Children of Rev Michael Henry Becher and Philippa Jennings

Children of Rev Michael Henry Becher and Philippa Jennings

The Reverend Michael Henry Becher and Philippa Jennings married at the licensed schoolhouse at St Kilda on the 9th April 1856. He was in Australia with the British and Foreign Bible Society on an 18 month deputation. They returned to England together on the James Baines and lived in the Rectory at Barnoldby-le-Beck until April 1861, when they returned to Melbourne, Australia on the Queen of The Mersey. All four of their English born sons died, the first in London, the second at Barnoldby Le Beck, the third heartbreakingly at sea, and the fourth at the parsonage in Melbourne. Poor Philippa had a lot of grief to bear. When Michael Becher died in 1883, the 9 surviving children ranged in ages from 20 to almost three.

1. John Thomas Becher
b. 28th November 1856 at Euston Place, London, baptised 28 Nov 1856 at Old Church, Saint Pancras, London.
d. 29th November 1856 at 23 Euston Place, London aged 1 day. Cause of death was premature birth.
2. Robert Becher
b. 21st [Gravestone] or 22nd [birth notice in Australia] November 1857 at Barnoldby-Le-Beck, Rectory
d. 9th April 1859 at the Rectory, Barnoldby-Le-Beck, buried 11th April at St Helen's, Barnoldby-Le-Beck, Lincolnshire.
Death reported in The Gentleman's Magazine. His death certificate gives the cause of death as Diphtheria and Measles.
3. Henry "Valentine" Becher
b. 14th February 1859 at Barnoldby-Le-Beck
d. 20th April 1861 lat 5 deg N. Long. 25 deg W. on the Queen of the Mersey, at sea on the way to Australia, of convulsions after measles.
On the ship's passenger list he is called Valentine.
4. Albert Rowland Becher
b. 6th July 1860 at Barnoldby-Le-Beck
d. 10th January 1867 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne of Scarlatina, buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.
5. Alicia Susan Becher
b. 4th May 1862 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. 30 July 1950 at Windsor, Victoria, cremated 1st August at Springvale Memorial Cemetery, Melbourne
Never Married
6. Blanche Maria Becher
b. 22nd February 1864 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. 1936 at Burwood, Victoria
In 1887 Blanche gave violin lessons at the Boys Preparatory School at Toorak.
Married on the 12th March 1896 at St James's Cathedral 1896 Frank Samuel Oswald Irving. They had three daughters Marjorie Alice, Helen Katherine "Kay" Irving and Philippa Mary.
7. William Henry Becher
b. 16th July 1865 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. 10th February 1866 at St James Parsonage, buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.
8. Reginald Becher
b. 17th April 1867 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. 15 April 1935 at Mildura, Victoria.
Reginald was the SIXTH son, and the very first to survive. He married Martha Bottams in 1900, and they had two daughters, Dorothy Blanche Becher and Philippa Winifred Becher. He was a bank clerk & a farmer.
9. Charles Hamilton Becher
b. 14th November 1868 at St James Parsonage
d. 25 July 1932 at Stawell, Victoria, suddenly in his sleep.
Charles Hamilton Becher became  a Solicitor in 1892. He never married, although did share a home with his sister Frances Sophia Becher at least between 1924-1931.
10. Philippa Bessie Becher
b. 11th November 1870 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. 25 February 1871 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne, buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.
11. Philip Becher
b. 28 December 1871 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. 8 January 1872 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne, buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.
12. Francis Joseph "Frank" Becher
b. 1st January 1873 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. 18th September 1947 Harvey, Western Australia
Franck was an Orchardist in the Harvey Region of WA. There is still a street there named for him. He married Antonia Amalie Vetter in 1905 and they had four children; Philippa Frances, Otto "Humphrey" Becher who was to become a Rear Admiral, Winifred Mary "Topsy" Becher and Elizabeth Lena Becher.
13. Cecil Robert Becher
b. 28th August 1874 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. September 1925 at Mt Magnet Hospital, Mt Magnet, Western Australia Cerebral Haemorrhage. Buried at Mt Magnet on the 18th September 1925
He was my Great Grandfather. He was married on the 18th March 1903 at "Wykeham", Philip St, Neutral Bay, Sydney, NSW to Mabel Anna Wooldridge. She was born 30th October 1875 at Deniliquin, NSW,  the daughter of Henry John Wooldridge and Elizabeth Jane "Bessie" Hawson . The marriage was performed by Cecil's paternal uncle Richard Savage French Fane Becher. The witness was Richard's son Sherard Michael Becher. Cecil and Mabel had six children.
14. Arthur Vincent Becher
b. 7th May 1876 at the Parsonage, St James, Melbourne
d. March 1935 at St Kilda, Melbourne, buried on 8th March 1935 at St Kilda Cemetery.
He was a farmer at Welshpool, Victoria and  married on the 28th March 1906 at "Merton", Cherrytree Rd, Coleraine, Victoria to Margaretta Russell Rowe. They had eight children [Katherine Margaret Becher, Frances Gertrude Becher, Phyllis Mary Becher, Flora Vincent Becher, Charles Henry Becher, Arthur Richard Becher, John Kenneth Becher & James Francis Becher.]
15. Helen Louisa "Nell" Becher
b. 7th November 1877 at St James Parsonage, Melbourne
d. 15 July 1949 at Hamilton, Victoria.
Nell never married and was a teacher.
16. Frances Sophia "Fassie" Becher
b. 16th February 1880
d. 1962 at Coldstream, Victoria.
Married in 1939 to James Boyes Lempriere. He was born in 1866 and died in 1951 at Fern Gully, Victoria.

Cecil Robert Becher                                            Cecil Robert Becher

Philippa Becher with Frank Becher                      Cousin Phebe Pitcairn, Nell Becher, Alicia Becher, and             
                                                                                 in front Frances "Fassie" Becher. They were the
                                                                                 bridesmaids at Blanche Becher's 1896 wedding.

Nell Becher                                                          Blanche [Becher] Irving

Francis Joseph Becher from the Cyclopedia       Unknown Becher male c 1893, probably Arthur,
of Western Australia.                                            Reginald or Charles.

Cecil Robert Becher

Otto Humphrey Becher 1950.

I would love photographs of Reginald, Charles Hamilton and Arthur Vincent Becher.

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