1. Dr. Brad R. Wenstrup: b. 17 Jun 1958 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH; U.S. Representative from OH (R)



2. Frank John “Jack” Wenstrup: b. c1932 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH; m. 30 Sep 1953 Hamilton Co., OH [extracted from FHL #2,251,962: Frank John Wenstrup (21; b. Cincinnati; parents Edward Joseph Wenstrup and Mary L. Macklin) and Joan Carletti (20; b. Cincinnati; parents Herman Carletti and Evelyn Moriconi)]

[sister – Cincinnati Enquirer, 20 Oct 2009: “Allen, Ruth Marie (nee Wenstrup), devoted wife of the late Joseph Allen Jr. D.D.S….sister of Lee ‘Bud’ Wenstrup, Lois Vetter, the late Mary Rabaut, Jack Wenstrup, and Jean Wenstrup.   Died October 16, 2009 age 89…”]

3. Joan Carletti: b. 1 Jan 1933 Cincinnati



4. Edward Joseph Wenstrup: b. 16 Feb 1898 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH; d. 23 Nov 1946 Cincinnati; m. 17 Nov 1927 Franklin Co., OH [extracted from FHL #1,854,983: Edward J. Wenstrup (b. Cincinnati; parents Frank J. Wenstrup and Christine M. Cady) and Mary L. Macklin (23; b. Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; parents Frank J. Macklin and Margaret F. McCann)]    [WWI draft registration card: father Frank J. Wenstrup]

[OH death certificate #67403: Edward J. Wenstrup; d. 23 Nov 1946 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co.; wife Mary Macklin; b. 16 Feb 1898 Cincinnati; parents Frank J. Wenstrup (b. Cincinnati) and Christine Cady (b. USA); informant Mary Wenstrup]

5. Mary L. Macklin: b. 15 Aug 1904 Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; d. 17 Feb 1996 (last residence Cincinnati)   [SSN 285-26-6874, issued OH bef. 1951]

6. Herman (Armando) Carletti: b. 6 Feb 1903/4 Chiaravalle, Ancona, Italy; d. Oct 1980 (last residence Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH); m. 2 Jan 1928 Hamilton Co., OH [extracted from FHL #284,199: Herman Carletti (b. Italy; parents Cesare Carletti and Letittia Giabie) and Evelyn Moriconi (19; b. Cincinnati, OH; parents Joseph Moriconi and Florence Cuneo)]   [SSN 270-03-5987, issued OH bef. 1951]

[brotherSisto Carletti (52; parents Cesare Carletti and Leticia Ghiabbe) m. Mary Julianelli (60; parents Fabians Labane and Chesidia Pesegnia) 14 Feb 1948 in Los Angeles Co., CA]

7. Evelyn Moriconi: b. 18 Apr 1908 OH; d. 17 Nov 2006 Cincinnati

[Cincinnati Enquirer, 18 Nov 2006: “Carletti, Evelyn (nee Moriconi), beloved wife of the late Herman Carletti, dear mother of…Joan (Jack) Wenstrup, loving grandmother of…Dr. Brad Wenstrup…”]



8. Frank J. Wenstrup: b. 6/9 Sep 1863 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH; d. 2 Dec 1930 Cincinnati; m. c1894/5

[OH death certificate #72411: Frank J. Wenstrup; d. 2 Dec 1930 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co.; wife Christine Cady Wenstrup; b. 9 Sep 1863 Cincinnati; parents John H. Wenstrup and Catherine Brockman (both b. Germany)]

9. Christine M. Cady: b. 25 Dec 1873 Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN; d. May 1969 (last residence Sidney, Shelby Co., OH)   [SSN 290-48-5806, issued OH]

10. Frank J. Macklin: b. 22 Jun 1869 Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; d. 12 Feb 1934 Columbus; m. (1st) 21 Nov 1893 Franklin Co., OH

[OH death certificate #9135: Frank J. Macklin; d. 12 Feb 1934 Columbus, Franklin Co., OH; insurance; wife Florence Macklin; b. 22 Jun 1869 Columbus; parents Thomas Macklin and Mary Markham (both b. Ireland)]

11. Margaret Frances McCann: b. 16 Apr 1873 OH; d. 19 Mar 1927 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH

[OH death certificate #16031: Mrs. Margaret Frances Macklin; d. 19 Mar 1927 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co.; husband Frank J. Macklin; b. 16 Apr 1873 OH; parents James O. McCann and Mary Ann O’Grady (both b. US); informant Frank J. Macklin]

12. Cesare Carletti: b. c1872/3 Chiaravalle, Ancona, Italy; d. 23 Mar 1945 Chicot Co., AR [cert. 87, 41:1945]

[passenger list of the Montevideo, out of Genoa to NYC 11 Nov 1906:

Carletti, Cesare; 33 M M; Field Laborer; Italian; last residence Chiaravalle, Ancona; destination Grenville, MS; joining friend Riccardo Nicolini; born in Chiaravalle

(his wife)

Ghiabbi, Letizia; 31 F M; same

(their children)

  “, Sisto; 11 M S; same

  “, Giuseppa; 9 F S; same

  “, Gino; 6 M S; same

  “, Armando; 3 M S; same]

13. Letitia (Letizia) Ghiabbi: b. c1873/5 Chiaravalle

14. Joseph (Giuseppe) Moriconi: b. 15 May 1880 Lucca, Italy; m. 9 Jan 1905 Hamilton Co., OH [Giuseppe Moriconi (25; b. Italy; artist; parents B. Moriconi and G. Abania) and Florence Cuneo (20; b. Cincinnati, OH; parents Jos. Cuneo and Florence Massa)]   [WWII draft registration card]

15. Florence Cuneo: b. 19 Feb 1885/6 OH; d. 7 Mar 1978 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH   [SSN 268-34-0892, issued OH]



16. John Henry Wenstrup: b. c1817/18 Hanover, Germany; m. 19 May 1846 Hamilton Co., OH [extracted from FHL #344,458]

17. Catharine M. Brockmann: b. c1822/3 Hanover, Germany

18. William Finch Cady, M.D.: b. 26 Jun 1826 Keesville, NY; d. 24 Dec 1883 Lafayette, IN

[Transactions of the Indiana State Medical Society, 34 (Indianapolis, 1884), p. 224: “William Finch Cady, M.D., Born June 26, 1826, in Keesville, New York.  Died December 24, 1883, at Lafayette, Indiana.  Dr. Cady received his literary education at the academies of Oswego, N.Y., where from 1847 to 1851 he was the Principal of one….He graduated from the Albany Medical College in 1853.  He then located in Rock Island, Ill., where he remained until 1861, when he entered the army as Assistant Surgeon Twelfth Illinois Infantry; was promoted, for gallantry at Fort Donaldson, to Surgeon, serving until his time expired, when he was mustered out in 1864, and in November of same year married Miss Eleanor E. Batison, of Cincinnati.  He then re-entered the army as Acting Staff Surgeon and served as Medical Director of Wilson Cavalry Corps; resigned in 1865 and located in Lafayette, where he has resided until his death, except four years he was Chief Clerk in Indian Department at Washington….Two sons and three daughters survive him.  His wife died in 1878.”]


19. Eleanor E. “Ellen” Batson: b. c1835/6 NY; d. 1878

20. Thomas Macklin: b. Jun 1845 Ireland

21. Mary Markham: b. c1840/1 Ireland; d. bef. 1880

22. James O. McCann:

23. Mary Ann O’Grady:

28. B. Moriconi: b. Italy

29. G. Abania: b. Italy

30. Joseph Cuneo: b. Mar 1834 Italy; m. c1861/2

31. Florinda/Florence Massa: b. Jun 1846 Italy



36-37. continued at address under #18 (including descents from Oliver Ma(i)nwaring [RD600 p. 294 (descent from Edward I of England)] and Mayflower passenger Edward Doty)




1940 – 1st Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, e.d. 91-3, sheet 14a

Wenstrup, Edward J.  Head   M W 42 M      OH      Optician Maker of Glasses

___, Mary L.               Wife    F W 35 M        OH

___, Mary A.               Dau     F W 11 S         OH

___, Edward J.            Son      M W 9 S          OH

___, Frank J.               Son      M W 8 S          OH


1940 – 9th Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, e.d. 91-143, sheet 3b

Carlatti, Herman         Head   M W 36 M      Italy     Grocer mgr. Own Retail Business

___, Evalyn                 Wife    F W 32 M        OH

___, Jerry                    Son      M W 9 S          OH

___, Joan                     Dau     F W 7 S           OH

Mariconi, Joseph         Head   M W 59 M      Italy     Grocer Clerk Retail Grocer

___, Florence              Wife    F W 54 M        OH


1930 – 6th Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, e.d. 65, sheet 27a

Carletti, Cesare           Head   M W 57 M 21 It It It 1906 Al  Cook Candy Factory

___, Regina                 Dau     F W 17 S         AR It It  Tailoress Tailoring

___, Marie                   Dau     F W 13 S         AR It It


1920 – South Carlton, Chicot Co., AR, e.d. 43, sheet 2a

Carletti, Cesare           Head   M W 46 M 1904 Al    It It It  Farmer cotton Farm

___, Letizia                 Wife    F W 46 M 1904 Al      It It It  Helper cotton Farm

___, Sisto                    Son      M W 23 S 1904 Al      It It It  Laborer cotton Farm

___, Jeno                     Son      M W 18 S 1904 Al      It It It  Laborer cotton Farm

___, Armando             Son      M W 15 S 1904 Al      It It It

___, Mario                   Son      M W 11 S                    AR It It

___, Regina                 Dau     F W 8 S                       AR It It

___, Maria                   Dau     F W 3 S                       AR It It


1920 – 4th Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, e.d. 76, sheet 8b

Moriconi, Joseph         Head   M W 39 M 1903 Pa                It It It  Proprietor Retail Grocery

___, Florence              Wife    F W 35 M + Al                       OH It It

___, Marie                   Dau     F W 14 S                                 OH It OH

___, Evelyn                 Dau     F W 11 S                                 OH It OH

___, Lester                  Son      M W 8 S                                  OH It OH

___, Louis                   Bro      M W 26 S 1909 Na 1918        It It It  Painter Statuary


1910 – 4th Ward, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, e.d. 78, sheet 3b

Macklin, Frank J.        Head   M W 40 M1 16           OH Ire Ire  Fire insurance agt. Own office

___, Margaret T.         Wife    F W 35 M1 16 6 6       OH OH OH

___, Thomas J.            Son      M W 15 S                    OH OH OH

___, Margaret              Dau     F W 14 S                     OH OH OH

___, Helen                   Dau     F W 12 S                     OH OH OH

___, Regina E.            Dau     F W 7 S                       OH OH OH

___, Mary L.               Dau     F W 5 S                       OH OH OH

___, Frank J.               Son      M W 3 S                      OH OH OH

(1 servant)


1900 – 29th Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, e.d. 248, sheet 12a

Wenstrup, Frank J.      Head   W M Sep 1863 36 M 5           OH Ger Ger  Merchant tailor

___, Christena M.       Wife    W F Dec 1873 26 M 5 2 2      IN NY NY

___, Loretta N.           Dau     W F Apr 1895 4 S                   OH OH IN

___, Edward J.            Son      W M Feb 1898 2 S                  OH OH IN

(1 servant)


1900 – 10th Ward, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, e.d. 84, sheet 4b

Macklin, Frank J.        Head   W M May 1868 32 M 6          OH Ire Ire  Fire Insurance Agt.

            Margaret          Wife    W F Apr 1874 26 M 6 3 3      OH OH OH

            Thomas            Son      W M Oct 1894 5 S                  OH OH OH

            Margaret          Dau     W F Jan 1896 4 S                    OH OH OH

            Helen               Dau     W F Sep 1897 2 S                   OH OH OH

McCann, Nellie           Si-i-L   W F Apr 1877 23 S                 OH OH OH

            Mayme            Si-i-L   W F Apr 1883 17 S                 OH OH OH  clerk


1900 – 11th Ward, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, e.d. 92, sheet 5a

Macklin, Thomas         Head   W M Jun 1845 54 W               Ire Ire Ire  Salesman Segars

___, James                   Son      W M Aug 1873 26 S               OH Ire Ire  Clerk Grocery

___, Anna                   Dau     W F Aug 1874 25 S                OH Ire Ire

___, George                Son      W M Mar 1876 24 S               OH Ire Ire  Bartender

___, Stephen               Son      W M Feb 1878 22 S                OH Ire Ire  Salesman

___, Michal                 Son      W M May 1879 21 S              OH Ire Ire  Clerk Grocery


1900 – 8th Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, e.d. 67, sheet 7a

Cuneo, Jos.                  Head   W M Mar 1834 66 M 38         It It It 1857 43 Al  Carpenter

___, Florinda               Wife    W F Jun 1846 53 M 38 13 6   It It It 1861 39

___, John B.                Son      W M Feb 1864 36 S                OH It It  Carpet Layer

___, Frank                   Son      W M Jan 1872 27[sic] S          OH It It  Porter

___, Joe                       Son      W M Jul 1876 23 S                 OH It It  Porter

___, Peter                    Son      W M Jun 1878 21 S                OH It It  Porter

___, Florence              Dau     W F Feb 1886 14 S                 OH It It  Domestic


1880 – La Fayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN, e.d. 35, sheet 14 (p. 365b)

Cady, W. F.                W M 53           Father  Physician         NY NY NY

___, Patrick                 W M 13           Son                              IN NY NY

___, Anna                   W F 12            Dau                             IN NY NY

___, Ella                      W F 10            Dau                             IN NY NY

___, William                W M 8             Son                              IN NY NY

___, Christena             W F 6              Dau                             IN NY NY

(1 servant)


1870 – 13th Ward, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, p. 160

Wenstrop, Henry         52 M W           Jour. Clothing Cutter  8200    Hanover

___, Catharine             47 F W                                                            Hanover

___, Lizzie                  18 F W                                                            OH

___, Joseph                 15 M W           apprentice Tailor                     OH

___, Henry                  11 M W                                                           OH

___, Frances                7 F[sic] W                                                       OH


1870 – 4th Ward, Washington, DC, p. 166

Cady, Wm. F.             44 M W           Clk Interior Dept        500      NY

          Ellen E.           34 F W                                                            NY

          Patrick B.        4 M W                                                             IN

          Annie F.          2 F W                                                              IN

          Ella S.              3/12 F W                                                         DC   Mar

(1 servant)


1870 – 1st Ward, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, p. 19 (67a)

Macklin, Thomas         27 M W           Works in Rolling Mill             Ireland

___, Mary                    29 F W                                                            Ireland

___, Frank                   1 M W                                                             OH