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Mary Eleanor Harper Freeman
1861 (Ohio) - 1939 (Columbus, Ohio)

Great-grandmother of Charles Beckwith

          | James Beckwith
      | Winsane Beckwith --------------|    1838-1927
      |    1868-1923 | Jane Traxler
    Otto Beckwith --------------|        1840-1915
       1900-1974 |   | George Boham
    | | Rosetta Boham --------------|    1827-1881
    |      1873-1925 | Mary Bryant
     Charles Miller Beckwith -----------|          1825-1892
        1922-2004 |     | Charles Freeman
    | | Roy Freeman --------------|    1857-1915
    | |    1882-1943 | Mary Eleanor Harper
    Eleanor Freeman --------------|        1859-1935
       1904-1976 |   | Unknown Forbes
      | Myrtle Forbes --------------|  
           1880-1908 | Unknown Forbes

Mary Eleanor Harper's grandparents were George and Eleanor Harper who were living in Zanesville, Ohio as far back as 1830. George was a Teamster. George and Eleanor had five children. Their oldest child, Lewis Harper, was a teamster like his father, and when he was 22 years old, in 1851, married Rose Rodgers. By 1860, Lewis and Rose Harper had five children, living in Zanesville, close to many other Harper families.

On July 15, 1861, with the Civil War just starting, a daughter was born, Mary Eleanor Harper, called "Ella" when she was young.

By 1870, Lewis Harper was 42, Rose was 40, and they were still living in Zanesville, Ohio. By this time, they had eight children who were all still living at home. Close by, Lewis's mother Eleanor Harper, 66, was now a widow, and she was living with her daughter Emily's family. Their daughter, "Ella", Mary Eleanor Harper was nine years old.

In 1880, Lewis Harper was 51 years old, still living in Zanesville and now a "Coal Dealer". Rose was 50. Five children were still living at home. Their daughter Ella Harper, 20, had moved out on her own and in 1880 lived with the Spangler family as a domestic servant.

On Dec 13, 1880, Mary Eleanor Harper, 20, married Charles Lewis Freeman, 21, in Zanesville. Their first child, Roy Miller Freeman, was born in January, 1882. Charles Freeman's father, William Freeman, had died as a young man in the 1870's, and the two oldest boys, Charles and Edward Freeman, supported the family as "millers", so perhaps that is the source of Roy's middle name.

Charles and Eleanor had a second child, George, born in 1884, who would only live to 10 years old. In 1888, Eleanor gave birth to Isabelle, in 1891, Rose, and in 1893, Francis. There was another child who died also, because in the 1900 census, she reported that she had six children, but only four survived.

In the early 1890's, Eleanor's mother, Rose Harper, passed away. Her 65 year old father, Lewis Harper, married a 28 year old woman named "Cassie". A year later, Lewis, 67 years old, and Cassie had a child, Emily.

Between 1880 and 1900, Charles and Eleanor Freeman moved from Zanesville to Columbus, Ohio, where Charles was employed as a policeman on the Hocking Valley Railroad.

In 1903, Eleanor's first child, Roy Freeman, married Myrtle Margaret Forbes.

In 1904, at the age of 42, Eleanor had a "surprise child", who she named "Louis Franklin" after her father Lewis Harper and her brother, Frank Harper.

In 1904, her son Roy and wife Myrtle, had their first child, named Eleanor Louise Freeman. In 1906, Roy and Myrtle had a second child, Charles Francis Freeman. In 1908, Eleanor's daughter-in-law Myrtle Forbes Freeman died at age 25 of spinal meningitis. A year later, Eleanor's 28 year old son Roy quickly re-married 18 year old Cora and they had another child, Catherine in 1910.

In 1910, Charles, 51, and Eleanor, 48, were still living at their home 179 Warren St, Columbus. Living with them was their daughter, Francis, and also daughter Isabelle with her husband Fred Wilson and their first child, Gerald. In addition, living in the same home were also Charles and Eleanor's son Roy Freeman, his new wife Cora, and their three children, Eleanor Louise, Charles and Catherine Freeman. Must have been a busy household.

On May 12, 1912, Eleanor's father, Lewis Harper, passed away at the age of 84.

On February 16, 1916, when he was 57 years old, Eleanor's husband, Charles Freeman, was killed as a result of injuries received while on duty as a undercover policeman with the Hocking Valley Railroad. Eleanor was 54 years old when she became a widow. In those days, there were no special pensions for widows of policemen killed in the line of duty and she had to support herself in future years by renting out rooms in her large home.

On April 7, 1918, her son Roy's second wife, Cora Freeman, died, at the age of 26.

In 1920, Eleanor Harper Freeman's house in Columbus wasn't quite so busy, as she only had her son Louis, 16, and granddaughter, Eleanor Louise Freeman, 16, living with her as well as a few boarders. Eleanor Louise had problems with her father Roy and so came to live with Grandma Freeman. Grandma Freeman's daughters Isabelle, Rose and Francis were all married and living in the Columbus area. Her son Roy Freeman, had moved to Canton, in Stark County, Ohio.

(Note: Although technically, her son Louis Freeman was her grand-daughter Eleanor Louise Freeman's "uncle", Louis and Eleanor Louise considered themselves brother and sister all their lives.

In August 1921, her 17 year old granddaughter, Eleanor Louise Freeman married Otto Beckwith. On April 8, 1922, her 16 year old grandson, Charles Freeman, died suddenly of heart failure. Shortly after that, on April 25, 1922, her grand-daughter, Eleanor Louise Freeman Beckwith, gave birth to Charles Miller Beckwith, Eleanor Harper Freeman's first great-grandchild. The child was named Charles after the brother and the grandfather, both named Charles Freeman.

In 1930, Eleanor Harper Freeman was still living in the Freeman family home at 179 Warren St. Columbus. Her son Louis married and he and his wife Josephine were living with his mother Eleanor, along with several boarders.

On January 22, 1939, Eleanor Harper Freeman passed away at the age of 78. She was buried beside her husband Charles Lewis Freeman in Greenwood Cemetery, Zanesville, Ohio. She was survived by her daughters Isabelle Wilson, Rose Lauer, Francis Bender, her son's Roy and Louis, her older sister Ida Harper Stewart as well as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mary Eleanor Harper Freeman - 1907 - Grandchildren Charles, Eleanor and her surprise baby Louis.

Eleanor Harper Freeman in 1922 - grandchildren Catherine and Roy Freeman Jr

Eleanor Harper Freeman in the late 1920's

Eleanor Harper Freeman in the late 1930's with her grandson Louis Freeman Jr.

Zanesville, Ohio 1939 Obituary for Eleanor Freeman.