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Jasper Beeson's book (Beeson Genealogy, by Jasper L. Beeson, 144 pages, 1925, $25) is available from Higginson Book Co., 148 Washington St., P.O. Box 778, Salem, MA 01970 - phone (978) 745-7170 fax: (978) 745-8025, e-mail [email protected]

Byron Beeson's book (Beeson Family, direct line of descendants from Edward Beeson, who came from England in 1682, down to 1898, 12 pages, 1898, 4.50) also available from Higginson Book Co. 

Most of the early Beeson's were members of the Society of Friends for many generations. Hinshaw's Quaker Encyclopedia (available on CD at Family Tree Maker) tracks their movements through the states as they traveled from meeting house to meeting house and includes dates of birth, marriage and death.

A NEW BEESON BOOK is now available for order! The author is the late Jim Dawson of the Meridian Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History. The book is available now.. The price for the Beeson Genealogy order #401 is $20 plus $2 shipping and handling (MS residents add 7% sales tax). They can take check or money order but are not able to accept credit cards. The book was published by Quail Ridge Press and the address for ordering is: LCDA&H, P.O. Box 5511, Meridian, MS

John Beeson, "The First Human Rights Activist" descends from William, son of Edward and Rachel (Pennington) Beeson.  According to Henry Hart Beeson,  John was b. in England in 1803. Later in life he made his way to the United States and out to Oregon with his family. He wrote a pamphlet protesting the treatment of Native Americans. "John Beeson's Plea for the Indians : His Lone Cry in the Wilderness for Indian Rights : Oregon's First Civil-Rights Advocate", by John Beeson, Pub. 1994. Available from, special order $12.95, paperback, $14.95 hardbound.
Also available from:
Powell's Bookstore 

John Beeson's (above) son, Welborn, also wrote a book about the family's adventures in the west. His book can be purchased at Welborn Beeson on the Oregon Trail in 1853, by Bert Webber, Pub. 1986 Available from, $6.95 + $1.85 special surcharge (backorder).
Also available from:
Powell's Bookstore 

Stories of Uniontown and Fayette County by Walter "Buzz" Story (note: Uniontown, PA was founded by Henry Beeson) Can be purchased at the Uniontown Library. Please let me know if you locate another source.


NOTE: The primary source of my Beeson data comes from Henry Hart Beeson's A History of the Beeson/Beason Family, 1968. Henry's book is no longer in publication, but is available from a variety of libraries including the Family History Center Library in Salt Lake City and the Sutro Library in San Francisco, CA. You might be able to obtain the microfiche on loan through your local library.


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