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NOTE: All Documents are exact duplicate of printed matieral. Spelling errors and all. All females are indexed with Maiden name and Married Name.

Bernard Smith Obituary

Marsh Family History

Jonas Shumaker Will

Bertha Pause Schippert Obituary

John Schippert Obituary

Clifford Andrew Haas Obituary

Fredrick John Haas Obituary

Mary Charlotte Jonas Haas Obituary

Joel Andrew Jonas Obituary

Nancy Jane Marsh Jonas Obituary

Frederick Eugene Smith Obituary

George Ross Smith Obituary

Sarah Anne Wheatley Smith Obituary

John Nyburg Obituary

Lydia Frances Drummond Nyburg Obituary

John H. Drummond Obituary

Rachel A. Martin Drummond Obituary

John W. Drummond Obituary


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