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Betty Louise Condit Dollar

This web page will remain on Internet as a tribute to our mom, Betty Louise (Condit) Dollar, who passed away March 15, 2002 in the hospital at Corvallis, Oregon. This web page was her pride and joy. She treasured the many friends she made through contact by way of this site. Her message to everyone and the many family stories and pictures will remain intact.

All of us will continue with mom's genealogy as much as possible but Shelly will the one to contact about our family genealogy. She will not have as much time to spend as mom did but we will all enjoy hearing from you. Who knows? Maybe our children and grandchildren will want to carry on the hobby which mom enjoyed so much. Watch this page for more later. There will always be current e-mail links so you can reach us.
  Betty's kids - Tom, Kathy and Shelly


The message below was written by our mom prior to her untimely death.

Now retired and able to enjoy my hobby of genealogy, I am Betty Condit Dollar and I live at the beautiful Oregon coast. You can contact me via e-mail at: [email protected] or by clicking on the e-mail link on any of my pages.

As I trace our family back, I find we came mostly from the British Isles but for added flavor I have found France, Germany and Amsterdam contributing to our history.

The Welsh added many lines, including my grandfather, James Davis, whom was born in Wales. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to get to visit the grave site of his parents in Saundersfoot, Wales. Tom and Jane Davies were buried in a single grave in the grave yard of St. Issells Church. We found that many people in Wales carried the name of Davis or Davies, thus making it very hard to find actual relatives.

I have been fortunate to make contact with many "cousins" or distant branches of my family by means of this computer. If you feel that you may be from another branch of any of my families, please contact me for an exchange of information and be sure to fill out the guestbook before you leave!












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