Thomas Wooldridge was baptised on the 1st of August 1749 at Bishopstoke in Hampshire.He died in 1816. He was the fifth child of sixteen who would be born to George Wooldridge [1712-1791] and Sarah Wallis. He married Elizabeth Fielder [daughter of Charles Fielder] on the 17th May, 1773 at St Stephens, in the Parish of Sparsholt, Hampshire England.

Photograph from Henry Valentine Wooldridge.

 They had 5 children:

1. Charles Wooldridge
b. 1774
d. 16 April 1840 at Winchester aged 66 and was buried at St Maurice, Winchester on the 21st April 1840.
Charles was a Solicitor and Registrar of Winchester.
He married Keziah Weddell on 27th September 1798 at St Peter Cheesehill, Winchester, Hampshire. Keziah was born in about 1773 and died on the 7th December 1850 at Upper Brook Street, Winchester aged 79, of Old Age. A Keziah Weddell was buried on 28th September 1784 at St Laurence, Winchester and a William Weddell buried 27th September 1804 at the same church. These may well be Keziah's parents. Keziah and Charles Wooldridge had 12 children, see below.
2. Elizabeth Wooldridge
b. abt 1775, baptised 4th January 1775 at St Peter Cheesehill, Winchester
3. Sarah Wooldridge
b. 1786
4. Thomas Wooldridge
5. Richard Wooldridge

Charles Wooldridge, picture from Henry Valentine Wooldridge

His children were;
1. Charles Wooldridge
b. 1799, baptised 11th May 1799 at St Peter Cheesehill, Winchester
d. 1880
Charles was, like his father, a Solicitor. He married on 22nd November 1822 to Ann Eleanor Foote Hanington and they had six children.
2. Elizabeth Wooldridge
b. 1801
d. 1801
3. Edward Wooldridge
b. abt 1802, baptised 13 Jun 1802 at Saint Maurice, Winchester.
d. 1812
4. Leonard Wooldridge
b. abt 1803, baptised 7th August 1803 at Saint Maurice, Winchester.
d. 1871
In the 1841 Census Leonard was living at Winchester St with John Weddell, perhaps a cousin from his mother's side. Leonard Wooldridge became a doctor.
5. Maria Wooldridge
b. abt 1804, baptised 11 July 1804 at Saint Maurice, Winchester.
d. April 1805 and was buried 12th April 1805 at St Maurice, Winchester.
6. Emily Weddell Wooldridge
b. abt 1805, baptised 28th August 1805 at Saint Maurice, Winchester
d. 10 June 1888 at Christ Church, New Zealand.
She married on 12th December 1829 Henry John Chitty Harper who became the Primate of New Zealand. He was baptised 9th January 1804 at Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire. He died 28 December 1893 at Christchurch, New Zealand. They had 22 Children.

Emily Weddell Wooldridge aged 24
Picture from Henry Valentine Wooldridge.

7. Sophia Wooldridge
b. 1807, baptised 17th April 1807 at St Maurice, Winchester
d. January 1873 and was buried 17th January 1873 at St Maurice, Winchester.
8. Eliza Wooldridge
b. abt 1808, baptised 23 March 1808 at Saint Maurice, Winchester
d. 1809
9. Susan Wooldridge
b. abt 1809, baptised 9 July 1809 at St Maurice, Winchester.
Married on 16th March 1831 at Saint Maurice, Winchester to Charles Martin.
10. Ann Wooldridge
b. abt 1810, baptised 30 September 1810 at Saint Maurice, Winchester
Married 1st December 1842 at Everton to Isaac Williams.
12. Charlotte Wooldridge
b. abt 1813, baptised 12th May 1813 at Saint Maurice, Winchester.
d. May 1814, buried 15th May 1814 St Maurice, Winchester.
11. Henry Wooldridge
b. abt 1812, baptised 29 January 1812 at Saint Maurice, Winchester.
d. 11 July 1902 in Australia
Henry was a Surgeon and married three times, although he only had children with his first wife. His first marriage was on 25th January 1838 at St Mary, Parish of Hound, South Stoneham, Southampton to Sarah Anne Buckland. She was born in 1817,  the daughter of John Buckland and Margaret Yates. They had 7 children;

1.  Henry John Wooldridge
b. 7 November 1838, baptised 8 December 1838 in the Parish of Botley, Hampshire.
d. 22 July 1922 at Longreach, Queensland of pneumonia.
He married on 14th February 1867 at Point Brown Station in South Australia to Elizabeth Jane "Bessie" Hawson. She was only 16, having been born on 20th August in Port Lincoln, SA to Captain Henry Cowell Hawson and Frances Maria Brodribb. Bessie died 22nd Nov 1911 at Eurnella, Oakey, Queensland.
They had 8 children, see below.
2. Annie Wooldridge
b. 16 December 1839, baptised 3rd March 1840 in the Parish of Botley, Hampshire
d. 7th June 1917 in NSW, Australia
Annie married on 26th April 1859 in Adelaide, South Australia to George Butler Fletcher. They lived on a sheep property in NSW.
3. Sarah Ann Wooldridge
b. 1841, Hampshire. Baptised 12 March 1841 at All Saints, Southampton
d. March 1/4 1841 Southampton
4. Arthur Wooldridge
b. 24 July 1842 and baptised on 19th August, 1842 at All Saints, Southampton.
d. 30 July 1886 Qld, Australia
Arthur married on the 8th October 1870 at All Saints St Kilda to Julia Mackinnon.
5. Cecilia Wooldridge
b. 1844, baptised 25 September 1844 at All Saints, Southampton
d. 1876 in Australia
6. Charles Buckland Wooldridge
b. 1846, baptised 18 September 1846 at All Saints, Southampton
d. 1865 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia of Tuberculosis.
7. Francis Deacon Wooldridge
b. 1849 & Baptised 31 January 1849 at All Saints, Southampton
d. June 1/4 1849 Southampton, England

In the 1841 census the family of Henry, Sarah, Henry and Annie can be found living at Anglesea Place, Southampton. in 1844 the Pigot's directory lists Henry Wooldridge at 1 Moira Place, Southampton, but by 1845 he was practising as a surgeon in Winchester. In 1849, for reasons unknown, the family emigrated to Adelaide, leaving England on the 30th of August & arriving on the Simlah on the 22nd December 1849. Just 3 months after their arrival poor Sarah Anne died of an Effusion of the brain and Jaundice, she was only 33. This tragic event presumably completely upset the family's plans for there new life in Australia & most if not all the family were to return to England temporarily,  apparently shortly after September 1850. Presumably the children attended school while in England.

Ivory or bone ruler belonging to Henry John Wooldridge in 1854

Dr Henry Wooldridge in Uniform. Photo from Henry Valentine Wooldridge.

First to come back to Australia was Dr Henry Wooldridge, but without his children. He came in the "Hydaspes" on 27th November 1851. One of the passengers was Miss Louisa Jones who was to marry Dr Henry Wooldridge on the 20th January 1852.Annie and Cecilia Wooldridge aged 14 & 9 arrived back in Australia in the "Epaminodas" on December the 15th 1853. Henry John and Arthur Wooldridge aged 18 & 14 arrived back in the "Orient" on September 24 1856. The children has possibly been living with relatives. Of course, we are still missing a child, Charles Buckland Wooldridge who was only 3 when his mother died. There is no trace of him either leaving or returning to Australia. Possibly Henry fostered him in Adelaide out when the rest of the family returned to England. Hopefully if this was the case he was reunited with his father and new stepmother in early 1852. If Charles went to England too, he must have returned alone. In 1961 we find him enrolled in the Melbourne Church of England Grammar school.

By 1863 Dr Henry Wooldridge has also moved to Melbourne, along with Arthur who now works for the Union Bank, only Henry John is left in South Australia. In 1865 poor Charles Buckland dies at age 19 from Tuberculosis.

In February 1867 Henry John Wooldridge married Elizabeth Jane "Bessie" Hawson at Point Brown Station, Henry's residence was given as Wallianippie, and he described as a sheep farmer.

Bessie [ nee Hawson] Wooldridge 1867                              Henry John Wooldridge

They had eight children;

1. Cecil Henry Wooldridge
b. 25th January 1868 at Point Brown Station, South Australia
d. 3rd March 1868 at Point Brown Station, South Australia & buried there.
2. Evelyn Frances Wooldridge
b. 18 December 1869 at Yandembah, NSW, Australia
d. 4th May 1946
She was a nurse and married on 3rd March 1909 to Harold Dick Riddle. They had no children.

Evelyn Wooldridge; photo from George McKie

3. Leonard Charles Wooldridge
b. 14th April 1872 at Hill Plain, NSW
d. 14 February 1941Sydney, NSW
Married 28th July 1923 to Kathleen Murphy. They had issue
4. Mabel Anna Wooldridge
b. 30 October 1875 at Deniliquin, NSW
d. 16 May 1956 at Subiaco, WA
She married on 18th March 1903 at "Wykeham", Philip St, Neutral Bay to Cecil Robert Becher. The minister was Cecil's uncle Richard Savage French Fane Becher.
They had six children. [see their page]

Mabel Anna as a little girl

5. Walter Wykeham Wooldridge
b. 2nd Feb 1882 at Deniliquin, NSW
d. 24 June 1949
6. Kenric Arthur Wooldridge
b. 28th May 1884 at Deniliquin, NSW
d. 23 August 1949 at Ryde, NSW, killed in a car accident.
He married in 1910 Marie Euphemia McAlpine. They had three sons.
7. Henry Valentine Wooldridge
b. 14th February 1886 at Deniliquin
d. 11 October 1917 at Ypres, Belgium, Memorial at the Menin Gate.
He married in Queensland 17th November 1910 to Jessica Juliet Clinch. She was born in about 1887, the daughter of John William Clinch and Margaret Alice Welby. They had one son, name Valentine Lawrence Wooldridge.
fought in WWI and was killed in action. I used to look at his photo when I was a little girl and think how noble he looked and how sad it was that he died.

Henry Valentine "Val" Wooldridge.

8. Francis Cowell Wooldridge
b. 7 December 1887 at Deniliquin, NSW
d. 12 April 1948 at Marrickville, NSW
married [1] 25 January 1915 to Eleanor Lock McIntyre Kerr
married [2] 6 September 1920 to Marion Isabella Stevenson
Had three children.

Francis Cowell "Frank" Wooldridge WWII


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