Edith Virginia Beeson and Willard Malcolm Garrett

Edith Virginia Beeson

30 May 1907 - 19 Mar 1965

Edith Virginia Beeson was my grandmother and the final stop in my Beeson line. She married Willard Malcom Garrett (b. 12 Aug 1905 d. 26 May 1957), the son of Harry Francis Garrett and Addie Florence Sparrough. The photo above was taken in 1953. Willard and Edith lived in the Washington DC suburbs. Willard worked as a cartographer for the USGS drawing maps and Edith trained as a nurse at Children's Hospital in Washington D.C.. They were both accomplished portrait artists. Willard played several instruments (his favorite being the banjo) and was with a band as a hobby. After Willard's death in 1957, Edith retired to Tampa, Florida where she passed away in 1965. Edith Virginia Beeson Garrett was taken to Arlington Cemetery, were she was buried next to her husband, Willard Garrett, and her mother, Mary Edith Fry Beeson.

Edith Beeson and Willard Garrett had the following children:

  1. Mary Edith Garrett m. Dallas C. Harvey, Jr. (my parents)
  2. Harry Beeson Garrett m. Lois Mather
  3. Eleanor Virginia Garrett m. John Walter Harvey
  4. Carolyn May Garrett m. Vernon Dean Miller
  5. Linda Christine Garrett m. Marvin Roger Odom
  6. Roger Malcolm Garrett m. (1st) Linda Lee Nigro (2nd)Leah Luann Alexander

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