Mahaffey Descendants published 1914


[BULLET] Coat of Arms, Introduction to Genealogies and Key

[BULLET] Genealogy of Lycoming and Clearfield Counties, Pennsylvania

[BULLET] Lancaster County [Pennsylvania] Branch

[BULLET] Cumberland County [Pennsylvania]

[BULLET] Perry County [Pennsylvania] Branch

[BULLET] Westmoreland County, [Pennsylvania] No. 1

[BULLET] Westmoreland County, [Pennsylvania] No. 2

[BULLET] Probable Connections of Westmoreland County [Pennsylvania & Ohio]

[BULLET] Washington County, [Pennsylvania]

[BULLET] Introduction to Part No. 2

[BULLET] The Baltimore Mahaffys [Maryland]

[BULLET] James Mahaffey, of North Side Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania]

[BULLET] An “Irish” American Chapter [Mehaffeys in N. Ireland and Pittsburgh, Pa.]

[BULLET] Quotations from Irish Letters

[BULLET] Quotations from “American Irish” Letters—Odds and Ends

[BULLET] Miscellaneous Mehaffey/Mahaffey Information—not from above book

[BULLET] Recommended books on Irish genealogy

[BULLET] Thread of messages on what being Irish means

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