We’re thankful for:
Our testimony of the Savior. 
Carrots from the garden in December.
Family & Friends all over the world.
Our new house.
Joe & Mariana surviving bee stings, dislocated elbows, falls down the stairs, snowy icy roads, and more.
Alana’s writing class.
Our Branch at Church.
Rear wipers & defrosters.
Being sealed as in the Temple.
A few real teeth.
Clean air.
The Hardwick Farmer’s Market.
Hazen Union School, it’s Drama & Outing Clubs and it’s students, faculty & staff.
Primary & Nursery.
Moose in the pond in our backyard.
A compost bin that can recover from bear raids.
Sunny days on the swing.
The conscience box at the library.
Pleasant memories.
Hot days at Caspian Lake.
Walks in the stroller.
Unannounced visits from neighborhood goats.
Central Heating.
Our Health.
Spring water from the tap.
Good books & the time to read them together.

Marc’s Outing Club trip to the Olympic Penninsula.
The Buffalo Mountain Co-op.
Two trips to Virginia.
Grandmama’s visits.
Trips to the Montreal and Washington D.C. temples.
Alana being able to stay home with the kids.
Our trip to New Hampshire with Grammy & Grandpa.
Bear shows.
Surviving the “Storm of the Century” in Va.
The Priesthood.
Indoor plumbing.
Kind & dedicated teachers.
Men who cook,
Women who sew.
Oh heck --
Marc, Mariana & Joe
The Considines do D.C. On Nichols Pond