Lucetta Reeves Jessee-McDannald Home

Lucetta Florence Reeves McDannald
Oct 15, 1859 (El Monte, Calif) - May 18, 1931 (Lindsey, Calif)

"Grandma Mac" - Wife of D.W. McDannald

  Lydia Lorena------ |       | John McDannald I
     1876-1923 |   | John McDannald II ----------------|    1785-1848
  Rita Beryl------- |   |    1817-1890 | Margaret McMickell
     1878-1966 | David W McDannald ------------|   |    1788-1857
  John S.----------- |    1851-1926 |   | John Henry Cull
     1880-1966 | | | Margaret Cull ----------------|    1794-1821
  Eugene------------ | |      1817-1887 | Mary Ann McDannald
     1884-? |-------- -------------|          1783-1834
  Mary Malinda------ | |     | Thomas C Reeves
     1887-1985 | | | Samuel Reeves ----------------|    1808-c.1880
  Rex R.------------ | | |    1827-1899 | Mary Ann McDannald
     1890-1953 | Lucetta Reeves ------------|        1783-1834
  Gladys Lucetta |    1859-1931 |   | John Cleminson
     1892-1967 |   | Lydia Cleminson ----------------|    1799-1879
  Lynn-------------- |        1836-1925 | Lydia Lightner
     1893-1986 |            1800-1873

Lucetta Reeves was born October 15, 1859. Her parents were wagon train pioneers Samuel Reeves and Lydia Cleminson Reeves. Her future husband was David McDannald, born in Oregon, 1851. They married in 1875, when Lucetta was 16 and David 24.

Lucetta, 16 - David, 24 - Wedding Day, May 10, 1875 - Azusa, Calif.

Lucetta and David had the following children:

Lydia Lorena "Lora" McDannald - born March 27, 1876, El Monte, Ca.
At the age of 19, she married George William Guynn in 1895.
They had 10 children
She died at the age of 36, Feb. 3, 1923

Rita Beryl ("Aunt Bell") McDannald - born October 9, 1878, in El Monte, Ca.
At the age of 20 in 1898, she married Archie Vincent, in Garden Grove, Ca.
They had 2 children.
She passed away at the age of 88, Mar. 9, 1966 in Palo alto, Ca.

John Sylvester "Jack" - born Sept. 20, 1880, in Milton, Oregon.
At the age of 31 in 1911, he married Rosamond Sharps, in Santa Ana, Ca.
They had 3 children.
He passed away at the age of 86, Nov 15, 1966 in Modesto, Ca.

Eugene Elvin McDannald, born Sept 2, 1884, in Milton, Oregon
At the age of 22 in 1906, he married Minnie Kellog, in San Diego.
They had one child, Louisa, in 1907, after which Eugene disappeared.
According to family historian John McDannald III, his brother's
"Wherabouts unknown since 1907".

Mary Malinda McDannald. - born Feb 18, 1886, in Milton, Oregon
At the age of 29 in 1915, she married Joseph Champion.
They did not have any children.
She was known as "Aunt Mary" and her grand birthday parties were legendary.
She was healthy all her life, being an early advocate of exercise and healthy diet. She never left the house without being well dressed and wearing white gloves. She and her husband, Uncle "Champ", always took a long walk after dinner to their favorate bar for a little after dinner "nip". She was still driving a car well into her 90's and always had a sharp mind and memory.
She passed away at the age of 98, Sept. 16, 1985 in Orange Co., Calif.

Rex Reeves McDannald, born June 16, 1890, in Milton, Oregon.
At the age of 19 in 1919, he married Ethel Schofield, in Merced, Ca.
They would have 3 children.
Rex passed away at the age of 63, Dec 22, 1953, in Jackson Co., Oregon.

Gladys Lucetta McDannald was born April 18, 1892 in Milton, Oregon.
At the age of 21 in 1913, she married Harry Jessee, in San Bernadino, Ca.
Gladys and Harry had 5 children.
She passed away at the age of 75, December 2, 1967, in Santa Ana, Calif.

Lynn McDannald was born October 19, 1893 in Milton, Oregon.
At the age of 27 in 1920, he married Blanch Urey in Merced, Ca.
They had 1 child.
He passed away at the age of 93, Oct. 1986, in St. Helena, Calif.
Lynn McDannald was the last surviving member of the family.

After Lucetta's husband David passed away in 1926, she moved to Cardiff, California, living with her daughter Mary and her husband, Joseph Champion.

She was visiting her daughter Beryl in Lindsay, Calif. when she passed away on May 18, 1931 at the age of 72.

A grandaughter, Paulyne Jessee Mayes, had these memories of her "Grandma Mac":

"I can't remember exactly when I became interested in flowers, particularly wildflowers. My maternal grandmother McDannald (Lucetta Reeves McDannald) loved flowers, always had a garden filled with flowers. She had all kinds and many that are now considered the old-fashioned ones, some rarely seen these days in our part of the country like forget-me-not, sweet alyssum, baby blue eyes (Nemophelia), Salpiglosses, Scabiosa (pin cushion), snowball and mignonette.

She loved looking at the spring flower and garden catalogs, always looking for something different to plant in her garden along with the old ones.

I stayed with her for a couple of weeks when I was in my early teenage summers; we'd go for walks and she'd call my attention to whatever wildflowers were blooming, tell me their names, and test my memory the next time we walked that path. Some took me a long time to remember."

Lucetta in 1899 with her mother Lydia, daughter Lorena, grand-daughter Reyland

Lucetta with her daughter Beryl, grand-daughter Luella and great-grandson Harold

Lucetta in 1913 with her mother Lydia, her son John, grand-daughter Kathleen

Lucetta in 1923 with her mother Lydia, daughter Gladys, and grand-daughter Linnie Rexene

Lucetta and husband David out for a hike

Lucetta in 1930 in her Cardiff, Calif. garden