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Bailes, Thomas born  about 1760/63 in Virginia (probably Montgomery or Botetout Counties),.
Married Mary ? before 1801, sold property in Greenbrier Co. Virginia in 1801. 
I'm trying to link the Bailes line  to my wife's COOPER line through Bailes Cooper, b 1776 Botetourt Co. Virginia, d 1853 Boone County WV.  Would appreciate
anything that might give me a lead.
Bales, Enoch born in 1823 in Culpeper Co., Va, Married Sarah Crist 1851 in Grant Co., In., migrated to Wapello and Monroe Counties Ia and in 1890 to Daviess Co., Mo. Children were George Sarah Adaline, Mary Isobel, Martha Elizabeth, Rheuhama Jane, Loran Curtis, Lousia, Anne Malinda, Clara Etta, William Jesse Need information on Enoch parents and Ancestory Mary Royall
Bayles/Baylis, Charles born 1843 Virginia Children Contact
Bayles/Baylis, Harriet E. born about 1868 in Ohio or Marshall County, West Virginia Children Contact
Bayles/Baylis, Harrison P.born about 1862 in Ohio or Marshall County, Wesy Virginia Children Contact
Bayles/Baylis, Indiana born about 1858 in Ohio or Marshall County, West virginia Children Contact
Bayles/Baylis, James born about 1848 in Marshall or Ohio County, West Virginia Children Contact
Bayless, John
Died in HalafaxCo, NC in 1768, His wife was Amey he had 11 children Benjamin, Burwell, William, Thomas, John (b. 1755), Ishan, Brittain, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann and Rebecca.  Parents Contact
Bayles/Baylis, Lunetta J. (Nettie)born 1855 in Marshall or Ohio County, West Virginia may have married John Bissett Children Contact
Bayles/Baylis, Mary E. born about 1848 in Wheeling, West Virginia Children Contact
Bayles/Baylis, Nancy born 1845 in Wheeling, West Virginia Children Contact
Bayles/Baylis, Thomas born between 1815-1823 in Virginia Married Eliza Jane Huggins on  Ancestors Contact
Bayles, John William born in Tennessee, on May 4th, 1850.  He was in the
Bourbon Co. Kentucky Census of 1870 at the age of 20.  He married Mattie Frances Green in Clark Co. Kentucky on August 30th, 1887. Me moved to Woodford Co. Ill around 1887 and Died in Woodford Co. Ill December 3rd 1917.  Family lore has it that his parents died when he was nine, he picked up a rifle and walked from Tennessee to Lexington, Kentucky on the way, he was picked up by a cattle drover by the name of Joel Estus, a bachelor, who raised him 
Parents Contact
Bayless/Baylis, Jamesborn about 1817 in Virginia, married Rachel Davis,  December 1841 in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio.  James and Rachel moved to Marion County Iowa
around 1850.  James was a brick mason and he lived in Knoxville and Durham, Marion County, Iowa and DesMoines, Polk County, Iowa.  Rachel died about 1861and  he re-married but the name of his second wife is unknown.
Ansestors of James Bayless/Baylis Contact
Baylis, Thomas S.Born June 11, 1807, in Middlesex County, NJ.  His brothers and sisters were Ira (b. 1805), Prudence (b. abt 1809), Calvin (b. 1810), William S. (b. 1813),  Ira, Prudence and Thomas were born in the state of New Jersey.  Calvin and William were born in the state of New York.  Thomas married Anna G. Post in Ovid, Seneca County, NY January 1, 1824.  He died in Michigan December 13, 1876 In need of his Parents informaiton Lloyd Baylis
Boyles, Charles Father of Alice Boyles, b about 1878, probably London Charles probably born in 1840's, either Banbury or Brackley UK. Occupation: Blacksmith Can not identiy Charles or his daughter Alice on the 1881 Census. Contact

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