Beeson Wills


(1747 - 1817)


Whereas I, Richard Beeson, of Randolph County and State of North Carolina, being in a reduced state of health yet in my perfect mind and memory, but calling to mind that it is appointed for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testamend in the manner and form in the following: First my soul to God who gave it and my body to be buried at the descretion of my executors afterwards to be named. 2nd, my just debts, funeral expenses to be paid; 3rd my lands execept the plantation I now live on I give to my sons and a bound boy name James Spradlet, in the manner following - to my son Abner, I give two hundred acres of land on the waters of the Polecat, and the Webb place and the Needham place Ezra, Abner son, lying on the same water; to my son Richard, I give three hundred acres of land Lying on Cedar Creek, Chatham County; to James Spradlet, I give two hundred acres of land lying on the Water of Deep River in Moore County. I also give to my son Richard two hundred and thirty-seve acres of land lying in Moore county on Deep River; and to my seven daughters, namely, Abigail, Lettiel, Ann, Thamer, Rosanna, Rheuhama, and Rachel, to every and each of them I give five shillins apiece. To and to my son James' children, I give five shillings apiece. To my beloved wife, Abigail, the place I now live on with my cash and cash notes, and ll my preperty that hasn't been mentioned during her liftime or widowhood. If she inclines to alter her situation by marriage, then I give to her one featherbed and furniture with her wearing clothes. At the end of my Wife's lifetime or widowhood, I give to my grandson, Ezra Beeson, the plantation I now life on, the movable property if there be any left be sold and equally divided amongst all my children. If there should be cash left at the end of her lifetime or widowhood to be equally divided amongst all my children.

25th of the 1st mo. 1815.

Richard (X) Beeson (his mark)

Signed and sealed in the presence of
Allen Harrison
William Beeson
Abner (X) Beeson (his mark)

My executors are Abilgail Beeson and Seth Beeson.

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