Irish & Scottish Families

As it is going to take me quite a while to make a page for each of my Irish & Scottish [some of whom are Irish as well....], I thought I would make a summary page here, to put them all in known counties & make a short summary of the known facts.

Pollock of Old Monkland, Lanark [& Donald, Smith, Calder & Robertson]
John POLLOCK married Marjory DONALD on 14th January 1803 at Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland. They had 10 children; James Pollock 27 Dec 1807, Sarah Pollock 29 Nov 1809, Agnes Gardner Pollock 24 Aug 1811, Thomas Donald Pollock 17 July 1815, Marjorie Pollock 24 March 1817, John Pollock 3 May 1819, Jane Pollock 14 June 1821, Alexander Pollock 9 May 1823 & Margaret Pollock 15 May 1825.
James POLLOCK was a miner [or Coal Pit Contractor] & married 7th June 1829 at Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland to Jane SMITH. They had seven known children; Agnes Pollock 10 Jan 1839, Jane Pollock 1 Sept 1832, Fanny Frew Pollock 23 Feb 1835, Elisabeth Pollock 2 Nov 1836 at Airdrie & baptised 27th November 1836 at New Monkland, Lanark, Margaret Pollock 5 Feb 1841, James Pollock 27 Oct 1842 & Robert Pollock 1844.
Elisabeth Pollock was a housemaid & arrived in Australia about 1854. I haven't located her on a shipping list yet. She married on 17th December 1856 at John Knox Presbyterian Church, Swanston St,  Melbourne, Victoria to David ROBERTSON.

Thanks to Karen Disbury I have made some progress with my ROBERTSON family.

Frank Robertson, a seaman [or fisherman], born in about 1784 at Haddington, Dunbar, the son of David ROBERTSON [from Frank's death certificate], married on 15th March 1829 at Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland to Jean FORBES [also known as Jane]. Jean was presumably a widow, as on Frank ROBERTSON"s death certificate the name of his wife is given as Jean CALDER. Frank  had earlier been married to Barbara Ritchie on the 24th April 1815 at Dunbar and they had a son William in 1821& at least one daughter [a tree at Ancestry has daughters Margaret born 1815 at Dunbar & Elizabeth born 1820 at Haddington but I have not been able to get a response from the owner to find out her sources]. Barbara died 29th October 1824 at Dunbar. From the 1851 census it can be seen that Jean was born about 1798 at Olrig, Caithness, Scotland. Frank and Jean lived at Pulteney, Wick and had at least 8 children;  a presumed Miss Robertson who married a Mr Malcom and had a son James Malcom [shown in the census as a grandson] born about 1847 was probably a daughter from his marriage to Barbara,  Catherine Robertson born 1829 Wick, Caithness, Robert Robertson born 1831 at Wick, Caithness,David Robertson born 1833 Wick, Caithness, John Robertson born 1836 Wick, Caithness, Jean Robertson born 1837 Wick, Caithness, Esther Robertson born 1839 Wick, Caithness, Francis Robertson born 1842 Wick, Caithness and Rachel Robertson born 1844 Wick, Caithness. [from 1841 and 1851 census]

David Roberson, a miner [ according to his marriage certificate. He was a sailor in the Scottish census] was the son of Frank Robertson, a fisherman & Jean Calder & was born in Wick, Caithness, Scotland in 1833 [see above]. He arrived in Sydney, Australia on 13th March 1855 on the Nepaul. Elizabeth nee Pollock, his wife died on the 4th of July 1909 at Omeo, Victoria, Australia, but as yet, I can't find a date of death for David. David Robertson & Elizabeth Pollock had eight children; Jane Robertson 17 July 1857 Rushworth [married William Knight Borradale 6 Feb 1878 Wahalla, Victoria], James Robertson 28 Jan 1859 Rushworth [He apparently married an Eliza Jones], David Robertson 24 Jan 1861Kingower, Victoria, Elizabeth Robertson 20 Oct 1862 Barkley, Victoria [apparently married Charles Bowles], Emily Robertson 18 Dec 1864 Bealiba, Victoria [ married Thomas Amery Heyward 2 April 1886 Walhalla], Rachel Robertson 16 May 1868 Clunes, Victoria [married 20 December 1899 to James Huggins], Francis Robertson born 1 Jan 1873 Sandhurst & Robert Charles Robertson 26 June 1875 Walhalla, Victoria [married Martha Jane Huggins]

Jane Robertson, daughter of David Robertson &
Elizabeth Pollock.

Thomas BOYLE arrived in Queensland on the Southern Belle on the 6th March 1874, leaving behind in Scotland his wife Mary & infant son Thomas. Mary arrived in Queensland 3 years later on the 3rd August 1877on the City of Agra, accompanied by her mother Elizabeth [Duffy]. The family lived in Ipswich, Qld, then Sydney in 1890 where Thomas ran a Tailoring business at  512 Elizabeth St, before moving to Perth, WA in 1898. Poor Mary died aged 47 on 23rd January 1898 at 16 Parker St, Perth, Western Australia of Fever & Hypertensive Collapse. Thomas Boyle died on the 7th October 1934 at 20 Bandon St, South Perth, Western Australia.
Thomas Freeland BOYLE & Mary Joseph BOYLE had 7 known children; Thomas Boyle 8 Feb 1873 Anderston, Glasgow, John Francis Boyle 3 July 1878 Ipswich, Qld, Mary Elizabeth Boyle 25 July 1880 Ipswich, Qld & died 19 October 1943 at Perth, WA. She married 16 June 1897 at Perth, WA to Michael COLLOPY, a blacksmith, George Joseph Boyle 24 August 1882 at Ipswich, QLD, Margaret Esther Veronica Boyle 25 April 1885 at Ipswich, Qld, Agnes Josephine Boyle 25 September 1887 Ipswich, Qld, John Benedict Boyle 21 March 1891 at Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Michael Collopy & his wife Mary Elizabeth Boyle

The Collopy, Hayes, Ryan, Regan & Joseph Families of Limerick.
Some of this information comes from a Family tree that I was given 25 years ago & I haven't been able to verify it all. The tree begins with Mary & George COLLOPY & their son Timothy COLLOPY, a farmer, born in 1795 in Limerick, Ireland. The wife of Timothy is given as Mary JOSEPH [There are Josephs in Limerick, Galway & Dublin]. They had a son William Joseph COLLOPY born in 1814 in Limerick. He supposedly married Margaret Ellen HAYES in 1851 in Liverpool, England, but I am unable to find this marriage. Margaret was born in 1833 in Limerick,  the daughter of Ellen REGAN [baptised 8th March 1817, St Michaels, Limerick, the daughter of Honor RYAN & Thomas REGAN] & Michael HAYES an Engineer.
Margaret & William COLLOPY had 11 known children; Richard Hayes Collopy born 1852 in Liverpool, England, William John Collopy born 1857, Mary Collopy born 1858 in Victoria, Mary Ellen Agnes Collopy in 1860 Victoria, George Timothy Ensebius Collopy born 1862 Victoria, Margaret Collopy born 1863 Victoria, Michael COLLOPY born 1 October 1865 at Mansfield, Victoria & died 30th May 1937 at South Perth, WA. Michael was a blacksmith & married Mary Elizabeth BOYLE [see above], Catherine Grimonia Collopy born 1867 at Victoria, Agnes Wineslaws/Wenceslaus Collopy born 1869 in Victoria,  James Martin Collopy born 1872 in Victoria & Patrick Collopy b & d 1875 in Victoria.

Michael & Mary Elizabeth BOYLE had 11 children; William Thomas Collopy Nov 1898, Terence Anthony Collopy 21 Feb 1901,Veronica Mary Collopy 15 July 1903, Sheila Agnes Collopy 19 Dec 1905, Francis "Frank" Michael Collopy 27 Feb 1908,  Marie Cecilia Collopy 1910, Bernard George Collopy 20 August 1912, Eileen Margaret Constance Collopy 1914, Anselm Joseph Collopy 1916, George Joseph Collopy 8 Jan 1919 & Eileen St Anne Collopy 27 July 1923.

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