1. Charles Patrick “Pat” Roberts: b. 20 Apr 1936 Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS; Senator from KS (R)


2. Charles Wesley Roberts: b. 1903 KS; RNC chairman 1953; d. 1975; m. c1929  [in Ancestral File]

3. Ruth B. Patrick: b. c1902


4. Francis (“Frank”) Henry Roberts: b. 25 Jul 1851 Waynesville, Warren Co., OH; d. 26 Sep 1945; m. (2nd) 2 Oct 1894 Jefferson Co., KS

[History of Kansas and Kansans vol. 3 (1918), pp. 1383-1384: “Frank H. Roberts is proprietor and editor of the Oskaloosa Independent….It was established in 1860 by his father, the late John W. Roberts….The present proprietor of the paper was born at Waynesville in Warren County, Ohio, July 25, 1851….The grandfather, John Roberts, was born in 1790 and was a pioneer settler in Western Ohio….John W. Roberts…was born in Montgomery County, Ohio, in 1826.  He grew up in his native locality but was married in Warren County.[J. W. Roberts’ death] occurred at Oskaloosa in 1900….John W. Roberts was an original republican.  He attended as a delegate the Philadelphia convention of 1856 which launched the republican organization as a national party….He married Huldah E. Fairholm, who was born at Mount Holly, New Jersey, in 1824, and died at Oskaloosa, Kansas, in 1906….[Frank H. Roberts] married at Sugar Grove, Indiana, in 1878, Miss Emma Wilkins.  She died at Colorado Springs in 1891….In 1894 Mr. Roberts married Daisy M. Needham, of Leavenworth, Kansas.  They have also two children:…Charles Wesley, a sophomore in the Oskaloosa High School.”]

[<http://www.kancoll.org/khq/1945/45_8_ksnotes.htm>: “Frank H. Roberts, 94, Kansas’ oldest editor, died September 26, 1945. For eighty-three years he was identified with the Oskaloosa Independent, a newspaper established July 11, 1860, by his father, John Wesley Roberts. Today this newspaper, which proclaims under its front-page banner, ‘Six Months Older Than the State of Kansas; Published 85 Years by Three Generations of the Roberts Family,’ is now entirely of the third generation, John Wilkins Roberts being the editor.”]

5. Daisy Marian Needham: b. Feb 1869/70 [Leavenworth] KS

6. Curtis S[imon]/F. Patrick: b. c1874/5 KS; m. c1906

7. Ella M. ___: b. c1876/7 IL


8. John Wesley Roberts: b. c1824/5 OH; founder of Oskaloosa Independent 1860; d. 1900 Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS

9. Huldah Elizabeth Fairholm: b. 1822/4 Mount Holly, NJ; d. 1906 Oskaloosa  [in Abbe-Abbey Gen., John Abbe des. By Cleveland Abbey (New Haven, 1916), pp. 335, 395; Isaac Fairholm on p. 395; Daisy Marian Needham also on p. 395]

10. Charles F. Needham: b. c1844/5 MI

11. Mary E. ___: b. c1850/1 OH

12. A. G. Patrick: b. IN/VT


18. Isaac V. Fairholm: b. c1801/2 NJ; blacksmith

19. Mary A. ___: b. c1797/8 NJ

20. Rev. George Needham: b. c1805/6 NY; m. 8 Nov 1836 Hampton, NY

21. Rosa Loretta Titus: b. c1816/7 NY



1930 – Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, e.d. 10, sheet 7b

Patrick, Curtis S.          Head    M W 55 M 21 KS IN KY  Salesman Stocks and Bonds

___, Ella M.                 Wife     F W 53 M 20   IL IN IL

___, Mary J.                Dau      F W 22 S         KS KS IL

___, William H.            Son      M W 18 S        KS KS IL

Roberts, Charles W.     So-i-L  M W 27 M 26 KS OH KS  Publisher Newspaper

___, Ruth B.                 Dau      F W 27 M 27   KS KS IL


1920 – Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, e.d. 77, sheet 4a

Roberts, Frank N.        Head    M W 67 M      OH NJ NJ  Editor Newspaper

___, Daisy                    Wife     F W 49 M        KS MI OH

___, Eugene                 Son      M W 38 S        KS OH NJ  Lineotypist Newspaper

___, Wesley                 Son      M W 17 S        KS OH KS


1910 – Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, e.d. 76, sheet 7a

Roberts, Francis H.      Head    M W 58 M1[sic]          OH OH NJ  Editor & Publisher

___, Daisy M.              Wife     F W 40 M1 17 3 2       KS MI OH

___, Marion N.            Son      M W 12 S                    KS OH KS

___, Charles L.            Son      M W 7 S                      KS OH KS

___, Eugene                 Bro      M W 28 S                    KS OH NJ  Printer


1910 – Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, e.d. 76, sheet 6a

Patrick, Curtis F.          Head    M W 35 M1 14           KS VT[?] KY  Dd Clerk County

___, Ella M.                 Wife     F W 33 M1 14 3 3       IL IN IL

___, Dorothy                Dau      F W 12 S                     KS KS IL

___, Ruth                     Dau      F W 7 S                       KS KS IL

___, Mary J.                Dau      F W 2 S                       KS KS IL

___, Eliza D.                StM     F W 61 Wd  1 1          KY KY KY


1900 – Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, e.d. 76, sheet 8a

Roberts, F. H.              Head    W M Jul 1851 48 M 6             OH OH NJ  Journalist

___, Daisy M.              Wife     W F Feb 1869 31 M 6 1 1       KS NY OH

___, John W.               Son      W M Jul 1880 19 S                  KS OH NJ

___, Eugene S.             Son      W M Nov 1882 17 S               KS OH NJ

___, Frank N.              Son      W M Dec 1897 2 S                 KS OH KS

(1 servant)


1880 – Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, e.d. 113, sheet 34 (p. 228b)

Roberts, John W.         W M 55                       Editor & P.                   OH NJ NJ

___, Huldah E.             W F 56            Wife                                         NJ NJ NJ

___, Mary M.              W F 22            Dau      Teacher                        OH OH NJ

___, Arthur E.              W M 20           Son      Printer                          OH OH NJ


1880 – Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, e.d. 113, sheet 36 (p. 229d)

Needham, Charles F.    W M 35                       Teacher                        MI NY NY

___, Mary E.                W F 29            Wife                                         OH VT OH

___, Daisey                  W F 10            Dau                                          KS MI OH

___, Robert H.             W M 8             Son                                          KS MI OH

___, Claud                   W M 6             Son                                          KS MI OH

___, Ray                      W M 4             Son                                          KS MI OH

___, Charles                 W M 1             Son                                          KS MI OH


1870 – Oskaloosa Twp., Jefferson Co., KS, p. 3 (429a)

Roberts, J. W.              45 M W           Editor & Printer            3000 4000       OH

___, Huldah E.             47 F W                                                                        NJ

___, F. Henry               19 M W           Printer                                                  OH

___, Julia F.                 16 F W                                                                        OH

___, Charles R.            14 M W                                                                       OH

___, Mary M.              12 F W                                                                        OH

___, Arthur E.              9 M W                                                                         OH


1860 – Waynesville, Warren Co., OH, p. 3 (80a)

J. W. Roberts               35 M    Printer              1500 1900       OH

Huldah                        36 F                                                     NJ

Francis H. “                  9 M                                                      OH

Julia F.                        7 F                                                       OH

Chas. A.                     5 M                                                      OH

Mary M.                     3 F                                                       OH

Arthur                         3/12 M                                                 OH

Phoebe H. Fau---m      22 F                                                     OH


1860 – Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., KS, p. 53 (429)

Isaac Fairholm              58 M    Blacksmith                    150      NJ

Mary A.                       62 F                             450                  NJ

Francis                         17 F     T--- Compositor          15        OH


1860 – Loda, Iroquois Co., IL, p. 307

George Needham         54 M    Farmer             1200 575         NY

Risa                             45 F                                                     NY

Margaret                     21 F     C. S. Teacher                           NY

Hawley                        18 M                                                    OH

Charles F.                   16 M                                                    MI

George W.                  12 M                                                    NY

Caroline                      10 F                                                     MA


1850 – Waynesville, Warren Co., OH, pp. 688-689 (344b-345a)

William Fairholm           22 M    Coach Maker               300      NJ

Rosannde                    18 F                                                     OH

Isaac V.                      48 M    Blacksmith                    4000    NJ

Mary A.                      52 F                                                     NJ

Hulda Fairholm             27 F                                                     NJ

Mary Jane                   14 F                                                     OH

Phebe                          12 F                                                     OH

Frances                       8 F                                                       OH


1850 – 5th Ward, Worcester, Worcester Co., MA, p. 423 (212a)

George Needham         44 M    Cong. Clergyman                                  NY

Loretta                        33 F                                                                 NY

Margarett                    12 F                                                                 NY

Hanly                          9 M                                                                  OH

Charles F.                   5 M                                                                  MI

George                        2 M                                                                  NY

Caroline                      5/12 F                                                              MA