Stiles [or Styles] Family of Goudhurst, Kent and Glen Innes, NSW, Australia

My husband and children descend from the STILES/STYLES family of Goudhurst, Kent who emigrated to Australia in 1839 aboard The Neptune. The earliest member of their family I have managed to trace is Thomas STILES who was born about 1764 in Kent. There is no baptism for him at Goudhurst nor are there any earlier STILES or STYLES families in the register, but I do hope one day to work out where this family originated.

Thomas STILES or STYLES was a Labourer and married Elizabeth ELLIOTT on the 1st November 1785 at Goudhurst, Kent. Her name is sometimes given as ELLETT & ELLICE. She was of Marsdon and was buried at Goudhurst on the 27th October 1831 aged 67 [so also born about 1764]. Thomas was buried on the 15th December 1844 at Goudhurst aged 80. In the 1841 census he was living at Underhill's Castle with his son Henry, wife Anne and their children.

Thomas and Elizabeth STILES had eight children;

1. Elizabeth STILES/STYLES
Baptised 1st October 1786 at Goudhurst, Kent
Not know if she married or when she died.
Baptised 20th December 1788 at Goudhurst, Kent
Buried 8th November 1842 at Goudhurst.
 James was an Agricultural Labourer and married Jane MEADES on the 12th November 1806 at Goudhurst. The witness was Stephen MEADES. Jane was buried at Goudhurst on the 26th September 1871. The family were living at Pallenden, Goudhurst in the 1841 Census. James & Jane had at least 13 children; Elizabeth in 1807, Sarah in 1809, Jane in 1811, Mary Ann in 1813, Ann in 1815, Martha in 1817, Harriet in 1819, James in 1821, Thomas in 1823, William in 1825, Miriam & Eliza in 1829 and Lucy in 1831.
3. Sarah STILES
Baptised 3rd February 1793 at Goudhurst, Kent.
Not know if she married or when she died.
4. Mary STILES
Baptised 11 October 1795 at Goudhurst, Kent
Married William BROWN on 25th September 1815 at Goudhurst. The witness was James STILES. Mary & William had at least 5 children; William 1817, Mary 1819, Henry 1821, Elizabeth 1823 & Thomas 1826.
5. Thomas STILES
Baptised 22 April 1798 at Goudhurst, Kent
Was a labourer of Slade Farm, Goudhurst, Kent. Thomas married on the 3rd September 1820 at Goudhurst to Harriet Bellingham GOOD. They had at least 11 children; Thomas in 1821, William in 1822, James in 1824, Elizabeth in 1827, Robert in 1829, Harriet in 1831, Mary in 1833, Frank in 1835, Mary Jane in 1837, Martha in 1840 and Kate Miriam in 1841.
Baptised 2nd February 1800 at Goudhurst, Kent
d. 1st December 1885 at Goudhurst, Kent.
Married [1] to Ann FISHENDEN on the 30th May 1820 at Goudhurst. Ann died on the 30th August 1848 at Goudhurst. Henry and Ann had 9 children; Mary in 1821, George in 1824, Elizabeth in 1827, Henry in 1830, Thomas in 1832, William in 1835, James in 1837, Ann in 1841 and finally Stephen in 1846.
Henry married [2] Jane Elizabeth Hayward in 1863 at West Ashford, Kent. Jane was born in about 1808 & died at Goudhurst on 22nd September 1872.
There is an MI in the churchyard at Goudhurst for this family; "Ann wife of Henry Styles of this parish died 30 August 1848 aged 48. Jane Elizabeth, second wife of above, died 18 September 1872 aged 64 & the following children of Henry and Ann Styles who died and were buried near this place viz, 4 sons and 1 dau. Also Henry Styles died 1 Dec 1885 aged 85."
7. Edward Stiles
b. 4th February 1804 at Goudhurst and baptised there on the 4th March 1804.
d. 18 Jan 1888 at Pyrmont, NSW, Australia and was buried in the Wesleyan section at Rookwood, NSW.
Edward married on the 9th April 1826 by banns at Goudhurst to Harriet Pooley Foreman. The witnesses were Henry Stiles and George Stephens. Harriet was born in about 1804 & is said to be the daughter of Thomas POOLEY and Charlotte FOREMAN [who married 4th November 1797 at Maidstone, Kent.] No baptism could be found for Harriett at Goudhurst [& her surname woulod appear to be the wrong way around for her to be a child of that couple!], although the couple did baptise a daughter Mary POOLEY there on the 21st May 1809.
Edward and Harriet had 10 children, see below.
8. William STILES
b. 26th October 1806 at Goudhurst and baptised there 23 November 1806.
No death or marriage has been found for William, but he apparently married an Elizabeth.

Edward STILES and Harriet Pooley FOREMAN had 10 children; 5 in England and 5 in Australia after they emigrated in 1839.
1. Sarah STILES
b. 29 January 1827 at Goudhurst & baptised there 25 February 1827.
Married in 1844 to George BARNES at ML, registration V1844553 29/1844
2. Emily STILES
b. 31st May 1829 at Goudhurst & baptised there 13th September 1829.
d. 25 Feb 1852 NSW, Australia
Married at Raymond Terrace, NSW on 24th July 1845 to Thomas PROCTOR. Emily had one known child; Alfred James PROCTOR born in 1848.
3. George STILES
4. Henry STILES
5. Charlotte STILES
6. Harriet STILES
7. Edward STILES
8. Thomas STILES
9. Elizabeth STILES
10. James STILES




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