JOYCE FAMILY of Dublin, Tasmania and Western Australia

Joyce is my paternal family and my maiden name. So far the earliest member traced is George Joyce, a civil engineer of Dublin who was most likely born before 1780 [based on the 1800 birthdate of his son Henry as his second child]. His details are known from the obituary in the Launceston Examiner 12th January 1880 of his son Henry Joyce.

George Joyce proposed a scheme to run a canal from the Queen's County Canal at Esker, Co Kilkenny, past Kilkenny city & Thomastown to the tidal section of the River Nore below Inistioge. The scheme was detailed in a report dated Nov 1800-March 1801 he prepared for Walter, 18th Earl of Ormonde, although nothing came of the scheme. In the National Archives there is a letter from George Joyce to William Richard, 3rd Earl of Annesley, dated 12th October 1808, asking if there was a vacant position for him on the Howth Harbour Works.

Probably a co-incidence, but the Engineer on the Haven project at Grimsby, Lincolnshire from 1798 to April 1800 was a George Joyce. He and his wife Mary Baptised on the 7th April 1800 at St James, Grimsby, a son Henry. In the register George is described as an Engineer. The birthdate is perfect for my Henry Joyce.!

 Henry Joyce was born in 1800, probably in Ireland [but maybe Grimsby...]. His Obituary states that up until his Father's death & shortly before he left for Tasmania he studied Architecture & held some important positions. He is said to have been involved in Politics in Ireland, connected with the "agitations" of O'Conell, Grattan & others. Tasmania having more of a need for workmen than supervisors he became involved with building more than designing. He was described on his death certificate as a Stone Mason, although The Tasmanian Cyclopedia describes him as a well known Architect in the early days of the colony . On his daughter Eliza's birth registration in 1845 he is listed as a farmer at Norfolk Plains in the Longford district, but a listing in the Launceston Examiner for insolvency on 3rd July 1844 describes him as a Stone Mason. A legal document in 1870 does describe him as Henry Joyce of Deloraine, Architect, so it may not be an entirely fanciful description!

Henry Joyce married  Mary Ann Poole on the 11th August 1830 at St Andrews Roman Catholic Church, Dublin. Parents names were not recorded & the witnesses were Thos Kearny & Susan Reid. Henry's obituary describes her  as his second wife and the daughter of Captain Poole of Dublin. Henry and Mary Anne along with their son Joseph arrived in Hobart on the Strathfieldsaye on the 26th June 1833. The Barque had left Dublin on the 5th March 1833.

A letter written from Downing St in January 1833 requests Lieutenant Governor Arthur to pay 20 pounds to the Commander of the Strathfieldsaye on account of Henry Joyce [a bricklayer] aged 31, his wife aged 24 and his son Joseph 18months old. [Thank you to Christine for locating this letter for me].
An article in "The Courier" on 5th July 1833 about the sad state of the emigrants who have recently arrived from Ireland, especially those on the Strathfieldsay from Dublin. Few have found employment & many are living destitute on the streets of Hobart-town. The article suggests that information must be sent back "home" about the current lack of opportunity for the poor & for an asylum to be established to look after the immediate needs of new arrivals until they can find employment.

Henry and Mary Ann had at least 9 children, and possibly as many as 12 or 13. There seems to be a surprisingly large gap between Joseph and Mary Ann. They may have had Thomas, Ellen & Bridget who were all seemingly born in the right part of Tasmania at the right time but actual proof is lacking. Henry's obituary only mentions five sons and two daughters.

Launceston Examiner 12 January 1880, page 3.
DEATH OF AN OLD COLONIST.-We are informed by a correspondent that at Deloraine on Thursday, 8th instant, there passed over to the majority an old colonist of 45 years standing. Henry Joyce, to whom allusion is made, was born in the year 1800, and was consequently, in his eightieth year. He was the second son of George Joyce, an eminent Civil Engineer, who held an important appointment for many years under Government in the city of Dublin. The deceased, up to the time of his fatherís death, had devoted himself to the study of Architecture, and distinguished himself so much that up to the period he took the idea of leaving for Tasmania ( or as it was then called, Van Diemenís Land) he held some very important offices. Shortly after his marriage to his second wife, daughter of the late Capt'. Poole, Dublin, he arrived in Tasmania, where he engaged in may [sic] different pursuits, in which he was sometimes successful, at other times the opposite. When he arrived in the colony, workmen being more in request than supervisors, he frequently gave specimens of ability as a practical builder, and where known there were few whose ideas carried more weight. Some years he took an active part in Tasmanian politics, which seemed to be , as it were, second nature to him; for during his youth he was connected in many ways with the agitations carried on by OíConnell, Grattan, and others. He was possessed of many of the virtues and also a few of the failings of the Celtic race. He leaves five sons and two daughters, who possess more than an average amount of ability, and who are, for the most part, in moderate circumstances.


George Joyce Civil Engineer of Dublin, held a Government Post for many years.
b. probably before 1780
d. Approximately 1830 or a little earlier
Married presumably before 1798 as Henry Joyce born in 1800 had an older brother
Had issue including;

1. Mr Joyce
b. before 1800
Older brother of Henry. No details known. Could possibly be the Michael Joyce that was the Godfather at Joseph Joyce's baptism in 1831.
2. Henry Joyce
b. abt 1800 presumably in Dublin, Ireland but could be anywhere!
d. 8 January 1880 in Deloraine, Tasmania. The informant is the undertaker Joseph Grigg. Henry is buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Deloraine.
Married [1] name unknown, died by August 1831. There is a marriage of a Henry JOYCE to Elizabeth BURKE on the 13th Jan 1829 at St Andrews, Dublin. I can't see any children born to this couple so it is possible that this was Henry's first marriage. There is a Henry JOYCE to a Judith DEGAN on the 25th Jan 1830 at the same church, but that couple have several children, so that can't be "my" Henry JOYCE.
Married [2] 11 August 1831 at St Andrews, Dublin  to Mary Ann Poole who was the daughter of Captain Poole of Dublin. Frustratingly the Christian name of her father is not known, nor is the name of her mother. Mary Ann died on the 9th November 1889 at her residence "Marshton" near Deloraine, Tasmania. The informant was her Grandson R W Porter. She is buried in the Catholic Cemetery.
They had at least 9 children:
       1. Joseph Joyce
b. abt 1831 presumably Dublin, Ireland. Baptised 4th June 1831 at St Mary Pro-cathedral, Dublin as the son of Harry & Mary JOYCE. Sponsors were Michael JOYCE and Anastasia ?? . Michael is presumably a relative, possibly Henry's brother. Joseph was described as 18 months old in the shipping list.
       d. I have not been able to locate a death for him.. He is likely to have been alive in 1880 as his father's death certificate mentions 5  surviving sons. In December 1880 The Mercury details some land transfers at Deloraine to Michael McCormick, Joseph Joyce & Michael Joyce.
       2. Mary Ann Joyce
b. 1837 Tasmania, Australia [I have not seen a record for this birth, but Henry's obituary lists her as daughter]
       d. 24 April 1921 at her residence "Moorlands", Reedy Marsh aged 84.
       Married on 5th July 1854 in Westbury, Tasmania to John Porter [He died 1 July 1897 at Marshdon]. They had five children; Jane, Mary Ellen Ursula, Isabella Anna Maria, Eugenie Caroline, Robert William & Jane]
       3. Henry Joyce
b. abt 1840 in Tasmania. [I have not found a record of this birth]
       d. April 1922, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. Buried 13 April 1922 at Coburg Cemetery, Melbourne.
       Married on 11th July 1872 when he was stated as being 32 to  Jane Elizabeth Mooney. She was born in 1854 and died in 1942. They had 5 children; Amy Jane, Henry "Harry" Joseph, Maud Mary, Albert Francis and Joseph Bernard].  Henry was a licensed victualler.
       4. Michael John Joyce
b. 20 April 1841, Baptised at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Richmond, Tasmania 8th May 1841. Sponsor was Anne Hannan.
       d. 1921
       Married 17 September 1899 in Launceston to Theresa Agnes Counsel who was 56, so the couple had no children. She was born in 1843 & died in 1916.
       4. Aloysius James Joyce
b. 21 June 1844 at Longford, Tasmania
       d. 13 April 1926 at Burnie, Tasmania. He is buried at Star of The Sea Church, Burnie, Tasmania.
He married By special licence on the 20th July 1867 at the Catholic Church, Westbury, Tasmania to Clara Frances Gregory. She was born 16th September 1847 in Bothwell, Tasmania, the daughter of Edward Gregory of Frome and Fanny Snook of Bath. Her family were Anglican and Non Conformist and apparently her marrying a Catholic was not approved of. The witnesses at the wedding were Harry Gregory [who I cannot place!] and Henry Joyce, jnr. They had 14 Children, see below.
       5. Eliza Joyce
b. 9 June 1845 at Norfolk Plains, Longford, Tasmania.
       d. 7 July 1845 at Longford, Tasmania
        The death registration records her death as from "Convulsive Fits"
       6. Francis 'Frank" Thomas Joyce
b. 20th December 1846 & baptised 7th January 1847 at St Joseph, Launceston, Tasmania.
       d. 19 July 1895 Deloraine, Tasmania of Consumption.
       Married on 30th April 1889 at Launceston, Tasmania to Katie Amy Babington. She was the daughter of John Alcock Morgan Babbington and Catherine Colclough Young. They had two Children; Claude "John" Henry and Mary "Kathleen" Erica. Frank was a school Teacher at Westbury and died of Consumption when his children were only 4 and 2.
       7. William Joyce
b. 24th March 1849 & baptised 18th April 1849 at St Joseph, Launceston. Sponsors were Ambrose Walsh & Frances McMahon.
       d. 13 July 1854 Tasmania [Father is Henry Joyce], cause of death given is Croup.      
       9. Jane Frances Joyce
b. 25 August 1853 at Westbury, Tasmania & baptised 1st September 1853 at the Parish of Westbury. Sponsors were Thomas Bensley & Margaret Duggin.
       d. 5 September 1916 at Latrobe, Tasmania
       Married 5 November 1874 at Deloraine Catholic Church, Tasmania to Michael Ambrose McCormack. He was born in 1842 and died in 1917. They had 4 children; Henry Michael, Harold Michael, Minnie Frances & Kathleen.

Aloysius James Joyce and Clara Frances Gregory had 14 children. Aloysius was described at various times as a Publican, Storekeeper and a Secretary. At the time of his marriage Aloysius was described as of the Junction Inn. He bought the freehold of the Branxholme Hotel in 1880 & built the village there. The school was taught in one of his cottages there. Later the price of tin declined and the family moved to Burnie to take up farming. He was a member & warden of the Star of The Sea Church at Burnie, Tasmania which is where he is buried.

Aloysius James Joyce & his wife Clara Frances Gregory. Huge thanks to Tricia Sullivan for these pictures! [and to
David Wilson for improving Clara's picture]

1. Mary "Grace" Joyce
b. 27 September 1868 at Deloraine, Tasmania
d. 28 Melbourne, Australia
She married on the 26th November 1888 to James Peter Murdock. They had 10 Children

Mary Grace [nee Joyce] Murdock.

2. Joseph "Clarence"  Joyce
b. 6 Feb 1870 at Deloraine, Tasmania
d. 1944 at Victoria, Australia
He married on the 7th September 1904 to  Ada Margaret Lennard. They had 5 children

Joseph Clarence Joyce

3. May Frances Joyce
b. 18th August 1871 Deloraine, Tasmania
d. 1948
She married in 1895 to Robert William Porter. They had four children
4. Aloysius Joyce
b. 18 December 1873 at Deloraine, Tasmania
d. 11 September 1946 at Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia and is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery in the Roman Catholic section.
He married [1] on the 12th April 1904 at Burnie Tasmania to Elizabeth Borradale. She was born on 31 January 1879 at Coopers Creek to William Knight Borradale [He was the son of convict William Borradale/Borradaile] and Jane Robertson. Elizabeth died on the 29th March 1909 at Boulder, Western Australia of Typhoid Fever. Aloysius and Elizabeth had two children. [See Below]
He married [2] Kate Tooth on the 6th October 1923. She died on the 18th January 1957 at Subiaco. They had no issue.

Joyce Family at Boulder about 1908. Photo from Anne Henderson
Back row L to R: Kathleen Joyce, Doug Joyce, Eileen Joyce & Charlie Hepworth
Front Row: Jack Joyce, Elizabeth [nee Borradale] Joyce, William Joyce [about 4yrs], Aloysius Joyce & Linda Borradale
[Linda married Charlie Hepworth in 1908]

Elizabeth [nee Borradale] Joyce's grave at Kalgoorlie, WA.

5. Marry "Tottie" Joyce
b. 8 September 1875 at Deloraine, Tasmania
d. 1 Jan 1957 at Latrobe, Tasmania
She married on the 1st September 1900 to Francis Valentine "Val" Perkins.
6. Joseph "Joe" Thomas Joyce
b. 8 September 1875 at Deloraine, Tasmania
d. 21 June 1945 Maylands, Perth & buried at Karrakatta Cemetery.
He married on 16 February 1901 at Zeehan, Tasmania to Alice Gertrude May [from Victoria. She was born in 1885 & died 5 June 1963 at Maylands, Perth. She is buried at Karrakatta. They had seven children including the world famous pianist Eileen Joyce. She was born on the 1st January 1908 at Zeehan, Tasmania but spent most of her childhood at Boulder in the West Australian Goldfields. Presumably in an attempt to appear younger than she was, Eileen later claimed a birth year of 1910, 1912 & even 1915...]

Aloysius Joyce, Eric Joyce [son of Joe & Alice], Joseph Thomas Joyce, Mr Watkins, Alice nee May Joyce &
Mr Stout at Boulder.

Eileen Joyce, c1920 at St Josephs, Boulder.

7. Lucy Fanny Joyce
b. 15 March 1877 at Ringarooma, Tasmania
d. 1959 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Married 5th July 1905 in Burnie, Tasmania to James Stephen Merlo
8. Agnes Emily Joyce
b. 26 Jan 1879 at Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia
d. 25 August 1956 Tasmania, Australia
Married 3rd April 1904 at St Mary's Church, Burnie to Henry "John" Apps. They had 3 children
9. John "Jack" Francis Martial Joyce
b. 18 August 1880 at Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia
d. 1959
He married 13th September 1909 to Margaret May Carroll. They had 11 children. See Joyce family group photo above.
10. Clara Rosalie Joyce
b. 1 September 1882 at Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia
d. Jan 1948 at St Vincents Hospital, Launcestonand buried 11th Jan 1948 at Deloraine.
She was a Nun with the Sisters of Mercy and known as Sister Mary Alacoque Joyce.
11. Vincent Joyce
b. 4 Jan 1884 at Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia
d. 16 Jan 1884 at Ringarooma, Tasmania of Whooping Cough
12. Eileen Natal Joyce
b. 25th December 1884 at Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia
d. December 1970, buried 21 December 1970 at Wivenhoe, Tasmania.
See Joyce Group photo above.
13. Douglas Lawrence Joyce
b. 7th January 1887 at Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia
d. 1965 at Brisbane, QLD, Australia
See Joyce Group photo above.
Married Florence Erin Hanney
14. Kathleen Margaret Alacoque Joyce
b. 4 October 1889 Ringarooma, Tasmania, Australia
d. 31 January 1968 Victoria, Australia.
Kathleen married John Don and had 4 children.
See Joyce Group photo above.

Aloysius Joyce in the Klondyke                                       Aloysius Joyce in Singapore, probably trading Sandalwood

Three of the Joyce brothers served in the Boer war. They were John Martial Joyce, Aloysius Joyce and Joseph Clarence Joyce. Thanks to Mick Joyce for the picture.

My Great Grandfather was Aloysius II Joyce. Aloysius certainly led a very interesting life, when his family moved to Burnie to become farmers he found that dull, so moved to Waratah to try tin mining. He attended Zeehan mining school, achieving a 1st in engine driving, mining surveying and mineralology. In 1897 he  travelled to Canada to join in the Klondike gold rush. He kept a most entertaining journal of his time there, parts of this summarised and published in "Those Were the Days". He mentions taking many photographs...I wonder what happened to them! He cut his time there short to come home to enlist in the Horsemen & to head off to South Africa to the Boer War. His application describes him as 6ft tall, dark complexioned, dark hair and light brown/hazel eyes. He stayed on in South Africa to mine, earning good money, but shocked at the short life expectancy of the white men mining, so decided to return home. At first he ran a newsagency with his sister Agnes, before they both married. He and his wife Elizabeth then spent some time in Sydney before joining his brother Jack in Boulder/Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Clarence had moved to Melbourne. He and Elizabeth Borradale had only two children before she died at the early age of 30. With his brother Jack, Aloysius ran grocery stores and Hotels, including the well known Angel Hotel. He also had a camel train, sending Sandalwood by it to the railway line. His brother Joseph joined him in boulder, bringing his family including his daughter Eileen who was to become a world famous pianist.
Aloysius tried to enlist in the "Great War" but was rejected on account of a fatty heart. Feeling poorly he was advised to go to China [!!] to sell his sandalwood. He quickly established a market there.

Borradale Family Group. Elizabeth Borradale in second from the left in the back row.  Her parents William knight Borradale and Jane Robertson are in the centre row. Many thanks to George Hudson for the photograph.

Aloysius Joyce and his camel train. They are in front of the Angel Hotel run by his brother John Martial Joyce.

The children of Aloysius Joyce and Elizabeth Borradale were;
1. "Bill" William James  Joyce
b. 21 July 1904 at Waverly, NSW
d. 5th January 1977 at Subiaco, Western Australia.
He married on 2nd April 1929 at Victoria Park to Sheila Agnes Gerard Collopy. She was born on 19th December 1905 in Perth Western Australia, the daughter of Michael Collopy and Mary Elizabeth Boyle. They had seven children, the 4th of whom is my Father.
2. Frank Aloysius Joyce
b. 1906 Boulder, Western Australia
d. 9 December 1931 at Wyalkatchem, Western Australia

Michael Collopy and Mary Elizabeth Boyle, parents of Shelia Collopy.

William Joyce as Little Jack Horner   c1909            Sheila Collopy c1923
at Boulder Primary. Photo from Mary Dewar


Wedding of "Bill" William Joyce and Sheila Collopy in 1929
Photo from Patricia Joyce.

Wish List: To locate more Joyce family photographs, To locate the Joyce family in Dublin and find out more about George Joyce, Civil Engineer, especially who he was married to.
I have come across Mary Ann Poole described as the daughter of Captain Poole of The British Army. I would love to know more about Captain Poole, especially his Christian name & who his wife was.

Thanks to: Mary Dewar, Patricia Joyce, Brendan Joyce, Vonny and Patrick Antonio, Marion Cagney, Helen Webster [for hunting through the microfilms & newspapers], George Hudson, Arlene Santostefano, Betty [for hunting through the Archives] , Graeme Williams [for finally finding Henry's Obituary for me!] Christine for finding many Joyce & Borradale records and documents & Trisha Sullivan [ Kathleen Margaret  Alacoque Joyce's granddaughter ] for Joyce family information.

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