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Welcome to my little corner of the Web! Here you will find a bunch of genealogy stuff relating to the BOLDING, CALLAWAY, CLAYTON, HESTER, KENT, MANN, PEERY, TONEY and related families (all from the old southeast - Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas). I also have some stuff relating to the Civil War but unless you are an old Confederate interested in Mississippians in the Civil War this will not interest you.

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New Book now available - - - My new book Southern Heritage II is now available. This is a 360+ page study of the Bolding, Callaway, Clayton, Hester, Kent, Mann, Peery, Toney, and related families. The book covers in much greater detail everything found on this web site and much, much more. I am making the book available at cost. (OK, I admit I rounded the numbers up . . . at $30.00 I am making about a one dollar profit.) To order a copy of Southern Heritage II send check or money order for $30.00 to William A. Clayton; 6430 CR2297; Quinlan, TX. 75474. If you have questions about the book contact me via e-mail link at the bottom of this page.For a sample of the book including the actual layout, photographs, etc. see the "Bolding family" link in the "Genealogy" page of this web site or simply CLICK HERE

I have some history on Mississippi soldiers in the Civil War including an unpublished history of the 5th Cavalry Regiment and a history of the 31st Infantry  taken from Military History of Mississippi by Dunbar Rowland, and a study of the Clayton men from Itawamba county, Mississippi who served in the Civil War.

Clayton/Peery family history.  Here you will find pages and pages of narrative history on the Bolding, Callaway, Clayton, Hester, Kent, Mann, Peery, Toney and related families including photographs and some old documents.

To scroll thru the hyperlinked version of family group sheets from my Family Tree Maker files go to My Surname Index with records of over 4900 individuals. Some of the surnames in addition to Bolding, Callaway, Clayton, Hester, Kent, Mann, and Toney are: Abernathy, Anderson, Arnold, Baldwin, Blythe, Chamblee, Dorsey, Griffin, Loggins, Miller, Moore, and Peterson. [Note: Some of the information contained here was included in GEDCOMs from other researchers and I cannot verify this information. I have made every effort possible to document the information I have but I'm sure I have made mistakes. I recommend that you use these files as a starting place and try to find original data to confirm or disprove it. I have not included my notes and source data in these files. I will be happy to answer any questions and supply GEDCOM files to anyone who request them.]

Truth or fiction - or a little of both? Read all about Jep Clayton, the Gunman King of Toyah.

Finally, I have included a blatant plug for my book Southern Heritage - a Clayton family genealogy.

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