Belcher Y-DNA Project
See list of updates below.

Welcome to the Belcher FamilyTree Y-DNA page! In this project, we hope to uncover new relationships, to batter brick walls, and to connect with other Belcher researchers. We believe DNA testing is a valuable new tool for genealogists, but that it only enhances standard research methods - it doesn't replace them.

The project consists of two parts. First there is the FamilyTree DNA company which provides the test kit and produces the results. Then there is the Belcher Y-DNA Project webpage (here), where participants register and results are posted.

To participate, you must be a direct male Belcher descendant, that is, your surname must be Belcher or you know through your research that your surname would be have been Belcher but there was an adoption. Belcher women and those descended from female Belchers can not participate directly, but they can encourage Belcher brothers, fathers, cousins, etc., to take the test. Belcher researchers might want to pool their resources with other Belcher relatives to help pay for the costs of the tests.

FamilyTree DNA offers a method for you to contribute to a general fund for the Belcher Y-DNA project. This allows a secure way for family, friends and fellow researchers to contribute toward the purchase of test kits. See the link at the right for more information. Note: This is a general fund, the use of which is at the discretion of the Belcher DNA group administrators. If you wish to pay for a test for a specific individual, please contact Ruth (see below).

If you decide you'd like to participate in this project, please contact one of the group administrators (see our addresses below). Kits purchased as part of a surname project are discounted and we can walk you through how to order one through our project. Two or three times a year, FTDNA offers additional discounts or specials. If you'd like to receive notices about such discounts, or keep informed about our project, we can add you to our email list. There is very little traffic on the list, so you needn't worry about it filling up your box! Please send an email to Kim (see below) to be added to our Belcher Y-DNA Project email list.

Note: All fees for the kits are paid to FamilyTree DNA. Money in the general fund can only be used to purchase FTDNA kits. We do not receive any money for this project and we volunteer the time and effort that go into it.

We will post test results as they become available. Please check back often, or get added to our email list.

We are excited about this project and look forward to your participation!

Ruth Tinker Smith
Joan Belcher Browne
Kim Sullivan

May 2013 Updates:

  1. Reorganized ancestry pages. I decided to try grouping them by origin and ancestry, even if they didn't have matches within the group. I've created subgroups where necessary to keep the results table more accurate. Here are the changes.
    1. Created an "England 3" group for Robin and Mike, who can trace their ancestors from England to New Zealand. Even though they are not related to each other nor to other project participants (currently), I felt that a separate page might be helpful.
    2. Created a "British Isles" group, and moved the Welsh Belchers there, as well as a new participant, Peter, whose ancestors came to the U.S. from Ireland in the 1800s. Maybe we will have Scotland Belchers there also some day.
    3. Moved Bill W. and David B.'s lineages to the Jeremiah section of the Gregory group. Even though neither has a match with other participants (including each other), they seem to have a solid paper trail linking them to the Jeremiah ancestry. I've been told that Stephen also falls in this category, but since I have no ancestry information for him, I can't insert him into this tree.
    4. Updated the Genealogy Index page, adding new people and sorting it by surname AND given name this time!
    5. Added a "Genetic Distances" page. I learned a lot putting it together and recommend you take a look at it for some possible insights.
  2. Added new participants' results to the table: Daryl C. (father of Daryl P.) and Peter. Both are in the British Isles group, Daryl C. in the Welsh subgroup and Peter in the Irish subgroup. Daryl C.'s results are consistent with the other Welsh Belchers. Unfortunately, Peter's results do not have any close matches -- so far.
Comments, corrections and suggestions are welcome!