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Cleminson Lightner Ancestry

Lightner - Trout - Rutter families

            | Archibald Jessee
  Paulyne------ |   | Abraham L Jessee --------------|    1850-1911
     1914-1995 |   |    1868-1938 | Mary Ann Purcell
    | Harry Jessee --------------|        1833-1873
  Warren------ |    1894-1950 |   | Augustus Wildey
     1917-1998 | | | Odie Wildey --------------|    1832-1831
    | |      1877-1958 | Mary Jane Roberts
     Harold------- |-------- -------------|          1833-1906
        1918-2000 | |     | John Tho. McDannald II
    | | | David McDannald --------------|    1817-1890
  Keith------- | | |    1851-1926 | Margaret Cull
     1920-1974 | Gladys McDannald --------------|        1817-1887
    |    1892-1967 |   | Samuel Reeves
  Rexene------ |   | Lucetta Reeves --------------|    1827-1899
     1922-          1859-1931 | Lydia Cleminson

    | James Cleminson          
    |    1747-1838        
  John Cleminson --------------| b. England d. MO        
     1798-1879 |          
  b. England d. CA | Agnes     | Ignatius Lietner
  | |    UNK     |    1709-1782
  |         | b. England d. CA
     |     | Joseph Leitner --------------| Margaret La Rue
Lydia Cleminson ----------| | Adam Lightner --------------|    1732-1812 |    1713-1794
   1836-1925 | |    1776-1820s | b. PA d. PA   b. PA d. PA
  | | b. PA d. mo |   | Joseph Rutter
  | |   | Barbara Rutter --------------|    1687-1775
  Lydia Lightner --------------|   |    1740-1824 | b. PA d. PA
     1800-1873 |     b. PA d. PA | Barbara Glenn
  b. PA d. CA |       |    1710-1827
    |   | John Paul Trout   b. PA d. PA
    | Mary Polly Trout --------------|    1689-1760 --------------| Johann Traut
    |    1779-1876 | b. PA d. PA |    1689-1760
      b. PA d. PA |   | b. Germany d. PA
        | Anna Schaffer | Maria Walter
        |    1741-1783 |    1717-1761
          b. PA d. PA   b. Germany d. PA

Per: Per Juanita Boehner.

I have some info on Conrad Rutter & wife Elizibeth Jane Douglas but will have to check my info against the

I have a copy of the Land Grant from Wm Penn to Conrad Rutter. I found in a book (will check) where he came to PA with the Rev. Pastorius and his group and he and some of them platted out the town of Germantown, PA in 1683; he then founded a farm (don't know where) and later when he moved on to the Pequea Valley (Lancaster Co) he gave the farm to his oldest son (not a son of Eliz. Jane) No record of his first wife but he had the one son when he left Germ and came to Eng. then married Eliz. Jane. He was a Prostestant escaping Catholic harassment. I have some dates and info on the Trout family. T here are a couple of books on the group of families that came to PA, the money paid for their food and subsistance etc while they got settled and so forth. &nb sp;

You have found some new info for me and I know I have some that you don't. Will copy that Penn Land Grant for you, its on the extra long paper and does not read well if it is reduced down. It is in the old style handwritting. If you research Rev. Pastorious there are several of his Church records and lists all the names of people in his Church (I believe it is Lutheran) He gathered a group of German Palintines and brought them to PA in 168?

There are books with passenger lists, name of ship and the Capt. where they left from and where they docked here. Many people took a ship in Holland because they were much cleaner but they could have been from any place in Europe.

Lots of info on early settlements and the Leitners, LaRues, Trouts, Hersheys and several others that intermarried later on all came together. Church records will give documentation of baptism, marriage bans, marrieage, death, communion who bought a pew, sometimes who was bad etc. Two Churches I see listed is St. James Episcapal Ch, Lancaster, PA (Rutter) and Trinity Lutheran Ch Lancaster, PA. (Lietner) Conrad Rutter was buried on his farm and long ago any marker there had been is gone and plowed over. The family had a brass name plate put on a large rock as a memorial that he is there. Farm has since been devided and sold over the years.

Many Amish on these farms now but these people were Lutherans that settled Lancaster Co. I have heard a lot of complaints about errors in Ancestry and its because people love to see their info out there but they don't always document. But I always feels its usually a place to start research and then try for documentatio n.

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