Richard Beeson and Ann Oliphant

Richard Beeson

29 Dec 1773 - 9 May 1856

Richard Beeson came to Ohio in 1801, settled in Columbiana Co. and was a member of the first Ohio Legislature in 1803 and 1804. Richard married Anne Oliphant (b. 11 Oct 1785 d. 26 Apr 1878), the daughter of Samuel Oliphant and Elizabeth (Holmes) Harris. Both Richard and his wife, Anne died in Middletown, OH.

Richard Beeson and Anne Oliphant had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Beeson b. 27 Aug 1805 d. 2 Feb 1887 m. Pearce Clancy Thompson, son of Joseph and Rachel (Ball) Thompson "out of meeting" and was disowned at Middleton, OH Mtg in 1824.

  2. Mary Beeson b. 5 Feb 1807 d. 9 Mar 1877, Middleton, OH.

  3. Rebecca Beeson b. 8 May 1808 d. 5 Dec 1892 m. Joseph Lynch, son of Joshua and Rachel Lynch in Middleton, OH.

  4. Henry Beeson b. 6 Jun 1809 d. 11 Nov 1855, m. Ruth Cope, dtr of Israel Cope and Elizabeth Dixson "out of unity" and was disowned in 1831. They lived in Marshall Co., Iowa.

  5. Ann Beeson b. 14 Mar 1811 d. 16 Mar 1872 m. Zemri Engle, son of Josiah and Mary Engle in Goshe, Ohio.

  6. Rachel Beeson b. 13 May 1814 d. 6 Jul 1854 m. John S. Smith, son of Joseph and Joanna (Aten) Smith in Columbiana Co., Ohio.

  7. Samuel Beeson b. 9 Nov 1815 m. Martha Smith, dtr of Joseph and Joanna (Aten) Smith "out of unity" and was disowned in 1837 from Middleton Mtg. Chalkley McArtor Beeson, cattleman, musician and the owner of the Long Branch Saloon, Dodge City, Kansas  was their son.

  8. Richard Holmes Beeson b. 21 Sep 1817 d. 10 Jan 1888 m. Rebecca Heald, dtr of Nathan and Rachel Heald at Carmel Mtg., Ohio.

  9. Jacob Beeson b. 1 Aug 1819 d. 15 Aug 1820 Middleton Mtg., Ohio.

  10. Ephraim Beeson b. 17 Apr 1822 d. 2 Oct, 1843, Salem, Iowa.

  11. John Oliphant Beeson b. 31 July 1826 d. 19 Feb 1911 m. Rasaltha Heacock "out of unity" and was disowned at Middleton in 1869.

  12. Manlon Bennett Beeson b. 9 Jan 1830 d. 6 Mar 1855 m. (1st)Serepta Guy "out of unity" and was disowned at Middleton, OH in 1858 (2nd) Martha Frame.


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