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Rev. John and Margaret (Miller) Crom
My fifth great-grandparents, Rev. John and Margaret (Miller) Crom

Welcome to my CROM family page. I am descended from Rev. John Crom (1781-1851) who was born in Lancaster Co, PA and was a United Brethren minister. He married Margaret Miller (1780-1854) and ended up in Wood Co, OH via Harrison Co, OH (and possibly others). My branch of the family ended up in Clinton Co, MI and married into the Beck family.

There's a rumor that we're connected to the Dutch immigrant Gysbert Crom (1650-1724), but since there's a 130-year gap between him and Rev. John and we don't know who the latter's parents were, this connection may never be proved. Another tantalizing possibility is here. While the name matches and the birth date is only off by a week, there's no other information on wife/children :^(

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6/23/01 Added William O. Crom and David Henry write-ups from "Stories of Nebraska", courtesy of Chris Highsmith;
....... they were the son and son-in-law of Rev. John's first son Rev. Jacob Crom.
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....... Added pictures of Rev. John's children Rev. Jacob Crom and his wife Anna (Overholt/Overholser),
....... Josiah/Joseph Crom (copy of a copy which explains the quality), and
....... Hester Crom along with her husband John Hill, all courtesy of Billie Jo Read

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