Edward Beeson and Rachel Pennington

Edward Beeson

1652 (Lancaster, Lancaster, England) - Mar 1712/13 (Chester Co., PA)

The first member of the family to arrive was Edward Beeson, along with his wife Rachel Pennington.

plot map of Nottingham, Chester Co., PAEdward Beeson and his wife, Rachel, came into the colonies by way of a land grant from William Penn, a Quaker. It is not known if they were Quakers. However, it is known that they lived in Chester Co., PA. Edward is understood to have been the son of Thomas Beeson and Ann Pecke of Lancaster Co., England.

The Chester Co., PA GenWeb page, had this exciting picture of the layout of the early town (1702). If you look closely at the top left of the picture, you can see Edward Beeson's name on his piece of property in the town of East Nottingham.

The parentage of Rachel Pennington has been argued as long as there have been Beeson family researchers. Perhaps, someday, we will know more about Rachel, but, for now we must be content with the knowledge that she was there to help found this well-known family.

The Will of Edward Beeson.

The Children of Edward and Rachel Beeson

  1. Edward Beeson b. abt. 1681, W. Nottingham, Chester Co., PA d. 1725 m. Esther Hall in 1704 at Newark, PA Meeting of the Society of Friends.
  2. Isaac Beeson is a second son introduced in Jasper Luther Beeson's book on the family and repeated in the new Beeson Genealogy revised by James Dawson and published in 1997. Isaac (according to these sources) married Ann Cloud (sister of John Cloud below?) and moved near Orange Co., NC prior to the death (and will) of his father. Dawson's book includes a fair-sized chapter on this family.
  3. Richard Beeson b. Oct 1684, PA d. 1 Jan 1777, Guilford Co., NC ma. Charity Grubb 10th Mo. 24, 1706, dtr of John Grubb and Frances Vane.

  4. Anne Beeson b. 1689 m. John Cloud, son of William Cloud.

  5. William Martin Beeson b. 1690 m. (2nd) Ann Bennett. William returned to England after a brief stay in the colonies.

  6. Sometime prior to 1701, Rachel Pennington died and Edward Beeson married Elizabeth (possibly a Grubb).

    The Children of Edward and Elizabeth Beeson

  7. Elizabeth Beeson m. John Everett

  8. Rachel Beeson b. 1713 d. abt 1732 m. Richard Brown, son of William and Ann (Mercer) Brown at E. Nottingham, PA Mtg.

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