Allen-Bertram Family


This is the Family page of Brent and Janice Allen Bertram

Dedicated to the memory of Velma Moleta Allen, D.A.R.

Nov 8, 1917 - Dec 22, 2001

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We want to learn more about our ancestors, and in learning,

honor their memory.

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This is the Genealogy of our
Allen, Bertram, Lacross Lines

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People Database (Surnames)

Photo Section

Bryan F. Allen

Rachel Roland Allen

Velma Moleta Allen & Parents

Velma Allen, her son , mother & grandmother

Velma Allen & husband Thad Crump with Jan & Brent, Spring 1998

Logcamp Horse Team 1920's

Yancey Co. Logcamp 1920's

Mattie Lucinda Wheeler Allen & Viola Allen

Family of Thomas Alonzo Allen, Yancey County

Allen Family at Beach

Nairm Houston Allen WWI

North Black Mountain Baptist Church

North Fork of Ivy Creek

David Allen, Jr. Land Patent 1833

John Allen - Mary Jane Riddle Homestead abt 1964

Eleanor Bauer

1941 Bertrams

Lt. Martin A. Bertram

Frida W. Schneider

Cpl. Martin T. Bertram

Bertram Family 1990

Grandma's Jacobson & Bertram

Catherine Barbour and her Joritz Clan

Girls of Amos Bertram

Joseph L. Ray, at Rockview, abt 1925

Romulus Cole, Buncombe County

Joseph L. Ray

Elizabeth D. McNutt, J L Ray's 2d Wife

J.L. Ray/E.L. Cole Marriage, 280k file

Martha Ray Hutchins

Cura L. Ray and husband Christoper Columbus Wheeler

Jacob Wheeler

Big Tom Wilson ( husband of Niagara Ray )

Charlotte Love Patterson Hampton

A Classic Thought

Ray Family Photo Page

About Jan's Thomson Line

William Frederick Schneider's Bio

Ralph Schneider's Bio

J.L. Ray Pension Appeal

John Allen Estate Sale

Stories about George W. Cole (pdf)

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RealAudio of "Carolina Rollin' Stone"

Ray Family Bible Notes (1000k pdf file )
* Allen Cemetery, Pensacola NC *

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