BC Bible Records

Feeney Bible

Transcribed by:
Tara Hawkins
e-mail: tara_h@shaw.ca
This bible is located in the New Westminster Archives at Irving House.
To view the bible contact Jacqueline O'Donnell

Catholic Gems or Treasures of the Bible. Published 1887, New York, by the Office of Catholic Publications

Surnames found in this record:

Inscription in front
P. Feeney
New Westminster
British Columbia

Marriage Certificate
This is to certify
that P. Feeney of Ireland
and Mary Fitzhenry of Seattle
were united together in
Holy Matrimony
At Seattle on the 6th day of September
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 81
In presence of Lucy Fitzhenry and James Bressman [?]
By Rev Fr Profantone

Patrick Feeney January 1st 1849
Mary E. Feeney January 27th 1862
Charles Feeney June 21st 1882
Bernard Feeney Oct 3rd 1884
James F. Feeney May 15th 1886
Joseph Feeney November 6th 1888
Little Infant April 5th 1890
Mary Bernice Feeney Jan 30th/92
Geo. William Feeney Jan [crossed out] Dec 28th /95

Bernard Feeney May 2nd 1885
Little Infant April 6th 1890
Mary Bernice Feeney June 6th 1893
Mary Ellen Feeney Sept 17 1924
Joseph Feeney April 24th 1942
Fame [?] Feeney
Patrick Feeney Jan 31st 1946
James F. Feeney June 19th 1948
Josey Feeney May 12th 1952
Charles Feeney July 20 1954
Bernard Thomas Feeney Feb 1st 1966
Norma Feeney April 10th 1971
George William Feeney Aug 20 1975

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