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Millhollen Line, cont.

The Trip to Oregon Over the Oregon Trail

Roberts Line

Cole Line

Bunce line, but not identified with our family

Generations, Lines of Descent and Nationalities [omitted here]


Kansas Maps [omitted here]

New York Maps [omitted here]

Memorabilia [copies of death, marriage certificates, etc., omitted here]

Pictures [34 pages of family photos, reproduced on a photocopier]

Notes on additional genealogical research


Children of Theressa Jane (Millhollen) Hinckley and Seth Hinckley:

  1. Areta Hinckley.
  2. Adeline Hinckley.

Children of William J. Millhollen and Elizabeth (Shearer) Millhollen:

  1. Robert Millhollen, b. 1863, d. age 19.
  2. Edward Miller Millhollen, m. Ada May Smith, a plumber, b. 1866.
  3. Walter Millhollen, b. 1869, m., had family.
  4. Elva [Anna] Millhollen, m. _____ Hofflich. Children:

    (1) Neva Hofflich m. _______ Anderson, lived at Albany, Oregon. Ch: Joanne Anderson m. Frank Wells, Eastman Kodak Co., res. Fairport, N.Y. Ch: [3 daughters and 1 son]

    (2) Anna Hofflich m. ______ Wilheute, Portland, Oregon. Ch: [2 sons]

Ch. of Edward Millhollen and Ada May (Smith) Millhollen (No. 2 above):

(1) William R. Millhollen, b. 7 Nov. 1901, Albany, Oregon. Member United Presbyterian Church, Sunday Sch. Treas. Church Elder 18 years. Married Frances McCafferty 28 July 1923; retired 1 Nov. 1966 from Railway Express Agency. 5 ft. 5 in. tall, weight 150 lbs., gray hair, gray blue eyes.

(2) Elva Millhollen, b. 1905, Albany, Linn Co., Oregon, m. Paul Johnston, d. 1931, during childbirth.

Ch. of Wm. R. Millhollen and Frances McCafferty (s. of Ed. and and Ada, no. (1) above): Wm. R. Millhollen, Jr. m. living in Boise, Idaho; Ruth Annette Millhollen, m. Workman, live in Albany, Oregon.

Ch. of Walter Millhollen, (s. of Wm. J. and Elizabeth): Tovina Millhollen, m. Emery, 2 adopted sons, live in Downey, California; Bertha Millhollen, m. Crozier, had s., lives in Redondo Beach, California.

The Millhollens first settled in Benton County in the vicinity of Corvallis, later some of them settled in Linn County near Albany. More of the Millhollen and some of the Forgeys moved to Oregon later. James and Emaline (Millhollen) Forgey moved from Oregon to Washington, near Tacoma. Several Millhollens and Forgeys now live in Oregon and some Forgeys are now living in Washington.

Several members of the Gray family, including two by the name of James Gray, settled in the North Santiam and Fox Valley region, and along the foothills east of Halsey in Oregon. This Gray family is not identified [with our line].

James Gray, father of Cecelia Isabel (Gray) Millhollen [sic], had his left nostril shot off while serving in the army. In a letter a family member wrote, "We think he might have gone west with Millhollens between 1835 and 1840." Ft. Wayne, Indiana was written in Jackson's Bible beside his name.

The following family unidentified, is given because it is believed Edward Mulholland may be a relative of David A. Millhollen. Some of the first names of this family are also found in the Millhollen family listings. It shows the birthplace in Ireland. [This information was submitted by a member of the Genealogy Forum in Portland, Oregon.]

EDWARD MULHOLLAND, b. in Wicklow Co., Ireland, 14 Jan. 1799, m. Martha Keeney, dau. Thos. and Lovina Keeney, 10 Oct. 1824, Missouri. She was b. 11 Jan. 1806 in Missouri. They arrived in Oregon 20 Sept. 1851, near Pleasant Hill. Edward d. 16 Jan. 1858, Martha d. 22 Sept. 1879, both bur. near Pleasant Hill, Oregon. Their ch:

  1. Elizabeth Mulholland, b. Missouri 4 Nov. 1825.
  2. Thomas Mulholland, b. Missouri 27 Oct. 1827, m. Mary Davisson, d. Feb. 1903.
  3. Edward Mulholland, b. Missouri 6 Nov. 1829, m. Martha E. Dick, d. 1915.
  4. Nancy Mulholland, b. 29 Apr. 1833, Missouri, m. Daniel Locke, d. 6 Mar. 1865.
  5. John Mulholland, b. Missouri 23 Jan. 1836, d. 13 Sept. 1866.
  6. Martha Jane Mulholland, b. 23 May 1838, Missouri, m. William Spry, d. 18 July 1866.
  7. William Henry Mulholland, b. 1 Aug. 1840 Missouri.
  8. Mary M. Mulholland, b. 27 Oct. 1841, Missouri.
  9. Russell Morgan Mulholland, b. 18 Sept. 1844, Missouri, d. 18 Dec. 1890.
  10. Catherine Mulholland, b. 16 Oct. 1848, Missouri, m. Jim Milliron.

Except for Mary (Gray) Milholen and David Milhollen, the families of the people listed below are not identified [with our family].

Jane Millhollen, m. Shelton, d. Albany, Oregon.
Nancy Millhollen, m. McCoy, d. Albany, Oregon.
Richard S. Millhollen, Bldg. Contractor, 263 Silver Lane, Eugene, Oregon.
Charles E. Forgey, Eugene, Oregon.
Wesley C. Forgey, Springfield, Oregon.

Jackson County, Indiana family: [probably from 1850 census]

Hugh Forgey, b. 1817, Tenn., farmer, age 33.
Delilah Forgey, b. 1820, Indiana, wife, age 30.
Hugh Forgey, b. 1839, Indiana, age 11.
Nancy A. Forgey, b. 1844, Indiana, age 6.

Polly Gray m. Aaron Smithson, 26 Feb. 1798, Pasquotank Co., N.C.

Marriages performed by John Huggins, Esq. near Center Church Salisbury, Iredell Co., N. Carolina.

Rebecca Gray m. Robert Gray 28 Feb. 1793.
Rebna Gray m. Elvey Coshon 3 Sept. 1801.
Elizabeth Gray m. Joseph Knox 14 June 1804.
Tilly Gray m. Andrew Hains 14 June 1812.
Mary Gray m. David Milholen 8 Aug. 1815 (see Millhollen Line).
Secelia Gray m. James H. Bond 11 Nov. 1819.

Mary and Polly Gray are in our family. It appears likely the above-named people are members of their family. (The Gray family). James and other Grays were early Oregon settlers.

John Milholan m. Peggy Brown 3 Apr. 1809 by John Huggins, Esq. (See par. 3, first page of Millhollen line.)



[Note: It may not be universally known, but our present-day U.S.A. interstate highway system was not built until the administration of President Eisenhower in the mid-1950s, so this trip taken by the Bunce family to Oregon was driven over mostly unpaved roads in an old Model A Ford automobile!]

In September 1923 Mrs. George K. Bunce and some of her children visited with Wm. Henry Millhollen, son of David Askins Ebenezer Millhollen, his wife and son, Lloyd in Corvallis, Oregon. He said about 100 members of the Millhollen family were living in Oregon at that time and that they had yearly reunions. He told them the story about the wagon-train trip of his father, David, and Uncle William from Illinois to Oregon.

Up to 1819 England, Russia, Spain and the United States all claimed the Oregon Region. In time the other three nations gave up their claim to it.

People in eastern states were urged to move to the Oregon Region so the U.S. could claim it. By 1842 a sizeable number of people made the trip; the following year hundreds made the trip.

By 1846 the title to Oregon had been settled. In 1849 after an Indian massacre in the Willamette Valley troops arrived there. By the same year government military posts had been established along the Oregon Trail which provided some protection for wagon trains. Council Bluffs, Iowa, Independence, St. Joe, Weston and Westport Missouri—Independence and Westport later became part of Kansas City—were concentrations and outfitting posts from which the wagon trains started on the trip to Oregon and other points west, mostly California and New Mexico. It was necessary for them to start in the spring after there was grass for their livestock.

Their covered wagons, 6 or 8 wagons to a company, loaded with supplies, were drawn mostly by 4-oxen teams, some had horses and mules. Their cattle were driven along with the wagons. The total cost per man for the trip was about sixty or seventy dollars.

The Millhollens asked their sister and brother-in-law, Celia and Elisha Jackson, to go with them but Elisha chose not to go. (See Jackson line for further explanation.)

William Henry Millhollen said his father, David Askins Ebenezer Millhollen, his Uncle, William Millhollen, Charles Maley and John Hancock, all single, along with Dr. Hurlburt, Doctor for the wagon train, and his wife, started from Oquawka, Illinois in the spring of 1852 and arrived in the Willamette Valley in Oregon August 27, 1852. The four single men left the wagon train about 200 miles east of The Dalles, Oregon and walked the remainder of the trip. Many of the wagons crossed the Columbia River at The Dalles to the Washington side, then traveled about seventy miles to Vancouver, Washington, the main supply point for people going to the Willamette Valley. Traveling about 11 or 12 miles a day, it took them several months to make the trip of 2,000 miles. The wagon trains experienced many hardships, including damaged wagons, trouble with livestock, lack of food and water, attacks by Indians, sickness and death; some having less trouble than others.


WILLIAM ROBERTS, b. 1768/9, d. 19 July 1853 in Fayette, Penn., s. of Roger Roberts, m. Hetty Ann Corey, b. 1771, d. 12 Nov. 1852, Heistonburg, Adams Co., Penn., dau of John Corey, b. 1745/6 and Little Betsey Corey, b. 1745/6, d. after 1800 in Penn. They married 1765-1770. Had son: Isaac Newton Roberts.

ISAAC NEWTON ROBERTS, Judge, b. 29 July 1802 in Penn., d. 15 July 1878 in Big Springs, Kansas, m. Matilda Lawrence, 14 Dec. 1827. She was b. 22 Feb. 1807, d. 16 Sept. 1867. Their children:

  1. Mary Louisa Roberts, b. 14 Sept. 1831 in Ohio, d. 30 April 1908 in Tescumseh, Kansas, m. Jonathan Buckingham Miller 29 June 1852. He was b. 10 May 1828 in Penn., d. 21 Dec. 1905 in Tescumseh, Shawnee Co., Kansas. [See Miller line.]

  2. Sam Roberts.

  3. John Roberts, m. Miss Milliken, sister of Isaac Milliken, 91 yrs. old in 1930’s, and Clyde Milliken.

  4. Alfred Roberts.

John Roberts, farmer, m. Miss Milliken, son of Judge Isaac Newton Roberts. Their children:

  1. Rena Victorine Roberts, m. Wesley Melvin Bunce, d. 22 Sept.1899, bur. Zion Church Cemetery, Watson, Kansas.

  2. Maude May Roberts, m. Amos Delong.

  3. Eva Roberts, m. Arthur McClelland.

  4. Libby Roberts, m. Mort Whitlow, had dau: Sadie (Whitlow) Rose who lived in Portland, Oregon.

  5. Rachel Roberts, m. Dick Funze.

Amos Keeler DeLong, b. Wilkes Barre, Penn., d. 1944 in Topeka, Kans. Married Maude May Roberts, b. Watson, Kans., d. 1934 Topeka, Kans., dau. of John Roberts and Mrs. (Milliken) Roberts. Their children:

  1. Nina May DeLong, b. 1896, Watson, Kans., m. (1) Morrill Taylor, (2) Arthur Thomas Liggett. Live in Yuma, Arizona.

  2. William Sidney DeLong, b. 1901, Watson, Kans. d. 2 Oct. 1920, 19 yrs. 11 days old, bur. Zion Cemetery, Watson, Kans.

  3. Rinoldo Joseph DeLong, b. 14 Jan. 1907, Helen Crady, d. 3 Sept. 1965, Richland, Kansas.

  4. Frances Emma DeLong, m. Eugene Buille.

Arthur Thomas Liggett of Yuma, Arizona, m. Nina May DeLong, b. 1896, Watson, Kansas, dau. of Amos Keeler DeLong and Maude May (Roberts) DeLong. Married (1) Morrill Taylor.

Rinoldo Joseph DeLong, b. 14 Jan. 1907, Watson, Kans., d. 3 Sept. 1965, Richland, Kansas, s. of Amos Keeler DeLong and Maude May (Roberts) DeLong, m. Helen Crady, living near Richland, Kansas. They had one child: Kenneth DeLong.

Eugene Buille, m. Frances Emma DeLong, dau. of Amos Keeler DeLong and Maude May (Roberts) DeLong. Their children: [four sons]

Dick Funze, m. Rachel Roberts, dau. of John Roberts and Mrs. (Milliken) Roberts.

People whose families are not identified:

1. Ede Roberts.

2. Martha Roberts, about 84 years old in 1930's. They lived on the farm with Jennie.

Roberts’ old homestead was one mile east and one mile north of Watson, Kansas Post office. Sam lived on homestead, Alfred lived across the road and John lived next south. Isaac Milliken had 400 acres on county line one mile west of Big Springs, Kansas.


Secured from Charles Charron Cole in Brooklyn, N. Y.
by L. R. Bunce 7-10-1949

[Also see information on Line of Robert Cole.]

Jacob DeHaven, French Huegonout [sic]

Fled France after Massacre of St. Bartholomew

Grandfather Kennedy, m. Ms. DeHaven (Merchants loaned him $400,000 for business purposes.)

Jessie Osborn Kennedy, [sic] m. Mr. Cole. Children:

Lena, m. Priest
Anna, m. Dupree [sic]
Elizabeth, m. Wilkinson
George, m. Miss Carpenter
Ella, m. Dr. Begwigen, [sic] St. Louis, Mo.

Grandfather Leonard Cole, m. Mary Harris, both b. 1813.

Albert Cole, d. in infancy.
Elvina Cole, m. Bell, ch: Florence, Richard and Hubbard.
Carey Cole, m. Elvin Brown, m. (2) Cloughtman.
Nellie Cole, m. Arthur Charron, ch: Ray Charron, Isaac Charron.
Lizzie Cole, m. Clay, ch: 4 or 5 children, names unknown.

Charles Leonard Cole, b. 26 July 1846, d. Aug. 1922. m. Ida Richardson, b. Oct. 1855, d. 1898. ch: names on another page.

The name ‘Cole’ originated with the Normans in France, and the first reference found to the ‘Cole’ name in England was in 1086. Cole was derived from ‘Col’ which is the Old English word for charcoal.

The name ‘Cole,’ maker or seller of charcoal, was common all over England and Wales by the twelfth century.

Charles Leonard Cole, b. 26 July 1846, Farmer, d. Aug. 1922, 76 years, Shrewsbury, Mass., m. Ida Richardson, b. Oct. 1855, d. 1893, [sic] 43 years. She grew up at West Chester, Pa. Cole Family Tree Record at Court House, County Seat, Worcester, Mass. Cole home at Leminster, [sic], Worcester, Mass. Children:

Leonard Osborn Cole, m. May _______ lived at Gary, Indiana. ch: 8 children (2 sets of twins)

Eva Elnora Cole, m. Herman Wagner, Nyack, N.Y., divorced, lived at 268 Sterling, Brooklyn, N.Y. ch:

Ella Cornelius Cole, d. 1941 Washington, D. C. m. Frederick Wm. Keogh, d. about 1939 Washington, D. C. Children:

Grace Ethel Cole, lives at Atlanta, Ga. m. Augustus Wood, graduate Cornell University, Hamilton, Ohio, heavy machinery designer, Miles Machinery Co., paper machy mfr. d. 1947. Children:

Waldo Emerson Cole, m. and divorced, m. (2) Ms. Pickford, his secretary. Has W. E. Cole Restaurant. Lives at Weston, Mass.

Charles Leonard Cole, m. lives at Weston, Mass. Probably has service station.

Alden Bernard Cole, m., 6 children, divorced. m. (2) Gertrude _______, from Kansas. Lived at 4903 Wabash, Kansas City, Mo. Phone Wabash 7940. Supt., Laundry, Hospital, Kansas City, Mo. Children:

May Ida Cole, m. Ralph Robertson, grocer, divorced — Whalom Lake (Suburban). May Ida m. at No. Leominster, Mass. husband Russell. Children:

(Evelyn Cole’s Grandparents)

John Monsees, m. Eleanor [Clark], Live in west side New York City. Children:

Amy Monsees, m. James J. Ryan, both deceased [as of July 10, 1949]. Children:
  1. (Jimmy) James Ryan, Jr., Vice President, National Dairy Products, New York City, N.Y.

  2. Frank Ryan, d. 1940.

  3. Natalie Ryan, m. Tom Fin. Ch: Thos. Fin, Jr., Edward Francis Fin. Live at 2328 Gleason St., Bronx, N.Y.

  4. Raymond Ryan, m. (Real Estate Opr., Sold Empire State Bldg. land). Ch: 4 sons, names unknown.

  5. John Ryan, d.

  6. Eddie Ryan, 4029 - 215th St., Bayside, L. I., New York. m. Divorced. Ch: “Little Eddie.” LRB saw him at Cole’s in 1949. Also saw Eddie Ryan, Sr. at Cole’s in 1949. (Cousin of Evelyn and Grace Cole.)

  7. Edna Ryan, m. Mac? m. 2. Bernard Weherle; living 6044 - 70th Ave. Ridgewood, Brooklyn, N.Y. Ch: Joan Weherle; John Weherle, m. Mickey, ch: Robert.

George Monsees, m. Annie Loftus, deceased.

William Monsees, m. lives in Long Island, N.Y.

Arthur Monsees, m. Elizabeth Bannon, she d. 33 years of age. m. (3) Rita, live at Jackson Heights, Long Island, N.Y. He retired, two pensions. m. (2) Margaret, no children.

Clarence Monsees, not married.

Charles C. Cole — worked for Post Office 40 years, last with Foreign Post Office, New York City. Retired 1 Oct, 1949, age 70 years, pension $160.00 per month. Lived at 1608 E. 54th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

James J. Ryan, Jr., Vice President, National Dairy Products Co., New York City, is nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Cole.

Charles Charra [sic] Cole, b. 24 Apr 1880 New Hampton, N.H. (possibly North Hampton), d. 1955, with NYC postoffice 40 years, last with Foreign postoffice, retired 1 Oct 1949, age 70 years, pension $160.00 per month. Lived at 1608 E. 54th St., Brooklyn, N.Y., m. fall 1911 to Mary Veronica Monsees, b. King St., Manhattan, N.Y. d. 1958. He was Protestant, she was Catholic. Children:

Evelyn Veronica Cole, b. 28 Nov. 1912 Brooklyn, N. Y., Protestant, m. Arthur C. Ullberg, d. 1949, Brooklyn, N.Y. Children: [two sons born 1934 and 1936 in Englewood, New Jersey; sons never married.]

Leslie R. Bunce, b. 1 June 1902, Tecumseh, Kansas, on Bunce Farm. Protestant, Christian Church, CF&PA, MKT RR, Denver - total RR service, 15 yrs., 8 mos. Resigned 15 Aug. 1944, became Mfrs Agent and Shoe Salesman; took Soc. Sec. & RR pensions in 1964, worked part time since, present date 12/1/1974. m. Evelyn Veronica (Cole) Ullberg, b. 28 Nov. 1912, Brooklyn, N.Y., Protestant-Christian Church, married 17 Oct. 1948, Denver, Colorado, at home of Seventh Day Adventist minister. Lived at 3210 Tejon St.,1949 (Grocery), 2752 W. 32nd Ave. (Office 2754) 1949-1951, 2352 Decatur St., 1952-53, 2731 W. 23rd Ave., 1953. Divorced 1953. Children: [two daughters born at Denver, Colorado; eldest unmarried, youngest married and had two sons.]

Grace Elnora Cole, m. (1) Eddie Ryan 1929, m. (2) Harry Biringer 1947, live in Delano, N.J. Children: [one son by each marriage]

Evelyn Veronica (Cole, Ullberg) Bunce, m. Merle Corbitt, Denver, Colorado. [By this fourth marriage, she had a daughter born in 1956 in Denver, Colorado, who m. and had two children, and also son who d. in infancy. Name of her third husband is unknown; the marriage occurred in Florida and lasted a short time.]

Bunce line but not identified with our family

[The first family was descended from
Thomas and Sarah (_____) Bunce of Hartford, Conn.,
as were William Gedney Bunce and his brother Francis Marvin Bunce.]

John Bunce, Woodbury, Connecticut, had 5 children:

1. Isaac, m. Anna Sherwood. They had children including:

(1) Dr. Hiram Bunce, b. 1802, Woodbury, Conn., d. 1864, Toledo, Iowa, Yale College student, studied medicine with his uncle Ebenezer Sherwood. Had ch. include:

i. Dr. William Bunce of Clarksfield and Oberlin, Ohio, a most skillful physician, d. 1892. Had son:

a. Dr. William Bunce, Jr.

ii. Dr. Augustus Bunce, d. 1864, Oberlin, Ohio.

iii. Dr. Theodore Bunce, d. 1885, Ashtabula, Ohio.

2. Jona, had son:

(1) Rufus. He had son:

i. Dr. Nathaniel Bunce, b. 8 May 1829, d. 25 Oct. 1903, California. m. Catherine Bristol.

3. Jonas, twin of Jona, had son:

4. Jacob.

5. William

*—*—*—*—*—*—*—*—* —*—*—*—*—*—*—*—*—*—*

William Gedney Bunce, b. Hartford, Conn., s. of James M . and Elizabeth (Chester) Bunce, a Civil War veteran, noted artist.

Oliver Bell Bunce, b. in New York City, N. Y., author and publisher.  [More information on this man was contained in an email dated Aug. 13, 2007, from Bouwe Postmus, a Dutch professor:

I am writing to you from the Netherlands, where I am presently preparing an article about the author/playwright/publisher/literary impresario Oliver Bell Bunce (1828-1890). I am a professor of English in the University of Amsterdam.

I have found out that Oliver Bunce’s father was George Washington Bunce, who was baptized on 16 January 1800 in the Episcopal Church on Broadway and Seventy-First street New York and must have died before 1840. On 15 March 1826, he married Eliza Maria Bell (c. 1802—23-02-1895). The service was conducted by the Rev. Dr. James Milnor, rector of St. George’s Church. George Washington Bunce was a son of Nathaniel Bunce (1780-1849) and Cynthia Fish.

Nathaniel Bunce had a vault built in the New York City Marble Cemetery. Other relatives buried in the same vault were his wife, Cynthia Fish and his daughter-in-law Eliza Maria Bell.

Francis Marvin Bunce, b. Hartford, Conn., 25 Dec. 1836, d. 19 Oct. 1901, Hartford, Conn., Rear Admiral, American Navy.

William Kenneth Bunce, b. 31 Aug. 1907, Gallipolic, Ohio. He was a teacher, editor, dean of college, foreign service officer. Home, Alexandria, Virginia.

Stanley Bunce Chalmers, b. 21 Aug. 1917, Bayonne, New Jersey, son of Arthur Chalmers and Elizabeth (Sticht) Bunce Chalmers, m. Lillie Adele Jackson 2 Oct. 1943. He was an educator, chemist, author. Home, Taconic Lake Rd., Grafton, New York.

Lilly Pons, noted coloratura soprano with Metropolitan Opera Co. for many years. Notice of her recent death in Texas and burial in France reminded us of the reported origin of the Bunce name, listed in 1066 in France which was Pons. (See Origin of Names.)

Two or three years ago a New York genealogist said he thought the Bunces in this country descended from Thomas Bunce who arrived in America in 1636. Recently a New England genealogist wrote us that all Bunces from New England States descended from Thomas Bunce.

James H. Bunce, former mayor, Louisville, Ky. ran a line of packet steamers on the OH and Miss. Rivers. At the end of the Civil War, with broken health and finances, moved to the mts. near Lyons, Colo. Because of his helpfulness the school still bore his name (1935). [Source: p. 96, Enos Mills of the Rockies by Hildegarde Hawthorne & Esther Burnell Mills, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. 1935.]  [Correction: A correction to this entry was in an email from Kathryn Mereness, dated Jan. 2, 2008, as follows:

I would like to make a correction to your page.  James H. Bunce, d. 1901 Louisville, Jefferson, KY was not the Mayor of Louisville.  Joseph H. Bunce, brother of James was the Mayor.  James H. Bunce was also a steamboat Captain.  Both James and Joseph were in Henderson, Henderson, KY before going to Louisville.  I am a Mullin and George descendant and have researched carefully to prove that James and Joseph were brothers and had many connections with the Mullin and George families of Henderson and Louisville, KY.  Thank you.

[Comment: Believe this is confirmed on the website The Political Graveyard]


[On pp. 94-95 of Bunce Genealogy and History is a list of sources and references, used to compile this genealogy and history but it was incomplete; did not provide dates of publishing or authors, so it is not included here. A more complete list of SOURCES is available for both the original history and the hypertext supplement.]


Will appreciate hearing from anyone who has any records on the people named below and others in this book.

BUNCE—We have genealogy of Thomas Bunce (wife Susanna Bull) who came to America from England in 1632, settled in Massachusetts and moved to Hartford, Conn. in 1636, down through 5th generation of his descendants, one of which should have been Peter Bunce’s father who likely was the 6th generation but not for sure. Possibly the genealogy of Thomas Bunce is not complete. The Hartford and Wethersfield, Conn. vital statistics, Oliver-Miner Genealogy and Hinman works indicate that probably only four grandsons of the settler Thomas Bunce—Joseph, Jonathan, John and James—left male descendants. There are probably only two or three generations between Peter Bunce and one of these. Dates indicate Peter Bunce’s father would have been one of the children of the 6th generation. We lack one or two generations of making the connection of Thomas Bunce descendants with Peter Bunce. Record is probably in Connecticut or New York, possibly Western New York.

GRAY—Note on paper in Elisha D. and Isabel C. (Millhollen) Jackson’s Bible showed James Gray, Ft. Wayne, Ind. His left nostril was shot off in the war. David Millhollen and Mary Gray were married at Salisbury, N.C. in 1815. Gray family may have moved to Indiana about time Jacksons moved there. Found record of two James Gray in Oregon, not far from Millhollens.

JACKSON—Elisha D. Jackson said he was second cousin of General Stonewall Jackson. Note left said Isabel C. (Millhollen) Jackson was first cousin. Elisha also possibly related by marriage to Dolly (Payne) Madison, wife of President Madison.

KRESS—Mary Bolender (Kress) Bunce, wife of Peter Bunce, Jr., said she was a second cousin to S. H. Kress and brothers, verified by Jones family in New York. See Kress Line.

MEHAFFEY—Estella M. (Mehaffey) Bunce said that 1 of four Mehaffey brothers who came to America spelled his name Mahaffey. James Mehaffey, her father, was born near Cambridge, Ohio. See Mehaffey Line. Need record of James’ parents and [their] children.

MILHOLLEN—David Millhollen’s father came to America in 1792, settled in Pennsylvania, later moved to Salisbury district, N.C. Need record of David’s father and family.

CARLE—G. K. Bunce left handwritten record of his marriage to Lucy Carle 1885-88, but no record of their son who probably was taken by Lucy’s brother Francis (Frank) Carle to raise and given Carle name with no [formal] adoption. In 1919, Frank lived in Jersey City, N.J. Wm. Carle, Frank’s brother, wrote G. K. Bunce in 1930’s he had GKB’s son’s address in White Plains, N.Y., and would visit him. Need name and last address of G.K.B.’s son [by Lucy Carle].

Much research could be done in connection with other people named in this book. It may be that we will be able to issue a supplement to this book.


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