Mystery Irish Bechers

Mystery Irish Bechers...

While is is probable that all the "Becher" in Ireland are related, they may not all be directly descended from Fane Becher. It is quite probable that cousins or nephews also travelled to Co Cork to take up land. This, coupled with the unfortunate tendency to name sons after all the immediate family members, rapidly leads to a number of cousins, all with the same first name & similar age, making it next to impossible to tell them apart. The somewhat idiosyncratic and inconsistent spelling is another problem, so in the early period Becher, Beecher, & Beacher are used interchangeably, although, the Becher family themselves almost always use "Becher". From the 1800's on there are increasing numbers of Beecher in Co Cork, most of them Catholic. I think it is possible that younger sons were more likely to marry Catholic girls & gradually their families became of this faith too. They may of course not be related at all!

Any help in definitely identifying the following Bechers will be very welcome!

Edward Becher is listed in 1615 as Prebendary at Kilbrittain, with Henry Stone as Curate.

Francis Becher, graduated Trinity College 1667 BA, 1670 MA. He was Prebend at Clashmore and Prebendary of Cloyne, Vicar Choral at Lismore in 1697. Married [1] in 1683 to Isabella Andrews of Litter & had a son Lionel Becher who entered Trinity College in 1706 aged 16 & graduated in 1711.
Francis Becher married [2] in 1702 to Susannah Beeker [or Becher...] of Curriglass.  Francis Becher died in Co Cork in 1713. His will was proved in 1714 as Francis Becher of Curriglass.
In Thomas Becher's will dated 1705 he described Francis Becher as kinsman, of Tallow, Waterford.

John Becher was a Gentleman of Dublin & Co Cork & was also the Deputy Chief Remembrancer of Dublin in 1717. He married on the 6th February 1707 at St Bride, Dublin, Ireland to Jane Yarner. His will was dated 1718 & proved in Feb 1721. It mentions a sister Frances Becher, his wife Jane Yarner, her sister Deborah who was married to Lewis Roberts [on 26 Dec 1708 at St Brides, Dublin, Lewis Roberts was of Golden Lane.]

The following Bechers are known only from Marriage Bonds. I would love to know who they were. I have traced some of them from the marriage on, others I know nothing more.
in 1683, a marriage Bond was lodged for Francis Becher & Isabella Andrews. He was kinsman to Thomas Becher & lived at Tallow.
In 1697, a marriage Bond was lodged for Elizabeth Becher and James Vaughn.
In 1745, a marriage Bond was lodged for Thomas Beecher and Elizabeth McCarthy.
In 1789 a marriage bond was lodged for Henry Becher and Ann Harding.
In 1794, a marriage Bond was lodged for Elizabeth Becher and John Dale.
In 1796, a marriage Bond was lodged for Thomas Becher and Mary Ludgate. Their children were baptised at Killshannig, Mallow.
In 1827, a marriage Bond was lodged for Elizabeth Becher and William Baker
In 1830, a marriage Bond was lodged for Henry Becher and Anne Wright


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