1. Michael Shumway “Mike” Lee: b. 4 Jun 1971 Mesa, AZ; U.S. Senator from UT (R)



2. Rex Edwin Lee: b. 27 Feb 1935 Los Angeles, CA, or St. Johns, Apache Co., AZ; U.S. Solicitor General 1981-1985; d. 11 Mar 1996; m. 7 Jul 1959

3. Janet Griffin: b. 22 Oct 1938 Paris, France



4. Rex E. Lee: b. 20 Nov 1904 Thatcher, Graham Co., AZ; d. 11 Nov 1934 Kaibab Forest, AZ; m. (2nd) 27 Oct 1932 Mesa, AZ

[AFN: 2H8L-FM]  {brother of Louisa (Lee) Udall, grandmother of Tom Udall and Mark Udall, and Lela (Lee) Udall, grandmother of Gordon Smith}

5. Mabel Whiting: b. 27 Aug 1911 St. Johns, Apache Co., AZ

6. Smith Benjamin Griffin: Treasury Attache of U.S. Embassy in Mexico City; m. 13 Oct 1933 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT

[Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, UT), 15 Oct 1933: “Mrs. C. H. Hussey…announces the marriage of her daughter Marian, to S. Ben Griffin, of Washington, D. C., son of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Griffin of Ogden.  The marriage took place in the Salt Lake temple on October 13 and the couple will leave Monday for Paris, France, where Mr. Griffin will fill a position in the U. S. customs office…”]

7. Marian Ione Hussey: b. 1910 UT



8-9. continued in Ancestral File

10. Edwin Isaacson Whiting: b. 3 Sep 1882 St. Johns, Apache Co., AZ; d. 4 Jan 1963 St. Johns   [WWI draft registration card]

[AFN: 2463-HX]

11. Ethel Farr: b. 19 May 1886 Ogden, Weber Co., UT; d.9 Dec 1971 Scottsdale, Maricopa Co., AZ

[AFN: 2463-J4]

12. Benjamin James Griffin: b. 28 Apr 1881 Newton, UT; m. 21 Mar 1909 Logan, UT


13. Maud Smith: b. Ogden, UT


14. Charles Henry Hussey: b. 10 Jul 1866 East Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co., UT; m. 1896


15. Mary Alice Lambert: b. 26 Jan 1871 UT




20-21. continued in Ancestral File

22-23. continued in Ancestral File (includes descents from Kenelm Winslow [brother of Mayflower passenger Gov. Edward Winslow], Roger Conant, Peter Worden [RD600 p. 418 (descent from William I of Scotland)], Thomas Trowbridge [RD600 p. 551 (descent from Hugh Capet of France)], Richard and Elizabeth (Walker) Warren [Mayflower passengers], and Olive (Welby) Farwell [RD600 p. 338 (descent from Edward I of England)])

24-27. continued in Ancestral File

28-29. continued in Ancestral File (including a descent from Rose (Stoughton) Otis [RD600 p. 376 (descent from Henry III of England)])

30-31. continued in Ancestral File




1930 – 5th Ward, Ogden, Weber Co., UT, e.d. 54, sheet 13b

Husey, Charles H.       Head   M W 63 M 29 UT NH Eng  Salesman Real Estate

___, Mary A.               Wife    F W 59 M 25   UT IL NY

___, Elton C.               Son      M W 26 S        UT UT UT  Department Manager Department Store

___, John D.                Son      M W 24 S        UT UT UT  Salesman Grocery

___, Alice L.               Dau     F W 30 S         UT UT UT  Nurse Hospital

___, Marion I. ab.       Dau     F W 19 S         UT UT UT


1920 – St. Johns, Apache Co., AZ, e.d. 5, sheet 3a

Whiting, Edwin I.       Head   M W 37 M      AZ UT UT  Merchant Gen. Store

___, Ethel                    Wife    F W 33 M        UT UT UT

___, Edwin F.             Son      M W 12 S        AZ AZ UT

___, Mabel                  Dau     F W 8 S           AZ AZ UT

___, Melba                  Dau     F W 5 S           AZ AZ UT

___, Vergil                  Dau     F W 3 S           AZ AZ UT

___, Erma                    Dau     F W 1 8/12 S   AZ AZ UT


1920 – 5th Ward, Ogden, Weber Co., UT, e.d. 167, sheet 12b

Hussey, Charles H.     Head   M W 52 M      UT NH Eng  Salesman Auto Tires

___, Mary A.               Wife    F W 49 M        UT MO NY

___, Warren L.            Son      M W 23 S        UT UT UT  Salesman Auto Tires

___, Alice                    Dau     F W 20 S         UT UT UT

___, Norma                 Dau     F W 18 S         UT UT UT

___, Elton C.               Son      M W 16 S        UT UT UT

___, John D.                Son      M W 13 S        UT UT UT

___, Marian                 Dau     F W 9 S           UT UT UT


1900 – Mapleton Precinct, Utah Co., UT, e.d. 157, sheet 11a

Whiting, Edwin M.     Head   W M Aug 1857 42 M 18        UT u u  Merchant

___, Maria                   Wife    W F Jun 1863 36 M 18 8 8     UT Den Den

___, Edwin I.              Son      W M Sep 1882 17 S                AZ UT UT

___, May                     Dau     W F Oct 1884 15 S                 AZ UT UT

___, Martha                 Dau     W F Nov 1886 13 S                AZ UT UT

___, Ernest J.              Son      W M Feb 1889 11 S                UT UT UT

___, Ralph E.              Son      W M May 1891 9 S                UT UT UT

___, Lynn S.               Son      W M Nov 1893 6 S                 UT UT UT

___, Elda                     Dau     W F Oct 1896 3 S                   UT UT UT

___, Minnie                 Dau     W F Sep 1899 7/12 S              UT UT UT


1870 – Big Cottonwood Ward, Salt Lake Co., UT, p. 12

Hussey, Daniel            38 M W           Sawyer            100      NH

___, Sarah                   30 F W                                                England

___, Florence M.         6 F W                                                  UT

___, Charles                4 M W                                                 UT

___, Caroline P.          2 F W                                                  UT