1. Frederica (Smith) Wilson: b. 5 Nov 1942 Miami, Dade Co., FL; U.S. Representative from FL (D)




2. Thirlee Smith: b. 2 Jun 1912 MS or Timpson, TX; d. 21 May 2007 (last residence Miami, Miami-Dade Co., FL); m. 1937 Broward Co., FL [376:4349]

[sister – extracted from FHL #2,363,873 (death cert. 1325): Bernice Smith; d. 20 Jan 1916 Provencal, Natchitoches, LA; age 1; colored; b. Leesville, LA; parents Ed Smith and Agnes Smith]


3. Beulah Finley: b. c1912 FL  {perhaps the Beulah Mae Smith who was b. 21 May 1911 and d. 23 Dec 1985 in Duval Co., FL}

[brother – extracted from FHL #2,116,888: Vernel Finley; d. 16 Jun 1917 Miami, Dade Co., FL; age 9m; b. Miami; parents John Finley and Fredricka Roberts (both b. Bahamas)]



4. Ed Smith: b. 20 Feb 1880 SC/LA   [WWI draft registration card]

5. Agnes ___: b. c1886/91 MS/LA  (m. 2nd by 1930 Harrison Becket)

6. John E. Finley: b. c1870 Nassau, Bahamas; d. 25 Jan 1929 Miami, Dade Co., FL [extracted from FHL #2,135,289: age 49[sic], b. Nassau, NP; wife Fredrica Finley; parents Walter Finley and Ephelia Jones (both b. Nassau, NP)]; m. 1 Sep 1907 Dade Co., FL [extracted from FHL #1,010,085: John Finley and Frederica Sawyer]

7. Frederica (Roberts) Sawyer: b. c1874 Bahamas



8. (perhaps) Aleck Smith: b. c1854/5 LA

9. (perhaps) Ann ___: b. c1856/7 LA

12. Walter Finley: b. Nassau, Bahamas

13. Ephelia Jones: b. Nassau, Bahamas




1945 FL state census – Dade Co., precinct 17, “negro”

Smith, Thirlee              32 MS Labor

          Beulah             32 FL

          Odessa            7 FL

          Thirlee Jr.        6 FL

          Frederica         3 FL


1930 – Precinct 7, Shelby Co., TX, e.d. 20, sheet 8a

Becket, Harrison         Head   M Neg 60 M 17          TX GA GA  Farmer

___, Agnese                Wife    F Neg 39 M 16            MS AL MS  Laborer

Smith, Thirlee              StSon  M Neg 17 S                 MS SC MS  Laborer

___, Beatrice               StDau  F Neg 12 S                  LA SC MS  Laborer

___, Leandra               StSon  M Neg 10 S                 LA SC MS  Laborer

___, Georgia O.          StDau  F Neg 8 S                    TX SC MS

___, L. I. (initial name) StSon M Neg 4 5/12 S          TX SC MS


1930 – 26th Precinct, Miami, Dade Co., FL, e.d. 32, sheet 8b

Finley, Frederick         HeadSon M Neg 19 S             FL Bah Bah  Chauffeur Private family

___, Frederick             MotherHead F Neg 56 Wd     Bah Bah Bah 1905 Al  Washerwoman Private family

___, Thelma                Dau     F Neg 19 S                  FL Bah Bah  Maid Private family

___, Beula                   Dau     F Neg 16 S                  FL Bah Bah

___, Leroy                   Son      M Neg 15 S                 FL Bah Bah  Dish washer Restaurant

Sawyer, Artlur[?] L.    GDau  F Neg 8 S                    FL Bah FL

Sawyer, Willie L.        GSon   M Neg 6 S                   FL Bah FL


1920 – 5th Ward, Natchitoches Parish, LA, e.d. 46, sheet 21a

Smith, Ed                    Head   M B 42 M       LA LA LA  farmer

            Agnes              Wife    F B 33 M         LA LA LA

            Thraman          Son      M B 8 S           LA LA LA

            Beatrice           Dau     F B 4 2/12 S    LA LA LA

            Briton              Son      M B 9 S           LA LA LA

            Leeandrew      Son      M B  3/12 S     LA LA LA


1920 – Precinct 6, Miami, Dade Co., FL, e.d. 24, sheet 40a

Finley, John                 Head   M B 49 M 1887 Al     Bah Bah Bah  Laborer Fruit Grove

___, Fredericka           Wife    F B 45 M 1904 Al       Bah Bah Bah  Dressmaker At Home

___, Doris                   Dau     F B 12 S                      FL Bah Bah

___, Fred                     Son      M B 10 S                     FL Bah Bah

___, Fay                      Dau     F B 10 S                      FL Bah Bah

___, Beulah                 Dau     F B 8 S                        FL Bah Bah

___, Roy                     Son      M B 6 S                       FL Bah Bah


1910 – Precinct 6, Dade Co., FL, e.d. 52, sheet 15a

Finley, John E.            Head   M B 39 M1 4              Bah Bah Bah 1887 Al  Laborer Farm

___, Fredereca            Wife    F B 32 M2 4 4 4          Bah Bah Bah 1907

Sawyer, Frank D.*      StSon  M B 17 S                     Bah Bah Bah 1907  Presser Tailor Shop

___, Doris O.              Dau     F B 2 S                        FL Bah Bah

___, Fred J.                 Son      M B 6/12 S                  FL Bah Bah

___, Fay E.                  Dau     F B 6/12 S                   FL Bah Bah

* - “Sawyer” written over the “ditto” line, so the following lines indicate “Finley” rather than “Sawyer”


1880 – Bossier Parish, LA, e.d. 11, sheet 126 (p. 126b)

(in Carter Stewart household)

Aleck Smith                B M 25            Board  Farmer             LA AL AL

Ann Smith                   B F 23             Board  Farm Lab.        LA LA LA

Tom Smith                  B M 8              Board                          LA LA AL

Richam[?] Smith         B M 2              Board                          LA LA AL

Ed Smith                     B M 4/12 Feb  Board                          LA LA AL