Borradale Family of Yorkshire

Borradale Family of Yorkshire & Tasmania

Borradale is also spelt Borrodale, BorrowdaleBorradaile  and even Burradale! The earliest member of my family that I have found so far is William Borrowdale, who, with his wife "Betty" baptised 4 children at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire. Some of the records give the residence of the family as at nearby Birstall. Those children are;
1. John Borradale, baptised on the 8th March 1811 at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire & was buried aged 1 on 12 March 1812 at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.
2. George Borradale, baptised 21 August 1813 at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire & was buried aged 0 on 3 October 1813 at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.
4. Hannah Borradale, baptised 18 Jan 1818 at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.
3. William Borradale, baptised 26 July 1814 at Cleckheaton, Yorkshire & died of Paralysis on the 3rd November 1882 at Stanley, Tasmania. He was buried at Stanley Old Pioneer Cemetery. He married on the 22nd December 1834 at St Mary Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England to Susannah Knight. Susannah [baptised 8 Jan 1814 at Grimsby & died 17 Jan 1852 in Tasmania of Dropsy & Oedema] was the daughter of Thomas Knight & Elizabeth Wells [ who married at Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England 26 June 1802. They also had Thomas born 13 April 1803, John born 23 Jan 1808 & died 27 March 1808, Elizabeth born 30 Nov 1804, Phoebe born 10 Feb 1809, Charles baptised 2 Nov 1812 & buried 23 Nov 1812  ].

William Borrodale was charged with having stolen on the 13th of April 1835, a bay mare from a field in Halifax, in the West Riding [Yorkshire]. The horse was the property of David Collins, farmer. William Borrodale was convicted and sentenced for horse theft on the 18th July 1835 at the York Assizes; being transported to Australia & arriving at Tasmania on the Elphinstone on  24th May 1836. His profession was given as groom & he was aged 21. William's convict records refer to a wife & child at Hull, but as yet I cannot discover anything about the child or what became of him or her. Susanna's headstone in Tasmania also records an infant son James, so he may be the cild born in England. No child is with her in the 1841 census so more than likely did die young. Geoffrey Bartholomew recently discovered Susannah [as Burradale!] in the 1841 Census ay Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, living with her mother Elizabeth Knight, a charwoman aged 63 & her brother Thomas Knight, a fisherman, as well as 2 children, James Lillison aged 7 & not born in Lincolnshire & Robert Craig aged 3, born in Lincolnshire. The relationship of these children to the knights is not clear. Possibly they are children of siblings. ...Susannah apparently followed her husband to Australia in about 1843, having, according to William's convict records, been living at Hull. Despite some fairly mixed reports [driving furiously through a public street in Sept 1837, absent from post without permission in 1840, as well as being suspected of killing a heifer] he was recommended for a pardon on the 26th June 1845 & this was granted on 12 June 1846. His convict records describe him as 5 feet 4 inches tall, with light brown hair, a long head and dark hazel eyes.

Life for William seems to have improved quite rapidly; by 27th September he is the licensee of the Black Horse Inn [ not very contrite? The Inn may have already had that name!] The Courier reports on the 1st of Feb 1853 that "Mr. William Borradale has been appointed Pound Keeper at Circular Head and inspector of weights and measures for the district of Horton.". He became the proprietor of the Commercial Hotel at Stanley in 1871 and continued in this position until his death in 1882. Poor Susannah died shortly after the birth of her last child James & they are buried together at Stanley Pioneer Cemetery. William married again to Jane Carr on the 14th Jan 1854 & they had at least 3 children; Edward James Borradale 15 April 1855, John Henry Borradale 14 August 1857 & Henry Borradale on 20 July 1859.


William and Susanna had six known children, the first one being born nearly ten years after they were married due to their separation. There may well be some earlier children that I haven't found yet [presumably, at least the one recorded as being at Hull in 1836, but not shown in the 1841 census.]. Susannah & her infant son James, William & Jane Borrowdale/Borradale are buried together in the Old Pioneer Cemetery at Stanley, Tasmania.

1. William Knight Borradale
b. 27th May 1844 at Horton, Circular Head, Tasmania
d. 13 June 1908 at Sulphur Creek, Penguin, Tasmania from weakness of the heart while running for a train.
He was at Butcher & lived at "Norwood", Sulphur Creek. According to the Cyclopedia of Tasmania, William attended the Church Grammar School at Launceston, before assisting his father with his business at Stanley. He then apparently went for a short time to the west coast of New Zealand, before setting up a butcher shop in Melbourne, first at William Street & then King Street, before spending 5 years at Walhalla in Gippsland [presumably where he met his wife]. He returned to Tasmania in 1882 and opened a butchers shop at Waratah & in 1885 opened another in Burnie. He also owned 500 acres of farming land upon which he raised cattle.
William Knight Borradale married [1] on 6th February 1878 at Wahalla, Victoria to Jane Robertson [born 17 July 1857 at Rushworth, Victoria & died 1 Feb 1905 at Burnie, Tasmania of Bronchitis. She was the daughter of David Robertson & Elizabeth Pollock, both of Scotland]. William married [2] to Emily Allen Ruddock in 1907, not long before he died. Emily Allen Ruddock was the daughter of Abraham Ruddock and his wife Elizabeth Jane Mankey. Emily had earlier married Walter Ruddock on the 22nd April 1902 and had a daughter Kathleen Ruddock, so she was a widow when she married William Borradale. In 1912 her stepson William "Bill" Borradale married her [Emily's] youngest sister Maud Farrer Ruddock.
See below for the children of William Knight Borradale & Jane Robertson.

2. Charles Borradale
b. 15 May 1845 at Launceston, Tasmania
d. 22 April 1917 at Parkville, Victoria
3. Elizabeth Borradale
b. 10 March 1847 at Horton, Tasmania
d. 23 Sept 1896 at Sydney, NSW.
Elizabeth married in 1868 at Horton, Tasmania to Benjamin Gardner Stutterd.
4. Thomas Borradale
b. 19 June 1848, Horton, Tasmania
d. 16 January 1893 [according to Inquest information on the Tasmania Archives site]
Married 27 September 1872 to Frances Phillips. They had six children & Frances had 2 more after Thomas's death that were registered in Hobart as Borradale.
5. Robert Borradale
b. 15 April 1850 at Horton, Tasmania
d. 1896 in Melbourne Hospital.
6. James Borradale
birth and death unknown but listed on the headstone Stanley Pioneer Cemetery with his mother. Birth not registered, but name on Gravestone.

After William Borradale's first wife Susanna died in 1852, he married again in Launceston on the 14th Jan 1854 to Jane CARR. She was born about 1827 in Tipperary, Ireland and died on the 22nd November 1905 after a short illness. William Borradale & Jane Carr had 3 sons; Edward James Borradale 15 April 1855, John Henry Borradale 14 August 1857 and Henry Borradale 20 July 1859.

William Knight Borradale & Jane Robertson had a large family of ten children.

Back Row: Frances, Elizabeth, Bill & Charlotte Borradale
Middle Row: Maud, William Knight, Linda, Jane [nee Robertson], Arthur Borradale
Front Row: Vera and Frank Borradale. Photo from George Hudson

Jane Robertson. Photo from George Hudson                 William Knight Borradale. Photo from Christine.

1. Elizabeth Borradale
b. 31 Jan 1879 at Coopers Creek, Victoria
d. 29 March 1909 at Boulder, WA of Typhoid Fever, buried at Kalgoorlie
Married 12 April 1904 at Burnie, TAS to Aloysius Joyce

Elizabeth's grave at Kalgoorlie Cemetery.
2. Frances Borradale
b. 1880 at Walhalla, Victoria
d. 10 May 1933 at Devenport, Tasmania
Married in 1905 in Tasmania to Garnet James Pearce
3. Charlotte Borradale
b. 18 September 1882 at Emu Bay, Tasmania
d. 1968
Married in 1909 in Tasmania to Michael Augustine Mears
4. Maud Borradale
b. abt 1884
d. 1961
Married in 1910 at East Coolgardie, WA to Thomas D Turrell
5. William "Bill" Knight Borradale
b. 4 June 1886 at Emu Bay, Tasmania
d. 20 October 1927 at Nurse Stone's Private Hospital, Penguin & buried at Penguin General Cemetery.
Of "Ranfurlie", Sulphur Creek.
He married on the 3rd Dec 1912 at Arana, Moonee Ponds, Tasmania  to Maud Farrar Ruddock. They had one son John "Jack" Knight Borradale born in about 1914.
6. Ethel Borradale
b. 8 April 1888 at Waratah, Tasmania
d. 10 April 1888 at Waratah, Tasmania
7. Linda Borradale
b. 12 April 1889 at Waratah, Tasmania
d. abt 1972
Married in 1908 at East Coolgardie, WA to Charlie Hepworth. Later became Mrs Lomax.
8. Arthur Edward Borradale
b. 17 August 1891 at Emu Bay, Waratah, Tasmania
d. 1950
I believe Arthur lived in Sydney, NSW.
9. Vera Borradale
b. 21 August 1893 at Emu Bay, Tasmania
d. ?
Married in 1916in Perth to Clarence George Jones
10. Frank Borradale
b.18 May 1895 at Emu Bay, Tasmania
d. 1934 in Queensland
of Queensland.
Married Margaret Jones, daughter of Captain William Jones of Burnie and had 4 children; Frank, Robert, Janet & Elizabeth.

A relative of Vera Borradale, George Hudson sent me lots of Borradale photographs, most of them unfortunately not labelled. I hope somebody can recognise these & contact me [email protected] to tell me more about the people & places in these pictures.

William Knight Borradale can be seen in the back row of this wedding photo, 5th from the left. Whose wedding is it? Thanks to Carolyn Scott,
I know know that this is the wedding of Frances Borradale to Garnett James Pearce on the 5th July 1905 at Burnie, Tasmania.

Unknown picnic!

Morse & Co Photograph                                                                      H. T Waterworth photograph

                                                                                        Talma photograph, 119 Swanston St Melbourne

Bishop-?? Burnie

Talma photograph, 119 Swanston St Melbourne             H. T. Waterworth Photographer, Emu Bay

Identified by Sam Nichols, this house was called "Ranfurlie" and was built in 1912 for W. K. Borradale at Sulphur Creek.
A sales notice in 1928 indicates the house was opposite Sulphur Creek Station.

This house still exists, at 92 Preservation Drive, Preservation Bay. It is not yet known who owned it.
Thanks to Sam Nichols for the location of the house.


With thanks to George Hudson, Tina Gale, June Schroen, Sam Nichols, York Archives & Geoffrey Bartholomew for information & pictures.

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