Beeson Stories

Beeson Stories

The story of the family of Nathan Beeson, son of William, son of Richard and Charity.

William Beeson was the son of Henry Beeson. I am including his story just because he led such an interesting life.

Mary F. Beeson's Autobiography-a story of a family's life in the American Mid-West as told by Mary Warfield Beeson. This is an amazing story of a family that met the trials of early 19th century life with all its pain and heartache and survived to tell the tale - the life of Mary Beeson 1848-1943

Henry and Mary Beeson's Arrival in Fayette County A picturesque look at the sights and sounds of early Fayette County, PA viewed from the eyes of this young Quaker couple on their way to their new home. This scene was probably similar to the experiences of many of our Quaker pioneers.

Flowers to the Old Home a poem by Steve Beason(1890-1978)about his family.

A letter from Charity (Grubb) Beeson to her sister, Phebe (Grubb) Hadley and Phebe's letter in response.


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