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George Boham
1827 (Ohio) - 1881 (Ohio)

Great-grandfather of Charles Beckwith

          | James Beckwith
      | Winsane Beckwith --------------|    1838-1927
      |    1868-1923 | Jane Traxler
    Otto Beckwith --------------|        1840-1915
       1900-1974 |   | George Boham
    | | Rosetta Boham --------------|    1827-1881
    |      1873-1925 | Mary Bryant
     Charles Miller Beckwith -----------|          1825-1892
        1922-2004 |     | Charles Freeman
    | | Roy Freeman --------------|    1857-1915
    | |    1882-1943 | Mary Eleanor Harper
    Eleanor Freeman --------------|        1859-1935
       1904-1976 |   | Unknown Forbes
      | Myrtle Forbes --------------|  
           1880-1908 | Unknown Forbes

George Boham is Charles Beckwith's great-grandfather on the Beckwith side. He was born in Ohio on February 14, 1827. He married Mary Bryant around 1847, and they had their first child, "May", in 1848.

In 1850, George, 24, and Mary, 25, Boham were living in Truro township, Franklin Co. Ohio. They had a 2 year old daughter, May, and a six month old daughter, Margaret. George listed his occupation as "Laboror". The census entry lists the family name as "Bahan".

In 1860, George, 33, and Mary, 34, had moved to the township of Jackson, in Franklin County, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. George was a brickyard worker. His parents were born in PA. They had five children in 1860, May, 11, Margaret 9, Emma, 5, Thomas 3 and Davis 3 months. The census entry lists the family name as "Bohom".

By 1870, the Boham family had moved to the township of Violet, in Fairfield County, Ohio. Fairfield County is just east of Franklin COunty. George was 42, still a brickyard worker. Their daughters May and Margaret had moved out of the household, probably married. Emma is also missing from the home; In 1870, she whould be 15, so is possibly also married. The number of children living at home is still five, with Thomas, 11, Davis, 9, Frank, 8, Lillian, 5 and Elizabeth 1. When Lillian grew up, she would be an important influence, as Aunt Lillian, to Otto Beckwith, Charles Beckwith's father

George and Mary Boham would have a ninth child in 1872, Rosetta Boham, who would eventually marry Winsane Beckwith.

In 1880, George, 52, and family had moved to the village of Ashley, in Oxford township of Delaware County, Ohio where he was still working as a brickyard worker. Oxford is one of 18 townships in Delaware County with the little village of Ashley in the northeast of the township. Delaware County is just north of Franklin County which has the biggest city in that part of the state, Columbus. Rosetta was now 8 years old. Thomas is 21, Davis, 19, Francis, 18, Lillie, 15 and Elizabeth 11.

George died in 1881, at the age of 53. His wife Mary Boham would live to 1892, 11 years a widow. George and Mary and 8 other Bohams are buried in Ashley Union Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio.

Their youngest child, Rosetta Boham married Winsane Earl Beckwith. One of their youngest children was Otto Beckwith, the father of Charles Beckwith. Charles' grandmother, Rosetta Boham Beckwith, passed away at the age of 53 in 1925.

The oldest Boham boy, Thomas Boham, would marry "Etta" and they would have three sons. Leonard Boham, born in 1888, was killed in WWI, Jan. 1919, at the age of 31. Another son, Clayton Boham, died a month later in Feb, 1919. Their third son, George W. Boham would live a long live, unusual for the Bohams, most of whom seem to pass away young.

Entrance to Ashley Union Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio