Bayles and Related Spellings Marriages  

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Groom's Name
Groom's Father
Groom's Mother
Bride's Name
Bride's Father
Marriage Date
Marriage Place
Anderson. Mason Bayliss, Jane Bayliss, Henry Mary Sophia 27 Nov 1825
Ash, George Bayliss, Helen Bayliss, Henry 20 March 1820
Bailes, Peter F. Allen, Ann 11 November 1819 Sussex, NJ
Bales, Enoch 1823 Unknown Unknown Culpeper Co. Virginia Crist, Sarah Unknown Unknown 1851 Grant Co. Indiana Mary Royall
Bayles, George Bayles, Margaret Ann 10 Nov 1836 Somerset NJ
Bayles, I.W. Sayre, Hannah 24 Feb 1889 Wetzel, WV Internet
Bayles/Baylis, Thomas (abt.)21 Unknown Unknown Virginia Huggins,
Eliza Jane
20 Huggins, John Gosney, Delilah Nancy Virginia 9 Feburary, 1843 Marshall County, (West)Virginia Marshall County Records
Bayles, John William Unknown Green, Mattie Frances Unknown 30 August 1887 Clark County, Kentucky Marie Bayles
Bayles, William Gump, Rosie 25 Feb 1899 Wetzel WV Internet
Bayles, William H. Williams, Rosanna 21 Oct 1900 Upshur, WV Internet
Bayless, Bartley Born 1812 Unknown Unknown Alabama Bragg, Elizabeth Born 1803 Unknown Unknown Alabama 1833 Alabama Bayless
Bayless, J.M. Witt, Docia 5 August, 1887 Lee, Virginia
Bayless, George Washington Bayless, Josiah Franklin Allen, Elizabeth Ritter, Charlotte Caroline Ritter, Everett Young, Jane Unknown
Unknown Davis, Rachel Unknown December 1841 Chillicothe, Ross County,
Julia Bayless
Bayless, Joshiah Franklin Unknown Unknown Allen, Elizabeth Unknown Uknown 8 November 1838 Marshall County, Alabama
Bayless, K.J. Bailes, Dona 16 April, 1890 Lee, Virginia
Baylis, Carr W. Brent, Sarah 27 March 1833
Baylis, DeeClifford (D.C.) 32 Bayles/Baylis,
Huggins, Eliza Jane McMillan, Josephine 21 McMillan, Thomas Myers(Miers), Martha Jane 14 October, 1886 Marshall County, West Virginia Marshall County Records
Baylis, Harrison Pisor, Ann Jane 24 October 1848
Baylis, Ira Mitchel Baylis, DeeClifford (D.C.) McMillan, Josephine , Agnes Unknown California
Baylis, John E. Davis, Catherine M. 22 April 1827
Baylis, John E.  Snapp, Modlin 1 Feb. 1813
Baylis, John W. Wilson, Mary K. 3 Feb 1825
Baylis, Johnathan Deeshan (Jerome) 37 Bayles/Baylis, Thomas Huggins, Eliza Jane Rogers, Celia Anne Franklin 27 Rogers, Thomas Jefferson Williams, Rusella (Rosella) 9 December, 1880 Solano County, California Solana County Records
Baylis, Ross Elmont Baylis, Jonathan (Jerome) Deeshan Rogers, Celia Anne Franklin (1)Marceau, Alice Unknown Unknown
Baylis, Ross Elmont Baylis, Jonathan (Jerome) Deeshan Rogers, Celia Anne Franklin (2)Westlund, Myrtle Unknown Unknown
Baylis Sanford Rudolph, Emanda E. 13 Mar 1869 Hampshire WV Internet
Baylis, Thomas S. 11 June, 1807 Post, Anna G. 1 January 1824 Lloyd Baylis
Bayliss, G.W. Bias, Sarah E. 2 Mar 1869 Cabell WV Internet
Clark, Howard O Unknown Unknown Unknown Bayless, Libbie Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Julia Bayless
Clevenger, Frank Bayless, H.L. 10 July 1899 Cabell WV Internet
Coffield, Wm. R. Coffield, William Martin Keyser, Sarah Baylis, Icie 24 Baylis, DeeClifford (D.C.) McMillan, Mary Josephine 26 March, 1914 Marshall County, West Virginia Book N, Page 364
Daughtery, Hezron 48 Unknown Unknown Unknown Baylis, Josephine McMillan 37 McMillan, Thomas Myers(Miers), Martha Jane 8 October, 1904 Marshall County, West Virginia Book J, Page 15
Donaldson, George ?? Unknown Unknown Unknown Bayles, Amanda Jane Pool Bayles/Baylis, Thomas Huggins, Elza Jane (West)Virginia Family
Dunn, Jared Irwin Boyles, Suzan Ann 15 June  1830 Sussex, NJ
Findley, Paul Unknown Unknown Unknown Bayless, Anna M. Unknown Unknown Unknonw 14 October 1835 Ohio County, West Virginia
Foughty, William Unknown Unknown Unknown Baylis, Harriett Ann Baylis, Earas Unknown Unknown 25 December 1851 Wirt County, West Virginia Wirt County
Hathaway, James Baylis, Henrietta 2 Jan 1812
Hobbs, Joseph H. Bayless, Emma P. 14 January, 1892 Lee, Virginia
Howell, Cornelius Bayles, Sally Ann 5 Feb 1825 Sussex, NJ
Keller, John Boyles, Susan 14 December 1826 Sussex, NJ
Kelly, Columbus 44 (D) Unknown Unknown Unknown Boyles, Lunetta 27 Unknown Unknown Unknonw 5 July 1899 Marshall County, West Virginia Book G Page 327 County Records
Kirkpatrick, Soloman 27 Unknown Unknown Unknown Baylis, Anna 17 Unknown Unknown Unknonw 13 October 1906 Marshall County, West Virginia Book K, Page 8 County Records
Lasure, William Bayliss, Elmira 30 Jul 1898 Wetzel, WV Internet
McCitcheon, Joshua Baylis, Q.E. 17 Oct 1875 Nicholas WV Internet
Mehl, John Unknown Unknown Unknown Bayless, Bertha May Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Julia Bayless
Musart, Zachariah Baylis, Catherine 11 March 1848
O'Connor, Raymond Unknown Baylis, Susan Arbanna May 23 Baylis, DeeClifford (D.C.) McMillan, Josephine 5 November 1920 Pomona, California Obituary
Pool(e), James Pool, Levi ?, Elizabeth Belmont County, Ohio Bayles, Amanda Jane (abt)19 Bayles/Baylis, Thomas Huggins, Elza Jane (West)Virginia 10 June 1869 Belmont County, Ohio Family
Ray, Carroll Martin 22 Ray, Andrew Martin Phillips, Alice Miller Baylis, Lelia May 19 Baylis, Jonathan (Jerome) Deeshan Roger, Ceila Ann Franklin 7 September 1904 Yolo County, California Yolo County Records
Schneckenberger, Matthew Unknown Unknown Unknown Bayless, Della Charles Clark, William Davis Palmer, Lucinda Unknown Unknown Julia Bayless
Sees, Martin L Bayless, Verga S. 15 Dec 1889 Wirt WV Internet
Stewart, Jesse Bayless, MAry E. 10 Jul 1873 Cabell WV Internet
Taylor, Platossy Bayles, Mary A 1 Jan 1886 Wetzel WV Internet
Tomlinson, Carl T. 21 Tomlinson Carl L. Baylis, Flora 20 Unknown Unknown 10 November 1911 Marshall County, West Virginia Book M Page 230 County Records
Voorhees, Isaac Bayles, Phebe 13 October 1836 Sumerset, NJ
Webster, Josiah Jr. Bailiff, Ann 23 September 1824 Gloucester, NJ





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