1. Max Sieben Baucus (born Enke): b. 11 Dec 1941 St. Peter’s Hospital, Helena, Lewis and Clark Co., MT; Senator from MT (R)

[from The Helena Independent 12 Dec 1941: “A son was born in St. Peter’s hospital yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Enke, 700 Power street.”]

[from The Independent Record (Helena, MT), 13 Dec 1955: “The supreme court of the United States…denited the petition of Stephen Enke of Pacific Palisades, Calif., to review a decision of the supreme court of Montana…in which a majority of the Montana court refused to deliver over the temporary custody of two Helena children, Max and Karen Enke, son and daughter of Mrs. John Baucus, to Enke in a habeas corpus proceeding which he initiated….[a lower court in Los Angeles granted] Enke the right to have the children in California during the month of July each year.  Enke and his first wife, the former Jean Sheriff, were divorced in California in 1945.  The father, Enke, did not initiate proceedings for custody during a temporary period in California until more than 10 years later.  The children have resided in Montana continuously since 1944.”]




2. Stephen Enke, Ph.D.: b. 15 Jul 1916 Victoria, BC, Canada; economist and demographer; d. 22 Sep 1974 Santa Clara Co., CA; m. 1 Jan 1940 (div. 1944)  [SSN 557-32-9490, issued CA bef. 1951]  [in American Men & Women of Science 1973, 1978; The Author’s and Writer’s Who’s Who 1971; and Contemporary Authors 1975, 1977]  [obit in New York Times 28 Sep 1974, p. 32]

3. Jean Sheriff: b. c1917/8 MT; m. (2nd) John Jacob Baucus of Helena, MT

[from The Helena Independent 17 Dec 1939: “…the beautifully appointed luncheon of Saturday when Mrs. Albert T. Hibbard was a hostess, entertaining in honor of her niece, Miss Jean Sheriff, whose marriage to Stephen Enke has been announced as an event of next month.”  Same, 29 Dec 1939: “Marriage Licence – Stephen Enke, Cambridge, Mass., and Jean Sheriff, Helena.”  Same, 7 Jan 1940: “Miss Jean Sheriff, a bride of the new year….This beautiful affair was in honor of Jean Sheriff, the attractive bride-elect, whose marriage to Stephen Enke was solemnized the first day of the new year, and Mrs. Max Enke of Victoria, B.C., mother of the bridegroom-elect.”  Same, 13 Jun 1943: “Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Enke and young son, Max, of Los Angeles arrived in Helena recently for a visit of several weeks with Mrs. Enke’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Sheriff, 700 Power street.”]

[from The Independent Record (Helena, MT) 19 May 1944: “A decree of divorce was granted Mrs. Jean Enke from Stephen Enke…at a hearing yesterday in [Los Angeles], according to word received here by her father, Fred Sheriff.  Mr. Sheriff said his daughter and her two small children would return soon to Montana to make their home.  Mrs. Sheriff is with them in Los Angeles.”]


4. Max Enke: b. c1884 Manchester, Lancashire, England; d. 29 Jan 1971 (age 86) Victoria, BC, Canada

5. Marion Lejeune: b. c1879 Manchester; d. 21 Nov 1961 (age 81) Victoria

6. Frederick B. Sheriff: b. 8 Apr 1890 Canyon Ferry, MT; d. 7 Jul 1972 Lewis and Clark Co., MT  [WWI draft registration card]  [SSN 517-34-5871, issued MT bef. 1951]

7. Bernice F. ___: b. c1890/1 MT; d. 17 Jul 1964 Lewis and Clark Co., MT


8. Hermann Enke: b. c1848 Germany

9. Augusta ___: b. c1854 Germany

10. Adam Edward Lejeune: b. c1845 Frankfurt, Germany; d. between 1896 and 1901 prob. Withington, Lancashire, England

11. Jane Louisa McLaren: b. c1857 Southampton, Hampshire, England

12. Court (Courtland) Sheriff: b. Apr 1845/7 IL; d. 19 Sep 1922 Helena, Lewis and Clark Co., MT; m. 1883 Canyon Ferry, MT




13. Mary Hooper: b. 3 Dec 1857/9 Prasa, IL; d. 17 Sep 1940 Helena  [obit in The Helena Independent 17 Sep 1940: “Mrs. Mary H. Sheriff, one of Montana’s best-known early day residents, succumbed early this morning after two weeks’ illness at her home….She was born in Prasa, Ill., Dec. 3, 1859.  With her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hooper, she crossed the plains to Sacramento, Calif., arriving there about July 1, 1863.  Later she lived at Salt Lake City, Utah, and then she came to Montana.  In 1883 she married Court Sheriff, Sr., at Caynon[sic] Ferry.  Mr. Sheriff died some time ago.  Surviving are two sons, Court J. Sheriff of Canyon Ferry and F. B. Sheriff of Helena…a brother, J. E. Hooper of Lincoln; a sister, Fanny Hooper of Helena; and five grandchildren…Mrs. Stephen Enke of Cambridge, Mass…”]

14. ___: b. Germany

15. ___: b. WI


22. Alexander McLaren, D.D.: b. c1826 Scotland; Baptist Minster at Union Chapel, Manchester, Lancashire  [perhaps the Alexander McLaren who was bp. 9 Jul 1826 (son of John MacLaren and Elizabeth Watson) and m. Maryann Tait 27 Dec 1851 both in Rattray, Perth, Scotland]

23. Marian Ann ___: b. c1829 Scotland; d. between 1881 and 1891

24. Abram B. Sheriff: b. 30 Dec 1817 Columbiana Co., PA; d. 17 Aug 1892 prob. Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL; m. (1st) 20 Oct 1842 Mercer Co., IL

25. Sarah Drury: b. PA; app. d. bef. 1850

26. Joseph Hooper: b. c1836/7 England

27. Hester/Esther ___: b. c1837 PA



1930 – 5th Ward, Helena, Lewis and Clark Co., MT, e.d. 9, sheet 9a

Sheriff, Frederick B.     Head    M W 40 M 25 MT IL IL  Wool grower sheep business

___, Bernice F.            Wife     F W 39 M 24   MT Ger WI

___, Jean                     Dau      F W 12 S         MT MT MT


1920 – Helena, Lewis and Clark Co., MT, e.d. 104, sheet 6b

Sheriff, Fred                 Head    M W 39 M      MT US US  Salesman T. C. Power Co.

___, Bernice                 Wife     F W 29 M        MT Ger WI

___, Jean                     Dau      F W 2 1/2 S     MT MT MT


1920 – Helena, Lewis and Clark Co., MT, e.d. 108, sheet 7b

Sheriff, Court                Head    M W 74 M      IL PA PA  Merchant Retired

___, Mary H.               Wife     F W 70 M        IL Eng PA


1901 – Niton, St. John Baptist, Isle of Wight, England

Alexander McLaren      Head    Wd 75 Baptist Minister                                    Scotland

Elizabeth do                  Si-i-L   S 64                                                                 Scotland


1901 – Withington, Lancashire, England

Jane Louisa Lejeune     Head    Wid 44                                     Southampton Hants

Franziska Marion do     Dau      S 22                                         Manchester Lancs

Marion do                    Dau      S 21                                         do do

Juliet do                        Dau      S 20                                         do do

Helene do                     Dau      S 19                                         do do

Francis Arnold do         Son      12                                            Withington do

Caroline Alice do          Dau      4                                              do do

(3 servants)


1900 – 7th Ward, Helena, Lewis and Clark Co., MT, e.d. 180, sheet 4a

Sheriff, Court                Head    W M Apr 1847 53 M 15         IL Ire un           Merchant

___, Mary H.               Wife     W F Dec 1859 40 M 15 3 3    IL Eng PA

___, Mary F.                Dau      W F Nov 1884 15 S                MT IL IL

___, Court J.                Son      W M Jun 1886 13 S                 MT IL IL

___, Fredrick B.           Son      W M Apr 1890 10 S                MT IL IL


1891 – Rushulme, Manchester, Lancashire, England

Alexander McLaren      Head    Wd 65 Baptist Minister            Scotland

Florence E. do              Dau      S 25                                         Lancashire Manchester

Alexander D. do           Son      S 21     Bookkeeper                 do do

Elizabeth T. do Si-i-L   S[sic] 54 Living on her own means  Scotland

(2 servants)


1891 – Rushulme, Manchester, Lancashire, England

Hermann Enke  Head    M 43    Wool & Fur Merchant       Germany

Augusta do                   Wife     M 37                                             do

Herman P. do               Son      S 15                                              Lancashire Manchester

Paula C. do                  Dau      S 13                                              do do

Adeline A. do               Dau      S 13                                              do do

Max do                        Son      S 7                                                do do

(2 servants)


1891 – Withington, Lancashire, England

Adam E. Lejeune          Head    M 46    Merchant Shipper         Germany Nat. Brit. Sub.

Jane L. do                    Wife     M 34                                        Hampshire Southampton

Franciska M. do           Dau      12                                            Lancaster Manchester

Marion do                    Dau      11                                            do do

Juliet do                        Dau      10                                            do do

Helene do                     Dau      9                                              do do

Gustav A. do                Son      7                                              do do

Edward R. do               Son      5                                              do do

Francis A. Lejeune       Son      3                                              Lancaster Manchester

Agatha D. F. Ludwig    Niece   S 25                                         Germany

(5 servants)


1881 – Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Alexandre McLaren      Head    55        Scotland                       DD Baptist Minster of Union Chapel

Marion A. McLaren     Wife     52        Scotland

Mary W. McLaren       Dau      23        Southampton, Hampshire

Florence E. McLaren    Dau      10        Manchester, Lancashire


1881 – Moss Side, Lancashire, England

Edward Lejeune           Head    M 36    Shipping Merchant        Germany Frankford

Jane L. do                    Wife     F 24                                         Southampton Hampshire

Franzeska do                Dau      2                                              Lancs Manchester

Marion do                    Dau      1                                              do do

Juliet do                        Dau      6mo                                         do do

Allister McLaren           B-i-L    11                                            do do

(4 servants)


1870 – 3rd Ward, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA, p. 3 (256a)

Hooper, Jos.                33 M W           Teamster                      England

___, Esther                   33 F W                                    300      PA

___, Mary                    12 F W                                                IL

___, Fred                     10 M W                                               IL

___, Fanny                   8 F W                                                  IL

___, Geo.                     4 M W                                                 CA

___, Jos.                      1 M W                                                 CA


1861 – Chorlton upon Medlock, All Saints, Manchester, Lancashire, England

Alex McLaren                          Head    35        Baptist Minister Union Chapel  Scotland

Marion Ann do                         Wife     32                                do [Scotland]

Jane Louisa do                         Dau      4                                  Southampton

Mary Wingate do                     Dau      3                                  do

Marion Alice McLaren             Dau      10mo                           Lancashire Manchester

(1 nursemaid, 2 servants)

Alex McLaren                          Visit     22        Australian Agent  Scotland


1860 – Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL, p. 122 (764)

Abram Sheriff               43 M    Merchant                      10000 5000     PA

Anna M.                     32 F                                                                 OH

Frances                       17 F                                                                 IL

Courtland                    15 M                                                                IL

Rose                           13 F                                                                 IL

Florence                     9 F                                                                   IL

Alice A.                      4 F                                                                   IL

May                            7 F                                                                   IL

Anna                           1 F                                                                   IL

Asa L. Munson 64 M                                                                MA


1860 – Phills Creek Prec., Jersey Co., IL, p. 31 (201)

Joseph Hooper             23 M    Farmer                                                 England

Hester                          22 F                                                                 England

Mary                           2 F                                                                   IL

Frederic W.                  3/12 M                                                             IL

(1 farm hand)


1850 – Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL, p. 682 (346b)

Abram R. Sheriff          31 M    Carpenter                     1500    PA

Mary T. Sheriff             6 F                                                       IL

Cortland Sheriff            5 M                                                      IL

Rosetta Sheriff              3 F                                                       IL

Mathew Sheriff             27 M    Druggist                        300      PA

Sarah Jane Streeter[?]  26 F                                                     PA