter, Carol Sue Pulliam to Ernie Stivers, which was performed Saturday evening….The wedding was solemnized at Georgetown Christian Church…”]

3. Carol Sue Pulliam: b.

[Press Gazette (Hillsboro, OH), 5 Jul 1946: “Miss Carol Sue Pulliam of Georgetown spent last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Pulliam.”]

[Gossett 119]




4. Andrew Jackson “Jack” Stivers: b. 24 Nov 1889 Ripley, Brown Co., OH; d. 3 Dec 1965 Brown Co., OH [cert. 89089]; m. 21 Jul 1921 Brown Co., OH   [WWI and WWII draft registration cards]    {2nd cousin of Col. Robert Stivers, “a career officer who was stationed in Shanghai, China, in the late 1930s”}

[The Marion Daily Star (Marion, OH), 22 Aug 1914: “Jack and Richard Stivers, of Ripley, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Scofield….Their mother was, before her marriage, Miss Zua Johnston, who was quite well known here.”]

[sister Mary Effie Stivers DAR #207331, in right of John Stivers of VA]


5. Eliese Margaret Bambach: b. 7 Feb 1901 Ripley; d. 26 Sep 1974 Brown Co., OH [cert. 64871]   [SSN 275-50-9546, issued OH 1965]

[DAR #153837, in right of Ens. William Kerr of PA]

6. George Hubert Pulliam: b. 12 Jul 1905 Highland Co., OH; d. 18 Apr 1992 Georgetown, Brown Co., OH [cert. 23611: mother Gossett]

[Gossett 119]

7. Ila Josephine Britton: b. 9 Mar 1906 Union Twp., Highland Co., OH [extracted from FHL #570,610: Ila J. Britton; parents Leslie E. Britton and Lizzie Sharp]; d. 8 Nov 1995 Brown Co., OH [cert/ 85029: father Britton, mother Sharp]   [SSN 299-42-1840, issued OH 1963]

[Hillsboro Gazette (Hillsboro, OH), 15 Dec 1964: “Mrs. George Pulliam, 306 West Grant Ave., Georgetown…stopped in for a pleasant visit.  Her grandfather, Jonah Britton, formerly wrote in the ‘King’s English’ for the local newspapers….He was a school teacher in Highland and Clinton Counties, representative of Highland County in the state legislature in 1887….Jonah Britton was a soldier in the Union Army in the War between the States and probably wrote for the local newspapers after 1865.  He used the pen name, ‘Brutus.’”]



8. Frank Alexander Stivers: b. 15 Apr 1865 Ripley, Brown Co., OH; d. 22 Jul 1938 Ripley; m. 20 Feb 1889

[U.S. passport application: Frank Alexander Stivers; b. 15 Apr 1865 Ripley, OH; father Andrew Jackson Stivers (deceased) b. Adams Co., OH; banker; to all countries for travel; dated 9 Sep 1924]

[The Marion Daily Star (Marion, OH), 27 Jul 1938: “Bucyrus—Word has been received here of the death of Frank A. Stivers, 70, prominent Ripley, O., banker and husband of Zua Agnes Johnston, formerly of this city.  Surviving with the widow is one son, Jack, also of Ripley.  A number of Bucyrus relatives survive.”]

[OH death certificate #38575: Frank Alexander Stivers; d. 22 Jul 1938 Ripley, Brown Co.; wife Zua Stivers; retired banker; b. 15 Apr 1865 Brown Co., OH; parents Andrew Jackson Stivers (b. Adams Co., OH) and Katherine Maddox (b. Brown Co., OH); informant A. J. Stivers]

[SAR #2344, in right of John Stivers]

9. Zua Agnes Johnston: b. 12 Sep 1866 Crawford Co., OH; d. 15 Aug 1971 Brown Co., OH [cert. 63746]

[U.S. passport application: Zua Johnston Stivers; b. 12 Sep 1866 Crawford Co., OH; husband (m. 20 Feb 1889) Frank Alexander Stivers (b. Ripley, OH); to all countries for travel; dated 9 Sep 1924]

[The Marion Daily Star (Marion, OH), 10 Dec 1894: “J. L. Leonard, of Bucyrus, as attorney for Mervin J. Monnette, executor of Martha Johnston, deceased, filed a petition in the common pleas court this morning against J. C. Hull, administrator of W. H. H. Johnston.  The pleading avers that on April 23, 1864, W. H. H. Johnston executed a mortgage to Martha Johnston on 143 95-000 acres in --- [sic] township with the provision that ‘if the said W. H. H. Johnston, his heirs and assigns shall make payment to the said Martha Johnston at the rate of $71.48 a year from April 1, 1863, during the life of the said Martha, then would the mortgage be of no effect.  The petition charges that the conditions haven’t been complied with and that there is due the plaintiff as executor $997.76.  Jane L. Monnette, Mary A. Johnston, Zua J. Stivers and Frank A. Stivers are also made defendants, the petition stating that they have some interest in the land.”]

[Press Gazette (Hillsboro, OH), 15 Sep 1970: “Ripley – Mrs. Zua Johnston Stivers celebrated her 104th birthday Sept. 12.  She is the oldest resident of Brown County.”]

10. Ernst Bambach: b. 7 Feb 1873 OH; m. c1899/1900

11. Sarah Inez Thompson: b. Jul 1872 Ripley, Brown Co., OH

[DAR #95804, in right of Ens. William Kerr of PA]

12. Minott R. Pulliam: b. 15 Feb 1872 OH; d. 15 Sep 1961 Wilmington, Clinton Co., OH [cert. 68269]; m. 1 Aug 1895 Highland Co., OH

[Press Gazette (Hillsboro, OH), 19 Sep 1961: “Minott R. Pulliam, 89, of Lynchburg, died early Friday morning at Clinton County Memorial Hospital in Wilmington….He was born Feb. 15, the son of George W. and Lucy Robinson Pulliam.  He is survived by his wife, Minnie; one son, George H., of Georgetown…”]

[Press Gazette (Hillsboro, OH), 2 Aug 1957: “Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Pulliam celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on Aug. 1….Their three children attended.  They are Mrs. Joseph Hill of Latonia, Ky., Mrs. Floyd Ruble of Columbus and George H. Pulliam of Georgetown.”]

13. Minnie B. Gossett: b. Nov 1875 OH; d. 25 Oct 1966 Covington, KY

[Press Gazette (Hillsboro, OH), 28 Oct 1966: “Mrs. Minott (Minnie) R. Pulliam, 90, of Lynchburg, died Tuesday…at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington, Ky….She is survived by…one son, George H. Pulliam, of Georgetown…”]

[Gossett 119]

14. Leslie E. Britton: b. 14 Jan 1875 Union Twp., Highland Co., OH [extracted from FHL #570,609: father Jonah, mother Brown]; d. 20 Apr 1931 Union Twp., Highland Co., OH; m. (2nd) c1903/4

[OH death certificate #24941: Leslie E. Britton; d. 20 Apr 1931 Union Twp., Highland Co.; wife Sallie Britton; farmer; b. 14 Jan 1875 Hillsboro, OH; parents Jonah Britton (b. Frederick Co., VA) and Rachel Brown (b. Fairview, OH); informant Annie C. Britton]

15. Sallie Maria Sharp: b. 17 Mar 1872 near Russell Station, OH; d. 4 Feb 1946 New Vienna, Clinton Co., OH

[OH death certificate #8060: Sallie Maria Britton; d. 4 Feb 1946 New Vienna, Clinton Co.; widow of Leslie E. Britton; b. 17 Mar 1872 near Russell Station, OH; parents Samuel Sharp (b. WV) and Mary Gillison (b.p. not known); informant Jonah Britton]



16. Andrew Jackson Stivers: b. 1818 Adams Co., OH; d. 18 Mar 1894 Ripley, Brown Co., OH [extracted from FHL #384,287]; m. (2nd?) 

17. Katherine Maddox: b. Mar 1823 Brown Co., OH; d. 1904

18. Henry Drinker Ellis Johnston: b. 8 Aug 1825 PA; d. 19 Apr 1870; m. 6 May 1857 Crawford Co., OH

19. Jane E. Ludwig: b. 23 Nov 1831 PA; d. 29 Dec 1912; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Bucyrus, Crawford Co., OH  (m. 2nd 30 May 1877 Abraham Monnett)

[Orra Eugene Monnette, Monnet Family Genealogy… (1911), p. 1042: “Abraham Monnett’s second wife, Jane Ludwig, was first married to Henry D. E. Johnston, b. Aug. 8, 1825, d. April 19, 1870.  He was a son of Thomas F. Johnston.  They had three children:…ii. Zua, m. Frank A. Stivers of Ripley, Ohio…”]

[picture at http://www.monnettgenealogy.com/monnettphotos/janeMonnett.htm]


20. Gottlieb Bambach: b. 21 Dec 1840 Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany

[Joseph P. Smith, ed., History of the Republican Party in Ohio… (Chicago, 1898), vol. 2, pp. 204-205: “Hon. G. Bambach, who has attained distinctive preferment as a member of the Brown county bar, was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, on the 21st of December, 1840, and came to America in 1849 with his father, Gottlieb Bambach, who had first crossed the Atlantic in 1848, and the following year returned for his family….he died in May, 1890….the subject of this biographical notice….attended the Ohio Medical College, of Cincinnati, where he was graduated in the class of 1859.  The following year he entered the law office of Hon. Chambers Baird, of Ripley, under whose preceptorage he studied until entering the Cincinnati Law School, where he was graduated in 1861.  Before entering upon the practice of law, however, he responded to the call of his country for troops and joined the Union army as assistant surgeon of the One Hundred and Sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; three months later he was assigned to the Eighteenth Ohio Infantry of the Seventeenth Army Corps and thus served with his regiment until after the surrender of Vicksburg, on the 4th of July, 1863, when on account of his father’s illness he was obliged to return home….Mr. Bambach has two sons.  G. G. Bambach, the elder, is now mayer of Ripley….Ernst Bambach, the younger son, was born on the 7th of February, 1873, and is now a student of law.  Like his father and brother, he endorses Republican principles and is active in politics.”]

21. Margarethe [Hanstein]: b. Apr 1839 Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany

22. George Washington Thompson: b. 1835 OH; d. 1880; m. 1868

23. Louisa Weis: b. 1846 NY

24. George W. Pulliam: b. 19 Jul 1849 OH; d. 20 Jan 1910 Hamer Twp., Highland Co., OH

[OH death certificate #3043: George W. Pulliam; d. 20 Jan 1910 Hamer Twp., Highland Co.; farmer; b. 19 Jul 1849 OH; parents David Pulliam and Isabella Surber (both b. OH); informant M. R. Pulliam]

25. Lucy Robinson: b. 6 Nov 1852 OH; d. 24 Feb 1937 Hamer Twp.

[OH death certificate #11549: Lucy Pulliam; d. 24 Feb 1937 Hamer Twp., Highland Co.; widow of George Pulliam; b. 6 Nov 1852 OH; parents Henry Robinson (b. Ross Co., OH) and Mary Ricob (b. OH); informant M. R. Pulliam]

26. James Worth Gossett: b. 24 Apr 1847; d. 12 Jan 1922; m. 5 Sep 1865

[Gossett 115]

27. Sarah Ann Roberts: b. 4 Jun 1843; d. 20 Dec 1932

[Gossett 139]

28. Jonah Britton: b. Dec 1828 Frederick Co., VA; d. 22 Jul 1914 Highland Co., OH; m. (1st) 9 Dec 1855 Highland Co., OH

29. Rachel E. Brown: b. c1836/7 Fairview, OH

30. Samuel Sharp: b. VA (WV)

31. Mary Gillison:



32. Robert Stivers: b. 1789

33. Jane Meharry: b. 1790

36. Thomas F. Johnston:

38. Samuel Ludwig:

39. Elizabeth Redcah:

40. Gottlieb Bambach: b. c1811/12 Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany; d. May 1890 OH

44. John Thompson: b. 1804; d. 1891; m. 1829

45. Mary Smith: b. 1806; d. 1841

48. David F. Pulliam: b. c1822/3 OH; m. 16 Nov 1841 Highland Co., OH

49. Isabel(la) Surber: b. c1823/4 OH

50. Henry Robinson: b. c1828/9 Ross Co., OH

51. Mary Ricob: b. c1818/19 OH

52. Joseph Gossett: b. 19 Oct 1821; d. 9 Dec 1855; m. 2 Feb 1839

[Gossett 106-111]

53. Louisa Rader: b. 19 Feb 1820; d. 8 Mar 1900

54. Abraham Roberts: b. 8 Oct 1800 near Chillicothe, OH; d. 13 Feb 1876 near Pricetown, Highland Co., OH; m. 1828

[Gossett 139]

55. Mary Ann Fender: b. 8 Feb 1808 Taylorsville, OH; d. 26 Jul 1893

56. Jonah Britton: b. c1794/5 VA; m. 30 Dec 1820 Frederick Co., VA

57. Martha Lauck: b. c1802 VA



64. John Stivers: b. 1765 NY; d. 1839 Adams Co., OH

65. Martha Neel:

88. William Thompson: b. 1782; d. 1813; m. 1801

89. Agnes Kerr: b. 1783; d. 1874

98. ___ Surber: b. OH

99. Catharine ___: b. c1801/2 OH

104. John Gossett: b. 1791 VA; d. 31 Aug 1853; m. (1st) Jun 1811 Adams Co., OH

[Gossett 102-105]

105. Mary Elyer: b. c1790; d. 11 Sep 1841

106. George Rader:

107. Mary Whitlatch:

108. Isaiah Roberts:

[Gossett 139]

109. Nancy ___:

110. George Fender:

111. Magdalena ___:



178. William Kerr: b. 1730 Londonderry, Ireland; ensign in Captain Leech’s company, Westmoreland Co., PA militia in Revolutionary War

179. Agnes Martin: b. 1745

208. John Gossett: b. c1769 PA; d. 28 Dec 1823 VA

[Gossett 75-90]

209. Honor [Morgan]:



416. Matthias Gossett: b. c1740

[Gossett 63-67]

417. Mary [Littler]:



832. John Gossett:

[Gossett 47-51]




Gossett: Evangeline Gossett Newcomer, The Family of Gossett (Pico, CA, 1954).




1930 – Ripley, Brown Co., OH, e.d. 24, sheet 4a

Stivers, A. Jackson      Head   M W 40 M 31 OH OH OH  President Bank

___, Eliese                   Wife    F W 29 M 20   OH OH OH

___, Jack                     Son      M W 7 S          CA OH OH

___, Miriam                 Dau     F W 6 S           OH OH OH

___, Margaret J.          Dau     F W 2 S           OH OH OH


1920 – Ripley, Brown Co., OH, e.d. 46, sheet 1b

Stivers, Frank A.         Head   M W 54 M      OH OH OH  Cashier Bank

___, Zua                      Wife    F W 53 M        OH OH OH

___, Jack A.                Son      M W 30 S        OH OH OH  Clerk Bank

___, Mary Effie          Dau     F W 19 S         OH OH OH

Maddox, Isabelle        Cous    F W 65 S         OH OH OH

___, Evelyn H.            Cous    F W 14 S         OH OH VA

(1 servant)


1910 – Ripley, Brown Co., OH, e.d. 23, sheet 2a

Stivers, Frank A.         Head   M W 45 M1 21           OH OH OH  Cashier Bank

___, Gera J.                 Wife    F W 43 M1 21 3 3       OH OH PA

___, Andrew J.           Son      M W 20 S                    OH OH OH 

___, Richard J.            Son      M W 17 S                    OH OH OH

___, Mary E.               Dau     F W 9 S                       OH OH OH

(1 servant)


1910 – Ripley, Brown Co., OH, e.d. 23, sheet 4a

Bambach, Ernst           Head   M W 37 M1 10           OH Ger Ger  Retail Merchant Coal

___, Inez                     Wife    F W 38 M1 10 2 2       OH OH NY

___, Eliese                   Dau     F W 8 S                       OH OH OH

___, Myrion                Dau     F W 3 S                       OH OH OH


1910 – Hamer Twp., Highland Co., OH, e.d. 119, sheet 6a

Pulliam, Monat R.       Head   M W 38 M1 14           OH OH OH  Farmer

___, Minnie B.            Wife    F W 34 M1 14 4 3       OH OH OH

___, Blanche               Dau     F W 12 S                     OH OH OH

___, George H.           Son      M W 4 S                      OH OH OH

___, Hester                  Son[sic] F W 7/12 S                OH OH OH

Pulliam, Lucy              Head   F W 57 Wd   2 2         OH OH OH  Own Income


1910 – Union Twp., Highland Co., OH, e.d. 134, sheet 5a

Britton, Leslie             Head   M W 35 M2 6             OH VA OH  Farmer

___, Sallie                   Wife    F W 38 M1 6 3 3         OH OH OH

___, Jonah Jr.              Son      M W 5 S                      OH OH OH

___, Ila J.                    Dau     F W 4 S                       OH OH OH

___, Ina                       Dau     F W 10/12 S                OH OH OH


1900 – Ripley, Brown Co., OH, e.d. 24, sheet 12b

Stivers, Catherine        Head   W F Mar 1823 77 W 41 4 2    OH OH MD

Stivers, Frank A.         Head   W M Apr 1865 35 M 11         OH OH OH  Pres. of Bank

___, Zua                      Wife    W F May 1867 33 M 11 2 2   OH OH OH

___, Jackson                Son      W M Apr 1891 9 S                 OH OH OH

___, Richard J.            Son      W M Feb 1893 7 S                  OH OH OH

(1 servant)


1900 – Union Twp., Brown Co., OH, e.d. 22, sheet 12a

Bambach, Gottlieb      Head   W M Dec 1840 59 M              Ger Ger Ger  Lawyer

___, Margaret              Wife    W F Apr 1839 61 M   7 7       Ger Ger Ger

Hanstein, George        B-i-L   W M Dec 1840 59 W              Ger Ger Ger  Farm Laborer

Bambach, Ida              Dau     W F Mar 1869 31 S                OH Ger Ger

___, Lilly                     Dau     W F Jun 1871 28 S                 OH Ger Ger  School Teacher

___, Ernst                    Son      W M Feb 1873 27 M 0           OH Ger Ger  Real Estate Agent

___, Inez                     D-i-L   W F Jul 1872 27 M 0 0 0        OH OH AtSea

___, Julia                     Dau     W F Jan 1884 16 S                  OH Ger Ger


1900 – Hamer Twp., Highland Co., OH, e.d. 111, sheet 7b

Pulliam, Minott M.      Head   W M Feb 1872 28 M 4           OH OH OH  Farmer

___, Minnie                 Wife    W F Nov 1875 24 M 4 1 1      OH OH OH

___, Blanche               Dau     W F Dec 1897 2 S                  OH OH OH

(1 household)

Pulliam, George W.     Head   W M Jul 1849 50 M 29           OH OH OH  Farmer

___, Lucy                    Wife    W F Nov 1852 47 M 29 2 2    OH OH OH


1900 – Union Twp., Highland Co., OH, e.d. 129, sheet 2b

Britton, Leslie E.         Head   W M Jan 1875 25 M 1            OH VA OH 

          Viola B.           Wife    W F Mar 1879 21 M 1 1 0      oH OH OH

(7 households)

Britton, Jonah             Head   W M Dec 1828 71 M 12         VA VA VA  Farmer

          Anna               Wife    W F Oct 1857 42 M 12 0 0     OH OH OH

          Jennie E.          Dau     W F Dec 1871 28 S                OH VA OH  Teacher


1880 – Bucyrus, Crawford Co., OH, e.d. 97, sheet 51 (p. 347c)

Monnelt, Abraham      W M 68                       Capitalist                     VA MD VA

___, Jane                     W F 48            Wife                                        PA PA PA

Johnston, Nora            W F 19            StDau                                      OH PA PA

___, Zua                      W F 13            StDau                                      OH PA PA

___, Mary                    W F 11            StDau                                      OH PA PA

(1 servant)


1880 – Levanna, Brown Co., OH, e.d. 15, sheet 52 (p. 286d)

Bambach, G. Jr.          W M 40                       Attorney at Law         HDarmstadt HD HD

___, Margareth            W F 40            Wife                                        HDarmstadt HD HD

___, Anna                   W F 15            Dau                                         OH HD HD

___, Gottlieb               W M 14           Son                                          OH HD HD

___, Olga                    W F 12            Dau                                         OH HD HD

___, Ida                       W F 11            Dau                                         OH HD HD

___, Lily                      W F 8              Dau                                         OH HD HD

___, Ernst                    W M 7             Son                                          OH HD HD

Bambach, G. Sr.          W M 68           Father                                      HDarmstadt HD HD


1880 – Hamer Twp., Highland Co., OH, e.d. 43, sheet 6 (p. 323b)

Pullaim, David            W M 57                       Farmer                         OH VA KY

___, Isabell                  W F 56            Wife                                        OH OH OH

___, William                W M 28           Son      farm laborer                 OH OH OH

___, Anna                   W F 12            GDau                                      OH OH OH

Sumber, Catharine      W F 78            M-i-L                                       OH VA VA

Pullaim, George          W M 30                       Farmer                         OH OH OH

___, Lucy                    W F 26            Wife                                        OH OH OH

___, Minott                 W M 8             Son                                          OH OH OH

___, Olabell                 W F 3              Dau                                         OH OH OH


1880 – Union Twp., Highland Co., OH, e.d. 54, sheet 22 (p. 523b)

Britton, Jonah             W M 52                       Farmer                         VA VA VA

___, Rachel E.             W F 43            Wife                                        OH OH OH

___, Josaphine             W F 19            Dau                                         OH VA OH

___, Stanley J.             W M 17           Son      works on farm             OH VA OH

___, Everett L.            W M 13           Son      works on farm             OH VA OH

___, Jennie Eth.          W F 9              Dau                                         OH VA OH

___, Leslie E.              W M 5             Son                                          OH VA OH

(2 households)

Britton, Martha           W F 78                        Aged                           VA VA VA

___, Elizabeth A.        W F 58            Dau                                         VA VA VA

___, Eliza                    W F 49            Dau                                         VA VA VA

West, Belle                  W F 21            GDau                                      OH OH OH


1870 – Ripley, Union Twp., Brown Co., OH, p. 38

Stivers, Andrew J.      50 M W           Banker             2500    77000  OH

___, Kate                    46 F W                                                            OH

___, Ira Robert            8 M W                                                             OH

___, Frank A.              5 M W                                                             OH

Haas, Rachel               22 F W            House Keeper                         OH

Stivers, George W.      27 M W           BK Clerk                                 OH


1870 – Taylorsville, White Oak Twp., Highland Co., OH, p. 13 (368a)

Robinson, Henry         41 M W           Farmer                         400      OH

___, Mary                    51 F W                                                            OH

___, Lucy                    17 F W                                                            OH

___, Pinckney[?]         15 M W           Works on farm                        OH

___, Mellissa               13 F W                                                            OH


1870 – Dallas Twp., Crawford Co., OH, p. 1 (408a)

Johnston, Jane E.        38 F W            Farming           20000  2688    PA

___, Nora                    9 F W                                                              OH

___, Zua                      3 F W                                                              OH

___, Mary A.               1 F W                                                              OH

Watts, George             24 M W           Laborer on farm                      OH

Monnett, H. P/V.        26 M W           Farmer                         230      OH

___, Jennie                  24 F W                                                            OH

___, Eveline                4 F W                                                              OH

___, Bruce                   2 M W                                                             OH

___, Osee                    11/12 F W                                                       OH


1860 – Hamer Twp., Highland Co., OH, p. 367

David F. Pulliam         37 M    Farmer             2940    730      OH

Isabella                      36 F                                                     OH

Henry                        17 M                                                    OH

Catharine                   16 F                                                     OH

George                      11 M                                                    OH

William                      9 M                                                      OH


1850 – Hamer Twp., Highland Co., OH, p. 564 (282b)

David Pulliam             27 M    Farmer                         1200    OH

Isabel                         26 F                                                     OH

Henry N.                   7 M                                                      OH

Cath. A.                    6 F                                                       OH

George W.                 1 M                                                      OH


1850 – Union Twp., Highland Co., OH, p. 405 (203a)

Jonah Britton              55 M    Farmer                         6000    VA

Martha                       47 F                                                     VA

Elizabeth A.              28 F                                                     VA

Burwell                     27 M    Farmer                                     VA

Druzillah                   23 F                                                     VA

Jonah                         21 M    Farmer                                     VA

Andrew J.                 20 M                                                    VA

Eliza                          18 F                                                     VA

Evelina                      15 F                                                     OH

Alexander                 13 M                                                    OH

Thomas H. B.            11 M                                                    OH

Wm. W.                     9 M                                                      OH

Martha                       6 F                                                       OH

Marion                       4 M                                                      OH

John L.                      3 M                                                      OH