Bechers in The Newspapers

Bechers in The Newspapers


Combined Newspaper Items, date order

1682 18th August death of George Becher in The Cork Quaker

1709 30 December Daily Courant [repeated on Jan 2 & 3 1710]
“Lost or mislaid on the 28th inst, an East India Bond for 300 l , payable to Mrs Eliza Bennet, number 815. Whoever brings it to Mr Francis Becher at the Three Golden Lions at Billingsgate shall have 5 Guineas & no questions asked. Payment being hop’d”

1710 Post Man 21st February 1710
“A good dwelling House & two large stables with a coach house, wain house, grainery, malt house, brew house, barn and other convenient out offices; together with a good orchard and walled garden, with a wood and about 5 hundred acres of rich arable meadow and pasture land, all very well enclosed in the Golden Vale, about a mile and a half distant from Clonmell in the County Pallatine, of Tipperary and Kingdom of Ireland; are to be lett for a Lease of 21 years. Enquire of Mrs Winchlow at the Round Balleeny in Great Suffolk Street, Charing Cross: or of Henry Becher Esq, at Mr Kelly’s in York Street Dublin; Mr Samuel Lowman at Powerstone near Clonmell or of Emanuel Moore, Esq; at Mary-borrough in the County of Corke.”

1714 7 August The Flying Post or Post Master
“Bristol, August 4. The happy Removal of a late high minister of State, was receiv’d here with an unanimous joy: but we were soon sensibly stuck with news of the Queen’s Death, and that somewhat abated our Joy for the former Occasion; but at the Proclomation all Hearts and Tongues open’d into a general Acclamation. His Majesty was proclaim’d by the Mayor, Alderman and Sheriffs, Becher and Swymmer at the usual publick places of the City, with all the usual Solemnities.”

1715 21 April The Flying Post 
“All persons who are indebted to or have any demand upon the Estate of the said Mr Rippon are desired to give speedy notice to Edward Becher Esq in Southwell, near Newark in Nottinghamshire”

1717 12 January Daily Courant
“Wednesday 16th. Scrutiny for Common Council members for the ward of Cheap concluded on Wednesday instant & the numbers stood thus…Mr William Beecher 116”

1718 22 July Evening Post
“Yesterday morning Sir Joseph Lawrence, Kt and Alderman of the Ward of Bishopsgate without, died at Tottenham; and ‘tis thought Mr Bechar, Silk-man and Common Councilman of the Ward will succeed him”

1718 24 July Post Boy
“On Thursday last, The Right Hon the Lord Mayor held a ward mote in Bishopsgates ward for the election of an Alderman to succeed Sir Joseph Laurence, deceased & the citizens unanimously chose John Beecher, Esq, a worthy citizen & one of their Common Council Men”

1720 Daily Courant Thursday 23rd June 1720
“At a meeting of a great Number of eminent Citizens it is unanimously agreed to put in Nomination on Midsummer-Day next, Sir George Merttins, Knt, Alderman and skinner And Edward Becher, Esq. Alderman & Draper. To be Sheriffs of this city & county of Middlesex for the year ensuing. Who are persons well affected to his Majesty King George and our happy Constitution, both in Church and State; and who upon all occasions have and will affect the Rights and Privileges of their fellow citizens”

1721 Post Boy Thursday 16 March 1721
“ On Thursday last, the corpse of John Green Esq., late Alderman of Portloken ward, lay in State at Sadlers hall in Cheapside…..The pall was supported by the following Aldermen….Edward Becher and Richard Brocas Esqs; in their purple robes with silk belts cover’d with Italian Cyprus.”

1721 Daily Post Wed 24 May 1721
“Minutes of the Court of the London Work House, relating to the designed new building May 4 1721….present…Mr. John Becher….”

1721 Post Boy Tuesday 20 June 1721
“At a meeting of a great Number of eminent Citizens, it was unanimously agreed to put in nomination, on Midsummer-Day next, Sir George Mertins Kt Alderman & Skinner & Edward Becher Esq: Alderman and Draper; To be sheriffs of the City & County of Middlesex for the year ensuing, who are persons well affected to his Majesty King GEORGE, and our happy constitution, both in Church & State; and who, upon all Occasions, have and will assert the Rights and Privileges of their Fellow Citizens. “

1721 Daily Post Wednesday 28 June 1721
“ Yesterday morning, Robert Bailis and James Colebrook, Esqs. Gave up the poll; and thereupon Sir George Merttins, Knt. And Edward Becher. Esq; were declared Sheriffs of this City and County of Middlesex for the year ensuing.”

1722 8 May Evening Post 1722
“After which the Lord Mayor, Alderman and Sheriffs had the honour to kiss his Majesty’s hand; and his Majesty was pleased to confer the Honour of Knighthood on Edward Beecher, Esq, one of the Sheriffs.”

1727 30 September Daily Journal
“Yesterday came on the Election of a Lord Mayor of this City for the year ensuing, when the Common Hall return’d Sir Edward Becher, the senior Alderman under the Chair and Humphrey Parsons, Esq to the Court of Aldermen, who made the choice of Sir Edward Becher

1727 5 October The Evening Post
“The Right Hon, the Lord Mayor elect [Edward Becher] hath been pleased to appoint the Reverend Mr Henry Becher, Fellow of St John’s College, Oxon, son to John Becher, Esq: One of the Aldermen of the City of Bristol to be his Chaplain”

1727 Daily Post Tuesday 31 Oct 1727
“On Saturday last, Edward Becher, Kt, the new Lord Mayor for this City was sworn into that high office at Guildhall.”

1728 3 July London Evening Post
“On Tuesday next comes an election for Rector of St James, Dukes Place, in the room of the Rev Mr Grafty, lately deceased, when we hear the Rev Mr Becher, Chaplain & Nephew to the Right Hon The Lord Mayor will be chosen without opposition”

1730 September Monthly Chronicle
“19th September The Rev Mr Becher, son of Alderman Becher of Bristol, Rector of St James Dukes Place in London was about the same time presented by the Lord Chancellor to the Rectory of St Stephens in Bristol, void by the Death of Rev Dr Frankland”

1732 6 May London Evening Post & 9 May Daily Post & Royal Oak Journal & Gentleman’s Magazine….
“Henry Walker of Epperstone in the county of Nottingham Esq was lately married to Miss Becher, dau of Edward Becher of Norwood Park in the said county” [a mystery which daughter??]

1732 8 August London Evening Post
“Yesterday morning….the same day died at Epsom [Surry], Mr Beacher, an eminent Dry-Salter, a relation of Sir Edward Beacher, Knt and Alderman”

1732 4 September Daily Courant
“ On Saturday night died, Sir Edward Becher, Knt, Alderman of Bishopgate ward within”

1733 20 September Universal News
“ Bristol~That the foundation of the Equestrian Statue of King William is near finished & John Becher, Alderman had the honour of breaking the ground; on which he utter’d this pious ejaculation, My shepherd is the living Lord, in whom is my defence; and out of his abundant generosity gave the workmen two shillings and sixpence to drink to his worship’s health, and to forward the work with all speed. Was the generosity, or the piety of this alderman the greater?

1734 London Universal Spectator Sept 1734
“ On Saturday last, about 11 o’clock in the Forenoon, dy’d Sir Edward Beecher, Kt Alderman of Bishopgateward.”

1737 Daily Gazetteer  19 April 1737
“ Bandon, April 1. Last Tuesday died at his house at Affidown, John Beecher, jun, Esq. He went to England for the Benefit of his Health, and came home perfectly recovered; but his Disorder returning, he was preparing to set out for England again, when he was sei’z with such a violent heaving of Blood, that he was suffocated in a little Time. He was a Gentleman of excellent Character, and is much lamented.”

1738 25 February Daily Gazetteer
“News from Dublin – Richard Hungerford Esq & Miss Beacher, a Lady of the highest Accomplishment and 7000 l Fortune were married on the 12th inst at night” [note: this is Mary Cranfield Becher who was only left a few shillings in the will of her father as a token of her disobedience!]

1738 London Evening Post Tuesday 29 August 1738
A Treaty of marriage is on Foot, and will speedily be consummated between Robert Jacomb, Esq, and Miss Mary Beecher, daughter of Mr. John Beecher, a Salter, a very agreeable young lady, with a handsome fortune.

1738 27 October Daily Post
“ yesterday was married in St Swithin’s Church by the Rev Mr. Berriman , Mr Jacomb to Miss [Mary] Beecher, a daughter to Mr Beecher, an eminent Dry Salter, a young Lady every way agreeable and a considerable Fortune” [dau of John Becher & Jane Eyre]

1738 21 November London Evening Post
“The Rev Mr. Becher, Rector of St Stephen’s and Son to Mr. Alderman Becher, had the honour of saying Grace; and his Highness [The Prince of Wales] was pleased to  Constitute him as one of his Chaplains Ordinary”

1739 10 February London Evening News
“A few days since died the Rev Mr Cuttis, Minister of Temple; who we hear is succeeded by the Rev Mr. Becher, son of Alderman Becher, and Chaplain to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.”

1739 London Evening Post Saturday 22 September 1739
“ Last Saturday fe’nnight Stephen Clutterbuck, Esq. was chosen Mayor of Bristol & Michael Becher and David Dehany, Esqs. Sheriffs of that City for the year ensuing.”

1739 27 September London Daily Post & General Advertiser
“ Last week Captain Mercer, commander of the Thompson Galley, was married to Mrs Beecher, Relict of Col Beecher, who has a jointure of 500l. per annum”

1739 Dec 29 London Gazette & General Evening Post
His Majesty is pleased to appoint the following persons to be officers in the Six new raised Regiments of Marines, viz; Colonel Wynyard’s “ Lionel Beecher as 1st Lieut”

1740 8 November London Daily Post
“On Thursday last at his house in Half-moon Street in the Strand, in an advanced age Mr Beecher Esq, nearly related to the Late Sir Edward Becher, Knt. Formerly Lord Mayor of London. He was a Batchelor and believed to have died very rich” [George]

1741 28 April All Alive & Merry or the London Daily Post
“Last Friday Night the Corpse of Mrs Beecher, a widow lady of Plentiful Estate who died a few days since at her house in Lincolns Inn Fields, was carried from thence & decently interred in the Burial Ground near Lamb’s Conduit. She was sister & Coheir (by the name of Clerk) to Mary, Lady Craven who died at the same house March 12, 1735 (Who lies buried at Winnock in Northamptonshire) and mother to the wife of Thomas Lewis of of Radnothire, Esq.) [This is Jane Clark & finally provides an explantation for the use of Craven as a Christian name in the Lewis family. A Chancery case for Dame Mary Craven’s estate mentions Thomas Lewis, niece Mary Lewis, sister Jane Beacher & Godfrey Clark]

1743 19 July Daily Post & London Evening Post
“ They write from Bristol that a few days ago died, in an advanced age at his seat near Stapleton, Mr Alderman Beecher, the Senior Alderman of that City”

“ Bristol July 16 Saturday  last died in an advanced age after a lingering illness at his Seat near Stapleton, Mr Alderman Beecher, the senior Alderman of that City”

1743 24 Dec London Evening Post
“Last week, died at Bristol, The Rev Mr Becher, son of the late Mr Alderman Becher, one of the Chaplains to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales & the Rector of Temple & St Stephens in that City”

1744 14 April Bristol Oracle
“ This is to acquaint the Publick, That Mrs Becher Widow of the Rev Mr Becher, of this City deceased, has taken a convenient house on the College Green; where she intends boarding young Ladies, and having them instructed in Reading, Writing, all forms of Needle Work, and likewise there will be proper Masters both for teaching French and Dancing if required.

N. B. The house is now furnished and ready to receive young Ladies as Boarders or Day Scholars, where all proper care will be taken of their Education, as well as of the other boarders; whom their parents will be pleased to commit to the Management of their Obedient


                                                                 Humble Servant,


                                                                        Mary Becher

1744 10 November London Evening Post
“ On Sunday last, died at his lodgings in GraceChurch Street, Mr John Becher, Formerly a great Dry Salter in Turnwheel Lane , Brother to Sir Edward Becher Knght, deceased who was in the year 1728 Lord Mayor of this City”

1746 London Evening Post, Tuesday 7th October 1746
“Bankrupts~Edward Becher, of Wandsworth, in the County of Surrey, Scarlet-Dyer” [son of John Becher & Jane Eyre]

1747 28 May London Evening Post
“ On Thursday night died in the 70th year of her Age at her house on Fish Street, Mrs Beecher, Relict of Mr Beecher, formerly a wholesale druggist in Bucklersbury” [burial record gives age as 58, matches the dates of her children’s births much more plausibly]

1748 12 April General Advertiser
“Bristol April 9, Sunday last died the wife of Mr Charles Porter, an eminent Attorney in Small Street; and Thursday evening her corpse was interr’d in the Mayor’s chapel in College Green. She was the daughter of the Late Mr. Alderman Becher.

1750 12 May Reed’s Weekly Journal
“Thursday Robert Nettleton Esq, an eminent Russia Merchant was married to Miss Beecher a near Relation to the Late Edward Beecher, formerly Mayor of this City” [a Lady endowed with every Qualification required to make the Marriage State happy and a very considerable fortune] General Advertiser.

1751 The Gentleman’s Magazine July 1751
“A lists of deaths for 1751; July 3 William Becher, Esq at Bedford”

1754 26 January Whitehall Evening Post
“ A few days since Mr Michael Beecher was appointed by the Lords of the Admiralty, Lieutenant of the Jason Man of War, now lying at Chatham”

1754 Cork City Abstract 5 Aug 1754
“ died last Friday at Creagh, Skibbereen, Thomas Beecher of a fever (Faulkner’s Dublin Journal 13 Aug says,Last Friday died at his house at Creagh in the 22nd year of his life, Thomas Becher, Esq)”

1754 London Evening Post Sat 10 August 1754
“At the Assizes at Nottingham, before Sir Thomas Birch, was tried a case wherein Mr Francis Turner, an attorney at Law at Mansfield in the County of Nottingham was Plaintiff, and Richard Turner Becher of Southwell, in the said County, Register of the Chapter Court of Southwell was defendant; for refusing the Plaintiff a sight of a Will, which he had in his custody as a public Officer in the said Court; and after a trial of several hours, brought in a verdict, with damages for the plaintiff.

1754 26 August London Evening Post
“On Tuesday his Majesties ship the Swiftsure of 70 guns was put into commission & the Commanding of her was given to the Hon Augustus Keppel. At the time, Mr Michael Becher was appointed as the Lieut of the said ship”

1755 Faulkner’s Dublin Journal  22 Feb 1755
“17 Feb Married last Thursday John Townsend Becher Esq To Miss Donovan with £5000”

1757 Universal Magazine June
“ At Dacca were made prisoners; Richard Becher, Esq, Mrs Becher & child.”

1758 Cork Journal Thursday 2 Nov 1758
“on Saturday 28th October Richard Cox Esq. eldest son of Sir Richard Cox Bart, was married at Aughadown to Miss Eliza Turner Becher, daughter of John Becher of Aughadown, Esq. (deceased)”
“Married Richard Cox Esq of Dunmanway, eldest son of Sir Richard Cox, to Miss Eliza Turner Becher, daughter of John Becher of Aughadown. The lady’s fortune, large though it is, is the smallest comfort she brings her happy consort.”

1758 Pue’s Occurrence 7 Nov 1758
“Deaths-At Cork, Mrs Beecher, wife of Edward Beecher, Esq.”

1758 26 December Public Advertiser
“Bristol Dec 24;  Monday last, died Michael Beecher Esq, Late on of the Sheriffs of this City [Bristol]

1759 Cork City Newspaper Nov 19 1759
“died, last Friday at Dunkettle, wife of Colonel Tonson, MP, Baltimore. By her death, £800 p a estate devolves on Colonel Becher.”

1760 Faulkner’s Dublin Journal  22 Nov 1760
“ At Dunmanway, at the seat of Richard Cox, John Townsend Becher of Ann Grove (Died)”

1760 Caledonian Mercury 21 Oct 1762
M. Beecher of this town had a cutenaceous eruption, considerably resembling the chickenpox…”?

1761 Faulkner’s Dublin Journal  7 Feb 1761
“[Died] at her lodgings nr South Gate, Mrs Beecher, relict of John Townsend Beecher of Ann Grove”

1761 25 Feb Loyd’s Evening Post & British Chronicle
Deaths; Capt Becher of his Majesty’s Sloop, Goree, stationed at Goree.

1761 24 February Whitehall Evening Post
“Letters in from Goree mention the death of Captain Becher

1761 25 February Public Ledger
“Letters from the island of Goree, on the coast of Africa, mention the death of Captain Becher

1761 22 August St James Chronicle
“ Married at Inishannon Edward Becher Esq. to Miss Ruth Herrick, daughter of Edward Herrick of Shippoll, Esq.

1762 Bath Chronicle 21 Oct 1762
“Saturday last, died Mrs Beecher, a maiden Gentlewoman in the Lower Green “

1763 Magazine of Magazines [Limerick] April 1763
“At Corke Daniel O’Donovan of Banlahan to Miss Jane Beecher”

1763 6 June
“Mrs Cox[nee Eliza Turner Becher] , widow of the late Richard Cox, eldest son of Sir Richard Cox”

1763 Cork Evening Post 29 May 1763
“Married at Youghal, 24 Inst Major Richard Vowell of the 66th Reg of Foot to Miss Anne Hamilton, 3rd daughter of the Late Joshua Hamilton.” [Their daughter Susan married Rev M H Becher]

1763 15 October The Gazeteer & The London Daily Advertiser
“ Thomas Clarke Esq. of Huntingdon to Miss Becher of Berkshire”

1765 Faulkner’s Dublin Journal Tues 7 May-Sat 11 May
“ Deaths~At Bath, the wife of Savage French”

1765 11 July Cork City Newspapers
“To be Let, part of the estate of Henry Becher (aged 5) during his minority. Lands of Gortadrohid, Ardnagreena on harbour of Baltimore etc. contact Michael Becher guardian.

1766 3 July London Evening Post
“On Wednesday night, died at the family seat at Howbury, near Bedford, Mrs Becher, relict of William Becher, Esq, by whose death an Estate of £1,500 per annum devolves onto John Becher, Esq a merchant at Leghorn”

1767 Faulkner’s Dublin Journal  17 Jan 1767
“At St Nicholas Church, Cork, Michael Becher Esq. of Creagh to Miss Catherine French dau of Savage French of this city.” [Also in Freeman’s Journal 17 Jan 1767]

1767 April 6 Gazetteer
“ A few days ago was married the Rev Mr Becher of St Johns College, Cambridge to Miss Drake of Southwell”

1768 The Cork Journal 5 May 1768 [ also Cork Evening Post]
“(on 30 April) died Miss Becher, dau of Lionel Becher, Esq”

1768 Faulkner’s Dublin Journal 25 Nov 1768
“at Cork, Mrs Becher, wife of Colonel Becher”
“Beecher, Colonel
of Hollybrook, wife died.” [Elizabeth]

1769 Cork Evening Post 13 Nov 1769
“ Died last night at his house, Savage French.”

1769 Freeman’s Journal 16 Nov 1769
“Died~at Cork, Savage French sen[ior], Esq.” [father of Catherine French above]

1770 The Gentlemans & London Magazine
“Monthly Chronical for Ireland; Deaths 10 Feb 1770 Lionel Becher of Cork died.”

1770 2 July Lloyde’s Evening Post
“29 June [died] William Becher of Peckham, only son of John Becher of Hawberry [sic sb Howbury] near Bedford in the 20th year of his age. He was to have been married in a few days.” [incorrect SEE NEXT ARTICLE!]

1770 5 July Lloyde’s Evening Post
William Becher of Peckham is not dead as mentioned yesterday”

1771 12 January Bingley’s Weekly Journal
“ Died on the 24th Ult, Richard Turner Becher in the Commission of the Peace for Nottinghamshire” [other papers added after a lingering illness at his house at Southwell]

1771 [Freeman’s Journal Dublin]
June 1-4 William Becher of Kells, Co Meath, married Widow Barker  

1771 Limerick Chronicle 10 Oct 1771
“Thursday last at Cork Colonel John Becher of Hollybrook to Miss Bab. Townsend of Skibbereen.”

1773 2 March General Evening Post
Mrs Mary Sambourne, late of Hertford who died a few days ago, has left a 100 l to be distributed in the Christmas holidays to 20 poor Housekeepers in the parish of Hatfield in Herts in equal proportions. Also 100l to 20 poor house keeps in St Andrews, Holborn. To St Luke’s hospital for lunaticks 500l and a further sum of 500l after the deaths of Geo. Becher and Lucy Mayne, and the last two mentioned legacies, so far as may be thought proper are to be applied for the benefit of incurables”

1774 Hibernian Magazine Aug 1774
“ Deaths~30 July At Cork, the lady of Richard Beecher, Esq.” [FJ has June 1774]

1777 Freeman’s Journal
“John Beecher of Hollybrook [died]” headstone gives 19 Feb 1778

1778 3 Feb St James Chronicle
“On Tuesday last the Rev William Becher Chaplain to the Right Hon Earl of Harborough was instituted by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln to the Rectory of Cole Orton, Leicestershire & Prebend of Woodborough, Southwell”

1778 7 Feb Westminster Journal
“ Sheriffs for the year 1778 Bedfordshire, John Beecher of Hoobury [sic] Esq”

1778 Hiberian Chronicle Feb 23 1778
“died last week at Hollybrook John Becher, Esq.”

1778 Hiberian Chronicle 30 July 1778
“At Creagh on 27 July, William Wrixon of Ballygiblin to Mary Becher, niece of Michael Becher Esq.”

1778 Hiberian Chronicle  Monday 27th July
“Wrixon, William Esq, High Sheriff of Cork, of Ballygiblin married Miss Becher at Creagh last week.”

1778 Dublin Hibernian Journal Aug 24 1778
“Died-Near Bandon Michael Beecher of Creagh Esq.”

1778 1 December London Chronicle
“Monday last was married, Captain Becher of the Bedfordshire Militia to Miss Ford of Newman Street” St James Chronicle adds that he is the son of John Becher of Howbury.

1779 5 July Yesterday died Randall Westropp Esq, Alderman of the Ward & Master of the Blue Coat Hospital [Husband of Peniel Becher]

1779 Hiberian Chronicle Thursday 26 Aug 1779
“This morning at St Nicholas, Richard Beecher Esq of Hollybrook to Miss Alleyn dau of Thomas Alleyn Esq.”

1779 Hibernian Magazine Dec 1779
Henry Becher of Creaghtford to be a JP of the Peace for the Co of Cork”

1780 4 September London Courant & Westminster Chronicle
“ Friday morning, the Lady of Richard Becher Esq of Bedford Square was safely delivered of a son at his seat at Rooks Nest in Surrey”

1780 Hiberian Chronicle  25 Dec 1780
“Died Thursday last, Henry Becher at Creagh near Baltimore.”

1781 India Gazette
“ Promotions, Revenue Dept July 1781 Mr J H Becher appointed Assistant to the Customs Master.”

1782 London Gazette June 1782
“ Bankrupts ~ John Beecher of Lawrence-Pountney Lane, Merchant”

1782 Principal Occurrences in the year 1782
“p.48 20 June The three gold medals left by Willian Brown to be annually given by the University of Cambridge were this year determined in favour of Mr Goodall & Mr Becher, scholars of King’s College – For Latin Ode; Ad Pacen.”

1783 Hiberian Chronicle 5 July 1783
“yesterday at her lodgings opposite Christchurch Miss Becher”

1785 Hiberian Chronicle Thursday 22 Dec 1785. Also in Sanders Newsletter 29 Dec 1785
“DEATHS~ In Shandon St Miss Anne Becher.”

1786 Cork Evening Post Monday 5 June 1786
“a few days ago at Ballygiblin, the seat of William Wrixon, Esq. James Lombard of Lombardstown Esq. to Miss Anne Becher.”

1787 11 August Gazetteer & New Daily Advertiser
“East India News; List of Marriages at Calcutta in Bengal between 1st January & 15th February 1787 John Harman Beecher Esq to Miss Cooper[sic. Cowper…or is it really Cooper…]”

1787 Dublin Evening Post 22 Nov 1787
“John O’Donovan, Jane O’Donovan, Helen O’Donovan by Jane O’Donovan their mother Plaintiffs [note: nee Becher & also daughter of John Becher] Richard Becher, Esq. eldest son of John Becher dec & other defendants.”

1788 12 Jan General Evening News
“Friday Fe’nnight The Rev Mr Becher (an assistant at Harrow School) was elected Head Master of the Grammar School at Bury St Edmunds”

1788 The Times May 6 1788
From The London Gazette war promotions War office May 3 “31st Foot Ensign William Becher to be Lieutenant”

1788 Calcutta Gazette July 1788
“ Births~On the 9th Inst at Bandel, Mrs Becher of a son” [Mrs John Harman Becher]

1789 Cork Evening Post 12 Jan1789
“ Last Sat George Pigott Rogers Esq. to Mary Twogood Becher, dau of the Late Michael Becher of Creagh, Esq”

1790 Dublin Evening Post 25 Feb 1790
Richard Becher of Hollybrook, Co Cork, Esq…above lands advertised for sale by Edward Eyre, Esq were part of the estate of my Great Grandfather Edward Eyre, Esq, deceased who by his will bearing the date 9 September 1739 devised to my mother Frances Becher, otherwise Hedges, his Granddaughter at the age of 18 the sum of 2000 pounds. This was not paid. [Richard is making a claim on the proceeds of the above sale. A similar claim was made by Jane Hamilton [Granddaughter of Edward Eyre], wife of Gawen Hamilton of Killeagh, Co Down made the same clain]

1790 The Times April 27, 1790
India Intelligence “Mr John [Harman] Becher, Second Assistant to the Collector of Burdwan”

1791 Calcutta Gazette Thursday 24 Nov 1791
Mr Becher, who went down the coast in a Pattmar Boat at the beginning of the monsoon, was obliged to put in at Mangalore where he was made a slave and is now carrying arms in Bedenore” [Captain Henry Becher]

1792 21 June Yesterday in Kinsale Mrs Peniel Westropp [was Becher] relict of Randall Westropp Esq.

1792 17 November London Chronicle
“On Friday was married John Turner Esq of the Inner Temple to Miss E Becher, youngest daughter of the Late Captain John Becher of the Royal Navy”

1793 Royal Gazette Vol 15 18 May 1793
“Married Last Saturday at Port Royal, Lieut Alexander Becher of his Majesty’s ship Proserpine to Miss Frances Scott, daughter of the Late Rev John Scott of that place.”

1793 19 July Morning Herald
“Married on Monday 8th Inst at St James, Bath, Richard Hungerford of the Island to Miss [Frances Eyre]Becher, dau of Richard Becher, Esq of Hollybrook, Co Cork”

1793 The Hibernian Chronicle 1 Aug 1793
“at Bath, Richard Hungerford of the Island to daughter of Richard Beecher of Hollybrook, Esq.”

1793 The Times 24 August
“ We learn, that not withstanding Tippoo’s repeated declarations that he had no more English prisoners in his possession, it is evident that all those declarations have been insincere. Mr Becher, who some years ago was proceeding in a Pattamar boat, with stores for Mr. Rivitt’s ship at Cochin, was unfortunately driven on shore near Mangalore, and taken prisoner: after undergoing a long and painful imprisonment, and being marched from fort to fort, has at last effected his escape from Seringapatam. Lattterly his confinement was not so strict as formerly, and he was sometimes permitted to go a shooting, under the guard of a sepoy, - One day having strolled a comfortable distance from the fort, he turned upon the sepoy & threatened to shoot him, if he did not accompany him – the sepoy was obliged to comply, and they are both now safely arrived at Tellicherry. Mr. Becher reports there are several prisoners at Seringapatram.”


1794 Hiberian Chronicle Dec 4 1794
“a few days ago at Bandon, the wife of Lionel Becher of a son.”

1796 Hiberian Chronicle 2 May 1796
“At St Nicholas Church, Edward Stokes Esq. and Lieut of 49th foot  married Miss Frances Becher. Samuel Francis Esq, same Reg, married Miss Helena Becher both daughters of Edward Becher Esq.”

1796 1 August 1796
“ Members of the Atlantic Society will meet next club day at Castle of Old Court in Ilen River, signed Michael Beecher, Adm, Daniel O’Donovan Vice Adm.”

1797 Hiberian Chronicle 9 Feb 1797
“this day at St Nicholas Church, Benjamin Hayes jnr Esq. Counsellor at Law to Miss Helena Becher of this city.”

1797 Cork Evening Post 12 June 1797
“DEATHS~ at Crookhaven, Mr Edward Becher, Esq”

1798 True Briton 7 November
“Cambridge, October 31 ~Michael Henry Becher of St John’s College was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts”

1799 Dublin Evening Post Feb 1799
“Petition for Legislative Independence of this Realm [Ireland]…L.Beecher, M.Beecher…”

1799 Star Wed 3 July 1799
“ June 26, Ancient Irish Regiment of Fencible Infantry…To be Adjutant- Mr Henry Herrick Becher.

1800 New Evening Post 24 March 1800
“Certificates issued in Co Cork with respect to the killing of Game…Richard Becher, Hollybrook, Henry Becher, Hollybrook, John Becher, Lincon,…. Savage French, Marino,…. Henry Jermyn, Aughadown,…. Richard Neville Summerville, Skull….”

1800 Porcupine 1 December 1800 [also The Courier on the same day, & The Evening Gazette on Nov 29, 1800]
[Births] Lately, the lady of W. Beecher, Esq. Lieutenant Norfolk Rangers, of a son”

1800 24 December Derby Mercury
Deaths – lately at Southwell Richard Becher Gent, Attorney at Law

1801 The Morning Chronicle Monday 17th August 1801
“Deaths- At Calcutta, J.H.Becher, esq. Senior Merchant”

1802  Hampshire Telegraph & Portsmouth Gazette Mon May 10
“ Following Commanders are promoted to the rank of Post Captain in the Royal Navy…Alexander Becher…”

1802 9th August Games Licences issued to Becher, Henry; Hollybrook, Abbeystrowry, Co Cork, Becher, John; Thornhill, Abbeystrowry, Cork, Becher Lionel, Annsville, Ballinadee, Cork, Becher, Richard Hollybrook, Abbeystrowry, Cork [probably Lionel Fane Becher]

1803 Monthly Register & Encyclopadian Magazine Feb 1803
“ Births~At Southwell, the lady of the Rev John T. Becher of a daughter.”

1803 Cork Mercantile Chronicle 4 April 1803
363 Guinea reward for information leading to the conviction of the culprits who burnt the barn and Hay yard of Hollybrook house. Bechers listed include Richard Becher, Henry Becher, John Becher, Lionel Becher, Richard Becher Junior. [Lionel Fane Becher is probably the Lionel]

1803 The Newcastle Courant Sat 3 April 1803
“We are concerned to state the loss of his Majesty’s ship Determinee, of 28 guns, commanded by Captain Becher. With some other frigates she was conveying the 81st regiment to Jersey, and not having a proper pilot on board, she unfortunately struck on a sunken rock, a little distance from Mormont Point, in that Island on Saturday afternoon last, about four O’Clock and in about 15 minutes she filled…about forty lives were lost, …ten were soldiers, two women and three children, the rest were seamen….”

1804 Cork Mercantile Chronicle 13 June 1804
“at Hollybrook on the 11th Inst Richard Becher Esq Lieut in the South Cork Regt.”

1804 13 July 1804 Yesterday morning on the Grand Parade, the Lady [Mary Twogood Becher]  of George Pigott Rogers [died] after a long & lingering illness. [Buried at Christchurch 14 July]

1805 Cork Mercantile Chronicle 29 March 1805
“ on 16th Henry Orpen of Artully, Co Kerry  to Miss Letitia Becher, 3rd daughter of Richard H. Becher of Hollybrook, Esq.”

1805 Cork Mercantile Chronicle 31 July 1805
“29 ult. At Aughadown Church by the Rev. Mr. Wright,  Henry Beecher of  Hollybrook Esq. to Miss Jermyn only daughter and heiress of Henry Jermyn of Aughadown Esq.”

1805 Jackson’s Oxford Journal Sat 30 Nov 1805
23 November, Cambridge The Rev Michael Thomas Becher, M.A. Master of the Grammar School at Bury St Edmunds & Fellow of the Kings College is presented by the Fellows & Provost of that society to the vicarage of Wootton Wawen in Warwickshire, vacated by the death of Rev Daniel Caches.

1806 16 August Jacksons Oxford Journal Saturday
 At Wootten Wawen, The Rev Mr Becher, Vicar of that place to Mrs Scot of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

1806 Sat October 11   The Newcastle Courant
The 6th Inst at Lestbury Lodge, Near Alemouth, Mrs Becher, wife of Captain Becher R.N. of a daughter

1806 Wed Dec 24 1806 Derby Mercury
On the 4th inst Michael Becher Esq of Southwell, Nottinghamshire [died]

1808 Norfolk Chronicle 27 Aug 1808
“ The Lady of Captain A Becher of the Royal Navy of a son.”

1808 Dublin Evening Post 20 Oct 1808
“ Abraham Prim Esq of Ennifnagg, Co Kilkenny to Miss Becher of Kells.”

1808 The Ipswich Journal 26 Nov 1808
Died Friday Mrs Becher, Wife of the Rev Michael Becher, Headmaster of the Grammar school in Bury

1809 Hampshire Telegraph Monday 5 June 1809
“ Married~ Sir Harry Virelst Darell, Bart, of Richmond Hill, in the County of Surrey to Amelia Maria Anne, only daughter of the late William Becher, Esq.”

1809 The Deby, Thursday 8 June 1809
“Thursday last, at Mary-le-bone, Sir Harry Virelst Darell, Bart at Richmond Hill to Amelia Maria Anne, only daughter of the Late Wm. Becher Esq & niece of the Late Francis Ford, Bart.”

1809 Tues 22 June The Derby Mercury
On Saturday night, died in his 45th year, the Rev Michael Thomas Becher, M.A. Late fellow of Kings College, Cambridge & 21 years Head Master of the Grammar School, Bury

1809 Cork Mercantile Chronicle Wednesday 6 Dec 1809
“On Tuesday last  at her lodgings in Mardyke St, The Lady of Henry Becher of Aughadown a son and heir.”

1809 Sunday Dec 17 The Examiner [London]
Births- at Winchelsea, on the 12th Ult, the Lady of Captain Becher of a son

1810 Saturday 6 October Jacksons Oxford Journal
Captain A Graham of the H C Artillery to Miss Harriett Becher at Bengal

1811 Cork Mercantile Chronicle 25 Feb 1811
“On Thursday Last at Ballinadee Church, by the Rev Richard Lloyd,  Edward Becher of Rock Castle Esq. to Mary daughter William Baldwin of Nelson Place in this Co, Esq.”.

1811 Caledonian Mercury Monday 8 April 1811
“ Royal African Corps~Edward Becher to be ensign, without purchase, vice Babington.”

1811 Cork Morning Chronicle Wed 29 May 1811
“On Thursday last at Hollybrook in this Co, the Lady of Richard Becher Esq.”

1812 The Bombay Courier 20 June 1812
“At Columbo, on the 18th Ultimo, the Lady of Captain Becher of the Bengal establishment, of a son”

1812 Cork Advertiser 14 July 1812
“At Brade church on Saturday last, the Rev James Hingston prebend of Coolepney in the Diocese of Cloyne, to Lucinda daughter of Richard Beecher of Hollybrook Esq.”

1812 The Derby Mercury 29 Oct 1812
“ General Hospital near Nottingham~Resolved that the thanks of the Meeting be given to the Reverend John Thomas Becher for his excellent Sermon preached this day at St Mary’s Church.”

1812 Caledonian Mercury Thurs 19 Nov 1819
“ Bankrupts~George Philip Becher & Joseph Barker, Broad Street London & Manchester, Merchants “ [not identified yet]

1813 Trewman’s Flying Post Thursday 29 July 1813
“ Bankrupts~William Becher of Docking, Norfolk, Corn Merchant.”

1814 Caledonian Mercury Sat April 16 1814
“Yesterday, a Court of Directors was held at the East India House, when Captain H.Becher was sworn into the command of the Lady Carrington, consigned to Madeira and Bengal.”

1815 1 July London Examiner
Casualty lists
92nd Foot, killed Ensign Abel Becher

British Lady’s Magazine & Monthly Miscellany Jan 1816
“ Births~The lady of Captain Beecher, RN of a daughter.” [Captain Alexander? Also in Morning Post 28 Nov 1815]

1816 Sat June 22 From the London Gazette & Caledonia Mercury
Bankrupts Henry Becher, Kensington Rd, Surrey, Mariner

1817 The Morning Chronicle Sat 17 May 1817
“ Married~At Calcutta Nov 20, 1816 Mr Nepean, son of Sir Evan Nepean, Bart, to Miss H. M. Becher, eldest daughter of Captain Becher.”

1817 The Gentleman’s Magazine
“Notts~At Southwell, aged 77, Mrs Elizabeth Lucas Becher, wife of Rev William Becher, Prebendery of Southwell.”

1818 The Derby Mercury Thursday 5 Feb 1818
“ On the 22nd Ult the Rev John Thomas Becher A.M. late student of Christ Church college, Oxford was installed prebendery of South Muskam, in the Collegiate Church of Southwell, Nottinghamshire on the collation of his Grace the Archbishop of York.”

1818 Southern Reporter 24 Mar 1818
“This morning at St Fin Barry’s the Rev Michael Henry Becher to Miss Susan Vowell youngest daughter of the late Richard Vowell of Bath Esq.”

1818 Cork Mercantile Chronicle
Friday 17th April Wrixon Mrs [Was Mary Becher], wife of William Wrixon Esq of Ballygiblin died Tuesday at Trafalgar, near Cork.

1818 The Times Tuesday April 21 1818
“Married on the 18th inst at Fareham, Hants. Ann, third daughter of Captain Becher, R.N. and Frances his wife niece to the Countess of Oxford, to Charles Wodekind Nepean, Esq, Third son of Lieutenant General Nepean, brother of Sir Evan Nepean, Bart, Governor at Bombay”

1818 The Times Wednesday Nov 18 1818
“On the 8th August last at Port Louis, Isle of France in the 54th year of his age, Robert Becher, Esq on his return from Bengal to Europe”

1819 Southern Reporter 2 March 1819
“yesterday evening in Patrick St the lady of the Rev M Becher of a son.”

1819 The Times 5th March 1819
“Married- On the 3rd Inst at St Pancras’s Church, Capt Adam Alexander Wood To Elizabeth Emma Maria Becher, second daughter of Capt. Becher of the Royal Navy.”

1819 Southern Reporter 17 July 1819
“On Saturday 17th inst at Whitechurch, by the Rev James Hingston, jnr,  Richard Edward Hull of Lemcon Esq. to Henrietta dau of Richard Becher of Hollybrook Esq.”

1820 27 March The Bristol Mercury
March 21 at her house in College Green, in the 102nd year of her life, Bridget, relict of the Late Cranfield Becher & youngest daughter of the late Henry Swymmer, Esq Alderman of this city

1820 Saunders Newsletter 1 Jan 1820 [Saturday]
“On Saturday last, Lieutenant [Henry Herrick] Becher of the 11th Veteran Battalion and son to the late Edward Becher Esq of Ballycotton, County Cork.”

1820 Freeman’s Journal 12 Sep 1820
“On the 4th inst at Ballygiblin the Lady of William Wrixon Becher, a son. The child only lived till next day”

1821 Cork Morning Intelligence 22 Nov 1821
“at Aughadown in this Co on Sunday inst, in the 21st year of his age Henry, the only son of Henry Becher Esq.” [?]

1821 Cork Morning Intelligence 3 Mar 1821
“on Tuesday last at Springmount, Nr Mallow, the Lady of the Rev M H Becher of a son”

1821 Cork Morning Intelligence Tue 2 Oct 1821
“On Wednesday [ 26 September] at Rock Castle in this co,  lady of Edward Becher Esq of a daughter.”

1821 Ipswich Journal Sat October 27 1821
“ Cork Assizes~Case to decide if Major James Graham left legitimate children. Robert Becher [a respectable Gentleman ] Esq, formerly of the North Cork Militia swore that he knew a man of the name James Daly in his Regiment who confessed that he was the illegitimate son of Major Graham.”

1821 Cork Morning Intelligence 13 Nov 1821
“In London, the Lady of William Wrixon Becher, MP for Mallow, of a daughter.”

1822 Freeman’s Journal
“ 9 Jan 1822 Lt Robert Becher of City of Cork Militia”

1822 John Bull 12th Feb 1822
“births-At their house in Montague Square, the Lady of Major G Becher of her ninth son.”

1822, Sat 30 March Jackson’s Oxford Journal
At Wokingham, Mr [Joyner] Becher aged 85

1823 Stamford Mercury 16 May 1823
“Married at Southwell on Wednesday the 14th inst by the Rev. Housin, H. Becher Esq. to Miss Wright.”

1823 The Constitution Friday 4 July 1823
“On the 4th inst at Ballygiblin,The lady of William Wrixon Becher of a daughter”

1823 26 July The Leeds Mercury
On the 4th inst at Ballygiblin in the County of Cork, the Lady of W Wrixon Becher Esq, MP of a daughter

1824 The Constitution Friday 30 April 1824
“yesterday morning at St Nicholas Church, by the Rev. Mr. Stevelly, George Berkley Goulding Esq, second son of Lieut Goulding, halfpay 82nd Regt, to Jane eldest daughter of the late Lieut Henry Herrick Becher 11th veteran Battalion.”

1824 The Constitution Wednesday 13 October 1824
“On Tuesday 5th Inst at Creagh Church by the Rev. Richard Townsend, Robert Stewards Esq, late of the 37th Regt, to Amelia St George, dau of Richard Hedges Becher of Hollybrook, Esq.”

1824 The Constitution 6 Dec 1824
“On Monday last at Ballygiblin the Lady of William Wrixon Becher, a son. The child only lived a few hours.”

1825 The Constitution  9 Feb 1825 [also Freeman’s Journal 11 Feb 1825]
“On Saturday last at Christchurch by the Rev. Alexander Kennedy,  Catherine Becher, eldest daughter of Mr Becher of this city to Captain Robert Thompson of Leith.”

1825 2 August The Times
Married On the 29th Ult at Canterbury, John Beecher, Esq to Emily, eldest daughter of the Late John Foulkes, Esq of Elstead, Surrey.

1825 20 August Jackson’s Oxford Journal
On Sunday was married at the new church, Mary-le-bone, London, Martin William Becher, Esq, Eldest son of Captain William Becher of Monks House in this County, to Susan only daughter of John Dobree, Esq.

1825  Jackson’s Oxford Journal Saturday 10 September 1825 [also in Bristol Mercury]
R H Whitlock Esq of Winchester to Francis Julia, youngest daughter of Captain Becher & niece of the Earl of Oxford.

1825 The Constitution Thursday 8 Dec 1825
“At Aughadown House on Friday morning, the lady of Henry Becher Esq of a son and heir.”

1826 July The Morning Chronicle
On Tuesday 11th July 1826 at Cheltenham by the Rev John Thomas Becher, Prebendary of Southwell, Thomas Haynes Bayly Esq only son of N Bayly Esq of Mount Beacon House, near Bath, to Helena Becher Hayes, only surviving daughter & heiress of the late Benjamin Hayes, Esq of Marble Hill, Co Cork.

1826 The Constitution or Cork Advertiser 21 Dec 1826
“ Voting; For Mr. Hutchinson~Michael A Becher, Henry Becher, Thomas A Becher [? Son of Richard Hedges Becher & Mary Alleyn?]], William W. Becher, Michael H Becher. For Callaghan~Michael Beecher [?]

1827 Southern Reporter Thursday 1 March 1827
On Saturday last, 24 Feb in  Duncan St, after a tedious and painful illness,  Catherine, wife of Mr Michael Becher late Deputy Chief water Bailiff of this city, died. She lost her eldest son at the battle of Waterloo.”

1827 The Constitution 17 Mar 1827
“On Sunday 18th inst, at Kinsale after a long illness, died the Rev Lionel Becher, curate of Downderry”.

1827 The Sydney Gazette Monday 1 Oct 1827
“ Mr Henry Jennings, a Gentleman related to J.T. Gellibrand Esq of Hobart Town was admitted to pracrice as an Attorney, Solicitor & Proctor in the Supreme Court an Saturday last.” [Father in Law of Rev M H Becher]

1828 9 September The Belfast News
On the 16th Ult at Ballygiblin, the Lady of William Wrixon Becher of a son

1828 13 Oct on Tuesday 5th at Creagh Robert Stowards to Amelia St George Becher, daughter of  Richard Hedges Becher of Hollybrook.

1828 Hobart Town Courier Sat 8 Nov 1828
“The same day the ship Coronet, Captain Daniel for Sydney. Passengers-Lieutenant Slade, Mr. & Mrs. Townsend, Mr Allen, Mr Beecher [Henry Owen Richard Becher] & 2 servants.”

1828 The Sydney Gazette Friday 12 December 1828
“ CAUTION. Whereas, Michael Hurley, Articled Servant to Henry Richard Owens Becher, has deserted him in Van Diemen’s Land, without fulfilling his Engagement, in Violation of his Contract with him. He hereby cautions the public not to employ him, as it is his intention to prosecute any Person (after this Notice) so offending.
          HENRY RICHARD OWENS BECHER, Thursday Dec 11, 1828.”

1829 Hobart Town Courier Sat 21 March 1829
“Michael Hurley convicted of stealing several articles or wearing apparel from his master Henry Owens Becher

1829 The Morning Chronicle Tuesday Jan 6 1829
In Chester Terrace, Regents Park, the Lady of L.Col Becher of her 10th son

1829 The Times Sat 1st August 1829
“Bankrupts- Martin William Becher, Burwood Mews, Titchbourne Street, Horse Dealer…Solicitors Messrs Evitt, Price & Lucas”

1829 Kerry Evening Post 5 December 1859
“[died] General Donovan aged 61 years. Mother was eldest daughter of Colonel John Beecher.”

1829 Oriental Herald Dec 1829
“ George Gough to Charlotte Margaret, third daughter of Charles Becher at Calcutta, June 11.”

1830 Cork Constitution
“Deaths~Thos A Becher 12 March at Skibbereen, son of the Late Richard Becher of Hollybrook”

1830 Kerry Evening Post 17 March 1830
“[died] Thos. A Becher, Esq.”

1830 Sat 3 April Jackson’s Oxford Journal
On Saturday Ult at the Residence of Col Becher Chester Terrace, Regents park, John Becher Esq of Mount Ephraim, Tonbridge Wells, Kent

1830 The Times Wednesday Dec 29, 1830
“Died – On Wednesday the 22nd inst at Brookfield Cottage, Mitcham, Mrs Bassilia Becher in the 87th year of her age”

1831 Sat Jan 15 Jackson’s Oxford Journal
At Reading, Thomas Kirby RN of Mayfield Sussex to Louisa Elizabeth, Eldest daughter of the Late R Becher of the Hon East India Co.

1831 Kerry Evening Post  15 February 1831.
On Thursday 2nd inst. In Glanmire Church by Rev Charles Lambeth Cogham. Michael Alleyn Becher of Hollybrook in this county to Eliza, daughter of the late David Sherrard of this city, Esq.[David Sherrard described elsewhere as Late of Blackpool]

1831 The Satirist April 10, 1831
“On the 31st Ult, Edward Rocke Becher, fifth son of Colonel & Mrs Becher, Age 16 “

1831 Wed April 20 The Derby Mercury
At Southwell Notts, on the 12th Inst Mr Becher Bousfield to Henrietta, second daughter of H. Becher Esq.

1831 1 September Freeman’s Journal
Births- 25th ult in Cork, at Ballygiblin The Lady of W W Becher of a son

1832 Liverpool Mercury Friday 23 Nov 1832
“ On Tuesday last…Same day at St Catherine’s Church, Mr Thomas Smith to Miss Amelia Becher of this town.” [?]

1833 The Examiner Sunday 5 May 1833
“Deaths- April 24 at the residence of her daughter Lady Darrell, Brighton, aged 73, Martha Becher, relict to William Becher, Esq.”
“At Cavendish Place, Brighton, Martha, relict of the late W. Becher, Esq., in her seveth-fourth year.” [The Court Magazine 1 June 1833]

1833 22 May The Derby Mercury

On the night of the 13th of May at her home, Burgage House, Southwell, aged 71, Universally regretted, Margaret, relict of John Hollis Pigot & mother of J M B Pigot MD of Nottingham. She was the last surviving daughter of Richard Turner Becher & his second wife Elizabeth Lowe, dau of Samuel Lowe of Southwell & sister of Sherbrooke Lowe [sheriff 1785] & Robert Lowe [Sheriff 1800]

1833 Kerry Evening Post 29 May 1833
“ [died] Mary Becher 4th daughter of the late  Richard Becher of Hollybrook” Cork Constitution gives place of death as Clonakilty.

1833 Dublin Morning Register 3 Sep 1833
In Clonakilty, the Lady of Michael Alleyn Becher Esq. of a son & heir.”

1834 Tuesday 27 May North Wales Chronicle
On the 6th Inst at Southwell, Nottingham, W Aldrich Cotton, son of the Rev J A Cotton, Vicar of Ellesmere to Margaret Pereira, eldest daughter of Henry Becher Esq of that former place.

1834 Liverpool Mercury Friday 25 July 1834
On Tuesday last, at Neston, Cheshire, by the Rev J Husbands, Gambier Charles Becher Esq 2nd son of the Late Captain Alexander Becher to Louisa, 4th daughter of the Late William Sellers of Chester.

1834 Tipperary Free Press 25 Oct 1834
“At Brinny, Michael Westropp Becher, Esq of his Majesties 1st West India Regiment to Miss Harding of Bandon.”

1834 The Times Mon Dec 29 1834
“ Melancholic Affair at Rathcormack….Great County & City Meeting…present Richard H H BecherThomas Becher [Thomas Alleyn Becher?] “

1835 Roscommon Journal & Western Impartial Reporter 23 Jan 1835
“Births-At Clonakilty, Co Cork, the lady of Michael Alleyn Becher, Esq of a daughter.” [Millicent Mary Eliza Becher]. Dublin Evening Packet 20 Jan 1835 gives the date as 13 January.

1835 Southern Reporter & Cork Commercial 26 Feb 1835
“On the 18th inst, at the Rev M. H. Bechers, Clyda, Mallow; Miss Vowell, eldest daughter of the late Richard Vowell, Esq of Bath.”

1835 Cork Constitution
“22 Dec 1835 ~ Elizabeth Becher, eldest daughter of the Late Lieut [Henry Herrick] Becher of the 11th Royal Veteran Battalion. Died on Mr Gashe’s Coach on her return from Bandon.”

1835 Kerry Evening Post 30 Dec 1835
“ died, Elizabeth Beecher eldest daughter of Late Lieut Beecher on return from Bandon.”

1836 27 January The Derby Mercury
On Tuesday the 19th inst of Southwell, Henry Becher of that place, aged 71.

1836 The Derby Mercury Wednesday 7 September 1836
“ On Tuesday, the 30th August, at Worksop, by the Rev Thomas Coats Cane, M.A. the Rev. John Drake Becher, M.A. Vicar of South Muskham, in County of Nottingham, and only son of the Rev John Thomas Becher, Vicar General and Prebendary of the Collegiate Church of Southwell, to Elizabeth Susannah, only daughter of Henry Machin, of Gateford Hill,  the same county. “

1836 Southern Reporter & Cork Commercial 24 Dec 1836
“Friday 23rd Edward Baldwin Becher, Esq of Rock Castle, to Anna, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Townsend, Esq of White Hall, Lower Shandon.”

1837 Freeman’s Journal 23 Feb 1837
“ on the 19th November ast Trinidad, the Lady of Michael Westropp Becher, Esq. of the 1st West India Regt of a son.”

1837 United Service Magazine 10 March 1837
“ 1st West India Regiment. Ensign Michael Westropp Becher to be Lieutenant without purchase.”

1837 Galway Patriot 22 April 1837
“ At Clyda, near Mallow, the Lady of the Rev. M. H. Becher of a son.”

1837 24 May Wednesday The Derby Mercury
On the 17th Inst at Southwell in her 69th year, Mary, wife of J T Becher, Vicar General.

1837 13 July North Wales Chronicle
Education – Black Bridge, Holyhead
Gambier Charles Becher respectfully intimates that it is his intention at the close of Summer vacation to OPEN a SCHOOL for a limited number of young Gentlemen in the useful & polite branches of Education.

1837 Dublin Morning Register 18 September 1837
“At St Nicholas’ Church, Richard Becher Hungerford Esq of the Island to Frances Eyre, daughter of the late John Becher of Hollybrook.”

1838 The Derby Mercury Wednesday 23 May 1838
“BIRTHS~On the 15th Inst. At Carlton-upon-Trent, the Lady of the Rev. John Drake Becher, Vicar of South Muskham, of a daughter.”

1838 Dublin Evening Mail 15 Oct 1838
“ Oct 11 at Limerick, the Lady of Lieutenant Becher, RN of a daughter.” [not yet identified]

1838 Wexford Independent 17 October 1838
“At Ballyduvane House, Cork, the Lady of Michael Alleyn Becher of a son” [Michael Alleyn Richard Becher]

1838 Hobart Town Courier Friday 23 Nov 1838
“ Assignments from Prisoner’s Barracks….D. Becher [?]…”

1838 15 December The Caledonian Mercury
1st West India Regiment. Lieut Becher is again in arrest for being drunk on duty. [presumably Michael Westropp Becher who must have died around this time]

1838 Belfast Commercial Chronicle 19 Dec 1838
“ October 25 at St Lucia, of Yellow Fever, Michael Westropp Becher, Lieutenant in the 1st West India Reg. son to Michael Becher, Cork whose eldest son Abel Becher of the 92nd Highlanders was killed at Waterloo.”

1839 23 January Trewmans Exeter Flying Post
Jan 10 at Cricklade Church, wilts, The Rev James Young Becher to Mary, 3rd daughter of the Late Rev William Read of Stone Easter, Somerset.

1839 The Derby Mercury Wed 13th February 1839
“ Marriages- At the Collegiate Church, Southwell, by the Rev R H Fowler, Charles Fowler, Esq. Eldest son of the Rev C Fowler, senior Vicar of Southwell, to Elizabeth, widow of the Late Henry Becher, Esq.”

1839 Freeman’s Journal 15 Feb 1839
“Marriages~On Tuesday last, in Cork, Richard H H Becher, Esq of Hollybrook in that County, to Melian, daughter of the Rev M O’Donovan of Montpelier.”

1839 Hobart Town Courier Friday 3 May 1839
Govt House May 1
Tenders will be received by me until the 17th inst for supplying forage for a mounted police horse stationed at Green Ponds and also one at Oatlands, from the present period to the 30th June next. Daily rations 8lb oats, 4lb bran, 12 pounds hay, 4lb straw. Tenders to state the rate per ration.
H.M.Becher [Henry Murray]
Commanding Mounted Police

1839 Colonial Times [Hobart] 20 August 1839
“ Wanted, in a small family, as nursemaid, a free woman of steady habits and good character. Apply to Mrs Becher, at Madame Bush’s, Elizabeth Street. Aug 20 1839” [Wife of Henry Murray Becher]

1839 The Hobart Town Courier 20 September 1839
“Births~On Saturday 14th Inst, the lady of H M Becher, Esq of a daughter.”

1839 30 October Freeman’s Journal
Co Cork Agricultural Show
Mr R H Becher’s turnips & Mangle Wurzels were decidedly the finest & got the prize.

1839 Monday 16 December Hampshire Telegraph
At Holyhead, Isle of Anglesea, North Wales on the 9th inst, the Lady of Gambier Charles Becher, Esq, late of St Mary’s Southampton of a son.

1840 Tipperary Free Press 12 Feb 1840
“ At Ballyduvane House, Co Cork, the Lady of Michael Alleyn Becher of a Daughter” [Amelia?]

1841 4 March Freeman’s Journal
On the 23rd ult at Ballyduvane House, Co Cork, the Lady of Michael Alleyne Becher of a son.

1841 Kerry Evening Post April 7 1841
Henry Becher of Ashdown died.” Cork Constitution adds that he was 67. Date of death may be 21 March 1841.

1841 The Times Friday 8th October 1841
China….After three days delay the whole of the conditions having been complied with, the British troops, who had previously had several skirmishes with the Tatar troops, were with drawn, the Chinese furnishing every means to get rid of them & their guns. The heat was excessive-one officer, Major Becher, fell dead from a stroke of the sun.”

1841 Kerry Evening Post 29 Dec 1841
“At Ballyduvane House, Clonakilty,  Amelia Becher youngest daughter of Michael Alleyn Becher died”

1842 The Times August 2nd 1842
“On the 16th Ult at Nice, Charles Becher, Esq Late of the East India Company of Civil Service, Benglal, aged 65, deeply regretted”

1842 1st September The Court Magazine
Becher, Charles, Late of the East India Service, deeply regretted, aged 65, July 16.

1842 Kerry Evening Post Oct 8 1842
“Married George Finch to Letitia Hungerford Beecher second daughter of the late J Beecher of Hollybrook.”

1842 27 October 1842 Freeman’s Journal
“on the 20th Inst at Lakelands, West Carbery, Co Cork, The Lady of Richard Becher Hungerford of a daughter.”

1843 Kerry Evening Post
“Died Hrs Hayes, wife of the late Benjamin Hayes and daughter of Michael Becher of Creagh”

1843 The Hull Packet Friday 27th Jan 1843
“Bachelors Commencement January 21 1843, Examination for Honours ….Junior…Becher, Michael Henry, Jesus [college]”

1843 19 June Hampshire Telegraph
at Singapore on the 16th March last, John Becher of Kingston Cross, near Portsmouth, aged 48 years.

1844 14 Feb Susannah Becher daughter of J Becher of Lakelands died.

1844 Kerry Evening Post 17 Feb 1844
Susannah Hungerford Beecher, daughter of the late J Beecher of Thornhill.”

1844 Limerick Reporter  1 March 1844
“At Glandore Church,  Samuel Townsend Esq. of Reena Dhuna to Charlotte Augusta Becher 2nd daughter of the late Edward Becher, Esq of Rock Castle, Co Cork

1844 The Times 1st June 1844
“War Office May 31- 27th Foot John Richard Hedges Becher, gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, Vice Hamilton who retires.”

 1844 Saturday Dec 28 John Bull & Jackson’s Oxford Journal
On the 20 Inst. At Southwell, Mrs Elizabeth Becher, dau of the late Rev William Becher, aged 76.

1846 Freeman’s Journal Tuesday 24 March 1846
“BIRTHS~At Lakelands, County Cork, the Lady of O’Donovan Becher, Esq of a daughter.”

1846 The Times Sat 4th April 1846
“ To be Majors in the Army in the East Indies…Capt Arthur Mitford Becher, 61st Bengal Native Infantry.”

1846 The Times April 11 1846
“Died- On the morning of the 9th Inst at his residence No 17 Portland Place, Brighton, Richard Becher, Esq. Aged 82, Lamented & Beloved by all who knew him, His end was perfect peace”

1846 Kerry Evening Post Dec 30 1846
“died Susan Beecher relict of the Late John Beecher of Hollybrook. Another clipping adds Hungerford in brackets, and says she died at Ballygrizzard cottage.” [Cork Examiner gives age of 73 years]

1847 Jan 6 1847 On Saturday evening died at the same hour and near the same town William Wrixon, [father to Sir William Wrixon Becher] in his 91st year  and Rev John Lombard in his 90th year.

1847 The Times Monday 8th Feb 1847
“The Rev Michael Henry Becher, BA of Jesus College to the rectory of Kilshannig in the Diocese of Cloyne.”

1847 Jackson’s Oxford Journal 10 April 1847
“DEATHS~ At Sunning Hill, Louisa, relict of the Late Robert Becher, Esq of Chancellor House, Tunbridge Wells.”

1847 Kerry Evening Post April 21 1847
“died at Douglas St Cork, Michael Becher of Cork” Cork Constitution adds that he was 81 years old [born about 1766] & Southern Reporter & Cork Commercial adds that it was at his Lodgings.

1847 Daily News Wed 2 June 1847
“ VINCENT~BECHER – April 6, at Boolundshuhur, Bengal, Major-General W. Vincent, to Mrs Becher, relict of the Late Captain G. Becher.”

1847 Kerry Evening Post Aug 25 1847
“died at Cove, Anne Catherine Becher, only daughter of Rev Michael Henry Becher of Clyda near Mallow.”

1847 The Times 25th September 1847
“27th Foot-Ensign John Richard Hedges Becher to be Lieut, by purchase, Vice Reilly who retires.”

1847 Daily News Monday 4 October 1847
“BIRTHS~ Bengal~At Simla, on the 14th July, the Lady of Major Arthur Becher of a son.”

1847 Freeman’s Journal Nov 24 1847
“On the 16th Inst, at Clyda near Mallow, the Rev Michael Henry Becher, prebendary of Couline & Rector of Kilshannig.”

1847 Lincolnshire Chronicle Dec 1847
“ Died at Clyda, near Mallow, Ireland at the 16th Ult, the Rev Michael Henry Becher, brother to the Rev John Thomas Becher, Vicar-general of Southwell”

1848 Cork Examiner 14 Feb 1848
“ Births-At Lakelands (Carbery) on the morning of the 9th inst, Mrs O’Donovan Becher of a daughter.” [Anne Knoll Daunt Becher]

1848 Kerry Evening Post Feb 26 1848 & Southern Reporter Cork
“on 17th inst at Gravesend Married George Robert Becher, Late of Rock Castle, Ensign 77th Regt. to Annie, youngest daughter of A. K. Johnson, Esq.”

1848 Kerry Evening Post Mar 29 1848 & Southern Reporter Cork
“Died~On the 20 inst at Skibbereen, Annie, the beloved wife of George Robert Beecher, Esq 77th Reg, dau of J. A. K. Johnson, Esq and granddaughter of the late Sir John Johnson Bt.”

1849 Cork Examiner 16 Feb 1849
Becher v Becher. Elizabeth Becher sought to be divorced from her husband Michael Alleyn Becher for alleged adultery and ill treatment. Children were mentioned. Adultery was denied & doubted by both sides and the case was adjourned for a week.”

1848 9 September Ipswich Journal
31 ult at the Parish Church of St Mary-Le-Bone, The Rev Charles John Ellicott M.A. Rector of Pilton, Rutlandshire to Constantia Anne, only surviving daughter of Commander A. B. Becher, R N of Upper Glouc Place, Dorset Square.

1848 Southern Reporter & Cork Commercial Courier Nov 14 1848
“ On the 11th inst at her residence, Clonakilty,  Mrs Mary Becher at an advanced age.[Mary nee Somerville widow of Edward Becher]

1849 Kerry Evening Post Jan 1 1849
“died Elizabeth Becher youngest daughter of Edward Becher, late of Rock Castle, Co Cork.”

1849 The Times April 26 1849
“Died- On Wednesday the 18th Inst at Inhurst Banghurst, Hants, Caroline Anne, youngest daughter of the late Robert Becher, Esq of Chancellor House, Tunbridge-wells”

1849 The Times May 16 1849
“On the 15th Inst at Trinity Church, Chelsea by the Rev E A Ommanney Vicar of Chew Magna, Captin Septimus Harding Becher 61st Bengal N.I. to Augusta Emily, daughter of the late Augustus Prinsep, Esq, Bengal, O.S.”

1849 Dublin Evening Mail 1 June 1849
“ Cholera Outbreak at Tralee; This day at the county infirmary after 3 days illness in her 16th year, Anne, eldest daughter of Mrs. Becher, matron of that institution. She was an interesting person.”

1849 Daily News Tuesday 31 July 1849
“ DEATHS~BECHER June 3, at Calcutta, J. Becher Esq. aged 26.”

1849 Daily News Monday 3 September 1849
“ BIRTHS~BECHER~Aug 27, at Hill House, Southwell, the wife of the Rev. J.D. Becher of a daughter.”

1849 Saturday October 13 John Bull.
October 8- William Becher, Esq. Formerley a Captain in H M 31st Reg.[Daily news adds that the Reg’t was also called Young Buffs]

1850 Jan 2 Elizabeth V Becher of fever daughter of Edward Becher, late of Rock Castle.

1850 Kerry Evening Post April 3 1850
 “Died At Ballyduvane House, Co Cork, Michael Alleyne Becher on March 26, aged 50.”

1850 Freeman’s Journal Thursday 19th September 1850
“Marriages- September 14 in Cork, John Richard Hedges Becher, Esq eldest son of the Late Henry Becher, Esq of Aughadown, to Lucinda youngest daughter of the Late Richard Edward Hull, Esq of Demcom Manor, Both of that County.”

1851 Southern Reporter Sat 1 Feb 1851
“At Lakelands, the residence of her nephew O’Donovan Becher, Miss Eliza Becher, aged 69 “

1851 Kerry Evening Post 5 Feb 1851
“Feb Miss Eliza Beecher at Lakelands”

1851 8 March Freeman’s Journal
March 1st at Carharagh, Thomas Wood, Esq of Woodfort, Co Cork to Alicia Gahan Becher, dau of the Late Edward Becher of Rock Castle.

1851 Daily News Thursday 10 April 1851
“On the 5th inst at Skibbereen Church by Rev Horace Fleming, Rev Henry Brougham nephew of Lord Brougham and Rector of Moynalty, Co Meath, to Lucy Alleyn, eldest daughter of the late Henry Becher of Aughadown.

1851 The Bristol Mercury Saturday, 9 August 1851
“ DEATHS~ In Switzerland, Arthur, second son of Captain Becher of Nailsworth.”

1851 Worcester Chronicle 3 Dec 1851
“At Dinapore, East Indies, Emma, youngest daughter of the late Cecil Becher, Esq & sister of Mrs. W.S.P. Hughs of this city.” Baffled. This doesn’t match at all!]

1852 The Times January 5 1852
“On the 3rd Inst at Bromley St Leonards, Robert Brudenell Carter, Esq of Leytonstone, To Helen, third daughter of The Late John Becher, Esq of Balasore, East Indies”

1852 6 January Daily News
Carter-Becher at St Mary’s Brompton, R B Carter of Leytonstone to Helen, 3rd daughter of the late J Becher of Balasore, East Indies.

1852 Lincolnshire Journal 11 June 1852
“ At Oakham, on Monday last, Richard Turner Michael Becher, Esq; Eldest son of the late Henry Becher, Esq of Southwell to Miss Sarah Whittington of Halam.”

1852 Freeman’s Journal Thursday 16 September 1852
“ MARRIAGES~At Killingholme, Lincolnshire, the Rev. John Thomas Becher, second son of the Rev M. H. Becher, of Clyda, Co Cork, to Maria, eldest daughter of Samuel Byron Esq. of Killingholme Manor.”

1852 The Bristol Mercury Saturday 4 December 1852
“BIRTHS~At Marlborough-bdgs, Bath, the wife of Capt. H.M.Becher, a daughter.” 

1853 Freeman’s Journal Sat 12 Feb
“on 8 Inst at Cahara by Rev R Webb, G Robert Becher, Esq. Late of H M 77th Reg to Anna Maria, 3rd daughter of the late John Baldwin of Drumbeg, Co Cork.”

1853 The Times Monday 25 April 1853
“ On Saturday the 23rd Inst at St Mary’s West Brompton, by the Rev Thomas Pearson, W.A. Becher, Esq to Louisa Elizabeth second daughter of The Late John Becher, Esq.”

1853 Kerry Evening Post Aug 31 1853
“Died near Dunmanway, George Robert Becher late 77th Reg, youngest son of Edward Becher Co Cork.”

1853 Freeman’s Journal Sat 27 August 1853
“ On the 18th Inst. at his residence Lisbalet Cottage near Dunmanway, George Robert Becher, late 77th Reg. Youngest son of Edward Becher of Rock Castle.”

1853 Kerry Evening Post 9 Nov 1853
“ Deaths~at Berkley Square, Relict of William Becher, Late 31st Reg.”

1853 Sydney Morning Herald 30 Nov 1853
“ Wanted, one or two stonemasons, accustomed to do rubble work, to whom the highest wages will be given. Apply after the hours of 6 O’Clock pm to F. Becher, Millers Buildings, Kent St.” [Don’t know the identity of this Becher]

1853 The Times 21 December 1853
“On Thursday the 15th Inst at Brompton, the wife of W Augustus Becher, Esq, prematurely, of a son, stillborn.”

1853 Berkley Square, relict of William Becher late 31st Reg [Harriet Martina Becher]

1854 Tues 3 Jan.
On 27th Inst. at the residence of her son, Rev M H Becher of Barnoldby-Le-Beck, Great Grimsby, Susan, relict of Rev M H Becher, late of Clyda, Mallow, age 57.

1854 Sat 28 Jan.
On 20 inst. At Barnoldby-Le-Beck Rectory, the residence of her nephew Rev M H Becher, Catherine, last surviving daughter of the Late Major Vowell of Bath. Aged 60.

1854 Wells Journal 28 Jan 1854
“ At the residence of her nephew, M H Becher, Anne, second daughter of the late Major Vowell of Bath, ten days after the death of her sister Mrs Becher and on the 20th her only remaining sister Catherine Vowell, aged 60. These three sisters were beloved and respected by all who knew them. In life they were closely united, in death they were not divided.”

1854 Freeman’s Journal Saturday 7 Feb 1854.
On Thursday 2nd Inst. at Christ Church by Rev Henry Brougham, Rector. Edmund Meade Waldo Esq., late of life guards and eldest son of Edmund Wakefield Mead Waldo of Hever Castle and Stonewall Park of Kent to Harriette Ellen 2nd daughter of the late Henry Becher of Aughadown, Co Cork.

1854 Daily News Thursday 27 April 1854
“ BIRTHS~ BECHER – April, at Hill House, Southwell, Notts, the wife of the Rev. J.D. Becher of a son.”

1854 Saturday 20 May John Bull
May 14 at Southwell in her 77th year, Andreana last surviving daughter of the late Rev William Becher.

1854 The Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette 20 July 1854
“July 10 at Fleet, Lincolnshire, the wife of the Rev John Thomas Becher, curate of Fleet of a daughter.”

1855 13 February Morning Chronicle
"Frances, relict of the Late Richard Becher, formerly of Caversham-Rise Oxon & of Chancellor House, Tunbridge Wells. On the 6th Inst at her residence, Portland Place, Brighton. Jackson’s Oxford Journal adds that she died of Bronchitis."

1855 Morning Chronicle February
“ On the 8th Feb 1855 at Hollybrook House, Co Cork, the seat of her brother John R H Becher, the lady of Edmund Waldo Meade Waldo of a son & heir.”

1855 9 March
At Brompton, Lady of W A Becher of a daughter.”The Times 13 March adds that it was on the 8th Inst”

1856 The Argus 14 April 1856
“ Married on the 9th inst at St Kilda, by the Rev ?, the Rev M H Becher, Rector of Barnoldby-Le-Beck, Lincolnshire, England to Philippa Catherine, second surviving daughter of Henry Jennings, Esq, Melbourne.”

1856 The Belfast News-Letter Monday 28th April 1856
“…Cork-Michael Becher to be second Lieut, vice J.D. Jackson, promoted.”

1856 Liverpool Mercury 17 May 1856
“ May 12, at Ballederine, Mayo, Ireland, John Samuel Beecher, Esq. Military Barrack-master, to Margaret, third daughter of Mr. Thomas Payne and sister of Mr. Charles D. Payne of Russell-Street in this town.”[?]

1856 The Times 16 July 1856
“ On Monday the 14th inst, at Cheltenham, the wife of Major C G Becher, 5th Bengal Light Cavalry, of a son”

1856 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 19 July 1856
“Becher=De La Garde: July 15 at St Davids, Exeter. Richard A Becher 43rd Bengal Light Infantry to Elizabeth Miller, 2nd daughter of Philip C. De la Garde, Esq of Southernhay, Exeter.”

1856 The Morning Chronicle Saturday 26 July 1856
“ On the 9th April, at St Kilda, Melbourne, the Rev. M.H. Becher, rector of St Barnoldby-Le-Beck, Lincolnshire, to Philippa Catherine, second surviving daughter of Henry Jennings, Esq. Solicitor, of Melbourne, Australia.”

1856 The Argus Friday 8 August 1856
“The chairman then introduced the Rev Mr. Beecher [sic], the English deputation, who delighted the audience for nearly an hour by a thrilling detail of the operations of the society in various parts of the world. The Reverend Gentleman was repeatedly cheered during the delivery of his excellent speech” [Meeting at Brighton, Victoria. The Society was the British & Foreign Bible Society]

1856 The Times Friday 8 August 1856
“ The Perseverance steam-transported, Commander McDonald, R.N. arrived at Spithead on Wednesday from the East…..passengers….Assistant Surgeon J.Becher….”[?]

1856 The Times Monday 1st December
“On the 28th ult at Hill House, Southwell. Notts, Cranfield Frederick, youngest son of the Rev John Drake Becher, aged 11 months”

1857 The Times Tuesday 20 January 1857
“On the 17th Inst, at Cheltenham, Welwood George Christie, aged 6 months, third son of Lieutenant C.G. Becher, 5th Bengal Light Cavalry, H.E.I.C.S.” 

1857 7 March Saturday The Times
Deaths- On the 5th Inst at 5 Drayton-grove, West Brompton, Mary Catherine, eldest daughter of the late John Becher, Jun, Esq, aged 34.

1857 Bath Chronicle 11 July 1857
Percy Chester Becher, son of Sullivan Becher, Esq of Bengal Civil Service of Brain Fever, aged 15.”

1857 The Times Monday, 28th September 1857
“At Barrakpore, Calcutta on the 2nd August of Cholera Elizabeth Miller, the beloved wife of Richard A. Becher, Esq, 43rd B.N.I. & second daughter of Philip Chilwell De La Garde, Esq of Exeter; also on the 21st of July Millie Harriet, her infant daughter”

1857 The Morning Chronicle Tuesday 20 Oct 1857
“On the 4th Inst, at Barrackpore, Calcutta, Richard Adolphus Becher, Esq. 43rd Bengal native Infantry.”

1857 The Argus 10 Nov 1857
George Lionel Becher, your Uncle John would like to hear from you. Direct 93 Stephen St.”

1857 Daily News 27 Nov 1857
“Births~Becher, Nov 22 at Barnoldby-Le-Beck Rectory, Lincolnshire, the wife of the Rev M H Becher, of a son.”

1858 The Morning Chronicle Monday 25 Jan 1858
“Deaths~On the 8th October at Lucknow, from the effects of a wound, Captain A.A. Becher, 40th Reg Bengal Native Infantry, aged 35.”

1858 Launceston Examiner 16 March 1858
“Births-Becher-On the 22 November 1857 at Barnoldby-Le-Beck Rectory, Lincolnshire, the wife of the Rev. M. H. Becher of a son.”

1858 Liverpool Mercury Friday 9th April 1858
“We are happy to be able to record an act which shows a freedom from sectarian prejudice that we are always delighted to recognise in our Protestant fellow-country men. On Friday last, the foundation stone of the new Catholic Church of Castlemagner was laid by Sir Henry W Becher, of Ballygiblin.”[From Cork Examiner]

1858 The Morning Chronicle 26 June 1858
“On the 22nd inst at St Mary Abbotts, Kensington, Captain Alfred Becher, Bombay Army to Caroline Maria, eldest dau of the late Major Henry Charles Morse of the 8th Reg Bombay Native Infantry.”

1858 The Morning Chronicle Tuesday 31 August 1858
“On the 26 Inst at Brighton, the wife of Col Arthur Becher, C.B of a son.”

1858 Morning Chronicle Wed 17 Nov 1858
“On the 13th Inst, at Drayton-Grove, West Brompton, Mrs W Augustus Becher of a son.” 

1859 Wed 27 Jan, At Bal….?? on the 4th inst. Sarah Anne Faulkner, relict of the late Henry Alleyne of Ring House & daughter of the late Edward Becher Esq. of Ballycotton House in this county{Cork}[NOTE this must be the Sarah Becher who married Henry Alleyn in 1789…I wonder which of the Edwards is her father??]

1859 Argus 6 May 1859
“ Exploring the interior [of Australia]….Sir William Stawell, Dr. Becher [?], Dr. Iffla, Dr Muller…” [German Explorers perhaps?]

1859 The Morning Chronicle Friday 13 May 1859
“DEATHS~BECHER- On the 2nd Ult, at Indore, from the effects of exposure and fatigue during the late campaign in central India, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Becher, of the 5th Bengal Light Cavalry.”

1859 The Times 18 May 1859
“Deaths – On the 2nd April at Indore, Lieut-Col Charles Grant Becher, of the 5th Bengal Light Cavalry & of Beatson’s Horse”

1859 Freeman’s Journal Friday 3 June 1859
“Deaths~May 28 at Lakelands, near Skibbereen, Melian, wife of Richard H.H. Becher, Esq.”

1859 3 August Freeman’s Journal & Caledonian Mercury
Married at Clonakilty Church on the 28th Ult by the Rev William Sherrard Uncle of the Bride, assisted by the Rev A B Hallowell, Richard Neville Somerville Esq of the Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh to Annie Blennerhassel,[Blenerhasset] daughter of the Late Michael Alleyne Becher of Ballyduvane House, Co Cork.

1859 The Morning Chronicle Wednesday 10 August 1859
“ BIRTHS~Becher-On the 5th Inst. At Harvey-Villa, Folkestone, the Lady of Captain Alfred Becher of a daughter.”

1859 27 August Hampshire Telegraph
On the 23rd Inst at her residence, Turnham Green, Frances, Widow of the Late Captain A Becher R N in her 82nd year.

1859 Saturday 3 Dec Southern Reporter Cork
 On 28 November at Evergreen, Cork, Mary relict of Lieut Henry H[errick] Becher.

1859 The Times Saturday, Nov 19 1859
“ On the 17th inst, at the Collegiate Church, Southwell, Notts….The Rev John Ash Gaussen, Vicar of Rolleston, Notts, eldest son of William Gausen of Magherafelt in the County of Derry, Esq. to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of The Rev John Drake Becher, of Hill House, Southwell”

1860 The Times Thursday March 15 1860
Deaths- On the 10th inst, at his residence 1 Wood Street, Westminster, aged 44, Mr Henry Becher, House Decorator, deeply regretted by all who knew him” ?

1860 Phoenix 14 July 1860
“Deaths – 13 June 160, Anne Becher aged 82 at Ballyduvane House, Clonakilty, daughter of Richard Becher of Hollybrook, Skibbereeen.”

1860 The Times of India 16 Oct 1860
“At Gowhattee on the 13TH Sept Mrs. Becher widow of the late Major Robert Becher Bengal Army.”

1860 The Times of India 19 Nov 1860
“On the 9th Nov at Sattara, the wife of Captain A Becher 8th Regt NI of a daughter.”

1861 The Times of India 11 Jan 1861
“On the 27th Dec at St. Saviour’s Church Calcutta by the Rev’d Dr Jarbo Edward William Earle esq second daughter son of the late Lieut S Earle of the Invalid Establishment to Caroline Mary eldest daughter of the late John Edward Becher Esq. Indigo Planter of Tirhoot.”

1861 The Times of India 29 Jan 1861
“ At Calcutta on the 18th Jan Helen the infant daughter of Major & Mrs S Becher.”

1861 The Times of India 25 Feb 1861
“ At Calcutta on the 9th Feb Miss Harriett Becher, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Edward Becher, Esq. Indigo Planter, Tirhoot aged 17 years and 4 months.”

1861 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 6 March 1861
“ January 11 at Calcutta, Lieut. C.R. Pennington, of H.M. Bengal Irregular Cavalry to Lilla Harriet, eldest daughter of Captain H. Becher, late of the Bengal Army.”

1861 The Argus 3 July 1861
“The Queen of the Mersey; Passengers: Cabin; Rev Beecher, Mrs Beecher

1861 Argus Thursday 4 July 1861
“ DEATH~BECHER- On 26 April, on board ship Queen of the Mersey, in lat. 5 deg. N., long. 25deg. W., of convulsions, after measles, Henry Valentine, son of the Rev. M. H. BECHER, late rector of Barnoldby-le-Beck, Lincolnshire.” Another paper gives lat 5 00 n & 24’ 34 w

1862 The Belfast Newsletter 24 May 1862
“ Births~Somerville May 19 at Ballyduvane House, Clonakilty, the wife [Millicent Mary Eliza Becher of Ballyduvane] of Captain Thomas Somerville JP of the Prairie, Skull, Co Cork of a son & heir”

1862 Argus 24 May 1862
“ BIRTHS~BECHER-On the 4th inst at St James’s Parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev. M. H. Becher of a daughter.” [Alicia Susan]

1862 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 10 September 1862
“On 3 September, At St James Exeter, James Pattle Becher, son of the Late John Becher of Calcutta  to Sage Halse, 3rd daughter of Colonel J M Ley of Madras Horse Artillery & Pennsylvania, Exeter.”

1862 The Times 8 October 1862
“ Deaths-On the 2nd Inst, at Frankfort-on-the-Maine, in her 55th year, Charlotte [nee Becher], the beloved wife of George Gough, Esq, Rathronan House, Clonmel, Ireland.”

1862 The Times 4 December 1862
“On the 25th Nov at Inhurst, Louisa Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Kirby, Esq. and daughter of the late Robert Becher, Esq of Chancellor House, Tunbridge Wells, aged 60”

1863 Saturday 25th April 1863 John Bull
April 20, at Rotherhithe, Surrey, after a few hours illness, Maria, wife of the Rev J. T. Becher, Curate of Rotherhithe.

1863 The Times, Friday 2nd October 1863
“Marriages – On Wednesday the 30th September In the Collegiate Church of Southwell, by the Rev Arthur Tatham…..The Rev Joseph Walker, M.A. Rector of Averham & Kelham, Notts, to Elizabeth Susanna Victoria daughter of the Rev J.D. Becher, of Hill House, Southwell”

1864 Argus 24 Feb 1864
“ BIRTHS~BECHER- On the 22nd Ult. At St James Parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev. M.H. Becher of a daughter.” [Blanche Maria]

1864 The Gentleman’s Magazine
“ Deaths~10 May 1864 ~At The Parsonage, St Thomas’, Preston, the Rev J T Becher, Incumbent & late Curate of Rotherhithe.”

1864 Argus Thursday 14 July 1864
“ DEATHS~BECHER- on the 10th May, The Rev John Thomas Becher, M.A. Incumbent of St. Thomas’s, Preston, Lancashire.”

1864 The Leeds Mercury Friday 12 August 1864
“ Deaths~BECHER~ Aug 8th, at Hill House, Southwell, Notts, aged 53, The Rev. John Drake Becher.

1864 16 November The Belfast Newsletter
Becher & Hicks, Nov 10 at St Mary Magdalene, Torquay by The Rev T N Hicks, MA, brother of the bride, assisted by R R Wolfe. M A R Becher, Esq. of Ballyduvane, Clonakilty to Helen, oldest daughter of Thomas Hicks, Esq of Dereentra & Skull & Torquay, Devon.

1865  6 June The Cork Examiner 1865
On the 27th April Edward B Becher late of Rock Castle died in Douglas County Illinois of a low bilious fever.

1865 Argus 18 July 1865
“BIRTHS~BECHER- On the 10th inst at St James Parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev. M. H. Becher of a son.” [William Henry]

1865 Cork Examiner 5 September 1865
Death notice for Samuel John Beecher aged 49 at Mountain View

1865 Cork Examiner 3 Nov
Deaths~ Ellen Becher, relict of Henry Becher, at Loughin

1865 Thursday 9 Nov.
 On the 1st inst. At Lough lne in this county, Mrs Becher, widow of the late Henry Owens Becher of Aughadown.

1865 13 December Pall Mall Gazette
At Christchurch, North Brixton, F J Wilkins to Louisa A Becher 11th Inst.

1865  The Argus 30 November 1865
“ Elizabeth Taylor & Thomas Smith were charged with stealing some articles from the house of the Rev M. H. Becher some time on or about the 21st inst…..anti-maccassars, an embroidered cushion …silver inkstand [inscribed from parishioners at Barnoldby-le-Beck]..”

1866 Argus Monday 12 February 1866
“ DEATHS~BECHER- On the 10th inst, at St James Parsonage, Melbourne, William Henry, son of the Rev M. H. Becher aged 7 months.”

1866 Saturday June 9 John Bull
June 7 at Slaugham, Sussex. [Trevor] G. Becher Esq. son of the late John Becher of Caversham-Rise, Berks to Victoria Jannette, second daughter of the Rev William Surgison, Rector of Slaugham.

1866 25 June 1866 Pall Mall Gazette
At The Parish Church, Brighton, Mr J Mathew of Thursles, Late Cape Leicestershire Militia to Elizabeth, Only surviving daughter of G Becher of Vernon Terrace.

1866 The Skibbereen & West Carbery Eagle 29 Oct 1866
“ Deaths- At her residence on Tuesday last, Mrs. O’Donovan Becher. Deeply regretted”

1867 Argus Saturday 12 January 1867
“DEATHS~BECHER-At St James’s Parsonage, on the 10th January, from scarlatina , Albert Rowland, only surviving son of the Rev. M. H. Becher aged 6 years.”

1867 Argus 18 April 1867
“BIRTHS~BECHER- At St James Parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev M. H. Becher of a son.” [Reginald]

1868 Cork Examiner Mon 2 Nov 1868.
On the 25 inst. at Glenbrook, Passage West. Mary Townsend, relict of the late Edward Becher of Rock Castle, Bandon, and a daughter of the late William Baldwin of Lissarda Castle, Macroom, and Nelson Place, Bandon.

1868 Argus 16 Nov 1868
“ BIRTHS~BECHER-On the 14th inst. At St James Parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev M.H. Becher of a son.” [Charles Hamilton]

1870 The Western Mail Monday 25 April 1870
“Marriages~BECHER-SHAND ~ At the Minster, Southwell, Notts, Rev. T.H. R. Shand, M.A., Vice Principal of Braesnose College, to Catherine I. daughter of the Late Rev. J. D. Becher, M.A. Southwell, April 21.”

1870 The Times Wednesday 13 July 1870
“Births On the 9th July at No 1. Melbourne Terrace, Dulwich Rd, Penge, the wife of James Pattle Becher of a son”

1870 The Times Tuesday 19 July 1870
“On the 9th of July at Clifton, Harriot G. Becher, widow of Colonel George Becher, Bengal Army, aged 86” 

1870 Friday 23 September
[died] 31 ult, Of Wenona, Marshal County, Illinois Edward Baldwin Becher, infant son of Lionel A Becher, aged 7 months.

1870 The Times 12 October 1870
“Deaths – On the 9th Inst at Islesworth, Emily, widow of the late John Leigh Williams & relict of the Late John Becher, Esq of Calcutta”

1870 Argus 12 November 1870
“Births~BECHER-On the 11th inst. At St James Parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev. M. H. Becher of a daughter.” [Philippa Bessie]

1871 The Argus 23 Jan 1871
 Letter from passengers on True Briton including Annie Becher & H.H.Becher.

1871 Argus 28 Feb 1871
“Deaths~BECHER-On the 25th inst., at St. James Parsonage, Melbourne, Philippa Bessie, daughter of The Rev. M. H. Becher aged 3 months.”

1871 Sheffield Daily 16 May 1871
Becher- On the 10th inst at Antwerp, Sarah Ann, the wife of Mr. E. W. H. Becher & eldest daughter of Mr. John Blythman, Warsop, aged 39. Deeply regretted.”

1871 The Pall Mall Gazette Thursday 16 Nov 1871
Marriages~BECHER-SHAND~ At [The Collegiate Church] Southwell, Notts, Mr. W.W. Shand, Gwysaney, Flintshire to Maria Georgina. daughter of the late Rev J D Becher, M.A. of Southwell, Notts, Nov. 14.”

1871 The Times Monday December 1871
“ On the 10th December at Naples, Augusta Laura, youngest daughter of Colonel Septimus Becher, aged 6 years.”

1872 Argus Monday 1 January 1872
“Births~BECHER- On the 28th ult., at St James Parsonage, the wife of the Rev. M. H. Becher of a son.” [Philip]

1872 Argus 9 January 1872
“Deaths~BECHER- On the 8th inst., at St James Parsonage, Philip, infant son of the Rev. M. H. Becher.”

1872 Daily News Thurdsay 25 April 1872
“ DEATHS~ BECHER- April 22 at the Priory, Elm-Grove, Peckham, Mary Anne, wife S.J. Becher.”

1872 Sydney Morning Herald 5 & & October 1872
“ The Scottish Australian Investment Co Limited, established in 1840….auditors: George Becher Esq & William Brook Charles Maxwell, Esq….”


1872 The Belfast News-Letter Thursday 31 October 1872
“ Death of Lady Becher-We have to record the death, at a very advanced age of Lady Becher, widow of the late Sir William Becher, of Ballygiblin, Co Cork. She was the celebrated Actress Miss O’Neill, who forom 1814 for many years held the highest possible position on the tragic stage. Miss O’Neill was of ancient Irish descent, and her husband Sir William Becher was head of an old Irish family. Miss O’Neill’s first appearance was as Juliet, in Convent Garden Theatre as early as 1814. She adorned the stage & both in her professional and private life merited and obtained the very highest respect and esteem. Her death, even at her advanced age, will be deeply lamented by a very large circle of friends.”
[other papers add that she was 82, died on the 29th October & was interred at Castlematyr on Nov 1.]

1873 The Argus 2 January 1873
“BIRTHS~BECHER On the 1st inst, at St James’s Parsonage, the wife of the Rev M H Becher of a son.” [Francis Joseph]


1873 Daily News Wednesday 8 January 1873
To The Lady of James Pattle Becher, a dau born 5 Jan at Anerley Park, Norwood.

1873 Daily News Tuesday 18 Feb 1873
Died, Evelyn Eliza Ley Becher, infant daughter of James Pattle Becher on Feb 15, aged 6 weeks and 5 days.


1873 Cork Constitution Tuesday 11th March 1873
“On 29 ult, at Piazza Fontaine, Pisa, Italy, Helen Becher, wife of Michael  Alleyn Richard Becher of Ballyduvane of this county [note 1873 was not a leap year, so there was no 29th Feb…! Western Times 12 March 1873 gives date as 27 Feb ]


1873 Cork Constitution Thurs 11 March 1873
On the 7th ult at Wenona Marshall county, Illinois, Margaret, aged 25 years, the beloved wife of Lionel A Becher.

1873 Sydney Morning Herald 19 July 1873
“ Mr Thomas Charles, MCS; the death of this gentleman is reported by the mail per China. He was for twenty years a medical practitioner in Sydney, Kiama, Maitland & finally Sydney again. The deceased was a kind and public spirited man, well known as a temperance advocate and for some years a deacon in the Congregational Church in Pitt Street. In 1853 he came out with the Rev Mr. Becher, now Minister of St. James’s Episcopalian Church, Melbourne as a deputation from the British & Foreign Bible Society. His grandfather was the Rev Charles of Bala who originated that important institution. Mr. Charles life was insured in the Australian Mutual Provident Society for £500.”

1874 Daily News Monday 24 August 1874
“ Marriages ~ BECHER-ROBERTSON- August 20, at the Abbey Church, Whitby, Yorkshire, H.C.R. Becher of Thornwood, London, Canada, barrister-at-law, and Queen’s Counsel, to Caroline, widow of the Rev. W.H.C. Robertson & daughter of S.Street Esq. of Niagara Falls, Canada.”

1874 Argus 2 September 1874
“BIRTHS~BECHER- On the 20th [check] Ult., at St James Parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev. M. H. Becher of a son.” [Cecil Robert]

1874 14 September Daily News 1874
Carter, September 14, died at Wimpole Street, Arthur Septimus Becher, son of R B Carter [and Helen Beauchamp Becher] aged 10.

1874 17 October Pall Mall Gazette & Daily News
14 October Constantia Anne Becher to Sullivan E Becher at Tunbridge Wells Church of the Holy Trinity.

1875 The Church of England Messenger Monday 12 April 1875
“ We very much regret to say that Canon Becher has been very seriously indisposed & has been ordered by his medical attendant to abstain altogether from work for the next 3 months.”

1875 The Argus 5 June 1875
“ The Rev. M. H. Becher’s congregation will no doubt be gratified to hear that he has perfectly recovered from the illness which has caused his absence from his duties during the past three months. Mr. Becher will conduct service at St. James’ tomorrow.”

1875 The Argus 6 September 1875
“University of Melbourne~ Civil Service examination….passed…H.H.Becher.” [Henry Hamilton Becher]

1876 The Times of India 10 Feb 1876
“Feb 4 at Bareilly, the wife of Capt. Arthur W. Becher of a daughter.”

1876 The Argus 9 May 1876
“Births~BECHER~On the 7th inst, at St James’s parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev. M. H. Becher of a son.” [Arthur Vincent]

1877 24 January Pall Mall Gazette 1877
at Bolarum, Hyderabad, Deccan, Mr Alfred R Becher to Amy J, daughter of Col F Alexander BSC on Jan 13.

1877 17 February The Bristol Mercury
Married 10 February at Nth Curry, Somerset by the Rev Christopher R Harrison, Samuel John, youngest son of the Late Gambier Charles Becher of the Inland Revenue, to Mary daughter of the Late Robert Marchant of North Curry, MRCS.

1877 The Argus 9 November 1877
“ Births~BECHER-On the 7th inst, at St James’s Parsonage, Melbourne, the wife of the Rev. Canon Becher of a daughter.” [Helen Louisa]

1877 The India Times 29 Nov 1877
“Nov 20 at Mount Aboo, the wife of A R Becher of a daughter.”

1877 Daily News Saturday 24 November 1877
“DEATHS~Becher, November 21 at Bath, S.J.Becher, late Bengal Civil Service, age 65.”

1877 Truth & Progress [S.A. Baptist Magazine]
“The Baptists in NSW are rejoicing in the addition to the number of their ministers of the Rev. R. F. Becher, B.A. This Gentleman was formerly an Episcopalian*, and was educated at Cambridge with a view to entering the Church. At the close of his University course he found himself unable conscientiously to take such a step and having a taste for an active life he came to the colonies. Latterly he has joined the Baptists, engaged in preaching, and afforded our friends in Sydney the somewhat unusual sight of a Baptist Ordination Service. The ceremony seems to have been performed without the laying on of the hands, either of the Bishop or of the presbytery-an omission the ill effects of which, either as regards his happiness or his usefulness, we trust our brother will never feel.” * doubtful that Richard Becher was an Episcopalian…Do they even exist in England or Ireland? He would have been bought up C of Ireland/England.

“Grafton~A short while ago, the Anglican Minister of this place “sounded a note of warning to his warning to his people about attending dissenting places of worship,” to which the R. F. Becher “replied by a straightforward assault upon that gentleman in particular, and the system with which he is connected.” This was enough for the Churchman, for ever since he has held his piece, and his parishioners are worrying him through the papers, asking where he has gone to and why he does not make good his attack upon others for the honour of his Church? We notice too, that when Mr. Becher began to baptize, it was ridiculed in the local papers. But our brother knows too well the ground he occupies to be intimidated by newspaper criticism or clerical assumption. Without doubt this opposition has helped forward the cause it was meant to retard. At any rate, we have cheering news to hand, to which we gladly give publicity. On Lord’s Day, May 13th, Mr. Becher had the pleasure of baptizing five, and on the following Lord’s Day he immersed two more. They were most of them new converts who had received spiritual benefit under his own ministry. And there are others asking the great question, among them whom are one or two notable sinners. Mr Becher took advantage of the first Baptism Service to preach from 1 Cor. i. 17 : “Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the Gospel,” which he explained thus- “ Not to baptize, that is to perform the act of immersion, but to teach the truth of Christianity, of which immersion in the name of the glorious Trinity is one.”. We believe God did send Mr. Becher to the Grafton district to preach the Gospel and to baptise also, and our prayer is, that he may be divinely assisted to perform both to the glory of God and the benefit.”

1878 The Times Monday 16th September 1878
“Marriages – On the 12th September at Southwell Minster, by the Rev E Pickard-Cambridge, Uncle of the Bride….The Rev William Becher, 2nd son of the Late J D Becher of Hill House, Southwell to Edith Eliza, eldest daughter of T F Rolt, Esq, of Normanton Hall, Southwell, Notts.”

1878 16 November 1878 Freeman’s journal
Becher- In September at King Williamstown, South Africa, William Arthur Becher, aged 20, only son of William Augustus Becher Esq. of Park Crescent, Brighton.

1879 Freeman’s Journal Monday 6 January 1879
“DEATHS~ Jan 1 at her residence, Maida Vale, London W, Susan, Widow of Captain Martin William Becher.

1879 The Pall Mall Gazette Friday 17, 1879
“MARRIAGES~Freeman~Becher – At Southwell Minster, Edward V. son of the Late Archdeacon Freeman to Honor H. daughter of the Late Rev. John D. Becher of Southwell, Notts, Jan 15.”

1879 Manchester Times Saturday 15 March 1879
“ DEATHS~Becher- on the 10th inst, at 28 Park Crescent, Brighton, William Augustus Becher in the 67th year of his age.”

1879 The Pall Mall Gazette, Saturday 15 March 1879
Deaths~Becher, Mrs Louisa E. at Park Crescent at Park Crescent, aged 51, March 13.”

1879 The Times of India 16 May 1879
“May 10 at Bangalore, the wife of A R Becher Esq of a daughter.”

1879 The Pall Mall Gazette Friday 6 June 1879
“DEATHS~Becher- Mary A., widow of Mr John, late of Calcutta, at Park Crescent, Brighton, aged 76, on June 1.”

1879 The Argus 7 August 1879
“Marriages~STOREY-BECHER~On the 2nd inst, at St James’s Cathedral, Melbourne, by the Rev Canon Becher, James Roode Storey, Esq of Serpentine, to Maria, second daughter of the late Rev John Thomas Becher, incumbent of St. Thomas’s, Preston, Lancashire.”

1879 Pall Mall Gazette Monday 6 October 1879
“BIRTHS~Becher, wife of Rev. W. at Surrey Cottage, East Cowes Park, I.W. Sept 30 [of a daughter]”

1879 The Times Saturday 1st November 1879
“Deaths- On the 26th October, Henry Charles Harman Becher, eldest son of the Late Gambier Charles Becher, aged 43”

1880 The Argus 8 May 1880
“ The case of Scarlatina reported last week in Canon Becher’s family at St James, West Melbourne has proved to be a mild one & the patient is convalescent & no other member of the family has taken the disease.”

1880 The Argus 9 July 1880
“ Shipping News-Arrived 8th July Carlisle Castle from London April 21…Miss A.C. Becher.”

1880 The Argus 14 August 1880
“Singing~Miss [Annie Catherine] Becher holds certificates from English & German Professors. Receives Pupils, Apply St James’s Parsonage.”

1880 The Argus 26 August 1880
“ At The Melbourne Athenaeum last night a large audience assembled at the concert given in aid of the organ fund of St Paul’s Church. Miss Annie Becher was encored for singing Cowen’s ~ The Better Land.”

1880 The Argus 13 September 1880
“Singing~Miss Becher holds certificates from English & German Professors. Receives pupils. Prospectus Glen’s, Collins Streets.”

1880 The Argus 8 October 1880
“Singing~German & Italian Lessons. Miss Annie Becher, Professional Certificates.”

1881 The Argus 15 Feb 1881
“The Musical Association of Victoria….Miss Becher sang the song by Beethoven “In Quest Tombs” with Good effect & also another song from Handel’s Xerxes, the latter being in lieu of Mr. Miranda’s contribution, that Gentleman being prevented from singing on account of hoarseness.”

1881 Daily Evening Bulletin [San Francisco] Tuesday 5th April 1881
“ Births- Near Chico, March 30 to the wife of Philip Becher, a daughter.”

1881 Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette 9 June 1881
“ Births-May 13 at Ottawa, Canada, the wife of Frank G. Becher of a daughter.”

1881 The Argus 6 July 1881
" The Rev Edward Alfonso Thomas of Horton College, Tasmania & late of Sandhurst has been appointed curate of St James's. In consequence of overwork, the health of the Rev Canon Becher, the incumbent has been, for some time past, the source of considerable anxiety to his friends & parishioners, who deemed it advisable that he should have some help in carrying on the work of the Parish. Canon Becher has gone on a visit to his brother [Rev Richard Fane Becher], who has a station at Grafton, NSW."


1881 The Queensland Freeman Oct 1881 [Baptist Union Mag]
“ Annual Session of the Baptist Union of NSW. ….I was glad also to make the acquaintance of the Rev. R.F. Becher, B.A. of Grafton, the chairman of the Baptist Union of NSW. When I say that Brother Becher is a naturally clever, well educated Irishman who has escaped the usual infliction of well educated ministers of having most of their natural life tamed out of them, my readers will be sure it is a pleasure to know the present chairman of the New South Wales Baptist Union….Yours ever, E. Kingdon.”


 1881 The Times of India 8 October 1881
“September 1st at Bankipore, Edward Henry Becher, son of the late John Edward Becher of Tirhoot, Indigo Planter, aged 32 years.”


1882 Pall Mall Gazette Monday 13 March 1882
Anne H, widow of Rear Admiral Alexander Becher, at The Palace, Gloucester, aged 88 on March 10.”

1882 The Bristol Mercury 25 March, 1882
“DEATHS~Becher-March 19 at Carlton Place, Clifton, Lydia P. Becher in her 78th year.”

1882 The Argus 25 March 1882
Miss Annie Becher, Teacher of Vocal Music. Translation of certificates from Her Emil Schmidt, King’s opera singer of the court & theatre, Cassel. For two years Miss Annie Becher from Melbourne stayed at Cassel, during which time I instructed her in singing. She is very well qualified as a teacher to impart the noble art of singing successfully and intelligently to her pupils.
Extract of testimonials from Madame Natalie MacFarren, London “Both in style as well as in the equally important matter of vocal techniques, you are as fully qualified to be an influence and an authority.”

1882 The Times Tuesday 4th April 1882
“The loss of the Douro~ The following particulars of the names of passengers saved from the Douro ….Sir Henry Becher and Lady Becher of Cork….”

1882 Monday The Belfast News-Letter 6  September 1882
DEATHS~Becher, on 2nd Inst, At Lakelands, Richard H H Becher, JP, aged 83”

1882 21 September1882
 On 17th September at Southwell, Notts, the wife of John H Becher of a son.

1882 The Mercury 4-6 Jan 1883
“Singing: Miss Annie Becher receives pupils during her visit to Hobart. Certificates from best Masters. Prospectus, Walshs.”

1882 The Argus Saturday 6 Jan 1883
“ The funeral of the Rev. M. H. Becher B.A. of Cambridge University, whose death was announced in our issue of yesterday, will take place this afternoon from St James’s Church in Collins-street west. Mr. Becher arrived here in 1861 as a permanent resident of the colony: but he visited it first in 1855, as the agent of the British and Foreign Bible Society. He laboured here in that capacity for about two years, and during that time was married to Miss Jennings, daughter of Mr. Jennings of Melbourne, Solicitor. In 1857 he returned to England to Barnoldby-Le-Beck in Lincolnshire, of which parish he was the rector, and remained there until 1861, when he was offered the incumbency of St James’s, then the Cathedral Church of Victoria. He accepted the offer, came out to the colony, and retained the incumbency until the date of his death. He was a very zealous minister, and until about 15 months ago when seized with the illness which eventually terminated in his death, was a most active and earnest supporter of all movements tending to the promotion of religion, morality and temperance. For several years also he was the editor of the Church of England Messenger. Although his death was not an altogether unexpected event, it will be regretted by the extensive circle of friends he had formed in this colony. The deceased had a large family, and has left a wife and nine children. Funeral services will be held tomorrow, in the morning by the Dean of Melbourne, in the evening by the Rev. Canon Chase.”

1883 The Argus Monday 8 January 1883
The funeral of the late Rev. Michael Henry Becher B.A. took place on Saturday & was numerously attended. The remains were carried from the parsonage in Little Collins-street to St James’s Cathedral, and the procession was led by Dean McCartney, Archdeacon Stretch, and the Rev. Mr. Goodman from the Cathedral gate into the church, from where a large congregation had assembled. The first part of the funeral services was read by the Dean, after which Archdeacon Stretch gave a short address, in which he referred in feeling terms to his late brother, and bore testimony to the humble and true Christian character of the deceased. The coffin, which was covered with beautiful wreaths of flowers, was then carried to the hearse, and born to the Melbourne General Cemetery. There were five mourning coaches, occupied by the relatives of the deceased, the officiating clergymen, and the churchwardens, and these were followed by many private vehicles. At the cemetery, the Dean, assisted by Messers Goodman and Goodwin, concluded the funeral service. The pallbearers were three churchwardens, two representatives of St James’s Bible Class, the deputy registrar of the diocese (Mr. W. E. Morris) and Mr. B. Whyte. The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Mr. A. A. Sleight of Collins-street.
The Very Re. Dean McCartney preached a funeral sermon in connection with the death of the reverend Gentleman at St. James’s Pro-Cathedral yesterday forenoon. The interior of the church was draped in mourning, and at the conclusion of the service “The Dead March in Saul” was played as a voluntary by the organist. The Dean chose as his text the 54th and 55th verses of St. Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians. “When the corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall put on immortality, then shall be bought to pass the saying that is written-‘Death is swallowed up in victory. Oh death where is thy sting; Oh! Grave where is thy victory.” It was a solemn thing, he said, when a congregation assembled together for the first time in the new year, and if anything could add to that solemnity it was the recent removal from this life of one who was well known, and whose death brought immediately before them the realities of the eternal world, as well as the realities of this present world. He who had been taken from them stood remarkable for his firm adherence to the truths which he had received, and to which by the grace of God he had held fast. His first text on entering the pulpit of that church was this: “I have determined to know nothing amongst you save Jesus Christ and him crucified” and that single knowledge guided him through life, blessed him on his dying bed, and blessed him on entering the realities of eternity. He had many children, but each was taken from him, until at last one was born who grew up to be an intelligent companion. And his father’s heart was drawn out to him. They went into the country together, and while there the reverend gentleman was seized with fever. His life was long in jeopardy, but at last, contrary to expectations he was restored to health to learn that while he lay upon the bed of sickness his child, which had been the light of his eyes, had been taken from him. He knew that it was the hand of God: but his frame was shaken, and from that time he steadily and gradually declined. Those who could remember him well knew that he was a remarkable man, and he (the dean) never knew any one who combined all the powers which should grace a minister of Christ in such a degree as they were combined in him. Death had its sting, and the grave attained its victory, but only for those who remained in life. While we sorrowed for ourselves, but rejoiced for those who had gone before, and the message of death was not to tell us to prepare to die, but to tell us to learn to live, so that death may be an entrance to a better life. ”

1883 The Argus 5 Jan 1883
Philippa Catherine Becher of Malvern, executor & sole legatee of the will of Jemima Madden, Spinster of Williamtown.”

1883 The Argus 31 May 1883
“On Saturday last the very Rev. Dean Macartney presented to the two Misses Becher some very pretty testimonials from the teachers and scholars of St. James’s Sunday School and the members of the church choir, on their retirement from the Sunday School with which they have been connected from their earliest childhood. In the course of his address the dean paid a high tribute to the memory of the late Canon Becher. He spoke of his piety and devotions as a minister, as well as his worth as a gentleman and said he had always rejoiced in having so devoted a co worker and such a valuable personal friend. Mr Leonard, the superintendent, in a few well-chosen words, replied on behalf of the recipients, thanking the teachers and scholars for the presents and the dean for his kind allusions to their late father.”

1883 Pall Mall Gazette 8 February 1883
at St Peter’s Eaton Square, Andrew C Becher, Norfolk Regiment, son of General Sir Arthur Becher to Frances Maud, daughter of the late Maurice Johnson of Ayscoughfee Hall, Spaulding & Blundeston Lodge, Lowescroft on 6th Feb 1883.

1883 The Argus 17 March 1883
“ Schools Race~Robertson Cup, rowing. Melbourne Grammar School C. H. Becher (Cox) “

1883 The Argus 9 April 1883
“ On the 3rd inst at St James’s Parsonage, Miss Smith & Miss Lily Warburton on behalf of the young ladies belonging to Mrs Becher’s Bible Class presented her with a very handsome workbox as a token of their esteem for her personally and for the interest she has taken in them ever since they were children attending the Sunday School. The presentation was made on the occasion of Mrs. Becher leaving for her new home at Hawthorn was feelingly & suitably acknowledged.”

1883 The Times Tuesday 5 June 1883
“Obituary~The Rev Sir William Lionel Darell of Fretherne, Gloucestershire, died on Friday, in Upper Brook Street, aged 66. The deceased was the second son of Sir Harry Verelst Darell, the second Baronet [who died in 1828] by his marriage with Amelia Mary Anne, daughter of William Beecher of Howbury, Bedfordshire and was born in Brook Street, London in 1817. He graduated at Christ Church, Oxford in 1837, was ordained deacon in 1840 by the Bishop of Chichester and was admitted to priest’s orders in the following year by The Bishop of Worcester & he held the rectory of Fretherne from 1844 down to 1878. Sir William Darell succeeded his brother as fourth Baronet in 1853. He married in 1843 Harriet Mary, only daughter of the late Sir Edward Tierney, but was left a widower in 1873. His eldest son, who succeeds to the Baronetcy was born in 1845.”

1883 The Argus 23 June 1883
“ Tomorrow, in St James’s Cathedral, the Dean of Melbourne will perform the very interesting ceremony of unveiling a mural tablet which has been erected in the church by the parishioners to the memory of their late lamented incumbent, Canon Becher.”

1883 The Argus 25 September 1883
“The Bishop’s Address by Dr. Moorehouse…..the church has recently lost in the late Canon Becher one of the ablest and most respected of its clergy. Since I came to the diocese, Canon Becher has been in declining health, but he struggled bravely with increasing infirmities so long as he could labour for the Master whom he loved. Canon Becher, as all those testify who knew him in the days of his health and energy, was a man whose help no-one ever sought in vain, and upon whose courage and judgement his brethren were wont to rely in every emergency. Those who knew him best, loved him best, and his memory will log be cherished as that of a faithful minister of Jesus Christ, who, having served God in his own generation, fell asleep in the hope of a glorious resurrection.”

1883 The Maitland Mercury 25 October 1883
“ On Thursday, the Perserverance left Grafton for the Upper Clarence, conveying a number of the attendants at the Baptist Church and their friends. After a pleasant run up the river, the boat’s head was turned down stream, and on reaching Carr’s Creek, all on board disembarked, and a circle being formed, S. See, Esq., J.P., in the name of the doners, addressed the Rev. Mr. Becher and the audience, stating that it had been decided to mark by some token of esteem and approval, the completion of his seven years’ service among them. Mr. See then, at the request of the donors, presented Mr. Becher with a purse containing 28 sovereigns. Mr. Becher in replying, thanked them for their kindly feeling and generous support, and expressed his conviction of their success in the future. After all had partaken of a most bountiful repast, supplied by Mr. J. I. Smith, Mr. See presented Mrs. Becher with a very handsome photographic album, as a token of regard and esteem.”

1884 The Times Wednesday 19 March 1884
“Deaths – On the 16th March, at Alma Rd, Clifton, Captain H M Becher, late of the H.E.I.C.S. aged 73”

1884 The Times of India 16 May 1884
“ May 12 at Bangalore son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Read Becher aged 4 months.”

1884 15 May 1884
“ Singing- Miss Annie Becher. Testimonials Herr Emil Scmitt-Opera singer to the Emperor of Germany, Madame Natalia MacFarren-Royal Academy. Prospectus Nicholson or Ruylon, Studley Park.”

1884 The Times Wednesday 23 April 1884
“ Deaths- On the 20th Inst at 25 Upper Baker Street, Regents Park, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Martin J.K. Becher

1884 The Photographic Times
“ From Lionel A Becher, Winona, Illinois, a series of views have been received, showing the class of work which can be produced by the aid of Scoulls amateur …..” p332

1885 The Times Friday 2nd January 1885
“ Births – On the 30th December 1884 at Blundeston Lodge, Lowestoft, the wife of Captain Andrew C. Becher, 1st Battn. Norfolk Reg of a son”

1885 The Argus 10th April 1885
“ Shipping News-The PEKIN…For Bombay-A.W. Pope….For Venice-Miss A Becher.”

1885 The Times Wednesday 8th July 1885
“ On the 6th inst at Falconhurst, Sidcup, Kent, H.C.R. Becher Esq. of Thornwood, London, Canada, Q.C. & Barrister of Osgoode Hall Toronto, & of the Inner Temple London, aged 63 years”

1885 The Times Saturday 25 July 1885
“Marriages~ On the 23rd Inst, at Christchurch, Folkestone, by the Rev Claud Bosanquet, assisted by the Rev. James Y. Becher, cousin of the bride, Capt. George H.T. Swinton 1st. Batt. Bedfordshire Regt. Only son of Archibald Adam Swinton, Esq. late B.C.S. to Mary McChlery, youngest daughter of the late Sullivan J. Becher, Esq, B.C.S.”

1885 Freeman’s Journal Tuesday 24 November 1885
BIRTHS~Becher~Nov 19, at Blundenston Lodge, Lowestoft, the wife of Capt. A C Becher, 1st Batt Norfolk Rangers of a daughter.”

1886 The Argus 14 April 1886
“ Marriages~POPE-BECHER-On the 3rd ult at Kurrachee, Scinde, India, Arthur Pope of Armritaar, Punjab, traffic superintendent, North-Western railway, son of Rev J. Pope* [* Note: incorrect his Father was George Uglow Pope & Grandfather John Pope] D.D. Professor of Oriental Languages, Oxford, to Annie Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Rev J.T. Becher of Preston, Lancashire & niece of the Rev Canon [Becher] M.A. late incumbent of St James’s, Melbourne.”

1886 The Times of India 14 September 1886
“ Sept 2 at Bangalore, the wife of A R Becher of a son.”

1887 The Times 31st January 1887
“On the 27th January at 19 the Leas, Folkestone, Mary Maria Becher, widow of the late Sullivan J. Becher, Esq. Bengal Civil Service. In her 67th year”

1887 Wed 11 May, Becher. 10 May at Ardralla, the residence of her son in law, Elizabeth Becher, widow of the late Michael Alleyne Becher, Esq of Ballyduvane in her 83rd year.

1887 The Argus 2 August 1887
“Boys Preparatory School, Toorak-Violin lessons by Miss Blanche Becher, Tuesdays and Fridays.”

1887 The Times Saturday 8th October 1887
“On the 5th October at St Faith’s Mede, Winchester, General Sir Arthur Mitford Becher, K.C.B. aged 71 years”

1888 Daily News Friday 24 August 1888
“DEATHS~BECHER~ August 21 at Malvern, Frances Anne, Widow of the Late General Sir A.M. Becher, K.C.B. aged 64.”

1889 Thursday 10 January ~Becher. On the 1st December 1888 on his voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, Frederick William, youngest son of John R H Becher, Loughine.

1889 London Daily News Saturday 26 Jan 1889
“ DEATHS~BECHER~On the 15th Inst, at his residence, Thornwood, London, Canada, Henry Becher, Esq. Q.C. Barrister of Osgoode Hall, son of the late H.C.R. Becher Esq. Barrister of Osgoode Hall, Toronto, and of the Inner Temple, London, England, aged 42 years.”

1889 The Times of India 22 March 1889
“March 13 at Simla, the wife of A R Becher of a son.”

1889 Yorkshire Gazette 24 Aug 1889
“Becher-On the 15th inst at Houghton-le-Spring, the wife of the Rev. H. Becher of a son.”

1889 The Argus 22 Nov 1889
“ Dowling Forest Estate Gold-Fields Company, no Liability. 70,000 shares @ £1 each….George Becher, Ballarat, Gentleman 50 share.”

1889 The Brisbane Courier Tuesday 26 November 1889
“ …serious accident…fell down a precipice…nearly 200 feet…Constable Becher arrived at the top of the precipice …several people standing there…the father and two brothers of the lad who lay dead or very severely injured at the bottom. So dreadful was the place that not even one of these persons would venture to descend…when the constable began to make his way down, nobody could be induced to accompany him….The Constable, who is by no means a powerful man, although more actions than this feat prove him a plucky one….took the constable an hour & a half to make his way up…ever foot of which his life was in danger. This is not so showy a feat as the capture of a Bushranger, but it is all the more deserving of recognition on that account for the danger was certainly as great…” [Constable Becher is Michael Alleyn Richard Becher]

1890 Daily News Monday 13 January 1890
“BECHER~9th Inst, at Hill House, Wimbledon, the wife of Herbert Becher, of a daughter.”

1890 The Times Thursday 23rd January 1890
“Deaths- On the 18th Inst at Brighton, Henrietta Macdonald, widow of the late Lt-Colonel Charles Grant Becher, formerley of Chancellor House, Tunbridge Wells, aged 65 years. Interred at Speldhurst, Kent”

1890 Truth & Progress [S.A. Baptist Church Magazine]
“Tasmania-[ for June I think] The Launceston Church is still without a Pastor with no immediate prospect of finding a suitable man to fill the position. Rev R. F. Becher has been supplying with much acceptance has left for the mainland.”
“The General committee has passed a resolution desiring the R. F. Becher, B.A. to work at Goulburn for 3 months with a view to starting a church there.”
Rev. R.F. Becher declines the invitation to Jamestown on account of the delicate state of his wife’s health.”


1890 The Brisbane Courier 25 December 1890
“Passengers for Brisbane~ S.J. Becher

1891 The Times Friday 3rd April 1891
“Marriages – On the 2nd inst, at St Marylebone Parish Church, by The Rev Dr. D L Scott, Howard Percy, son of Dr George Becher, of No 10 Weymouth Street, Portland Place to Alice Mills, youngest daughter of the late Edwin Knight Esq, of Palmeira Mansions, Brighton”

1891 The Times Wednesday 27th May 1891
“Marriages – On the 16th April at Rawalpindi, India By the Rev A Spens, Captain F.W. Becher, son of the late Sullivan Becher, B.C.S. to Frances, 3rd daughter of P G Rayne, Esq of Whitby, Yorkshire”

1891 Truth & Progress [S.A. Baptist Church Magazine] June 1891
“The death is announced of Mrs. Becher, wife of Rev. R. F. Becher, B.A. of Orange. The deceased lady leaves a family of seven* children.” [*should be 8]

1891 The Argus 11 September 1891
“Silver Cliff, Tasmania, 2 essays made by Mr. Becher of Waratah” [Septimus Jack Becher]

1892 Truth & Progress Feb 1892 [S.A. Baptist Mag]
“NSW. Rev R. F. Becher has joined the Congregationalist Church at Bathurst.”

1892 The Argus 9 March 1892
“ The Congregational Church at Bathurst. The Rev. Mr Becher of Cambridge has accepted the pastorage of the Congregational Church at Bathurst, New South Wales” [The Rev R F Becher had not been “of Cambridge” since 1861! He had been living in NSW since the early 1860’s, mostly at Grafton. ]

1892 The Argus 25 March 1892
“Schedule G. In the Supreme Court, I, Charles Hamilton Becher, of “Clyda”, Kensington Rd, South Yarra, in the Colony of Victoria, gentleman, hereby give notice that I intend to apply on the first day of June of the sittings of the full court to apply to be admitted to practise as an attorney, solicitor & proctor of this honourable court.
Dated this 24th day of May 1892 A.D.
Charles Hamilton Becher.”

1892 Southern Star 29 October 1892
“At the Skibbereen Quarter Sessions…an action was brought by John Kingston, a cyclist against Mr. John R H Becher, JP for alleged slander….some reckless youths, bathing at Lough Ine, close to Mr. Becher’s residence…not having towels, adopted a novel method of drying themselves, namely racing around [on their bikes on a public road] in puris naturalis ….[his son] Mr. Lionel Becher saw the unwonted sight & naturally remonstrated….His honour said it was a blackguard act, whoever were the culprits & Mr. Becher was perfectly in the right in bringing it under notice of the police….It was the duty of any magistrate…of any decent member of the community, to comment on the disgraceful conduct of these young ruffians and to hunt them off the public road. A flogging was what they deserved. As to the letter written by the plaintiff to Mr. Becher, he considered it very impertinent. ….He directed the jury to find for the defendant.”

1892 The Times Wednesday Nov 30, 1892
“Births – On the 22d inst at Oddington Lodge, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, The wife of Captain C.A.G. Becher of a daughter”

*1893 The London Gazette 4 March 1893
“Beauchamp V Colvin, the account of Mary Ann Becher & the representative or representatives of John Becher, deceased, the son of John Becher & Mary Ann Becher.”

1894 The Times Friday 19th October 1894
“Deaths, Becher- on the 18th Oct, at Hawthorne, Longton Avenue, Sydenham, Caroline Maria, wife of Major General Alfred Becher, late of the Bombay Staff Corps, in her 57th year”

1895 Whistable Times & Herne Bay Herald 19 Jan 1895
“Becher-on the 4th January at 3 Park Avenue, Dover, the wife of Major Cecil Becher, APD of a daughter (stillborn).”

1896 The Australasian 15 February 1896
“ IRVING-BECHER. The wedding of Mr Frank Irving, second son of Professor Irving, and Miss Blanche Becher, second daughter of the late Canon Becher, was celebrated quietly on Wednesday 12 at St James Cathedral, Melbourne, of which Canon Becher for many years held the incumbency. The decorations (which were the work of girl friends of the bride ) consisted of marriage bells, initials and admirably arranged masses of bamboo. The bride was gowned in soft white muslin, with satin ribbons and frills of chiffon. The skirt was made of a long train and a plain veil fell over the orange-blossom coronet. Her bouquet, from Ronald’s was of orange blossom, myrtle, Niphestos roses, and stephanosis with asparagus fern. The attendant maids were her three sisters, Miss Becher, Miss Helen Becher and Miss Francie Becher, and her cousin, Miss Pitcairn. All the bridesmaids were in muslin, the first two in pale green, the others in pink. They had large white chiffon fichus. Elbow sleeves, and long gloves. Their picture hats were of black velvet, with loose crowns and black plumes. They carried bouquets of W. A. Richardson roses and autumn tinted terna tied with streamers to match their frocks. The bride was given away by her brother Mr. Charles Becher. The best man was Lieutenant Irving, brother of the bridegroom. The officiating clergy were Dean Vance and Canon Handfield. Mrs Harry Jennings, Aunt of the bride, presided at the organ, and played the “Wedding March”

1896 The Argus 14 March 1896
“Marriages-IRVING-BECHER- On the 12th ult at St James’s Cathedral, by the Dean of Melbourne, Frank, second son of Professor Irving, to Blanche Maria, second daughter of the Late Canon Becher, incumbent of St James’s, Melbourne.”

1896 Glasgow Herald Friday 22 May 1896
“Transvaal-The sentences on reform prisoners-Pretoria.
A resolution was taken by the executive this morning, regarding the mitigation of the sentences of the reform prisoners…the 4 leaders…sentences stand at 15 years imprisonment and banishment. With reference to the remainder of the prisoners who signed the petition to the government; the following mitigation of sentences has been approved….3 months…Herbert Evan Becher…guilty of interfering with politics.”

1896 Pall Mall Gazette Thursday 30 April 1896
“Convicted reform leaders [Pretoria] …Mr Becher was formerly an Officer in the English army and was for many years a resident at Kimberley in the diamond trade.”

1896 Sat 27 June Becher, On the 23rd Inst, At Monkstown Church Dublin, assisted by Rev JRH Becher, brother of the Bridegroom Edmund Waldo Becher 3rd son of JRH Becher, JP Lough line Co Cork, to Ella, widow of Edward Bickers, eldest daughter of the late Richard Usher Roberts of Co Waterford.

1896 West Australian 9 July 1896
“ New Gold Find near Marble Bar. The Under-Secretary for mines, Mr. H.C. Prinsep, has received a telegram from the Acting Inspector of Mines at Marble Bar, Mr. Becher, stating that some splendid specimens of gold have been brought into town by Mr. Wyman and party from a spot 15 miles from Marble Bar. Already several leases have been taken up in the neighbourhood of the find.”

1896 The Times Tuesday 21 July 1896
“Marriages- Coleman-Becher : On the 16th Inst, at St Josephs Catholic Church, Maidenhead, By the Rev J Daly…Harry, second surviving son of John Coleman esq to Edyth Margaret Mary, younger daughter of Col A W Becher of H M 16th Bengal Cavalry Extra Equerry to H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught, K.G. K.P. K.C.P.”

1896 The Brisbane Courier 14 October 1896
“The Bathurst (N.S.W.) Federation League has decided to hold a peoples Federal Convention, commencing on Monday 16th November, and continuing during the five succeeding days. In the circular which has been issued by the procedure sub-committee of the league, consisting among others, ….Rev. R. F. Becher, B.A….It is stated that “it has seemed to the members of the Bathurst Federation League that no more effectual method of popular federal education can be conceived than the assembling of a convention, composed of delegates from all parts of Australasia, for the purposes of discussing the principles and details of federalism…”

1897 Glasgow Herald Saturday 30 January 1897
“ The Thackerays in India; That Thackeray was born in India, every school boy knows…The first Thackeray in India – William Makepeace – went out as a covenanted Civilian in 1766….some six years later, Thackeray was appointed a “Collector” or chief of the administration district …for the dangerous frontier town of Sylhet….underpaid…allowed to speculate on their own account…Thackeray found that his best sources of income to be the destruction of tigers & the capture of wild elephants; and his name still survives as a mighty hunter….seven sons & four daughters reach adulthood…Richmond Thackeray, father of the novelist & second son was born in 1781 & sailed for Bengal as a writer in 1798. In 1810 he married at Calcutta one of the regning beauties of the day, Anna Becher- who also was connected with an old Bengal Civilian family. Fives years later she was left a widow by the premature death of Richmind Thackeray at the age of 32….the beautiful young mother [refering to the novelist] was the dream of his childhood. It was the mother’s influence that remained with him through life. Divided by half the world, the child clung to her memory…when suffering from the tyrant of a private school…I remember…kneeling by my bed at night, & saying “Pray God I may dream of my mother.”

1897 The Graphic Sat 2 October 1897
“ The Geisha was performed for the first time at Simla in the presence of Lord and Lady Elgin. This popular … was admirably put on stage….the four charming principal geishas were represented by Mrs Day, Miss Evans, Miss F.E. Morton and Miss Becher.”[Photo lists Miss Grey, Miss Becher, Miss Morton & Miss Evans.”

1897 West Australian Saturday 30 January 1897
“Pilbarra and West Pilbarra Goldfields. Report by inspector Becher. The progress of the fields.
In May last, Mr. Septimus J. Becher was appointed temporary inspector of mines on the northern goldfields. Subsequently, he made a complete tour of inspection throughout the Pilbarra and West Pilbarra goldfields.”

1898 The Times Tuesday 22nd Feb 1898
“ Marriages Becher: Grove – On the 19th inst at St Bartholomew’s, Dover,….Major Cecil Leycester Becher, late 7th Dragoon Guards & Army pay dept. to Emily Sophia Mary, eldest daughter of the Late Colonel William Geo. Grove, retired, Madras Staff Corps.”

1898 The Belfast News-Letter Monday 12 December 1898
“BIRTHS-November 30, at Larne, the wife of the Rev. H. Becher, of a son.”

1898 21 December Sydney Morning Herald
“Death~BECHER. At the Residence of C.R. Blain, Drummoyne House, Drummoyne, Septimus John Becher of The Geological Staff of Western Australia, sixth son of General S.H. Becher, Hazelldell, Eastbourne, England, aged 34.”

1898 Sydney Morning Herald 22 December 1898
Mr. S. J. Becher died at the residence of his friend, Mr. Charles Blain, Drummoyne House, yesterday morning. The deceased’s father was General S. H. Becher late of the Bengal Corps. Though attached to the Geological Survey Staff of the Western Australian Government, Mr. Becher has for some months past been completing his studies under Professor David at Sydney University where he has many warm friends. The funeral is to take place at Waverley Cemetery at noon today.”

1899 The Times 19 January 1899
“Deaths – On the 16th Inst Charles Alexander Mardon Becher, second son of the late Gambier Charles Becher, aged 60”

1899 West Australian 10 Jan 1899
“Mr G [sic] . J. Becher, who was attached to the geological staff of this colony, died in Sydney at Christmas time. Mr Becher was the son of General S.H. Becher, late of the Bengal Staff Corps. He had for some months past been completing his studies under Professor David at the Sydney University, and was to have taken a responsible position in this colony at the beginning of this year” [Should be S.J. Becher]

1899 Monday 25th September
“Deaths~Becher, at Castlehaven Rectory, September 23, Richard Edward Hull Becher, Aged 63.”

1899 Friday 6th October.
 On September 4 in Creagh Church, Skibbereen by Rev Harry Becher, assisted by Rev J R H Becher, Alfred G M Hudson Esq of Oaklea married to Amelia Maria, 4th daughter of John R H Becher of Lough Ine.

1899 Southern Star 7th October 1899
“We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Richard Becher, which took place at the residence of his nephew, The Rev H H Becher of Castlehaven Rectory during this present week. The deceased Gentleman was a brother to Mr John R H Becher, Loughine and of Mr Michael Becher, Ardralla and belonged to a family that are well known and highly respected in this district for a long number of years. They were the owners of a considerable amount of landed property and have always been looked upon as kind and indulgent landlords. The funeral took place on Wednesday for the family vault at Aughadown and was a large and respectable cortege, representative of all creeds and classes. The coffin was born on the shoulders of the Coastguards from the house to the main road. The chief mourners were Messrs John R H Becher, JP Loughine, Michael Becher, Ardralla, H Becher, W A R Becher, JP Ballydevane, Mr Hungerford of Carrigmere, Rev H H Becher, Castlehaven; Rev Mr White of Myross, Rev Mr Sweetnam, Aughadown were the officiating clergymen.

1900 The Times Monday 30th April 1900
“ Becher : Hudson – On the 25th April at Christ Church, Bishopwearmouth,…..assisted by The Rev H Becher rector of Castlehaven…Richard Edward Hull son of J R H Becher of Lough Ine, Skibbereen, to Emily Constance, daughter of R M Hudson of Oak Lea, Sunderland”

1901 Wed 17 April. Becher at Lough Ine on April 16. John Richard Hedges Becher aged 75. Funeral at Aughadown, Thursday 11:30

1901 27 November Evening Post
Marriage Becher-Tennant On the 21st November at St John’s Church, Hunterville by the Rev J. L. Dove M.A. Vicar, William Henry Hull Becher, fifth son of John Becher, JP of Lough Ine, Co Cork, Ireland to Mary Caroline, eldest daughter of Hugh Lyon Tennent, advocate, Edinburgh, Scotland.

1902 The Times Wednesday 10 December
“Deaths – On the 9th Inst at 2 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park W, Alice Mills, the beloved wife of Howard Percy Becher

1903 The Times Monday 2nd March 1903
“Deaths – Hutchinson – on the 26th Ult at Ifracombe, Harriot Louisa Ann Hutchinson, widow of the late John Ross Hutchinson, Esq. H.E.I.C.S. and daughter of the late Colonel George Becher, aged 78”

1903 The Argus 11 April 1903
“Marriages~Becher-Wooldridge. On the 18th March, 1903 at Neutral Bay, NSW by the Rev. R. Becher, Uncle of the bridegroom, Cecil Robert Becher, fourth surviving son of the late Canon Becher of St James Pro-Cathedral, Melbourne, to Mabel, 2nd daughter of H J Wooldridge of Neutral Bay, NSW.” [SMH adds late of Deniliquin, but misspells the Groom’s name as Beecher.]

1903 C. of I. Gazette 3 July 1903
“Deaths~BECHER- The friends of the Rev J.R.H.Becher, in the Diocese of Ferns (where he was for many years Rector of Kilrush). Have heard with much sorrow of the death of Mrs. Becher. She is well remembered as a kindly, gentle, graceful young lady, full of tender sympathy for all, and in her old parish in this diocese her memory is like unto “an ointment poured forth”. His old brethren in the Diocese of Ferns feel deep sympathy with Mr. Becher in his great loss.”

1904 The Times Friday 29 January 1904
“Deaths- Sugden- on the 27th January at Oaklands, Kingsdown, Sevenoaks, Edyth Mary, the wife of Frank Sugden & the only daughter of the Late General Sir Arthur Becher, K.C.B. in her 54th year”

1905 The Argus Sat 11 May 1905
“Births- Becher On the 7th May, 1905 at Myrniong, Redan Street, St Kilda, The wife of Cecil R. Becher, Wickliffe Road – a son.”

1905 The Argus 28 October 1905
“Deaths~BECHER-On the 27th October at “Fernleigh”, Sale, Philippa Catherine, widow of the late Canon Becher of St James Cathedral, Melbourne, aged 70 years.”
BECHER-The friends of the late Mrs. Philippa Becher are respectfully informed that a funeral service will be said at St James’s Church of England, City commencing at 2 o’clock today [Saturday] after which the funeral will proceed to the place of internment, in the Melbourne  General Cemetery.”

1906 The Western Australian 4 January 1905
“ Marriages~BECHER-VETTER-On December 19 at St John’s Church, Fremantle, by the Rev. W. G. Beake, Francis Joseph, third son of the late Canon Becher, of St James’, Melbourne, to Antonia Amalie, daughter of Otto Vetter, of Warren, N. S. Wales.”

1906 The Argus 28 March 1906
“ Becher-Rowe-On the 7th March at “Merton”, Cherrytree Road, the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. Dr. Pritchard, D.D. Arthur Vincent, son of the Late Canon Becher, of St James’s Melbourne to Margretta Russell, daughter of Charles Rowe, “Commeralghip” “ [?]

1906 April 23 1906 The Times
Becher, on the 20th April at Highfields, Stanstead Abbotts of acute Bronchitis & heart failure, Samuel John Becher in his 67th year.

1906 The Times Monday June 4th 1906
“Marriages – Becher: Neil- On the 1st of June, at the Parish Church, Hornsey, by the Father of the bride, Harry Becher, eldest son of Michael Becher, Esq of Ardralla, Skibbereen, Co Cork, to Emily Mary Lydia, only daughter of the Rev James Neil, M.A. Formerly incumbent of Christ Church, Jerusalem & chaplain to the Late Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, Dr Gobat”

1907 Sydney Morning Herald Friday 5 July 1907
“ A Bush Tragedy-Suspicious Circumstance. Brisbane Thursday. The Commisioner of Police has received advice that the body of Mr. Henry Fane Becher, engineering expert in the employ of Messers Young & Co, shearing contractors, has been found near Springfield station in the Winderah district. A Telegram received previously stated that the Manager of Springfield Station had found a deserted buggy with loose horses, and a pair of muddy boots and tracks of bare feet.” The Brisbane Courier adds some further detail;
“….our Baracaline correspondent wired last night that the body was found near Cliffsman, on the bank of Cooper’s Creek. The deceased who was supposed to be a shearing expert was believed to have been the son of a clergyman.”

1907 The Times 11th July 1907
“Marriages- Christie: Becher- On the 10th July, at St Thomas’s Church, Orchard Street, James Hugh Christie, of the Lancashire Fusiliers, only son of the Late Hugh Christie, Esq of Melbourne Hall, Yorkshire, to Phyllis Ethel England Becher, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Sullivan Becher, 2nd Goorkhas & of Mrs Sullivan Becher, of Castle Lyons House, Fermoy, Ireland & Granddaughter of the late H.C.R.Becher, Esq. Q.C. of Thornwood, London, Canada.”

1908 Western Mail 3 October 1908
“ Births~BECHER-On September 13 at Harvey, the wife of F. J. Becher –a son.”

1908 The Times 24th November 1908
“Deaths – Becher- On the 23rd November 1908 at Eastbourne, General Septimus Harding Becher, late Bengal Staff Corps, aged 91”

1909 The Times Monday 17th May 1909
“Deaths- Becher, on the 14th Inst, in London, Augusta Emily Becher, widow of General Septimus Harding Becher, Bengal Staff Corps, aged 79.”

1910 The Argus 17 May 1910
“ Deaths-BECHER-On the 14th May at Bunyip, Phyllis Mary, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.V. Becher, aged 5 months.”

1910 The Times Saturday 25th June 1910
“Births – Becher – On the 23rd June at 8 More’s Garden, Chelsea, wife of R.A. Becher, Goa, India, a son. Indian Papers please copy.” [William Prinsep St John Becher]

1910 Sydney Morning Herald 3 December 1910
“ Marriages-BECHER-BRIAN-October 25 at Pitt Street Congregational Church, Sydney, by Rev. R F Becher, BA [father of the bridegroom], Sherard M. Becher of Burwood to Florence Amy, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Brian, Lichfield, Albert St, Strathfield.”

1910 The Times Saturday 10th December
“Deaths- Becher, On the 13th November at Vancouver, Lionel Fane, 6th son of the late John R H Becher of Lough Ine, Co Cork, in his 42nd year”

1910 The Irish Times 24 Dec 1910
“Deaths~Becher – Nov 14, 1910 in Queen Charlottes Islands, Lionel Fane, aged 42 years, youngest surviving son of the late John R H Becher, Loughine, Skibbereen.”

1911 The Register [Adelaide] 9 January 1911
“Births-On the 21st December at North Bungaree, Yacka, the wife of Cecil R. Becher-a son.”

1911 The Western Australian 12 April 1911
“Births~BECHER-On April 5 at Labouchere-road, South Perth, the wife of F.J. Becher, Harvey, a daughter.”

1911 The Times 25 April 1911
“Marriages Becher: Gale – On the 20th April at Southwell Minster….John Pickard, eldest son of the late John Henry Becher & Mrs Becher of Southwell, Notts, To Gertrude Veronica, youngest daughter of the late Henry Mark Gale of Scruton Hall, Yorks & the Hon. Mrs. Handford, of Elmfield, Southwell”

1912 The Times Wednesday 10 Jan 1912
“Marriages- A marriage has been arranged between Mr. Robert Cecil Lord, Royal engineers, son of the late Mr. Robert Lord & Mrs Lord….& Ruth Alice Mary, youngest daughter of the Late Colonel Sullivan Becher, Commandant 2nd Battalion 2nd Goorkhas & of Mrs Becher of Castle Lyons House, Fermoy, Cork & will take place at Castle Lyons Church on Feb 6.” [marriage took place as expected]

1912 The Irish Times 18 May 1912
“Deaths~ Becher, May 7, 1912 at Bournemouth, the Rev Lancelot Hicks Becher, MA, Vicar of Banks, Southport, & sometimes Rector Ahoghill, Co Antrim, Aged 40.”

1912 The Times Tuesday 11th June 1912
“Marriage – Monro:Becher On the 8th Inst at St Augustines, Johannesburg by the right Rev the Bishop of Pretoria …Noel Henry, son of Henry Theodore Monro & Mrs Monro of Oakcroft, East Grinstead to Nora, daughter of the Late Captain Becher [Herbert Evan] & Mrs Becher of 9 Derby Rd, Bertrans, Johannesburg. [By Cable]” 1912 The Times Friday 20th December 1912
“Marriages- Becher-Todd – On the 18th December at the Episcopal Church by St Andrews…Maurice Andrew Noel Becher 1st Battalion Kings own Scottish Borderers to Violet Isobel, younger daughter of Charles F Todd of Wayside, St Andrews”

1913 The Times Thursday 20 November 1913
Captain Charles Adrian Gough Becher of Berryfields, Bourton-on-the-Water, was killed while hunting with the Heythrop Hounds yesterday. Hounds met at Langston Arms, and after they had drawn Bould Wood, Captain Becher was galloping by the side of the cover when his horse fell; he was thrown on his head and broke his neck. Miss Becher was near her father when the accident happened. Mr Brassey ordered hounds home. Captain Becher, who was one of the best known men in the Heythrop country served in the Kings Dragoon Guards and was formerley adjudicant of the Oxfordshire Hussars.
Captain Becher was a member of an old Irish family and was 65 years of age. He was Gazetted to the King’s Dragoon Guards at the age of 19 and reached Captain’s rank in 1876. He saw active Service in South Africa over 30 years ago and was awarded the medal and clasp for the Zulu Campaign when he served in the Natal Field Force. He retired from the Army in 1886 & passed into the reserve of Officers.”

1913 Sydney Morning Herald 22 November 1913
“Marriages~Becher-Kenwood-September 10 at St Phillips, Church Hill, by Rev. A. Noble-Burton, Edgar, 3rd son of Rev. R. F. Becher, BA, Burwood, to Isabel, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kenwood, Bexley.”

1914 The Times 24 Feb 1914
“Obituary Mrs Ellicott, widow of the late Bishop of Gloucester. She was Constantia Anne, daughter of Admiral & Mrs Becher…She leaves one son, his Honour Judge A B Ellicott & two daughters Miss Rosalind Ellicott who has already made a reputation as a composer & Mrs Travers”

1914 The Lockhart Review and Advertiser 7 Jan 1914
“On Jan 1 1914 at Lockhart to Mr & Mrs [Ruby Davis] H.F. Becher, a son [Henry Fane ]”

1914 The Times Saturday 1 August 1914
“ Marriage  on the 30th July, 1914 Mr Lancelot Edward Becher & Miss Lyttleton….Royal engineers, son of the late Mr John Henry Becher of Southwell to Miss Margaret Lucy Lyttleton only daughter of the Late Bishop of Southampton & Mrs Arthur Lyttleton which took place at the Parish Church, Penshurst”

1914 The Times 19 November 1914
“Deaths – Killed in Action Major Henry Sullivan Becher 2/2nd K.G.O.Goorkhas , only son of Colonel Sullivan Becher & Mrs Sullivan Becher of Kingswode House, Wotton-under-edge & Grandson of the late H.C.R. BecherQ.C. of Thornwood, London Canada & a great nephew of the Late Alexander Bridport Becher, R.N.”

1914 The Times Friday 4th December 1914
“Births- Becher on the 2nd December at 75 Queensgate, to Capt & Mrs L.B.A. Becher, R.G.A., a son”

1915 The Times Wednesday 20th January 1915
“Marriages- Pollock : Becher On the 19th Inst at Holy Trinity Church, Brompton….only son of Mr Ernest M Pollock & Mrs Pollock…to Joyce, elder daughter of the Late John Henry Becher & Mrs Becher of Southwell, Notts”

1915 The Times Thursday 27th May 1915
“ Furness – on Wednesday 5th May in New York, Florence Mary, widow of William Furness, Superintendant Telegraph Dept, London, Ontario & elder twin daughter of the late H C R Becher, Q.C. of Thornwood & dearly loved twin sister of Mrs Sullivan Becher of Kingswode House, Wotton-under-edge, Gloucestershire & of Mrs Bruce of Crawford Square, Londonderry.”

1917 The West Australian 7 February 1917
“Births~BECHER-On February 1, at Harvey, the wife of F.J. Becher, a daughter.”

1915 Sydney Morning Herald 30 June 1915
“Births~BECHER-June 14 at Clyda, Palace St, Ashfield, the wife of E. Becher of a daughter.” [E=Edgar, baby is Mabel Catherine Becher]

1915 Sydney Morning Herald 19 October 1935
“ Births~BECHER-To O.H. and Valerie Becher, a son.”

1915 The Argus Saturday 11 Dec 1915
“Becher- on the 7th Dec at Mildura, Dorothy Blanche, the beloved elder daughter of R & M Becher, aged 14 years” The Mildura Cultivar added that she was 14 years and 5 months and that the family was of Walnut Avenue.

1916 The Times 4 Jan 1916
“Died of Wounds~BECHER – on the 1st Jan at 3rd Red Cross Hospital, France, of Septic poisoning from wound received on Oct 14, 1915, Major John Pickard Becher, D.S.O. 8th Sherwood Foresters, eldest son of the Late John Henry Becher and Mrs Becher, Southwell, Notts, beloved husband of Gertrude Veronica Becher, aged 35.”

1916 The Times 28 Feb 1916
“Births- on the 25th Feb at 14 Moore Street, S W the wife of Captain Lancelot E Becher R.E. of a daughter”

1916 The Times 10 March 1916
“ A marriage is arranged between Lieut Thomas Henry Willes Chitty, R.F.A. eldest son of Mr. T Willes Chitty, Barrister-at-law of 48 Queen’s Gate Gardens, SW and Violet Elizabeth, only daughter of Major E F Becher, R.F.A. and Mrs Becher, at present stationed at Leiston, Suffolk.” [She married again in Dec ¼ at Paddington to Edward P Cooper]

1916 The Argus 3 August 1916
Becher-On 30th July (accidentally drowned) at Blackwarry, Gippsland, Arthur Richard (Dick), infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Becher, aged 17 months.”

1916 The Times 10 Aug 1916
“Died of Wounds~ Becher, died of wounds received in action on the 30th July 1916, William Stewart Becher, Royal Fusiliers, fourth son of the late M. Becher of Ardralla, Skibbereen and dearly loved husband of Annie Becher.”

1916 The Times 5 October 1916
“The marriage arranged between Captain J.F. Evetts, Scottish Rifles and Miss Helen [P] Becher will take place (leave permitting) at St Lawrence Church, Bourton-on-The-Water, On Saturday ) October 14 at 2 O’clock. All friends will be welcome at the Church.”

1917 The Times 1 Feb 1917
“ Becher : Page On the 30th January, at St Peter’s, Cranley-Gardens, by the Dean of Peterborough (Uncle of the Bride), and the Rev Henry Dann, Lt-Col Cecil Morgan Ley Becher, D.S.O. Royal Irish Rifles to Winifred Grantham, only daughter of Ernest Page, K.C. Recorder of Carlisle & Mrs. Ernest Page, 104 Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea.”

1917 Western Mail 9 February 1917
“Births~Becher-On Feb 1 at Harvey, the wife of F.J. Becher, a daughter.”

1917 The Times 28 July 1917
“Births On the 26th July at Strathire, Halsemere, the wife of Captain L.E. Becher a daughter”

1919 Sydney Morning Herald 23 April 1919
“Deaths~BECHER-22 April 1919, at his son’s residence, Clyda, Moore St, Strathfield, The Rev. R. F. Becher, B.A. (Trinity College) Cambridge, aged 83 years.”

1919 Daily Telegraph February 13 1919
“ On Feb 11, at a nursing home after an operation. Howard Percy Becher, a solicitor of 26 Bedford Row, WC and the House by the Lake, Dorman’s Park, surrey, aged 53. Funeral service tomorrow [Friday] Feb 14 at Woking Crematorium.”

1919 Sydney Morning Herald 23 April 1919
“Deaths~BECHER-April 22, 1919, at his son’s residence, Clyda, Moore St, Strathfield, the Rev. R. F. Becher, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, aged 83 years.”

1919 The Daily Examiner April 30 1919
“ Passed away ay his son’s residence at Strathfield on Thursday last, Rev Richard Farre [sic] Becher at an advanced age. For many years deceased was in charge of the Baptist congregation at Grafton; In fact he was the first settled Minister of that Denomination here, but becoming imbued with politics, he entered the field against the sitting member, the Late John See. He was badly defeated at the polls, and as many of his congregation and adherents did not approve of his action, he shortly left the district and in turn identified himself with the Congregational pastorates at Bathurst, Parramatta and Guildford. Deceased was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and was a fluent speaker. His eldest son founded the Grafton “ Grip” to which the deceased was a frequent contributor, but after a precarious existence it expired. H.F. Becher, founder of the “Grip” died in Queensland some years ago, and a son of his is in business in Lismore.”

1920 The Times 25 June 1920
“The marriage arranged between Lieut-Col G.A. Becher, D.S.O. 8th Cavalry, son of Colonel A.W.R. Becher and Mrs. Becher, Penn, Bucks and Doris, widow of Major Alexander Wood, The Old Gables, Warfield, Berks, will take place quietly at The Parish Church, Warfield on Saturday, July 17 at 2:30. There will be no reception, but all friends will be welcome at the Church.”

1921 The Times 14th February 1921
          “ 8th February at St Fin Bar Walter F O Trench to Norah Maude Becher”

1921 The Times 13 July 1921
“Wills~Dame Lydia Harriet Pennington of Heathstock, Park Road, Camberley, Surrey, daughter of Captain Henry Becher, B.S.C. and widow of Lieut-General Sir Charles Richard Pennington £10, 743”

1921 Western Mail 24 March 1921
“Deaths~BECHER-On March 14, at Harvey, Lina Elisabeth (Betty), youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. J. Becher of Harvey.”


1921 Brisbane Courier 30 April 1921
BRYANT-BECHER~On the 14th April, at St Stephen’s Cathedral, by Rev Father Barry, Joseph Edward, eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Bryant, Paddington, to Edith Somerville, second daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M A R Becher, Paddington.”

1921 The Times 20 July 1921
“Births~Becher – On the 17th July, at Glenhurst Cottage, Esher, to Winifred Grantham [nee Page] and C.M. Ley Becher, a son ; Ernest Page.”

1922 The Times 8th of March 1922
“Births~On 3rd March, At Glenanaar, Mau Summit, Kenya Colony to Norah (nee Becher) wife of Walter F O Trench, a daughter”

1922 The Argus Thursday 2 March 1922
Births~BECHER- On the 22nd Feb at Nurse Everett’s Private Hospital, Toora, to Mr. & Mrs. A.V. Becher of Welshpool, a son.”

1922 The Argus Thursday 2 March 1922
Deaths-BECHER – On the 23rd Feb at Nurse Everett’s Private Hospital, Toora, James Francis, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. A.V. Becher, aged 24hours.

1924 Western Mail 27 March 1924
“ Marriage-McKie-Becher-On March 4th, at St Mary’s West Perth by the Rev. C. L. Riley, Robert Wallace, late of 13th Battery, AIF, only son of Mr. & Mrs. G. Wallace McKie of Cunerdin, to Blanche Evelyn, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs C. R. Becher.”

1924 Sydney Morning Herald 11 August 1924
“Deaths~BECHER-August 10th 1924 at Olivine, Burnie St, Clovelly, John Henry Fane, aged 2 years, dearly beloved son of Harry F. & Olive M. Becher.”

1925 The Times 24 January 1925
“BECHER-POWER- on the 20th Jan  at the Cathedral, Lismore,by the Very Rev'd The Dean of Ross, brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Very Rev, the Dean of Lismore, Edmund Waldo Becher to May, widow of Robert Henry Power”

1925 The Straits Times 16 Feb 1925
“Eight Revs, Friends of the bridegroom either took part or were present at the wedding of Mr. L.R. Becher of St. Pauls College & Miss Valerie G. M. Buckland, missionary late of Egypt, which took place on Jan 27 at St Andrews Church, Kowloon. Most of these were colleaguesin the local education world, many other representatives of which were present.” [Mr L R Becher is Rev Charles Leonard Gough Routh Becher presumably not yet a Rev.]

1925 Southern Star Saturday 28 March 1925
          “South Coast Island: An American claim…an indenture dated 23rd August 1873 made       between Edward George Beecher for the one part & Timothy McCarthy Downing of the other part. Lionel Albert Becher plaintiff & Mary L B McCarthy, defendant….on the part of Lionel Albert Becher of Fenneville, Alleyan Co, Michigan…for the right to sue for & recover the sum of £3000 & the interest accrued thereon from the date of death of Edward George Becher charged on lands Hare Island, Mutton Island in the Barony of West Carbery & on other lands in the Barony- the whole amounting to 1,370 acres. Applicant asked that in default of payment, such payment should be enforced by the sale of the lands or by a receiver or both….”

1925 The Irish Times 9 May 1925
“Deaths~Becher , April 30, 1925 at the Woodroffe Nursing Home, Cork, Lucy Brougham Becher, third daughter of the late John R H Becher, aged 67 years.”

1925 The Western Australian 22 September 1925
“ Deaths-BECHER-On September 17 at Mt Magnet hospital, Cecil Robert, son of the Late Canon Becher of Melbourne and beloved husband of Mabel Becher of Perth. Eastern States Papers please copy.”

1925 The Melburnian 17th December 1925
“Obituary – Robert Cecil Becher died suddenly at Mount Magnet, Western Australia on September 17. He was the fourth of five brothers, sons of the late Rev. Canon Becher, who were at the school [Church of England Grammar School]. He entered in 1883 and left in 1886 to take up pastoral pursuits. He was farming at Orroroo in South Australia for some years and was also managing properties for Thomas Millear and Mr. Hawker of Bungaree, South Australia. Some years ago he went to the West and took up a farm. He was a most popular boy and man, a glorious optimist, and always hoping for a turn in his fortunes, which never seemed to come. He leaves a widow and young family. He was aged 51 years.”

1926 The Times Sat 2 Jan 1926.
 “In memoriam of my Darling Maude, the idolised daughter of Selina Molesworth Becher. Died January 1924 “

1926 The Times 26 March 1926
“Deaths~ Becher- On the 25th March, in London, Colonel Arthur Becher, late 16th Bengal Cavalry, aged 83. He survived his wife only 5 weeks. Services at Holy Cross Church, Corner Street, St Pancras tomorrow. Funeral at Putney Vale cemetery at 11:15 am.”
“…..The son of the Late General Sir Arthur Becher, K.C.B. he was born on Dec 6 1842 and was commissioned at the close of 1859. He served in the Rhutan campaign in 1864-5, and was mentioned in despatches, and received the medal with clasp. He also served in the Hazara Campaign of 1868 and in the second Afghan War 1878-80. He reached the rank of Colonel in 1889 & retired in 1902. Dame Ethel Hope Becher, G.B.E. late Matron-in-Chief, Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, War Office, is his daughter.”

1926 The Times 27 March 1926
Colonel A.W.R. Becher whose death was recorded in The Times of yesterday was Equerry to the Duke of Connaught from 1886 to 1901.”

1927 The Irish Times 22 March 1927
“A verdict of suicide while temporarily insane was returned at the inquest at Hanble, Hampshire yesterday on Mrs Cecil Eleanor Hope-Murray who was found drowned in a pond a mile from her home last Friday. The evidence showed that she was seen walking around the pond. She had been deeply depressed since an accident to her husband and had suffered from sleeplessness. Mrs Murray was a daughter of the late Sir John Wrixon Becher, Bart, of Ballygiblin.”

1927 The Times Wednesday 1st of June 1927
“Deaths -BRUCE On May 30, 1927 at 17 Crawford Square, Londonderry, Frances Anna Maria, widow of Major Stewart Hervey Bruce, and eldest daughter of H C R Becher, QC, in her 85th year.”

1927 Unknown newspaper [found online as a clipping] July 1927
Buddy Becher, 2 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. L. Becher of Fennville was struck by an automobile Monday night and died soon after the accident.” [Edward Layton Becher]

1927 Unknown newspaper [found online as a clipping] Aug 1927
“ L.A. BEECHER [ sic s.b. BECHER ] aged 87, for the past 20 years a resident of Fennville, died at the home of his son there last Sunday morning. Mr Beecher had been in the drug business in Chicago for many years before going to Fennville.”

1927 The Times 3 Nov 1927
“Deaths~ BECHER – On Oct 31, 1927, at 13 The Avenue, St Margarets, Twickenham, Millie, daughter of the Late Major-Gen Alfred Becher, B.S.C. Internment at Elmers End, tomorrow.”

1928 The Times 7 Jan 1928
“Marriages~Becher: Cox – On Jan 4 1928 at Caputh Parish Church, by the Bishop of St Andrews, D.D. & assisted by the Very Rev. Dean Becher, Canon Gwyther and the Rev. K.L. MacLeod, Captain Ralph Frederick Richard Becher, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), only son of the Very Rev. Dean Becher & Mrs, Becher, of Rosscarbery, Co Cork, to Edith Jessica Cox, youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs Albert E Cox of Dungarthill, Dunkeid.”

1928 The Times Wednesday 25 January 1928
“Death~Pope. On Dec 14, 1927 at “Clyda”, Bath Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, suddenly of heart failure, Arthur William Uglow Pope. C.I.E. age 69.
Obituary~…Distinguished career in Estern Railway Services. He was the son of George Uglow Pope, the Great Tamil Scholar & Missionary, by his second wife, Henrietta Page, dau of Mr. G.V. Van Someren, of the Madras firm of Arbuthnot & Co….later he was selected to go to China as the general manager of the Imperial Chinese Railways. …His last few years were spent quietly at Devizes. He married in 1886 Annie, daughter of the Rev J.T. Becher, of Ballygiblin [no], Co Cork, and she survives him.”

1928 The Times 27 Jan 1928
“ Malone : Lord – On Jan 25 1928, in London, Captain P.J. Malone, son of Edward Malone, J.P., Hillsboro, Lucan, Ireland, to Ruth Lord, daughter of the Late Colonel S.E. Becher 1/2nd Gurkha Rifles, and Mrs Becher, of Woodside, Crowthorne, Berkshire, Indian Papers, please copy.”

1928 The Times 6th March 1928
“ Deaths- On 25th Feb 1928, at Capri, from pneumonia, Major E F Becher, late R.A., son of John Drake Becher at age 73.”

1928 The Times 26 May 1928
“Marriages~The engagement is announced between Evelyn Cooper, youngest son of Mr & Mrs James Penrose, of Woodhill, Cork & Laura May, daughter of the Late R.H. Power, Lismore and of Mrs, E.W. Becher, Ardagh, Lismore, Ireland.”

1929 The Times 14 Feb 1929
“The marriage arranged between Captain John F.G. Hislop, Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment) son of P.W. Hislop, New Zealand and Miss M G Becher, only daughter of Major C.L. Becher, M.B.E. (Late 7th Dragoons) and Mrs Becher of Colchester will shortly take place in Ceylon.”

1929 The Times Wed 10 April 1929
“HISLOP : BECHER – On April 6 1929 at St Andrew’s Church, Haputale, Ceylon, by the Rev C. Butterfield, Captain John F. G. Hislop, S. Lancashire Regt. (P.W.V.) to Mary Georgina Becher, daughter of Major & MRS C. L. Becher of Colchester.”

1929 The Times 7th May 1929
“Deaths- At Nakuru Hospital Kenya, after surgery, John R H Becher, Archdeacon of Ross, father of Mary Littleton, Ballyheary, Ashford, Co Wickford & Norah Trench, Molo, Kenya.”

1929 The Times 14th May 1929
“Deaths –11th May 1929, suddenly Major General Andrew Cracroft Becher of Northam Lodge, North Devon, late of the Norfolk Regiment, Aged 70. Last surviving son of Sir Arthur Mitford Becher. Funeral at Northam Church tomorrow.”

1929 Southern Star 11th May 1929
“….death this week of the Venerable Archdeacon Becher….He was the son of the Late Michael Becher of Carriganear, Maulbrack, Skibbereen, and subsequently of Ardralla House, Newcourt, Skibbereen and he was nephew of the late Mr John R H Becher of Lough Ine House, and cousin-German of The Rev Henry Becher, ex Dean of Ross. The late Archdeacon ministered in Youghal…to Castletownsend…to Baltimore…to Bantry…he was instrumental in bringing a Life Boat to Baltimore…for his health he went to Kenyan Colony. Everybody liked & most people loved him.”

1929 The Times 21st September 1929
“Deaths- The Rev Henry Becher, who was Dean of Ross from 1920 to 1926 died yesterday at Rosscarbery, Co Cork at the age of 77. He was also Minor Canon of Ross Cathedral from 1914, and Canon of St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Cork.”

1929 The Brisbane Courier 27 September 1929
“ Engagement~BROWNING-BECHER. The engagement is announced of Laura Becher, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. MAR Becher, Parklands Avenue, Lane Cove, Sydney to William L., son of Mr. & Mrs. W. Browning of Oxley, Brisbane.” [as far as I can ascertain, this marriage did not take place.]

1929, The West Australian 16 November 1929
Becher-Jeffrey- On October 5 at St Mary’s. West Perth, by the Rev C.L.Riley, Michael Henry Geoffrey, eldest son of the late C.R. & Mrs Becher of 8 Chester Street, Subiaco to Florence Ethel (Pat) only daughter of the late T. Jeffrey and Mrs Daly of 225 Hamersley road, Subiaco. Eastern States papers, please copy”

1930 Irish Independent 16 April 1930
“The funeral of Mrs. Z. Becher, The Precincts, Rosscarbery, widow of Dean [Henry H] Becher, took place at St Fachtna’s Graveyard amidst every evidence of popular regret. The Late Mrs. Becher and her husband, who died in September last , were highly esteemed in the district for their earnest efforts to assist the poor and forward the interests of the people.
The service at the Church was conducted by the Right Rev Mr Dowse, assisted by the Rev. Dean Webster, D.D.
The chief mourners were : Captain R. F. H. Becher [brother-in-law] and Mrs R. Becher, R. Hudson, Devonshire [nephew], Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Littleton; Mr & Mrs E Penrose & Mr. E Hobbs [cousins]
Capt. R. F. R. Becher, only son of deceased who is serving in Egypt was on his way home by aeroplane, but had not arrived for the funeral…..Close to 40 beautiful floral tributes were placed on the grave.”

1930 The Times 3 Jan 1930
“ BECHER~On Dec 19, 1930 at Poona, India to Josephine, wife of Major L.B.A. Becher, a son, Roy Anthony.”

1930 The Argus Monday 3 March 1930
“Minister’s wallet stolen. The Rev. A. V. Jennings of Blessington Street, St Kilda, had his pocket picked at Prince’s Pier, Port Melbourne, last week. A wallet containing a return ticket to England, ten £1 note, a note book & some private papers were stolen. Miss Helen L Becher who reported the robbery to police said that she was at the pier with Mr Jennings, who was travelling to England by the steamer Moreton Bay. A woman in the crowd on the pier saw a man take the wallet from Mr. Jenning’s pocket. She later informed Miss Becher of what had occurred.

1930 The Argus 10 March 1930
Probate of the will of Eliza Frances Jennings of Wynamo, Blessington St, St Kilda. The executrix is Alicia Susan Becher, referred to in the will as Alice Becher, of Wynamo.

1930 The Times 9th April 1930
“Deaths- Zoe Louisa Becher of Rosscarbery, Cork.”

1930 The Times 25 April 1930
“Marriages~VINTER:COLEMAN On March 1, 1930 at Guatemala City, CA, by the Rev Father Luis Montenegro y Flores, James Henry Vitner, only son of the Late Mr & Mrs James T T Vitner of Kilve, Somerset, to Edyth Coleman, widow of Harry Coleman & daughter of Colonel Arthur William Reddie Becher, Late of the 16th Bengal Cavalry.”

1930 The Times 13th June 1930
Major Frederick William Becher, late of Bedfordshire Regiment was knocked down & killed by an omnibus shortly before Midnight last night in Russell Square London. He was 79.”

1930 The Times 14 October 1930
“BIRTHS~Becher – On 11 October 1930 at 11 Randolph Cresent, Edinburgh, to Edith Jessica [nee Cox] wife of Captain R.F.R. Becher, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) a daughter.”

1930 The Times Thursday October 30 1930
“On October 27th in Poona, John Hedges BECHER elder son of the Venerable Archdeacon BECHER of Lorum Rectory, Bagnalstown, Co Carlow to Elizabeth (Betty) Maud Batchelor, second daughter of Mr & Mrs Arthur Batchelor of Tower House, Bracondale, Norwich”

1930 The Irish Times 26 November 1930
“ The death took place on Sunday night at his residence, Ardagh House, Lismore of Mr Edmund Waldo Becher at the age of 71.”

1930 Irish Times Saturday 29 November 1930
Report on the funeral of E W [Edmund Waldo] Becher at Lismore Cathedral Cemetery. Chief Mourners were Mrs Becher [widow], The Venerable Archdeacon Becher of Bagnalstown, Co Carlow and Captain R Becher, Andover, Hampshire [brother], Mr. E and Mrs Penrose, Lismore Castle, Mr. R.H.Power & Mr. G.B. Power, Lismore & Major Leeson, Marshall, Miltown, Co Kerr [Cousins & Relatives] “

1931 The Times 2nd June 1931
Arthur Becher Ellicott, his Honour died at Bournemouth in his 82nd year born on September 24 1849, son of Dr C J Ellicott, bishop of Gloucester & Constantia Anne, dau of Admiral Becher.”

1931 The Times 14th August 1931
“On August 13, 1931 At Woodside, Crowthorne, Constantia Anne Becher, Widow of Lt Col Sullivan Becher

1931 The West Australia 9 December 1931
“ DYKE-BECHER-On November 17, at Kellerberin, by the Rev D H Dyke, John, second son of Mrs & the Rev. D. H. Dyke of Kellerberin, to Joan Mabel, second daughter of Mrs Becher and the late C R Becher of Perth. Eastern States Papers please copy.”

1932 The West Australian 3 June1932
“ Marriage~PARKER-BECHER-On April 18, at Anglican Church, Harvey, by the Rev Lindsay, of Armadale, John Edward, son of Mr. & Mrs. M. Parker, Victoria, to Winifred Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Becher, of Harvey.”

1932 The Times Sat 23rd April 1932
“Deaths BECHER On April 21 1932, at The Manor House, Dickelborough, Frank George, third son of the late Sullivan Becher, ICS”

1932 The Argus Tuesday 26 July 1932
The death occurred at his home at Stawell yesterday morning of Mr. Charles Hamilton Becher, Barrister & Solicitor of the firm Messrs J. Allen Anderson & Co. Mr. Becher apparently died in his sleep. He was a son of the Late Canon Henry Becher of Melbourne & was born in Melbourne 64 years ago. He took his degree at Melbourne University in 1892, and practised at Sale & Mildura for a period. He was in the Crown Solicitors Office, Melbourne & he joined the firm of Anderson & Co, Stawell about 14 years ago. Mr. Becher was associated with most of the social activities in Stawell, and was a Warden at Holy Trinity Church. In the Stawell Court yesterday morning references were made to Mr. Becher by Mr. F.W.T. Norris, P.M. Mr J.H. Webb, on behalf of the bar: Superintendant Scale, representing the Police, and by others. Mr Becher is survived by three brother, Mr. Reginald Becher of Mildura, Mr Arthur Becher of Welshpool: Mr Frank Becher of Western Australia: and four sisters, Mrs. Frank Irving, Riddell; Misses Alicia & Helen Becher, St Kilda; and Miss Frances Becher, Stawell.

1933 The Times 6th Jan 1933
“Rev L A B Becher & Miss Hugonin. The Engagement is announced between Alleyn, the only son of the Late Rev L H & Mrs Becher of Ferndene, Crowthorne, Berks & Patricia Mary, only daughter of Major & Mrs Etienne Hugonin.” [Do not know if this marriage actually took place]

1933 The Times Sat Aug 19 1933
“Births~BECHER – On Aug 18, 1933 at 15 Park Terrace, Glasgow, to Jessica, wife of Captain R.F.R. Becher, The Cameronians [Scottish Rifles] – a daughter.”

1933 The Times Thursday Oct 26 1933
“Deaths BECHER – On Oct 23 1933 at Colchester as the result of a Motor Accident, Major Cecil Leycester Becher, MBE, late 7th Dragoon Guards, aged 90 years”

1933 The Irish Times 14 Nov 1933
“Births~Becher- Nov 8 in a nursing home at Poona, the wife of John H Becher of a daughter.”

1934 Tuesday Jan 9 1934 The Times
Becher On Jan 7, at Ardralla, Burnham-on-Crouch, Harry Becher, B.A, M. I. C. E, son of Michael Becher, age 73

1934 The Times Wed 28 Feb 1934
“Deaths de Rivas On Feb 26, 1934 at Bagshot, Surrey, Countess M V De Rivas, beloved wife of C F Becher

1934 The Times 17 Dec 1934
“Becher: McCausland On Dec 14, 1934, Captain E.C. Becher, son of the Late C.L. Becher of Colchester, to Violet M.McCausland, daughter of the Late A.G. Mumford of Colchester & widow of Major F.M. McCausland.”

1935 Sydney Morning Herald 8 Jan 1935
“Naval Wedding at Vaucluse~Lieut Humphrey Becher and his bride (formerly Miss Valerie Baird) leaving St. Michaels Church, Vaucluse yesterday afternoon under an arch of steel formed by fellow officers of the bridegroom.”

1935 The Guardian 26 Jan 1935
Sir Eustace William Wyndham Wrixon Becher of Rowndell, Sussex, formerly of Ballygiblin, Co Cork, Deputy Lieutenant & Justice for the Peace died October 14 last aged 74 & left unsettled property in Great Britain, value £32, 429.”

1935 The Argus 9 March 1935
“Deaths-BECHER-On the 7th March, at Wynamo, Blessington St, St. Kilda, Arthur Vincent, youngest son of the late Canon Becher of St James Old Cathedral, beloved husband of Margaret, aged 58 years. [Interred 8th March].”

1935 The Argus 16 April 1935
“ Death-BECHER-On the 15th April, at Mildura, Reginald, eldest surviving son of the late Canon Becher of St James Old Cathedral, beloved husband of Mabel [sic sb. Martha], and father of Mrs. Curwen-Walker.”
“Obituary-The death occurred at Mildura yesterday of Mr Reginald Becher, aged 68 years. Mr. Becher was the eldest surviving son of the late Canon Becher of St James Old Cathedral, Melbourne. He was educated at Melbourne Grammar school and when he was aged 18 years he entered the service of the State Savings Bank, remaining with the bank for several years. He was one of the original settlers of Mildura, having taken up land there in 1890, and was one of the few surviving pioneer settlers. Mr. Becher was a Freemason, and at one time was Master of the Mildura Lodge. He leaves a widow and one daughter, the wife of Dr. Malcolm Curwen-Walker of Merbein. There is one surviving brother, Mr. Frank Becher of Western Australia, and three sisters, Mrs F. Irving, and the Misses Becher of Melbourne. Mr. Becher’s youngest brother, Mr. Arthur Becher, died at Welshpool only five weeks ago.”

1935 The West Australian Monday 7 October 1935
“BECHER-On October 4 at Devonleigh Hospital to Mr & Mrs M. H. Becher-a daughter (Dorothy Judith), Both Well. Melbourne Papers please copy.”

1935 Sydney Morning Herald 19 October 1935
“ Births~BECHER~October 18 at Denholm private hospital to Valerie, the wife of Lieutenant O.H. Becher RAN, a son.”

1935 The Times Tuesday 3 Dec 1935
“Marriages~THORNTON~BECHER On Nov 23, 1935, at Baghdad, Thomas Thornton, MD, of Dundee to Joan Becher (nee Biden) of Bexhill.”

1935 The Times 31 Dec 1935
“ Deaths. BECHER~ on Dec 27 1935 at Dickelhurst Manor, Dinah, widow of Frank Becher.

1935 December 19
Becher : Andrews on Dec 19 1935 at Lyde, Hereford, Lieut Alexander Reginald Lionel Read Becher, RA, to Joyce Andrews”

1936 The Times 25 Jan 1936
“Deaths- 20th January 1936 At Lagos, Nigeria, Arthur Ford Becher , of the Administrative Service, The very dearly loved  son of Major General Andrew Cracroft Becher, and of Mrs Becher, Northam Lodge, Northam, Devonage 27.”

1936 The Times Saturday 29th Feb 1936
Becher, On 26th Feb 1936 at Aspland House, Norwich, to Betty [nee Batchelor] wife of John Hedges Becher, a daughter”

1936 The Argus 11 July 1936
“ Irving- On 10th July at her residence, Waverly, Bayview Rd, Burwood, Blanche, daughter of the late Canon Becher and loved wife of Frank and mother of Marjorie, Katherine and Philippa.”

1936 The Times 15 August 1936
“ A marriage has been arranged to take place early in September, very quietly in London, between Thomas Robert Hervey Keppel of Kirby Cane, Bungay and Judith Becher of Dickelburgh Manor, Norfolk. No invitations will be issued.”

1937 The Courier Mail 12 January 1937
“Deaths~BECHER-On Jan 6th, at the Mater private Hospital, Sydney, Michael Alleyn Richard, late of Paddington, Brisbane.”

1937 Western Mail 13 May 1937
“ Births-Becher-M. H. On May 6, a daughter.”

1938 Western Mail 13 Jan 1938
“ Marriages-Irvine, Kenneth to Joyce BECHER at West Perth on Dec 18.”

1938 The Times 14 July 1938
“The engagement is announced between James Stewart Becher, Royal Engineers, son of the Late Major-General Andrew C. Becher C.B.E. and of Mrs. Becher of Northam, Devon and Elizabeth Margaret Bell, daughter of Mr. R.S. Bell, Indian Police (retd.), Director-General of Police, Udaipur State, and Mrs. Bell.”

1938 The Times Wed 24th August 1938
“Deaths – Becher – On Aug 19, 1938 at St Margarets, Edward Alfred Morse [Edward O’Neill] elder son of the late Major-General Alfred Becher, Bombay Staff corps”

1938 The Times Monday 10th October 1938
“Deaths BECHER – On October 8, 1938, Emily Mary Lydia, widow of Harry Becher, of Burnhan-on-Crouch”
“ GROUT~On October 8 1938, at 4 Longston Avenue, Sydenham, Rose Blanche, widow of J.Osborne GROUT and daughter of the Late General Alfred BECHER. Funeral Service at St Philip’s Church, Sydenham tomorrow. Internment at Elmers End Cemetery.”

1938 The Times Thursday 8th December 1938
“Deaths – BECHER – on December 7th 1938, suddenly at Melbourne, Australia, Robert Arnold Becher, son of the late General Septimus Harding Becher

1939 The Argus 7 August 1939
“ Births~BECHER [nee Owen] on the 5th August, at St Andrew’s Hospital to …………, widow of the late Robert Arnold Becher, a daughter.”

1939 The Times Tuesday 5th September 1939
“ Births~BECHER- On September 3, 1939, at Mayfield House, Rowledge, to Jessica, wife of Captain R.F.R. BECHER of Mayfield House, Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey – a daughter.”

1939 The Sydney Morning Herald 22 November 1939
“Births~BECHER-November 20, at Denholm hospital, Darling Point, to Valerie, wife of Humphrey Becher, a son.”

1939 The Times Saturday 23rd December 1939
“Deaths – Pope- On Dec 22 1939 at Broadstairs, Annie Catherine, widow of Arthur Pope, CIE & eldest child of the late Rev John Thomas Becher, Rector of Preston, Lancs, aged 85”

1940 Weekly Irish Times 27 Jan 1940
“ Deaths~Becher, Jan 18, 1940 at Bedford Lodge, Dollymount,  Martha Ussher Becher, widow of  the late Edmund Waldo Becher, in her 83rd year,”

1940 The Times 13th April 1940
“Engagement announcement between Lancelot Alleyn Blakeney, son of The Rev L H & Mrs Becher of The Birches to Dorothy Elizabeth, elder daughter of the Rev C H & Mrs Surtees of Brancepeth Recotory, Co Durham” [do not know if this marriage took place…]

1940 The Times Wed 15th May 1940
“Deaths BECHER on May 13 1940, at The upper Cottage, Abbotts Ann, Richard Edward Hull Becher, second son of John Richard Hedges Becher of Lough Ine, County Cork & the much loved & devoted husband of Emily Constance Becher.”

1940 The West Australian 12 June 1940
“ Births~TURNER [nee Becher] On June 5 at Harvey District Hospital to Jean, wife of John Turner of Harvey, a daughter.”

1940 The Times 14 October 1940
“Births~BECHER. On Oct 10, 1940 at Sunnyside Nursing Home, Bowden, Cheshire, to Elizabeth (nee Bell) wife of Major J.S. Becher, a daughter”

1940 The Times Wednesday 11th Dec 1940
“Deaths- BECHER on Dec 7th 1940 at Hope Cottage, Bagshot Surrey, Charles Frederick Becher aged 78”

1941 The Times Oct 22nd 1941
“Hudson – On the 20th October, 1941 peacefully at Mount Tamar, Bere Alston, Amelia Maria, widow of Alfred G M Hudson of Sunderland & fourth daughter of the Late J R H Becher of Lough Ine, County Cork”

1941 The Sydney Morning Herald 23 July 1941
“ McArthur-July 21, 1941 Alexander Christie McArthur M.B., C.M., of Kilchurn, Victoria Rd, Ryde, dearly beloved husband of Lissie Ella [nee Selman *previously wife of Henry Fane Becher] and dear father of Ray & Dot [Becher]. Suddenly. Privately Cremated.”

1942 Times Pictorial [Irish] 24 Jan 1942
“Deaths~Hungerford~Jan 18 1942 at her residence, Sunmount, Clonakilty, Ellen H L Hungerford [nee Becher] , relict of the late William Hungerford.”

1942 The Sydney Morning Herald 14 April 1942
“McArthur-April 13 1942, Lissie Ella, Loving wife of the late DR. A. C. McArthur, of Kilchurn, 786 Victoria Rd, Ryde and beloved mother of Ray, Dot, Fane and Alison [deceased] [all Becher]”

1942 The Times 9 Nov 1942
“ Deaths~BECHER On Nov 5 1942 at Rothley, Leicester, Ada Louisa Henrietta, sister of the Late Capt C A G Becher, K.D. G. aged 88 years.”

1943 The Times Monday 4th Jan 1943
“ The Engagement is announced between Harry Becher, Merchant Navy eldest son of the late Mr & Mrs H. Becher, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex & Frances Margaret Rosemary, only daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert S Bell, Hutton Mount, Essex”

1943 The Times Saturday Feb. 6 1943
“Marriage Becher: Bell On 3rd Feb 1943 at St Marylebone Parish Church, by the Rev H J Matthews, Harry Becher, eldest son of the Late Mr & Mrs H Becher of Burnham-on-Crouch, To Frances Margaret Rosemary, only daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert S Bell, of Hutton Mount, Essex”

1943 Sydney Morning Herald 7 April 1943
“Marriages~BECHER-BROADHEAD~March 27, 1943 at Christ Church, Bungonia, by the Rev H F Hawkins, Rachel Rebecca, second youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Broadhead, Inverary Park, Bungonia to Lieut Cavell Becher (AIF returned) second son of Mrs. P. W. McCarthy, Lockhart, NSW.”

1944 The Times 25 March 1944
“Births~BECHER ~On March 23rd, 1944 at Warescot Nursing Home, Brentwood, Essex to Rosemary [Nee Bell] the wife of Harry (Pat) Becher, M.N. a daughter, Roberta Mary Annabel.”

1944 Sydney Morning Herald 13 May 1944
“ Engagement~BECHER-BRUCE~The Engagement is announced of Ilma Ellen, elder daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Bruce of Nth. Strathfield to Fane Kenwood, only son of Mr. & Mrs. E Becher of Strathfield.”

1945 The Times 11 Jan 1945
“Deaths~BECHER. On Monday Jan 8 1945 at Marlborough, Alice Mary Becher, widow of J.H.Becher of Southwell, Notts & eldest daughter of the Late Rev E. Pickard-Cambridge of Warmwell, Dorset, in her 90th year.”

1945 Sydney Morning Herald 3rd March 1945
“ BECHER [nee Rachel Broadhead] Feb 23 at Goulburn District Hospital to Lieut Cavell Becher & Mrs Becher, a daughter (Pamela Rebecca ).

1945 The Times Sat 10 March
“ Births~BECHER – On March 9 1945 at Wrecclesham Grange Nursing Home near Farnham, to Jessica [nee Cox], wife of Brigadier R.F.R. Becher, The Cameronians [Scottish Rifles], of Mayfield House, Rowledge, near Farnham, Surrey – a son.”

1945 The Argus Friday 27 July 1945
BECHER- on July 24 at Garryowen Private Hospital, Moss Vale to Valerie, wife of Commander Humphrey Becher, RAN a son.”

1945 The Times Tuesday 6th November 1945
“ Deaths Becher On Sunday November 4, 1945 at Marlborough, Godfrey George, youngest son of the late J H Becher of Southwell & the Late Mrs Becher.”

1946 The Times May 16 1946
“Deaths BECHER on May 11 1946 at Holloden, Bagenalstown, Co Carlow, John Richard Hedges BECHER, formerly Archdeacon of Ossory & Leighlin, in his 86th year.”

1946 Enniscorthy Guardian 18 May 1946
“ Death of a well-known Clergyman~BECHER- The Venerable John R.H. Becher, M.A., formerly Archdeacon of Ossory and Leighlin, who died at Hooloden, Muinebeag, on Saturday, in his 86th year, was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He obtained his BA degree in 1885 and the MA in 1923. In 1885 he was ordained for Cashel, Co Tipperary, and after a years curacy in Dunmore East, he went to the Isle of Man, where he was Curate of Tersal. On his return to Ireland he became incumbent of Kilrush, Co Wexford from 1887 to 1890, where he was appointed Incumbent of Lorum, in the Diocese of Leighlin, where he remained until his retirement. He was appointed Archdeacon in 1922, and was also examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Ossory.”

1947 The Argus 19 September 1947
“Deaths~BECHER-On September 17, at Harvey, Western Australia, Francis Joseph, son of late Canon Becher of St James’ Old Cathedral, Melbourne.”

1947 The West Australian 19 September 1947
“ Deaths~BECHER-On September 18, 1947 at Harvey District Hospital, Francis Joseph Becher of Ninth Street, Harvey. Dearly beloved husband of Tony & loving father of Humphrey, Phil, Jean & Tops. Aged 74 years.”

1948 The Times Wed 19 May 1948
Becher, on May 13, 1948 at Monk Street Farm, Thaxted, to Blossom, wife of M.D.S. Becher, a son [Sullivan Andrew Stewart].”

1948 The Times Wed 3rd March 1948
BECHER~On Feb 29 [Died] 1948 in Cheltenham, Muriel Helen, widow of Captain C. A. G. BECHER, King’s Dragoon, Funeral at Bourton-on-the-Water tomorrow at 3pm.”

1948 Sydney Morning Herald 10 August 1948
“Deaths~BECHER, Ada Frances died 8th August 1948 at 34 Park St, Burwood, NSW. Daughter of the late Rev & Mrs. R.F. Becher & Dear sister of Miriam, Hilda, Kit, Edgar & Sherard. Aged 77 years. Privately cremated on the 9th August.”

1948 The Argus 4 September 1948
“Deaths~BECHER.-On August 29, at Yarram Hospital, Katherine Margaret, loving daughter of Margaret and the late Arthur Becher, loving sister of Frances, Florence, Charles and John.”

1948 The Times 19 Nov 1948
“ELLIS : BECHER ~On Nov 16 1948 at the Parish Church, Burnham on Crouch, by the Rev D. L. Williams, Richard Adrian, youngest son of the Late R.H. Ellis & Mrs. Ellis, Glenhead, Goathland, York, to Frances Margaret Rosemary Becher, only daughter of Mr & Mrs Bell of Hutton Mount, Essex and widow of Harry Becher.

1949 The Argus 15 & 18 July 1949
“ Deaths~BECHER-On July 15 (after a short illness) Helen Louisa (Nell), third daughter of the late Canon & Mrs. Becher.”
Becher-in affectionate memory of Miss Helen Becher, former mistress at Lauriston, Malvern”

1950 The Argus 31 July 1950
“ Deaths~BECHER-On July 30, Alicia Susan, eldest daughter of the late Canon & Philippa Becher, sister of Mrs. Lempriere and Aunt of Marjorie, Katherine…..

1950 The Times 21 Aug 1950
“BECHER~On Aug 17, 1950 in Cork Hospital, Evelyn, daughter of the Late Sir J. W. Becher of Ballygiblin.

1951 The Sydney Morning Herald 16 April 1951
Becher-April 13 at Inglemere to Ruth and Brian, a daughter Patricia Leigh (stillborn).”

1951 The Canberra Times 20 September 1951
“London, Wed- Captain O.H. Becher of the Royal Australian Navy has been awarded the distinguished Service Order, the London Gazette announced today. Captain Becher was described as “being in the forefront of the commanding officers for his skilful handling of the Warramunga and for his personal drive and dash”.

1952 The Times 18th March 1952
“Died on March 17 1952 at Croft House,Molesey, Edith Ada Becher, daughter of the Late  Dr Becher & Mrs Selina Molesworth Becher in her 83rd year. Cremation at Woking..

1952 Sydney Morning Herald 29 July 1952
“ Births~BECHER- July 26 at Inglemere, to Ruth & Brian, a daughter [Wendy]”

1954 The Times Saturday 2nd Jan 1954
“Deaths BECHER – Suddenly on New Years day 1954, passed away at 66 Rowlands Rd, Worthing, Maude J Becher aged 81 years”

1954 The Times Friday 26th March 1954
“ Becher, on March 12th 1954 Emily, widow of Major C Becher & mother of Molly Hislop & The late Lt-Col E C Becher, aged 94”

1955 Sydney Morning Herald 15 Nov 1955
“Deaths~Becher, Henry Edward “Eddie”, 13 Nov 1955 at his residence 22 Rickard Avenue, Bondi, Beloved wife of Phyllis, aged 47, Rest in Peace.”
Becher, Henry Edward “Eddie”, Dearly loved son of Mrs. F. M. Becher of 40 Philip St, Bondi & dear Uncle of Ruth, Audrey & Arthur. Requieacat in Pace.

1956 The Times Friday 4th May 1956
“The engagement is announced between Roy Antony youngest son of Colonel & Mrs L B A Becher of Salcombe Hill, Sidmoth Devon & Ann Guinevere only daughter of Mrs & Mr E L Protheroe of Oatlands Mere, Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey”

1956 The Times Monday 23rd July 1956
“ Deaths Christie – On July 20th 1956 in Malta, Phyllis Ethel England, elder daughter of the Late Col Sullivan Edward Becher & widow of Major James H Christie.”

1957 The Times Monday 1st April 1957
“ DEATHS- BECHER  On March 29 1957 Suddenly at Cheltenham Brigadier A W B Becher , C.B.E., M.C. & Bar. late K.O.Y.L.I. beloved husband to Ranee and father of Elizabeth Power. Funeral at 11am, tomorrow at Borbon on the Water.”

1957 Sydney Morning Herald 2 Dec 1957
“Deaths~Becher, Sherard Michael died on 30th November 1957 of Albert St, Strathfield, dearly loved husband of Florence Amy Becher, Loved father of Patricia (Mrs. Kerridge) and Brian, father-in-law of Neil & Ruth, aged 74.”
Becher, Sherard Michael. Nov 30 1957, dearly loved brother of Edgar, Miriam (Mrs Stephens) & Kit (Mrs Burgin).

1960 The Times 25th March 1960
“A marriage has been arranged between Richard Melville, elder son of the Late Mr. R H Beaumont & of Mrs Beaumont of Burgage, Southwell & Mary Veronica, elder daughter of the late Major J.P. Becher, DSO & of Mrs Becher, Minster Lodge, Southwell & will take place quietly on May 30.”

1960 The Times Friday 15th July 1960
“Deaths BECHER – On July 14 1960 peacefully after a long illness, at her home, Middle Way House, Little Frieth, Henley-on-Thames, Violet Isobel, widow of Captain Maurice Becher, KOSb, aged 74.”

1960 The Holland Evening Sentinel 12 Aug 1960
“ Mr & Mrs Ami Miller and Mr & Mrs Lionel Becher of Fennville spent Saturday at the home of their son & daughter Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton Miller at Pigeon Lake.”

1960 The Times, Monday 19 Dec 1960
“ Silver Weddings~BECHER: ANDREWS On Dec 19, 1935, at Lyde, Hereford, Lieut Alexander Reginald Lionel Read BECHER, RA to Joyce ANDREWS, now at 4 Hurlingham Court Road.”

1961 The Irist Times 27 March 1961
“The engagement is announced between William Phillips, son of Mr & Mrs D P Field & Diana Mary, youngest daughter of Brigadier & Mrs Becher of Castlehaven House, Castletownsend, Skibbereen, Co Cork.”

1962 The Times Tuesday 17 April 1962
“ Becher~on 13th April 1962 at Carlton Hill to Anne and Tony Becher, a sister to Sophie

1963 The Times Wednesday 27th March 1963
“Deaths BECHER – On March 24th 1963 in her 85th year after a long illness endured with uncomplaining courage and patience, Elizabeth Dalyell Becher, daughter of the Late James Raphael Stewart of Ardvolich & Edinburgh, widow of Major General Andrew Cracroft Becher & much loved mother of Michael & Denys.”

1963 Sydney Morning Herald 6 July 1963
“ Deaths~Becher, Edgar. July 4 1963, at hospital, late of 166 The Boulevarde, Strathfield, dearly loved husband of Isabel, loved father of Mimi (Mrs. Prowse) and Ken, fond father-in-law of Ilma and Alfred. Private Cremation.
“ Deaths~Becher,Edgar-July 4 1963, late of Strathfield. Dearly loved brother of Miriam (Mrs Stephens) & Catherine (Mrs Burgin).”

1964 The Times 26 April 1963
“Marriages-Paul:Becher- On April 25th, 1963 quietly in London, Andrew McDonald Paul, late of Kenya and Uganda to Violet BECHER, of Holly Cottage, Inkpen, Berks.” [Do not know for sure if she is one of our Bechers but probably is as I have a Violet of likely age] [London Gazette 1 Feb 1968 reverted back to maiden name of Becher, of flat 7, 23 Queens Gate Gardens, London SW&  a Widow]

1964 The Times Monday 6th July 1964
“Marriages- Took place on Saturday at St James Piccadilly of Mr Charles Allen Budden, son of the late Mr & Mrs G A Budden of Wolfeton, Dorchester & Miss Elizabeth Anne Becher, second daughter of Brigadier & Mrs R F R Becher of Castlehaven House, Castletownsend, Co Cork.”

1965 Sydney Morning Herald 12 April 1965
“Deaths~BECHER, Florence Amy [widow of Sherard Michael Becher] April 11 1965 at hospital, late of Strathfield. Dearly loved mother of Patricia (Mrs. Kerridge) and Brian, Loved Mother-in-Law of Neil and Ruth. Fond Grandmother of Stephen & David Kerridge, & Wendy, Lindley & Robert Becher.”

1965 The Times Tuesday 20th July 1965
“Deaths BECHER- On July 17th 1965, peacefully at a Bournemouth nursing home, Olive Mary BECHER of “Dewbitt” West Street, Corfe Castle”

1965 The Times 22 September 1965
“ The Engagement is announced between Nicholas, only son of Mr. Sol M. Cohen, MA, F.R.C.S. and Mrs. Cohen of Marylebone, London, and Veronica S. Twin daughter of Lieutenant Colonel  & Mrs. A.R.L.R. Becher, of Farnham, Surrey”

1967 The Age 18 Jan 1967
“….Mike Becher has been chosen to Model for Pierre Cardin…”[Michael Henry Becher]

1967 The Irish Times Monday 16 October 1967
“Deaths~Becher, Oct 14 1967, John Hedges Becher at Bagenalstown House, Co Carlow, Funeral service today at St Mary’s Bagenalstown & burial at New Cemetery.”

1967 Sydney Morning Herald 14 December 1967
“Deaths~Becher, Olive Matilda. Dec 13, 1967 at her residence, 69 Bayswater Rd, Kings Cross, beloved wife of the late Henry Fane Becher and loved mother of Olive Fane & John Henry Fane [dec] aged 76 years.”


1968 Unknown West Australian Newspaper October 1968
“Deaths~BECHER: on the 21st Oct 1968, Pat, dearly beloved wife of Michael, of 5 Avonmore Terrace, Mosman Park, loving mother of Judy (Mrs Wolfe), Pamela (Mrs Joyce) and Jean. Fond mother-in-law of Peter & Brendan, and loved Grandmother of six grandchildren. No condolences please.”

1969 The Age 5th April 1969
“ It’s another Granddaughter for Rear-Admiral and Mrs Humphrey Becher of South Yarra. Mrs Becher is in Sydney keeping a watchful eye on Antonia, the other daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Becher. The new baby has been named Georgina Eleanor.

1969 The Australian Women’s Weekly 12 November 1969
Mrs. Andrew Becher, her parents Mr. & Mrs. L.N. Callaghan of Kooyong, Victoria and Andrew’s parents Rear Admiral and Mrs. Humphrey Becher of South Yarra recently returned home after visiting Sydney for the Christening of their Granddaughter Georgina Eleanor Becher at the Naval Chapel, Watsons Bay.”

1969 The Times Thursday 11th December 1969
“On Tuesday 9th December 1969 in Cheltenham, Rani, widow of Brigadier A.W.B. Becher, C.B.E., M.C. Late Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.”

1969 The Times Monday 25th December
“ Deaths BECHER – On the 11th December, 1969 at 27 Eversfield Place, St Leonards, Sussex, Margaret, aged 94 years, sole surviving child of the Late General & Mrs Septimus Harding Becher.

1970 The Times Thursday 30th April 1970
“Deaths BECHER – On April 27th, 1970, suddenly at 16 Branksome Rd, Norwich, Margaret Lucy Becher, widow of Lance & mother of Lucy & Clare, aged 87 years”

1970 The Times 31 August 1970
“Becher – On 27th August 1970 at The Royal Marsden Hospital, Helen Blossom of 43 Arcacia Rd, London NW8, elder daughter of the Late Lt Colonel R.H. Mackenzie, deeply loved wife of Michael Becher & mother of Caroline, Sullivan [Andie] & Jonathan

1972 The Times Wednesday 25th October 1972
“ Deaths  BECHER – on 24th October 1972 after a short Illness, peacefully at Blackheath, Winifred Grantham Becher, widow of Lt Col C M L Becher, DSO and mother of Father Ernest Becher.

1972 Sydney Morning Herald 25 Nov 1975
Stephen, Miriam Constance [nee Becher], Nov 24 1972 at Westmead, formerly of Strathfield. Loving wife of the Late Joseph Stephen & loved mother of Vie (Mrs Johnson) and Jean (Mrs Byrne)

1973 The Times Friday 30th March 1973
“ A marriage has been arranged & will take place quietly in London on April 27th between Michael Becher & Maryon, Widow of H. Tristram Eeles.”

1973 The Times 19 April 1973
Mr. R. F. D. Becher and Miss J. H. Derouet. The engagement is announced between Richard, only son of the Brigadier and Mrs. R. F. R. Becher of Drumearn, Comrie Perthshire and Judith, daughter of Mr and Mrs J.D. Derouet, of Fells Farm, Cressing, Essex.”

1974 The Times 20 Dec 1974
“Becher: Paradise – On December 14th Rhode Island, USA, Mr. S. A. S. Becher, formerly, of London, to Miss Joanne Paradise, of Lincoln, Rhode Island.”

1975 The Times Thursday 4th December 1975
“The engagement is announced between Jonathon, younger son of Mr Michael Becher & of the Late Mrs Blossom Becher of 7 Brunswick Court, Regency Street, SW1 & Amanda, only daughter of the late Mr John Hunter-Gray, MC of Great Shoesmith’s Farm, wadhurst, Sussex & of Mrs Gilbert Radcliffe of Barnhorn Manor, Little Common, East Sussex”

1976 The Times Wednesday, 12th May 1976
“Deaths BECHER – On April 27th, Michael Charles Becher of Broadwater Court, 44 Broad Down, Tunbridge Wells”

1977 The Times Monday 11th April 1977
“Births BECHER-on the 6th April to Judith (Derouet) & Richard – a son”

1977 18 June 1977 Sydney Morning Herald
“Death ~ Becher, Otto Humphrey on 15th June 1977. Husband of Valerie & father of Andrew, Michael & Geoffrey.”

1979 The Irish Times 9 Jan 1979
“ Deaths~Becher, Jan 7 1979. Peacefully at Drumearn, Comrie, Perthshire, Brigadier Ralph Frederick Richard Becher, CBE, late of the Cameronians, beloved husband of Jessica, much loved father & grandfather.”

1979 Sydney Morning Herald 9 October 1979
“Deaths~Becher, Luciano George. October 7 1979, (Suddenly) at his residence, Croydon, dearly loved husband of Anna, loving father & father-in-law of George, Margaret, Viviana and Mark, Aldo and Toni, dear Nono of Scott, Alicia, Adrian and Anthony. Rest Peacefully.” [Not our Bechers, included for elimination!]

1980 The Times Saturday 19th April 1980
“Lady Evetts, wife of Lietenant General Sir John Evetts CB, CBE, MC died on April 15. She was Helen Phyllis, daughter of Captain C.A.G. Becher & her marriage took place in 1915”

1980 The London Gazette 30 January 1980
Becher, Mary Eveline Lennox Napier, Compass Cottage, Hogans Row, Kinsale, Co Cork, Widow, died 18 Nov 1980.” [dau of Charles Frederick Becher & Maria De Rivas. If she was a widow she must have married a Becher….also date of death must be incorrect, as it dates AFTER the date of the newspaper]

1982 13 Jan Sydney Morning Herald
Death Notice for Becher, Adelaide Isabel Mary [nee Kenwood], d. 12 Jan 1982, Late of Strathfield. Loved wife of the late Edgar Becher, first rate mother of Mimi & Ken and much loved mother-in-law of Alfred & Ilma. Aged 94 years. Private Cremation.

1982 The Times Thursday September 16, 1982
“Deaths- On 13th September 1982 Peacefully in Jersey C.I., Major Edward Cranfield Becher, aged 84 years”

1984 The Times 14th April 1984
“Marriage Lieutenant-Colonel E R Bridges RM & Miss M.N. Becher. The marriage took place in London on April 12 between Lieutenant-Colonel E.R. Bridges, RM of Teffont Magna, Wiltshire & Miss Margaret Becher, elder daughter of the late Mr. J.H. Becher & of Mrs Becher, of Bagenalstown House, Co Carlow, Republic of Ireland”

1984 Sydney Morning Herald 1 Dec 1984
Death~Becher, Leonore Frances, Nov 29, 1984., of Double Bay. Dearly loved wife of Andrew, Loved mother of Antonia, Georgina & Michael.”

1984 8 Dec 1984 Sydney Morning Herald
Deaths~ Evelyn Ella Fane [Dot] Becher Dec 6 1984 at a Private Hospital in Strathfield. Late of Grafton, Ryde & Strathfield, dearly love Aunt of Douglas, Alison, Aden, Jean, Eric, Olive, Hazel and their families. Aged 98 years.

1985 The Times Friday 22 March 1985
“Deaths-Becher-On March 19 peacefully, Margaret Clare of Branksome Rd, Norwich. Funeral Service at Christ Church, Eaton, Norwich on Wed 27”

1986 The West Australian
“Deaths- BECHER-Michael on 29.5.86. Loved brother of Blanche [dec], Joan, John, Joyce & Bob, loved brother-in-law of Bob [dec], Jack, Beverley, Ken [dec] and Edna.”
BECHER[M H G ]OAM, ED. A Sincere tribute to our esteemed former life member. Few have contributed as much to Surf Life Saving as he. Deepest sympathy to family. President & Members Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club.”

1988 The Irish Times Tues 14 June 1988
“Deaths~ Becher (formerly of Bagenalstown House) June 11 1988, peacefully at Borris Lodge Nursing Home, Elizabeth Maude (Betty), devoted wife of the late John Hedges Becher, beloved mother of Margaret & Gillian & much loved Grandmother of Thomas & John. Funeral service at St Mary’s Church, Bagenalstown tomorrow (Wed) at 3 & burial afterwards in the new Cemetery.”

1993 9 & 15 March 1993 Sydney Morning Herald
“Death~Becher, Michael Henry March 4 1993 (suddenly) Much loved 2nd son of Humphrey (dec) & Valerie. Loved brother of Andrew & Jeanne, Geoffrey & Eril, fond Uncle of Antonia, Georgina, Michael, Caroline, Hamilton & Andrew.


1995 The Irish Times 30 Nov 1995
“Deaths~Bridges (Margaret Nicola) (nee Becher) on Tuesday Nov 28, 1995, at Salisbury Hospice, dearly beloved wife of Robin & much loved by sister Gillian Butler & family, James, Thomas & Johnny & step children Carol, Emma, Gabrielle, Phillip & Jocelyn. Funeral service at 1:45 at St Edward’s Church, Teffont, Magna, Salisbury, Wiltshire.”

1997 The West Australian
“Scientist made his mark in sand. Obituary. Robert Becher who died last Saturday at 83, invented what is now known as the Becher Process to probduce synthetic rutile from ilmenite. At State Scientist for 17 years, he was inspired by a visit to Burnie, Tasmania, where the coastline was stained by ilemite left from the earlier mining of beach sands. He was determined to prevent the same problem at Bunbury, where piles of ilmenite were mounting. The process was worth almost $200 million to WA industry in 1995-96.”

2001 Irish Examiner 21 June 2001
Death notice for Edith Jessica [Cox] Becher aged 96

2003 Sydney Morning Herald 1 November  2003
“Deaths~Becher, Rachel Rebecca (nee Broadhead), Passed away peacefully 29 Nov 2003 at Huntingdon Nursing Home, Bexley. Beloved wife of Cavell Becher, mother and mother-in-law of Pamela and Ted Begley and Julie Becher, loving Nana of Kirsten, Jason and Aidan….aged 86 years, sadly missed.”

2004 6 April Sydney Morning Herald
Valerie Chisholm [nee Baird] Becher 13.10.1909 - 4. 4. 2003 wife of Otto Humphrey (dec). Mother of Andrew, Michael (dec) & Geoffrey. Mother-in-law of Jeanne & Eril. Grandmother of Antonia, Georgina, Michael, Hamilton & Andrew. Step-Grandmother of Caroline Rockey, Great Grandmother of Lucy, Sophia, Audrey & Louis.

2007 Latrobe Valley Express 23 August 2007 [Also Herald Sun, Melbourne 22 August 2007]
Deaths~BECHER, Charlotte Myrtle passed away on 20 August 2007 at Narracan Gardens Nursing Home, Moe, formerly of Yarram. Loved wife of John Kenneth  (dec), Loved mother of Ken & Val. Loved Nana of Rod, Esther, Karen & Andrew. Loved Grand Nana of Thomas, Kathryn, Olivia, Samuel, Michael, Cameron, William & Caitlin. May the winds of our love blow softly & whisper for you to hear of how much we love you & miss you & forever keep you near.”

2008 The Australia 21 August 2008
“ Obituary: Alan Becher, Artistic Director, Perth Theatre Company. Born May7, 1947 Rawalpindi, British India [now Pakistan]. Died August 16, Perth of Cancer.
….his son Khydrick, who gave a eulogy at Becher’s funeral yesterday. Becher was born in Rawalpindi in British India, in what is now Pakistan; his father’s peripatetic military career saw the family live in Malaysia and Singapore. As a young talented actor, Becher headed to Australia in 1969, where he worked at the Nimrod and other Sydney theatres, at the State Theatre Company of South Australia and the now-defunct West Australian Theatre Company.

2008 Sydney Morning Herald 5 July 2008
“Deaths~Andrew, Dorothy Charlotte Hicks “Lottie” (nee Becher).
21 January 1907 – 29 June 2008. Loving wife of David [dec*]. Forever loved and sadly missed, always in our hearts, Joany, Stan [dec], Colin, Sue & families.” * died 22 Feb 1998

2008 Sydney Morning Herald 4 October 2008
“Deaths~BECHER, Cavell
Lieutenant 2nd AIF
30.03.1916-26.9.2008, Late of Bexley North. Beloved husband of Rachel (dec), loving father of Pamela and Julie, & Father-in-law to Ted. Grandfather to Kirsten, Jason and Aidan & their partners Michael and Sian, Great Grandfather to Ava and Bryn. Privately Cremated.”

2009 The Times 15 July 2009
BECHER, Ernest Page (Rev) peacefully passed away on the 9th July 2009. Funeral on the 27th July at St Peter’s Residential Chapel, Meadow Road, London SW8 1QH. Reception into chapel on the evening of the 26th July 2009.”

2015 The West Australian 31 Aug 2015
BECHER (Edna May ): 15.9.1917 - 30.8.2015 Adored wife of Bob (dec). Loving and talented mother of Wendy and Jill, mother-in-law of Bruce and Clive. Proud Nanna of 6 and Great Nanna of 6. After a long life, finally at peace. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Stirling Aged Care for their support and compassion over the past 6 years.

2015 Sydney Morning Herald 15 April 2015
“ BECHER, Fane Kenwood (Ken) 11 April 2015 aged 95 years. Formerly of Chatswood & Northwood. Beloved husband of Ilma (deceased), Loved by Tema, Sue & David, Kate & Max and their families. Relatives and friends of KEN are invited to attend a celbration of his life to be held in the South Chapel of the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Delhi Road, North Ryde on Monday 20 April 2015 at 10:00 am. Mayrer Family Funerals.”

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