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The passenger list below was taken from the May 16, 1846 edition of the "Adelaide Register"

Arrived Thursday May 14, 1846 the barque "Isabella Watson", 514 tons, A.G.Thompson, master, from London

Those listed in Blue travelled in the cabin, those in Red in the intermediate and those in Purple were in steerage.
The remainder of passengers were government emigrants, and as such are presumed to also be in steerage

ALDER Thomas Alder
ALDON George Aldon wife and child
AUNGER Simon Aunger
BAKER George Baker
BAKER Alfred Baker and wife
BAKER Edward Baker
BAMBER Charles Bamber Esq - surgeon-superintendent
BARFORD Mr J R Barford
BERRY Mr Berry
BICKFORD G. Whiteway Bickford
BODGER Francis Bodger wife and five children
BODGER Hagor Bodger
BOON Robert Boon wife and child
BOTT John Bott wife and five children
BOTT Sarah Bott
BRENTON James Brenton
BRITT Charlotte Britt
BROWN Mr and Mrs Hayes Brown and son
BROWN Mr and Mrs Peter Brown
BUTCHER Mr Thos Butcher
CASKEY Matthew Caskey
CLIFFORD Wm. Clifford
CLIFFORD Margaret Clifford
COLLINS John Collins, wife and five children
COLLINS Mary Collins
COLLINS Robert Collins and wife
COOK Sarah Elizabeth Cook
COOK William George Cook
CORK Elizabeth Cork
COSTEN Wm. Costen
COURTNEY Abbey Courtenay
DAWN John Dawn and wife
DEMPSTER Mr John Dempster
DURRANT James Durrant
EDWARDS Catharine Edwards
FORSTER Mr and Mrs Anthony Forster
GARDWOOD George Gardwood
GARDWOOD Susan Gardwood
GILES Mr and Mrs Henry Giles
GRAY Wm. Gray wife and child
HALL Mr John Hall
HALL Mr James Hall
HALL Benjamin Hall and wife
HEALLY John Heally and wife
HEALLY John Heally Jnr
HEALLY Jas Heally
HEALLY Florence Heally
HECTOR James Hector, wife and two children
HECTOR Elizabeth Hector
HIDE Hannah Hide
HILL Charles Orlando Hill, wife and two children
HINKS Emmanual Hinks
HOOPER Jacob Hooper, wife and six children
HOOPER John Hooper
HOOPER Lavinia Hooper
HOOPER Sabina Hooper
HOOPER Leonora Hooper
HUNT John Hunt and wife
IMRAY John Imray wife and child
IMRAY Augustus Imray
JERVIS George Jervis and wife
KEAR John Kear and wife
KING Thomas King, wife and three children
KING Wm. King
KING James King
KING Penelope King
KING Hannah King
KING Henry King and Wife
KING William Henry King
LEE Elias Lee and wife
LESLEY John Lesley
LLOYD Rev. A F Lloyd
LLOYD Mr Arthur F Lloyd
LLOYD Mr Richard Lloyd
LONG Nathaniel Long and wife
LOVELL Esther Lovell
LOVELL Jane Lovell
MACKAY W. Patterson Mackay and wife
MACKAY Anne Patterson Mackay
McPHERSON Duncan McPherson wife and child
MITCHELL Edward Mitchell wife and four children
MORPHETT Robert Morphett
MORPHETT George Morphett
MORRIS Messrs Thos and William Morris
MORROW William Morrow, wife and child
MULCURRY Martin Mulcurry wife and two children
OLDING Mr Olding
PAWSEY James Pawsey
PAYNE Elizabeth Payne
PENHAY Mr Robert Penhay
PERHAM Capt. Wm Perham
PHILLIPS Mr George Phillips
PRIOR Jane E Prior
REYNOLDS John Reynolds and wife
ROBINSON Alexander Robinson wife and four children
ROGER Mr Eli Roger
SEAGAR George Seagar and wife
SMYTH Robert Smyth, wife and four children
SMYTH Jane Smyth
SMYTH Elizabeth Smyth
SMYTH David Smyth
SMYTH William Smyth
SMYTH Robert Smyth
STEPHEN Mr and Mrs G M Stephen and three children
STREETER Benjamin Streeter and wife
SWAIN Mr W R Swain
TANNER Sarah Tanner and four children
TANNER Priscilla Tanner
TANNER George Tanner
TEAKLE Mr and Mrs Robert Teakle
TEAKLE Harriet Teakle
TEAKLE Priscilla Teakle
TEAKLE Kesiah Teakle
UMBERSTONE Matilda Umberstone
UMBERSTONE Jane R Umberstone
USHER Henry Usher wife and child
VENNING John Venning, wife and child
WEBB George Webb wife and five children
WEBB Geroge Webb Jnr
WEBB William Webb
WELSH Jospeh Welsh and wife
WILKIN John W Wilkin Esq
WILLIAMS Miss Elizabeth Williams
WRIGHT John Wright
YOUNG Isabella Young

Cargo of the Isabella Watson:

3 cases stationary - Bank of Australasia
1 case merchandise - H.W.Phillips
11 rams, 16 bales, 6 cases, 1 cask merchandise - A. Forster
1 boxes merchandise - Messrs Miller & Bryden
6 bales, 4 boxes merchandise - R.F.McGeorge
2 cases, contents unknown - Miping Association
4 cases merchandise - T.Shepherd Esq.
243 pieces battens - C & F.J.Beck & Co.
14 cases brandy, 20 cases champagne, 7 cases marselle, 2 bhds. wine, 12 qr. casks wine, 2 bhds brandy - N.P.LeBair
1 parcel drawing - Dr. Murphy
1 bale merchandise, 1 quarter cask sherry - John Morphett
2 cases merchandise - J.Southam
1 butt, 5 bhds, 6 quarter casks sherry, 11 bhds. port wine, - N.P.LeBair
5 packages merchandise, order, 1 case merchandise - Messrs Blythe Brothers
1 case contents unknown - Capt. Butler
1 case wearing apparel - John Godlee
1 case contents unknown - G.Heselime
432 packages sundry goods - E.L.Montefiore & Co
1 parcel merchandise, 10 sovereigns - H.Watson Esq.
3 cases merchandise - G.A.Anstey
1 box merchandise - Alfred Hardy

Further Information & History - Source: Migrant Ships for South Australia 1836-1866, Ronald Parsons,1999.

ISABELLA WATSON 434t/515t, W, 3 mast ship. Built 1840 R Menzies & Co., Leith, 118.4x25.5x18.4. Owners Russell & Raeburn, reg., Glasgow.

Arrived 3 Apr 1845 from London, Plymouth 20 Dec 1844, Capt John HENDERSON (Register 5 Apr 1845). This voyage was the first with assisted migrants to be despatched after the resumption of the scheme that had been suspended in mid-1840.

Arrived 14 May 1846 from London, Capt A.G. THOMPSON (Register 16 May 1846) - the passenger list for this voyage is transcribed above

This ship made a trip with convicts in 1842 and then when conveying migrants to Melbourne she became a total wreck at Port Phillip Heads, Victoria, 21 March 1852

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