Gregory Family of Frome

Gregory Family of Frome

The earliest GREGORY in my tree that I can trace for certain is Samuel GREGORY, a cardmaker [instruments used to comb wool] of Frome. He was born in about 1745 and was buried at the Baptist Burial Ground at Frome on 26th September 1797. His father may well be the John GREGORY who signed a petition in 1711 to prevent the reuse of woolcards or the Josiah GREGORY who was buried on the 4th May 1768 at the Baptist Burial Ground in grave 84, the same grave that Samuel was later buried in [along with his sister Sarah ALLEN on 14 Feb 1770]. Samuel had 4 known siblings; John GREGORY [named in Samuel & sister Anne GIFFORD's will], Anne GREGORY [died about 1805] who married 12 March 1770 at St John, Frome to John GIFFORD, Sarah GREGORY who married 13 October 1762 to Thomas ALLEN and Hannah GREGORY who married 15 April 1779 to Joseph NICHOLS. Anne's will also lists a James GREGORY. Samuel GREGORY married 1 Feb 1768 at St John, Frome to Mary WHITING. Mary WHITING was baptised 25 October 1747 at St John the Baptist, Frome, Somerset, the daughter of Joseph WHITING and Salome DYER. Mary was buried 7 January 1813 at the Baptist Burial Ground, Frome, Somerset. Samuel GREGORY was buried 26 September 1797 at the Baptist Burial Ground, Frome. Fortunately for his descendants, Samuel GREGORY left a will, enabling us to know the names of his children and the distribution of his property. Their children were;

1. Samuel GREGORY
b. abt 1773 at Frome, Somerset
d. 16 September 1842 and was buried at Vallis Way Cemetery, Frome.
Samuel GREGORY was a Clothier & Cardmaker of Frome and married Hannah TREASURE 10 April 1792. They had 12 children
2. Latitah/Latticia/Lattice GREGORY
b. abt 1774
d. buried 2 June 1853 at Vallis Road Cemetery, Frome, Somerset.
Married John STENT 7 June 1790 at St John the Baptist, Frome, Somerset. Latitah was a widow by 1841 Census. A John STENT was buried 3 March 1826 aged 70 at Frome, so most likely this John.
Had nine known children.
3. Isaac GREGORY
b. 28 August 1777
d. 13 September 1835 at Frome, Somerset and is buried at Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset.
Married Elizabeth CULVERHOUSE, See below.
4. Elizabeth GREGORY
b. & d. after 1797
Elizabeth is known from her father's will.
b. abt 1780 [was under 21 in  January 1797 in his father's will]
d. Buried 6 October 1852 at Wesleyan Chapel, Frome, Somerset.
Seth GREGORY lived on Vallis Way & was a boot and shoemaker. He married 4 October 1802 to Mary CORNISH and had at least 3 children.
6. Sarah GREGORY.
Sarah was, according to her father's will "subject to fits which may impair her faculties". Her share of the estate was held in trust by her mother Mary and her brothers Samuel & Isaac. It is not know when Sarah died.
7. Benjamin GREGORY
b. abt 1786
d. buried 15 May 1787 at Badcox Lane, Baptist burial Ground, Frome, aged 1, son of Samuel Gregory [thanks to Eileen Harman for the 2 Benjamins]
8. Benjamin GREGORY
b. abt 1788
d. buried 2 September 1788 at Badcox Lane, Baptist Burial Ground, Frome, aged 8 months, son of Samuel Gregory.

Cheap Street, Frome where the Gregory family           Gregory Memorial at Frome
lived. From "Crime & Punishment in Regency Frome"

Isaac GREGORY married Elizabeth CULVERHOUSE on the 16th April 1801 by Banns at St John the Baptist, Frome, Somerset. The witnesses were T. Jones and Samuel Gregory [presumably Isaac's brother, as his father was deceased]. Isaac GREGORY was a Currier [a dryer and dresser of tanned leather] & sometime Constable of Frome and lived at 17 Cheap Street, Frome with his family. Fortunately, he kept a journal detailing his time as Constable, providing us with an interesting look at his daily life and his thoughts, although attitudes have certainly changed! Here is a quote from a passage that amused me [but may not have if I was his wife...] " I see more than ever the great importance of a man's ruling his own house and I am determined never to give up the reins to a female except it is for my own amusement- a few minutes now and then just as a cat would a mouse let go, but having an eye fix'd to seize it in a moment"! He and Elizabeth had 12 children, although they did not all survive. Elizabeth CULVERHOUSE was born 5 Nov 1778 at Frome, Somerset, the daughter of Edward CULVERHOUSE and Elizabeth WATTS.

Elizabeth CULVERHOUSE                                                     Edward CULVERHOUSE [Elizabeth's brother]
Picture from "Crime & Punishment in Regency Frome"

1. William GREGORY
b. 2nd February 1802 at Frome, Somerset & Baptised 29th September 1811 at the Zion Chapel, Frome [From Register].
d. 22 January 1875 at Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
m. 25 December 1827 at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Trowbridge, Wiltshire to Elizabeth HARDING and had 7 children.
William was a Currier like his father.
2. Isaac GREGORY
b. 19 September 1803 at Frome Somerset
d. 27 November 1803 at Frome, Somerset and buried 3rd December 1803 at the Baptist Burial Ground, Frome, Somerset.
3. Elizabeth GREGORY
b. 27 October 1804 at Frome Somerset & Baptised 29 September 1811 at the Zion Chapel, Frome [From Register].
d. Apparently in 1853 in the USA.
Married in November 1830 to a J. Hunning or Humming, a draper of Frome.
4. Isaac GREGORY
b. 2 October 1806 at Frome, Somerset & Baptised 29 September 1811 at the Zion Chapel, Frome [From Register].
d. 4 October 1860 at Melbourne, Australia of Sanguineous Apoplexy and buried 8 October 1860 at the New Cemetery, Melbourne [from death certificate]. He was a leather cutter.
b. 23 September 1808 at Frome, Somerset
d. 14 July 1809 at From, Somerset
6. Edward GREGORY
b. 24 June 1810 at Frome, Somerset & Baptised 29 September 1811 at the Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset [From Register].
d. 1 July 1885 at Red Hills, Deloraine, Tasmania of paralysis and was buried 3rd July 1885 at St Marks, Deloraine, Tasmania.
Edward married on 16th January 1836 at St James, Bath, Somerset to Fanny SNOOK, second daughter of Charles SNOOK and Phoebe JAMES. See Below for more detail.
7. Richard GREGORY
b. 27 August 1812 at Frome, Somerset & was baptised 4 December 1813 at the Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset.
d. ?
b. 29 May 1814 at Frome, Somerset & baptised 23 July 1815 at the Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset
d. Lucy apparently died 23 March 1884 in the USA.
m. 1 January 1847 at the Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset to John Wilkins. He died 4 September 1887 at Sedwickley, Pennsylvania, USA
In the 1841 Census at Cheap St, Frome with mother & sister Mary.
b. 7 October 1816 at Frome, Somerset & baptised 6 April 1817 at the Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset.
d. 12 Nov 1818 at Frome, Somerset and buried 18 November 1818 at Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset.
b. 5 May 1818 at Frome, Somerset & Baptised 14 February 1819 at the Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset.
d. 13 Feb 1823 at Frome, Somerset and buried 19 February 1823 at the Zion Chapel, Frome [was of Cheap Street]
11. Jane GREGORY
b. 26 August 1820 at Frome, Somerset and baptised 19 Nov 1820 at the Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset.
d. 7 Jan 1901 at Frome, Somerset and buried 11 January 1901 at Vallis Rd Cemetery, Frome, Somerset.
m. 25 March 1842 at Zion Chapel, Frome to Joseph CHAPMAN [an architect and monumental sculptor]. Jane and Joseph CHAPMAN had ten children.
12. Mary GREGORY
b. 28 June 1822 at Frome, Somerset & baptised 17 August 1823 at the Zion Chapel, Frome, Somerset and died in 1894 at Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
m. 15 April 1851 at the Zion Chapel, Frome to Jacob GAYTON.

Edward GREGORY was a currier and farmer, firstly in Bath, Somerset and then briefly in South Australia and finally in the Bothwell and Deloraine area of Tasmania, Australia. He married on the 16th January 1836 at St James, Bath to Fanny SNOOK. Fanny was the daughter of Charles SNOOK [born abt 1783 and died 27 June 1849 at Bath, Somerset. He was a Salesman, then a Tailor & finally a Gentleman. He is often said to be a wine merchant, but that is a different Charles SNOOK] and Phoebe JAMES [born about 1787 at Keynsham, Somerset and died 5 August 1866 at 19 Prior Park Buildings, Bath, Somerset of heart disease (death certificate)]. Edward and Fanny were listed in the 1837 Bath directory as living at 40 Southgate Street, Bath. On the 6th June 1839 they departed from London for Australia on the "Prince Regent", along with their two young sons, Edward Culverhouse GREGORY aged 2 1/2 and Charles Snook GREGORY aged 9 months, giving their address as Devizes, Wiltshire. Edward, Fanny and their two sons arrived at Adelaide on 25th September 1839 after a voyage where 23 people out of 199 died, where they lived at Rundle Street, where a daughter was born on the 3rd August 1841 [South Australian Register 21 August 1841.] Edward GREGORY continues to Tasmania on the Isabella on the 17th June 1842, followed by Fanny and Edward on the Prince of Denmark  on the 9th October 1842. The passenger list only has one child, so sadly Charles and the daughter must have died before this time. Fanny and Edward had 9 or maybe 10 children altogether. Fanny went on to have a long career as a school teacher and was the sole teacher and head mistress at Red Hills Public School from 1867 until 1884; Fanny was by this time almost 72! Later she returned to teaching at Iveridge State School for a further six years, finally retiring in 1883 aged 81.

Fanny Snook & Edward Gregory                                 Fanny [nee Snook] Gregory

1. Edward Culverhouse GREGORY
b. 9 November 1836 at Bath, England and baptised 25 December 1836 at the Zion Chapel, Frome [as Edward GREGORY, from Register]
d. 27 August 1901 at Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia and is buried at St Marks.
Edward Culverhouse GREGORY married 7 August 1858 at Hobart, Tasmania to Mary Elizabeth Beaumont CROWDER. They had 11 children.
2. Charles Snook GREGORY
b. about June 1838 at Bath, Somerset
d. Was alive in June 1839 when the family left England, but had died by October 1842 when the family moved to Tasmania.
b. 3 August 1841 at Rundle St, Adelaide, South Australia.
d. before 9 October 1842.
4. William GREGORY
b. 29 January 1843 at Hobart, Tasmania
d. 6 December 1888 crushed by a horse and cart. He was buried at Fortrose Cemetery, New Zealand.
He emigrated to New Zealand on the Silver Eagle in 1863 with his sister Emmeline. William GREGORY married 2 January 1865 at Oteramika, Southland, New Zealand to Mary McKenzie LAUDER and they had 15 children with the last one born in the year of William's death.
5. Emmelinie "Minnie" GREGORY
b. 22 September 1845 Bothwell, Tasmania
d. 11 July 1914 Invercargill, New Zealand & buried at Woodlands Cemetery, New Zealand
m. 28 Nov 1868 in New Zealand to John WADDELL [He was born in Scotland and died 23 Dec 1895]
She emigrated to New Zealand on the Silver Eagle in 1863 with her brother William. They apparently had 11 children.
6. Clara Frances GREGORY
b. 16 September 1847 at Bothwell, Tasmania.
d. 5 July 1924 at Burnie, Tasmania and was buried at Wivenhoe General Cemetery, Burnie, Tasmania.
Clara Frances GREGORY married 20 July 1867 at Westbury, Tasmania to Aloysius James JOYCE. The witnesses were Aloysius's brother Henry JOYCE jnr and Harry GREGORY [ whom I can't as yet identify!]. Clara and Aloysius JOYCE had 14 children; see the JOYCE page.
7. Reginald GREGORY
b. 18 July 1849 at Bothwell, Tasmania
d. 10 February 1850 at Bothwell, Tasmania
8. Alfred Perry GREGORY
b. 4 December 1851 at Bothwell, Tasmania
d. 30 August 1902 at Iveridge State School, Tasmania, Australia. He is buried at Blackwood Creek, Longford, Launceston, Tasmania.
Alfred GREGORY was a school teacher and married on 24th Dec 1898 at Bishopbourne, Tasmania to Mary Elizabeth GEORGE [1849 Victoria, Australia - 20 September 1902 Beaconsfield, Tasmania.
9. John Arthur GREGORY

b. 16 July 1854 at Hobart, Tasmania
d. 12 November 1927 at Scottsdale, Tasmania.
John married on 29 May 1884 at the Wesleyan Church, Scottsdale, Tasmania to Eleanor Mary HEAZLEWOOD [24 March 1865-16 Jan 1949] and they had 11 children.

Clara Frances Gregory                                                           Aloysius James Joyce
Photos from Tricia Sullivan

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