1. Henry Arnold Waxman: b. 12 Sep 1939 Los Angeles, CA; U.S. Representative from CA (D)


2. Ralph Louis Waxman: b. 6 Nov 1912 Montreal, Quebec, Canada; d. 13 Aug 1993 Los Angeles Co., CA [CADI: mother Kamarofsky]

3. Esther Silverman: b. 14 Apr 1911 PA; d. 7 Apr 1988 Los Angeles Co., CA [CADI: father Silverman]


4. Moses Waxman: b. 15 Feb 1874 Kershinoff, Russia (a.k.a. Kishinov/Kishenov, Rumania) (probably modern Chişinău); d. 25 Aug 1948 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. 5 May 1900 Kershinoff/Kishinov

[District Court of Los Angeles, CA, declaration of intention #30147: “I, Moses Waxman, aged 50 years, occupation painter, do declare on oath that my personal description is: Color White, complexion Dark, height 5 feet 4 inches, weight 180 pounds, color of heir Gray, color of eyes Brown….I was born in Kershinoff, Russia (nat. in Canada), on the – day of February, anno Domini 1874.  I now reside at 256 ½ N. Burlington Ave., Los Angeles, California.  I emigrated to the United States of America from Windsor, Canada on the Grand Trunk Rr; my last foreign residence was Montreal, Canada; I am married; the name of my wife is Sarah; she was born at Russia and now resides with me….I arrived at the port of Detroit, in the State of Michigan, on or about the 19 day of November, anno Domini 1919….this 29 day of August anno Domini 1924…”]

[Ibid., petition for naturalization #26789 (16 May 1929): petition of Moses Waxman, painting contractor, b. 14 Feb 1874 Kershinoff, Russia; wife Sarah also born Kershinoff; 4 children, including Louis, b. 6 Nov 1912 at Montreal, Canada]

5. Sara Kamarofsky: b. 15 May 1881 Kershinoff; d. 1962 Los Angeles

[District Court of Los Angeles, CA, petition for citizenship #29284 (23 Jan 1930): Mrs. Sara Waxman; citizen of Canada through naturalization of husband; b. 15 May 1881 Kishinov, Rumania; married Moses Waxman 5 May 1900 at Kishenov, Rumania (he b. 15 Feb 1874 in Kishenov)…]

6. Harry Silverman: b. c1871/75 Russia; m. c1903/4

7. Pearl ___: b. c1884/5 Russia



1930 – District 64, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, e.d. 401, sheet 22b

Waxman, Moses          Head   M W 55 M 26 Rus Rus Rus Yiddish 1919 Na  Painter Paint Shop

___, Sara                     Wife    F W 48 M 19   Rus Rus Rus Yiddish 1920 Na

___, Al S.                    Son      M W 22 S        FrCan Rus Rus Yiddish 1829 Al  Writer Publicity

___, Louis                   Son      M W 17 S        FrCan Rus Rus Yiddish 1920 Na

___, Ben                      Son      M W 14 S        FrCan Rus Rus Yiddish 1920 Na

___, Harry                   Son      M W 12 S        FrCan Rus Rus Yiddish 1920 Na


1930 – District 55, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, e.d. 32, sheets 12a-b

Silverman, Harry         Head   M W 55 M 29 Rus Rus Rus Yiddish 1906 Na   Owner Confectionary Store

___, Pearl                    Wife    F W 45 M 19   Rus Rus Rus Yiddish 1907 Na

___, Esther                  Dau     F W 18 S         PA Rus Rus

Silverman, Sarah         Dau     F W 15 S         PA Rus Rus

___, Molly                   Dau     F W 12 S         PA Rus Rus


1920 – 5th Ward, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA, e.d. 384, sheet 10a

Silverman, Harry         Head   M W 48 M 1906 Na 1912       Rus Rus Rus  Merchant Grocery

___, Pearl                    Wife    F W 35 M 1906 Na 1912        Rus Rus Rus

___, Annie                  Dau     F W 11 S                                 PA Rus Rus

___, Esther                  Dau     F W 8 S                                   PA Rus Rus

___, Sarah                   Dau     F W 5 1/2 S                             PA Rus Rus

___, Mollie                  Dau     F W 2 1/3 S                             PA Rus Rus