There are ever increasing numbers of people who have generously share information or images with me. Please excuse any lapse of memory on my part, and send me an email if I have forgotten to thank you here. Some of the family lines haven't yet featured on my website, but they will when I find time to write their section.

Becher Family Research: I can't begin to thank Eileen Franchi and Alistair Gordon enough for all the Becher information they have shared with me. Pooling information has been very effective. Thanks to Julian Tyson -Woodcock for sharing his essays, photos and trees with me. All the members of my family who have collaborated with me over the last 20 years; my Grandfather Michael Henry Geoffrey Becher and his sister Blanche Mckie, and Blanche's son George, My mother Pam Becher, and my aunts Judy and Poppy, their Becher cousins Wendy Becher McCallum [Especially for all the photos and scans], Geoff and Margaret Becher & Judith Irvine. Thanks to Josephine Jeremiah and Eric Alexander for help with the Bristol Bechers. Many thanks to William Casey for his information and photographs of Aughadown house and St Matthews, Aughadown. Thank you Gillian  Häkli for all the look ups. Many thanks to Julie O'Neill for her book on John Thomas Becher, her photos and many emails. Thank you to Elizabeth Howard for braving a huge storm and going out to Cambridge University to read my Great Great Grandfather's journal and then reporting back to me how wonderful it was. Thanks to Marian Press for looking up Becher and Stammers wills for me. Thanks to Carol Evanson for the disc of information she sent me.

Borradale Family: Thanks to Tina Gale for sending me information and pictures on the Borradales. Thanks to George Hudson for scanning Borrodale photographs for me, especially the first photo I have ever seen of my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Borradale.

Brodribb Family: Thank you to Jo Watson for sending me pictures, dates and information. Thanks to Rosemary King for her help and emails

Hawson Family: Thanks to Marie Palmer for looking up dates in her cd.

Jeffrey Family Research: Thank you to the newly discovered cousins of my Grandmother Florence Jeffrey [Better known as Pat Becher] Monica Fitzgerald and Netta Donnelly for all the family information they have generously shared with me. Many thanks to Moya Sharp for all the help she gave me in tracking down Thomas Jeffery and John Bolitho Johns at Burbanks, Boulder and Lakeside, especially for discovering their graves.

Johns Family Research: Thanks to my mother and Aunts for telling me all the family stories when I was a little girl and for allowing me custody of the postcard collection. Thanks to Bob Bolitho for all his assistance with the Johns family, and their relatives the Bolithos, Casleys, Pooles and Critchers. Many thanks to Betty Cook for her wonderful photos of the Johns and for sharing her research and memories with me.

Joyce Family Research: Thanks to Aunty Pat for drawing me up a tree all those years ago, and for letters since. Thanks too to my father Brendan and my Aunts Mary and Veronica [Vonny] for answering so many emails, especially Mary's huge efforts in typing up Aloysius Joyce's journal. Thanks to Helen Webster for looking up records in Tasmania for me. Thank you to Arlene Santostefano for all the documents she sent me. Thankyou to Mick Joyce for documents and pictures.

Lyon Family Research: Thank you so much to Barbara Holt for helping me to find the portrait of William Lyon and to Raymond Refausse for sending me a photo of it.

Notte Family Research: Thanks to Bill Tolch for sending me the brasses and information about the Nottes in Surrey.

Townsend Family Research: Thanks to John Townsend for all the information I learnt from his website and for sending me Agnes Townsend's diary.

Vowell Family Research: Many thanks to Maria Victor Perez for sharing her research and photographs [especially those of Clyda House!] and Alison Miles Manning for very generously going to the records office for me & finding much sort after information, especially the baptism and birth details of Susanna Vowell [which I had nearly given up hope of ever finding].

Wooldridge Family: A huge thank you to Harry Valentine Wooldridge for the enormous number of letters he wrote me telling me all about the Wooldridge family.

General: Thank you to all the friendly people on mailing lists and websites who freely share their knowledge, sharing links, looking up dates and hosting websites. All the lovely helpers at the FHL at Parramatta for helping me decipher so many parish register microfilms.

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