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Bath School Disaster
The Bath School Disaster
picture of school after explosion

With all due respect and sympathy to the victims and their families of the Columbine, McDonald's, and Virginia Tech shootings, the Oklahoma bombing, and other mass murders, they were not the worst mass murders of children in the US.

On May 18, 1927, 45 people, mostly children, were killed and 58 were injured when disgruntled and demented school board member Andrew Kehoe dynamited the new school building in Bath, Michigan out of revenge over his foreclosed farm due in part to the taxes required to pay for the new school.

Contents of this page:

  • Dedication
  • Details
  • Contemporary Accounts
  • Pictures
  • Personal Observations
  • Poems
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  • Page History (check here for updates)
  • Dedication:
    To my Great-uncle Arnold Victor Bauerle, who died in the explosion at the age of 8. Thanks to Kehoe, the following excerpt from "The Bath School Disaster" by M.J. Ellsworth is all there is to remember him by, other than a picture of him with his brother and sister, his gravestone, a commemorative brick, and a memorial ornament at the Bath School Museum:

    Arnold Victor Bauerle, born in Dewitt township, February 15, 1919, 
    was in the third grade.  Even at that age he had a great head for figures.
    He asked to be given numbers which often ran into the millions.
    His father often told him he would never be a farmer because he ate so slow.
    He was always busy at something.  If not in school, he was playing baseball.
    Arnold wanted to go to Lansing with his parents on the day he was killed, 
    but he had had whooping cough and had been out of school so much that they 
    thought he ought not stay out of school any more.  They were in Lansing at the 
    time of the blast at the school.
    He is survived by his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bauerle, 
    one brother and one sister.
    Interment was in the Dewitt cemetery. 

    According to Arnold's sister (my great-aunt), everyone but Arnold was going to get new shoes that day and they had driven their new car to Lansing to the R & H Shoe Store where they learned of the disaster. Because of the car being new, they couldn't drive it too fast to get back to the site of the disaster.

    Good write-ups are at Wikipedia, Useless Info (!?), and, though the first part of the latter is pure sensationalistic speculation on Kehoe's thoughts the day of the disaster. Other links are on the St. John's, MI Independent BSD page. See also these articles from the Detroit Free Press, Associated Press, USA Today, Education Week, the Seattle Times, the Daily Camera, the Holland Sentinel, Robert Lyons' BSD page, and this page. The following Detroit News link existed in August 2000 when this page was first created, but is now dead and irretrievable via the Internet Wayback Machine A good summary is "Just Another Summer Day: The Bath School Disaster" by Debra Pawlak, and a very brief one is at the page. A video report includes newsreel footage, but has poor audio Also, the second video link doesn't work - use this one instead. The Lansing State Journal commented in 2005 and after the VA Tech shootings.

    An interview with a former Michigan police officer, now living in Ventura County, California, was apparently published in the 1/16/00 Ventura County Star, and has been moved here (it was lost for a while). An account from a survivor in the Detroit News is here, though the bit about the generator doesn't really make sense. Another account by another survivor is here, and yet another survivor's account is here. An article written from a post- 9/11 viewpoint is here, though I don't know that I agree with calling Kehoe a "suicide bomber"... I also didn't know there have been bomb scares around the anniversary - I don't remember any while I was there from 1965-1977...

    Ironically if not for Columbine, most of the above links probably wouldn't exist. Lindbergh's flight occurred a few days later and pushed it out of the papers and nearly out of history.

    A list of the victims is here; see also "The Bath School Disaster" under Contemporary Accounts below for similar lists, their biographies, and their photographs. The text of the historical marker placed on the site is here, and a description of the Bath School Museum is here. Graves of the victims are being compiled here.

    The 75th anniversary prompted this column by Jerry Harte (whose father was born after his brother was killed in the disaster), articles in the Lansing State Journal and St. Johns Independent, and local stations WLNS and WILX, and some observations by Ken Black.

    The 80th anniversary prompted reports by the Detroit News (note that the picture of Kehoe is an inaccurate sketch made afterwards), Lansing State Journal, and a Saginaw, MI radio station (the video includes newsreel footage).

    Contemporary accounts:
    New York Times

  • May 19, 1927: "Maniac Blows Up School, Kills 42, Mostly Children; Had Protested High Taxes"
  • May 20, 1927: "School Dynamiter First Slew Wife"
  • May 21, 1927: "Couzens Puts Wealth at Disposal of Bath"
  • June 25, 1927: "Couzens Rebuilds School"

  • Clinton County Republican-News
  • May 19, 1927: "Fiend Dynamites Bath School; 44 Die"
  • May 19, 1927: ""Driver's License Describes Kehoe"/"Proclamation by Governor"/"St. Johns Responds"
  • May 19, 1927: "Bath School Cost $50,000"/"Bath People Stunned By Shock; Will Not Realize Great Loss for Days; Gas Station Man Sees Kehoe Drive Past Towards Bath"
  • May 19, 1927: "Find Remains Of Mrs. Kehoe"/"Girdles Trees"/"Find 3 Barrels, 2 Bushels, and 7 Sacks of Dynamite"
  • May 19, 1927: "The Bath Horror" (editorial)
  • May 26, 1927: "Inquest Proves Bath Disaster Was Result Of Premeditated Plan; Declare Kehoe Was Sane"
  • May 26, 1927: "Tramp's 'Dynamite' Turns Out To Be Sack of Rubbish"/"County Veterinary Gave First Aid to Glen Smith"
  • May 26, 1927: "Former Farm Bureau Mgr., Bath People Describe Andrew Kehoe; Say He Couldn't Pay Taxes Because He Refused to Work"
  • May 26, 1927: "St. Johns People Head Bath Relief/Hold Rites For Bath Teacher
  • May 26, 1927: "Board Votes Aid For Bath/Crowds Throng Bath Sunday"
  • May 26, 1927: "What Bath Township Faces" (editorial)
  • May 26, 1927: "Bath Victims Buried Friday". Note the "his last moments of suffering" comment that implies Arnold didn't die in the explosion itself, but lived for a while afterward, yet died before his family could reach him
  • May 26, 1927: "Inquiry Proves That Kehoe Had No Accomplices"/"Kehoe's Remains Put in Unknown Grave No Marker"/
    "Canadian School Board Chairman Extends Sympathy"/"Hear Strange Sound Like An Explosion on Saturday Night"
  • June 2, 1927: "Report Bath Relief Work" This gets a bit long and dry at times; the bit about the Red Cross not being an insurance company must've changed between then and 9/11/01, given the money problems the latter event generated
  • June 9, 1927: "Bath Children Suffer Shock"
  • June 16, 1927: "Couzens to Visit Bath Today With Governor Green"
  • June 23, 1927: "Ewing Reports On Bath Fund"
  • June 23, 1927: "Defends Kehoe Before Crowd"
  • June 30, 1927: "Will Rebuild On Same Site"

  • Toledo Blade
  • May 19, 1927: "Maniac's Revenge Sends Forty-two to Death in Schoolhouse Blast"
  • May 19, 1927: "Villagers Turn to Prayer After School Tragedy"
  • May 19, 1927: "Crazed Man Bore Grudge [towards? life?] in General" (incomplete copy)
  • May 19, 1927: "Airplane and Automobile Used by Blade to Cover School Blast"
  • May 20, 1927: "Funerals For 44 Killed In School Blast Arranged"
  • May 21, 1927: "Funeral Dirges Sound As Echo Of Maniac's Revenge"
  • May 23, 1927: "Killer's Skull To Be Studied"
  • May 24, 1927: "Dynamiter Of School Had Good Reputation"

  • Youngstown Telegraph, Youngstown Vindicator
  • May 18, 1927: "Thirty Children Die In School Bombing"
  • May 19, 1927: "Maniac Bomber's Wife Among His 43 Victims"
  • May 19, 1927: "[???] Killed 43 Slew Wife First, [Accident?] Saved 150 From Death"
  • May 20, 1927: "Five More Dying In School Blast"

  • Erie Daily Times
  • May 18, 1927: "Scores of Children Killed as Madman Wrecks School with Blast of Dynamite"
  • May 19, 1927: "Fix Blast on 'Demon'"
  • May 20, 1927: "Bath Today Prepares to Bury Its Dead"
  • May 20, 1927: "'Andy Kehoe Was Smart' -- People Excuse His Acts While Maniacal"
  • May 21, 1927: "Fix Blame for Blast on Kehoe, Maniac's Wife Laid to Rest"

  • "The Bath School Disaster" by M.J. Ellsworth, 1927
    See further info under References below, but an on-line version is here. Note that the text version that this page downloads is 187k. If you have a high-speed connection and want to download the 2.5M version with pictures, it is here. A frames-based version that presumably loads only one chapter at a time is here, but only one third of the screen is allocated to the chapters Here are the chapters in the book, but again note that loading any one of them will load the entire 187k file:
  • 1 - The Bath Consolidated School
  • 2 - Writer's Experience
  • 3 - Life of Andrew Kehoe
  • 4 - Kehoe on the School Board
  • 5 - Made Own Troubles
  • 6 - The Farm Conditions
  • Poem - "Friends"
  • The dead
  • The injured
  • 7 - Biographies; with pictures is here but again, note the entire 2.5M book will be downloaded.
  • 8 - Schoolhouse Plan Donated
  • 9 - The Morning of the Blast

  • Ku Klux Klan
    Even the KKK got into the act with this rant against "Catholic Kehoe". I hope it should be obvious that I don't support the KKK's intolerant views, and that anybody reading this would "consider the source". Also, as shown in "The Bath School Disaster", Kehoe abandoned Catholicism after being assessed a $400 "tithe" and wouldn't let his wife go either.

    Pictures (most taken from "The Bath School Disaster", link names starting with "tb" are from the Toledo Blade):
    The school

  • Before the explosion and after (same picture as at top of page).
  • Another view is here along with a view from the rear, and after all the bodies were taken out.
  • "Two views of wrecked school before and after blast" "A before and after picture of the scene of Michigan's greatest tragedy is shown here. The top view was taken shortly after the fine two-story brick structure was completed. The lower shows the ruins brought about by the maniacal twist of a farmer's mind. Rescue workers are shown searching for bodies in the remains of the building, twisted and shattered by an explosion of dynamite."
  • "The pictures across the top of the page show the ruins just as thousands of Ohio and Michigan residents saw them soon after the bodies of the little children had been removed. One of the freaks of the disaster was that some of the school windows were not broken while windows in houses for a considerable distance were smashed."
  • "In the above picture is a closeup of a corner of the wrecked building. A cloakroom is exposed on the second floor. The little coats hang just where they were placed by children, many of whom lost their lives in the explosion. An apple on the top shelf was untouched." (How were apples preserved until May in the 1920s?)
  • Looking Down Into The Crater Of Death (Clinton County Republican News, 5/26/1927)
  • School from the southwest - note the roof hanging out over empty space. From another angle, "Hanging from the school remains, over the main entry way, are 2 x 6 boards that seem to form a cross", like 74 years later on 9/11/2001, also here and here :^| In both disasters, after questioning God why He allowed such things to happen, one should thank Him that they weren't much worse :^|
  • School from the west
  • School northwest corner, from the west
  • School from the northwest corner
  • School from the east
  • School from the east, close-up

  • The dynamite, wiring, etc.
  • The 400 pounds of unexploded dynamite removed from the school, the blasting caps, the alarm clock and wiring, and the chicken coop bomb timer.
  • "More than two bushels of dynamite [were] borrowed, bought or stolen by Andrew Kehoe, on whom authorities place responsibility for the terrific blast."
  • "These boys defied death in their search for dynamite and other explosives in the building. Undoubtedly, there are more caches of explosives planted in the huge basement of the structure but officials were afraid to dig around too much until experts arrived at the scene to take charge of the search.
    Kehoe, an expert electrician, had gone to great pains in his plans and it is considered nothing short of a miracle that hundreds of pounds of dynamite did not explode. Had this happened, the entire building would have been razed and probably the whole town would have been wiped out."

  • Kehoe's car and house
  • Kehoe's car after he blew it up, another view, a car parked near it, and the "Superintendent's Wrecked Auto".
  • The Kehoe home before and after, along with the remnants of the tools after the tool shed burned down.
  • Kehoe and his wife, the house where he grew up near Tecumseh, MI, the school he attended, and the pushcart where her body was found.
  • Kehoe's house, its foundation/basement, and onlookers there.

  • People: workers and onlookers
  • Nurses giving first aid, and Red Cross workers in charge of relief. It's both nice to know they're still around 75 years later, and sad to realize they're still needed, especially after recent events .
  • "A crowd of tremendous proportion rushed to Bath from Lansing, Detroit, Jackson and other cities when news of the disaster spread. Michigan state constabulary worked heroically to keep the traffic moving but still there were many minor automobile accidents on the road."
  • "For hours after the explosion, rescuers searched the debris in the hope that they might save the life of another child. Two Lansing automobile firms released large groups of men to assist the rescuers."
  • Women pulling nails from the salvaged lumber, and another clean-up crew
  • "Picture Shows Four Tragedy Victims Recovering" "Four of the child victims of the tragedy at Bath, Mich., where a crazed farmer dynamited the consolidated school, are shown recovering in hospitals in Lansing in the accompanying pictures, taken by Norman Hauger of the Blade camera staff. From left to right, in the top row, are Dorothy Fulton, 11; Ruth Barnes, 17, and Marian Eschtruch, 11, with her nurse, Eva Green. At the lower left is shown Florence Komm, 9. At the right workmen are shown digging graves for some of the 44 children and adults who were killed in the explosion."
  • With The Capital News Staff Photographers At Scene of Bath Dynamite Disaster
  • State Senator James Couzens, who donated personal funds to help rebuild the school, thus it was named after him.
  • My great-uncle, Arnold Victor Bauerle, also this picture from "The Bath School Disaster"

  • Misc.
  • "Raggedy Ann Survives, Little Mother Dies" "This Raggedy Ann doll, found in the school wreckage, brought sad memories to one Bath home. Raggedy Ann was paying her first visit to school, chaperoned by a kindergarten child who had begged her parents' permission to take Raggedy Ann to school. Searchers found Raggedy Ann near the body of the little kindergartner." Pictures like this always get to me; I almost lost it in the library when I saw it, and it was this picture that convinced me to copy off the Toledo Blade info
  • The sign left by Kehoe: "Criminals are made not born"

  • Commemorations (photos of items at the museum courtesy of Ken Black):
  • The flag that flew over the school at the time.
  • The cornerstone of the rebuilt school.
  • The statue, "Girl With A Kitten"; another view - the plaque reads "This bronze statue was sculpted by University of Michigan Professor Carlton W. Angell in memory of the victims of the Bath School Disaster of May 18, 1927. School children through out Michigan contributed pennies to fund this lasting memorial."
  • The historical marker and memorial boulder, and cupola now at the site used to be pictured here and here, but those links are now dead too A nice site with a new set of them is here. Ken Black provided these pictures of the dedication of the park and historical marker.
  • A wooden plaque made by Scott Cunningham.
  • Bath School Museum exhibits #1, and #2 (courtesy Ron Bauerle). One has an excerpt from a newspaper article mentioning a witness who saw Supt. Huyck's "face freeze in horror" while he was talking to Kehoe just before the latter blew them up
  • The memorial tree mentioned in a couple of the articles above. The flag and memorial tree may both be seen in this picture. At first I thought Arnold's memorial ornament wasn't appropriate, but his biography above says he did love playing baseball...
  • From the 50th Anniversary Commemoration booklet:
  • The front cover with the "Girl With A Kitten" statue.
  • The inside front cover with misc. credits.
  • Page 1 showing the school before the explosion, and afterwards.
  • Page 2 showing a picture of School #4, completed 1873 (would be interesting to know where it was).
  • Page 3, the Program itself.
  • Page 4 showing the school shortly after its reconstruction in 1928.
  • From the 75th Anniversary Commemoration (courtesy of Connie Bauerle):
  • The program text (it had no pictures); note the victims list left off Nellie Kehoe.
  • Former superintendent James Hixson laying a memorial wreath.
  • A memorial bench plaque.
  • My father pointing to his uncle Arnold Bauerle's commemorative brick.
  • Personal Observations
    One of my grandmother's cousins who lives several miles away on the other side of US 27, told me they heard the explosion all the way over there, and that afterwards children would pray or make statements along the lines of "I love everybody in the world, except Kehoe".

    It is unclear why all the dynamite didn't go off; theories range from the wiring being incomplete, wrong, disconnected by a janitor or the force of the first explosion, to the battery used to set it off didn't have enough capacity.

    At the risk of being morbid, I'm curious as to what happened to the alarm clock used to set off the explosion, and the "criminals are made, not born" sign Kehoe left at his farm. I hope they weren't destroyed out of grief/anger, or scavenged by some souvenir hunter, or buried in some police evidence file and later destroyed... Update 3/4/02: the following is an excerpt from an e-mail I received from Bath Township historian Gene Wilkins:

    I think that the sign was part of a collection of items that was given to the State Historical Society/Museum at the time of the explosion. I know that they had Kehoe's watch, drivers license and part of his car. They also had Nellie's silverware, that was found with her body. The front of his car (truck) was given to the scrap metal drives during WWII and no one can find any of the other items. Too bad.

    The girl with a cat statue - I remember seeing it in the rebuilt Junior High School and later in the new high school while I attended both. There was a rumor that it was made from the pennies contributed by the children of Michigan for it (and the article "Cast in Stone" repeats it), but I find this hard to believe. Likewise, the same article's interpretation of the child's hair/dress being "blown as if by the force of the explosion" and the "grief in her face" don't agree with other interpretations of it as conveying no reminder of the disaster, but simply portraying a carefree child as a memorial to what their lives should have been. You can check out this picture and judge for yourself.

    While I was attending the rebuilt Junior High School in the early 1970s, one day there was a rumor that there was still some unexploded dynamite in the school and we had to evacuate it (after nearly 50 years? And I thought the entire old school was razed to make way for the new one?). No dynamite was found, but a structural inspection supposedly revealed that the school was unsafe, and was thus closed. We junior high school students had to share the high school building until a new school could be built (which became the high school, and the old high school became the junior high school); I remember getting up around 5 AM to catch the bus at 6 AM for my shift at the school. I graduated from the new high school in 1977, the same year the class of 1927 had their graduation since they didn't get to have one in 1927. I was disappointed when several years later it was decided to tear down the old school entirely.

    While the people of Bath do not dwell on this tragedy, neither should it be forgotten. A friend and fellow classmate (whose family still lives in Bath) has an even stronger opinion:

    I was having a conversation with someone recently [...] about the BSD and made the comment that Kehoe has achieved his objectives. By that I mean he, for all intents and purposes, wiped the town of Bath off the map. Unlike other tragedy survivors who want the world to remember their loss, BSD survivors tried hard to not only forget, but to do their level best to make the world forget. I have no doubt that the town was approached to do a documentary; but the town as a whole has tried since that time to get the world to forget as well. They would argue otherwise - but the proof is that the world does not remember, and Kehoe devastated that town better than if all the dynamite would have exploded. If we really care about what was done and want the world to truly remember their loss, we should do the best we can to counteract this.

    Poems written afterwards:

    The Last Bell
    (written and published in memory of those who lost their lives in the Bath school disaster)
    By Mrs. W.H. Blount, Hillman, Mich.  Published 5/25/1939, paper unknown.
    "Mother, there's the school bell ringing
     I believe our clock is slow."
     And the mother sighed and answered,
    "Yes, it's time for you to go."
     Down the path across the foot-bridge,
     Where the yellow cowslips grew,
    "Ah! The purple Johnny Jump-Ups,
     For my teacher, just a few."
     Mother watched her treasured darling,
     Till he passed the signboard "Slow",
     And the big bell in the belfry 
     Still was swinging, to and fro.
     Heavy is her heart this morning,
     Like a pall, fear o'er her hung,
     And her tasks are still unfinished,
     And her song is yet unsung.
     Up the steps, soon all are seated.
     One, to teacher "posies" bring,
     When a little hand is lifted,
    "Teacher, won't you let us sing?"
     And the teacher smiled and nodded,
    "What will your selection be?"
    "Oh! it's 'Jewels in the Knapsack'
     And it's on page fifty-three."
    "When He Cometh", sang the children,
     And the teacher looking down
     On their happy upturned faces,
     Wreathed in locks of gold or brown,
     Or the one whose flaxen ringlets
    'Gainst the "midnight" tresses shone,
     Thought, what jewels for a Saviour,
     They His loved ones and His own.
    "Like the stars", the chorus swelling,
     Laughing faces, not one frown;
     They shall shine in saint-like beauty,
     Dazzling bright gems for His crown.
    "He will gather" white robed angels,
     Bore them on their wings of love,
     To the Father, who was waiting
     In that Blessed Home Above.
     Forty children and their teachers,
     Knelt before the Saviour King.
     In His loving arms He clasped them,
     As the Last Bell ceased to ring.

    The title song from the album Bath, Michigan by Landis MacKellar of Vienna

    bath, michigan
    in nineteen hundred and twenty eight
    disturbed by an increase in the property tax rate
    andrew kehoe, a deranged man,
    blew up the school in bath, michigan
    (in bath, michigan)
    fifty children, give or take a few
    and their teachers died when it blew
    fifty pounds of dynamite
    he hid in the basement, kehoe had a right
    to buy that dynamite (for on farm use)
    just before this deadly deed
    he strangled his wife and girdled his trees
    slaughtered his stock, burned the house down,
    put a second bomb in his car and headed into town
    he headed into town (ten miles away)
    drove up to the school just after the first bomb went off
    people running round like chickens with their heads cut off
    beckoned the school board president over to his model-A ford
    flipped a switch and killed four or five more
    he killed four or five more (and wounded many with the shrapnel)
    george marks, the postman, who lost a leg but survived
    was the last to see andrew kehoe alive
    just before he died, george marks would say
    kehoe smiled, and i won't forget that smile 'til my dying day
    it didn't begin with people out of work
    vietnam veterans and post office clerks 
    it began for no reason worth trying to understand
    in nineteen twenty eight in bath, michigan
    it began in bath, michigan.

    Comment by Landis MacKellar: In 1993, I was involved in writing a book on the Ruth Snyder-Judd Gray murder case in New York City. As part of my research, I read all the newspapers for 1927-28 and learned of the events described here. Prior to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, the Bath, Michigan incident, now universally forgotten, was the worst act of mass murder in American history. Patterson Smith, who supplies me with antiquarian books, sold me a copy of an extremely rare item, a slim volume entitled The Bath School Disaster, which was written and privately printed by a local merchant named M.J. Ellsworth. By bad luck, the volume went into storage with the rest of my personal effects when I moved to Europe in 1994, as a result of which, the song was written from memory. Lacking my primary source, I exercised a bit of poetic license regarding the details, as a result of which, there are a number of factual inaccuracies in the piece. For example, the incident occurred in 1927, not 1928. The broad outlines of the story are, however, correct.

    An excerpt from an "X-Files" fan-fiction partially set in Bath and mentioning the Disaster is here; due to the NC-17/X-rated nature of the rest of the "work", I will not provide the URL where it came from The excerpt itself is PG-rated, but I have four major problems with it:

    Other Links:
    An initial search back in 2000 turned up no links dedicated to the Bath School Disaster (thus the reason for this page), but some more searching revealed it as being mentioned in the following links. They came from and

    To reduce the size of this main page, excerpts from the links are on a separate page. They fall into the following categories:

  • Historical/Travel pages
  • Crime pages
  • Columbine pages
  • VA Tech pages (later, but see Google News and Google Web in the meantime - note that many of them are (anti)gun control blogs.)
  • A genealogical query page that mentions Andrew in a couple of them used to be here, but is now defunct; an archived version may be found here.
  • Note that once I've captured the info from these sites, I don't track them any more, and I have been informed that some of the links no longer work. If you'd like to try to see the entire original page that the excerpts came from, please copy the URL then paste it into the search engine at the Internet Wayback Machine, but not all of them will show up there either

    I also received this e-mail directing me to the Southeast Michigan Ghost Hunters Society and specifically the pictures page. I include this here in the interest of completeness. As for my personal opinion, as an engineer I'm skeptical (couldn't the "orbs" just be fireflies?), but as a Christian I'm also learning that the spiritual world is not subject to the laws of science, and there are many things about it, and God, that can be neither proven nor disproven (I wouldn't really want a God who could be proven scientifically, or completely explained). However, I also feel that "superstition is the worm that crawls from the grave of dead faith" (as somebody else put it), and as the Bible says, "it is appointed for men to die and after this [comes] judgement", and therefore departed souls probably do not wander the earth as ghosts. But I also believe that "a man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument". Another ghost hunter's experiences are posted here.

    The April 2003 "Touched By An Angel" series finale involved a boiler explosion at a school killing nearly all of the children in a small town - needless to say, this hit awfully close to home for me An alternate link without pictures (but still a large text file) is here, and a Usenet thread where I posted my objections to the show is here. Since the traffic in the group is so light, I doubt there will be many replies to it, if any. One of my biggest objections is that the school looked a little too intact to have killed everybody in it

    While more children (186) died in the 2004 Beslan school hostage crisis, note that it was (1) non-US and (2) involved more than one perpetrator. However, the victims of the BSD probably went through similar emotions as the Beslan victims "Children Bear Emotional Scars from School Siege"

    For more information, please consult the following:

    If you have comments on the Disaster, please sign my guestbook (or just view it if you want).
    If you have comments on this page itself, or would like to be notified when I update it, please e-mail me: Ron Bauerle ([email protected]).

    Thanks for reading and remembering.

    visitors to this page.

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