History of the Beekman Family

History of the
Beekman Family

Compiled and Edited by Phyllis Smith-Noah

     The Beekmans were residents of the country of the Rhine and a branch of the family were Barons of Belgium. The name Beekman is possibly from "beck," the Dutch word for "mouth," or Bekken" the Dutch word for "basin." According to Putnam's Historic New York, Beekman or the man of the brook was the interpretation of the name recognized by King James I when he granted a Coat of Arms to the Reverend Gerard Beekman (See Rev. Gerard).
     The Beekmans were large landowners and their preference was a water view from their home estates, whether it was on the Rhine or on the Hudson or East Rivers of New York when the settled in America. They also settled on the Raritan and Millstone Rivers of New Jersey.
     When the Princess of Portugal visited Holland in the seventeenth century, the Dutch government received the permission of the Beekman family, then residing at Nijmegen, to hold the reception in her honor at their house. Cornelius Beekman was a wealthy burgher of Cologne who dwelt on the Rhine in Germany. He was from a family distinguished since the year 1200, both in Germany and the Netherlands, by titles and military honors conferred for courage and diplomatic ability.


CORNELIUS BEEKMAN was born in Cologne, Germany. He married CHRISTIANA HUYGENS. She was born in Cologne, Germany, and died December 04, 1606 in Cologne, Germany.


1. REV. GERARD BEEKMAN (my ancestor) was born May 17, 1558 in Cologne, Germany, and died January 31, 1625 in Emmerich. He married AGNES STUNNING in Cleves. She was born January 13, 1557, and died March 10, 1614 in Mulheim.

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