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Last Will and Testament of Jonas Shumaker

Be it remembered that on the 8th day of July AD 1875, there was filed in the office of the Judge of the Probate Court of Crawford County, Ohio, a certain will of Jonas Shumaker deceased in the words and figures following to wit.

Last Will and Testament of Jonas Schumaker Sr. of Polk Township, Crawford Co., State of Ohio.

In the name of God Amen; Being of sound mind and well discriminating memory, I ordain the following the following as my last will and testament.

1. All my personal as well as real estate I will to my faithful wife Margareth including household furniture, farming utensils, cattle and money, together with my farm, situated in Polk Tp., Crawford Co., Ohio, containing one hundred and thirty five acres, more or less; she shall be in undisputed possession of all my property so long as she is my widow. In case she should marry again, she is only entitled what the law allows to her.

2. If during her widowhood my wife should get in straightened circumstances she shall have the privilege to sell five acres of my homestead, the south-west corner of the same and execute to purchasers a deed and acknowledge and deliver the same.

3. I also give and grant to my daughter Catharine the privilege to reside in said homestead with my said wife, as long as she, my said daughter, shall remain unmarried. This privilege, however, shall never be so construed that if my daughter should remove from my homestead that she could demand of my wife money for boarding, otherwise I ordain that my wife Margareth is to pay to said Catharine thirty dollars per year, to keep her in clothing.

4. At the marriage of my wife, or in case of her death, my heirs shall appoint an Administrator, who shall sell or cause to be sold all my remaining real and personal estate and divide the proceeds as follows: My wife Margareth as aforesaid shall receive one-third of all proceeds. My daughter Catharine is to receive five hundred dollars extra of her share. This five hundred dollars together with her regular share shall be put in the hands of a guardian to be appointed by the court and can be used for her maintenance. The rest of the property shall be equally divided between my grandson John R. Shumaker, the son of my son, John William Schumaker decd, my sons Jonas, Daniel, Jacob, Joseph, and my daughters, Catherina, Susan and Sarah and my step children, Purson Mader, Lewis Mader, Frederick Mader and Amelia Mader, in all twelve shares. In case of death of one or the other of this my heirs, their heirs take their place. I repeat it again, as my solemn will, that all my natural children and the step children inherited with my last wife shall be kept alike.

5. I hereby nominate and appoint my wife Executria of this my last will hereby authorizing and empowering her to compromise, adjust, release and discharge in such a manner, as she may deem proper, the debts and claims due to me and I also ordain that she execute this will without giving bonds or securities or returning an inventory of my estate. I hereby revoke all former wills made by me.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal in Galvin, Crawford Co., Ohio, this twenty ninth day of November, eighteen hundren and seventy one.

Jonas Shumaker (seal)

Signed and sealed by said Jonas Schumaker as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other and at his request have hereto subscribed our names as witnesses, place and date above mentioned.

C. E. Klapp

D. Zimmerman

And afterwards the following testimony was filed herein to wit.

The State of Ohio, Crawford County We, D Zimmerman and C.E. Klapp, being duly sworn in open court this 16th day of July AD 185, depose and say that we were present at the execution of the last will and testament of Jonas Shumaker herein to amended; that we saw the said testator subscribe said will and heard him publish and declare the same to be his last will and testament and that the said testator at the time of executing the same was of full age, and of sound mind and memory, and not under any restraint and that we signed the same as witnesses at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other.

D. Zimmerman

C.E. Klapp

Sworn to and subscribed before me in open court this 16th day of July AD 1875.

R. See Probate Judge

And afterwards the following order of court was made herein to wit:

In the matter of the last will and testament of Jonas Shumaker, dec’d.: In Probate Court, Friday, July 16, 1875. The last will and testament of Jonas Shumaker late of Crawford County, Ohio deceased was this day produced in open court, and D. Zimmerman and C. E. Klapp the subscribing witnesses to said will appeared, and in open court on oath testified to the due execution of said will, which testimony was reduced to writing and by them respectively subscribed and filed with said will and it appearing to the court by said testimony that said will was duly attested and executed and that the said testator at the time of executing the same was of full age and of sound mind and memory and not under any restraint. It is ordered by the court that said will and testimony be recorded.

Robert See, Probate Judge

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